Picking Up Hot Waitresses And Bartenders [Hired-Guns]

As someone who’s been going out virtually every weekend nonstop for the last 12 years to bars, nightclubs and lounges [4-5 times a week lately], I typically receive e-mails from guys wanting a few pointers on how to pick up waitresses, bartenders and hired-guns.

Truthfully speaking: I don’t particularly game hired-guns while they are working [hired-guns means bartenders, etc].

However, it is the “vibe” nevertheless that is key in attracting hired-guns and getting her contact information in order to set something up for a later date.

Here’s a video [infield hidden camera] I posted back in December, 2014 where I touched on 3 main tips for picking up hot waitresses and bartenders.

No Urge To Pull Anymore



Truth is: online game has made me extremely lazy when it comes to pulling bishes out the bars and clubs.

Since I’ve ramped up my Facebook game activity to insane levels over the past 2 months, I don’t think I even bother with trying to take girls home whenever I’m out @ some nightlife venue.

Guys may see this as a good thing [expending less physical and logistical work]. But I see it as regression.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m always chatting up girls whenever I’m out. But the drive to pull [“pull” meaning to take someone home], is almost nonexistent.

In pickup, it is likely to happen where you excel in 1 area but slack off in another.

Sure pulling ass online is easy! But it gets so easy at times that the lack of challenge eventually fucks with one’s drive and passion and you become lazy in the chasing and mating game.

Could you believe as an intermediary PUA years ago, I was pulling Same Night Lays and One Night Stands out of the club on a weekly basis! ❓

As I got super good in picking up girls online [with the advent of POF and the Facebook boom], my focus shifted from trying to take girls home from the club to setting up dates through some online-dating site or Facebook.

Now- remind you- this is just a repositioning of focus.

It isn’t rust in the field or slippage.

I just don’t focus anymore on the logistics of getting a girl from club/bar to fuck-location as I did before online game got so popular.

However, everything is hard-wired within my being as far as knowing how to take girls home from the bar, etc. So it’s not like I would have to retrain myself in that area again. It’s all about focus and prioritizing.

Only If You Knew That Women Love Sex More Than Men Do, You’ll Begin To See The Method To My Mandness

I often get guys ask, “Hey Kenny, why is majority of your text game based around sex”?

As crazy as that question looks on the surface- because after all, a man should desire to talk sex with the women he’s sexually attracted to- yet it is actually a reasonable question in my estimation.

However, it gets deeper than that.

My question is, why shouldn’t you want to get sexual with the women you interact with?

Why are men in general, so adverse to the idea of getting sexual with women?

At the core of it all, it is the misconception that women are sexual saints, prudish and are turned off by the thought, talk and idea of casual sex.

In simplest terms: most guys believe that women don’t like sex as nearly as much as men do.

With this misconception swirling about in the average guy’s head, he cannot help but be taken-aback by my sexual approach.

Hence, his question is a valid one, given his current reality that women and casual sex don’t mix well.

The actual-universal reality is: Chicks Love Dicks!

Only thing is, they are repulsed by the manner in which the average guy goes about it [getting sexual].

Case in point: if you’re randomly inboxing chicks dick pics on Facebook with an accompanying messaging reading, “Can I have your #”? You will leave with the impression that women are stuck-up prudes after they will have chided you out and blocked you from contacting them.

Hence, it isn’t that women don’t like the idea of sex and getting sexual. They are just turned off by the way you [the guy] approach it.

On the other hand, you have the guys who make sex or the talk of sex such a big fucking deal.

When you take things too seriously, women will likely do the same since they generally feed off of the vibe, energy and frame you present them.

Therefore, if you make sex seem like just another day at the office [a fun day that is], women will also adopt that frame.

At the end of the day, there is a method to my madness and why I get sexual pretty fast with every girl I meet.

Not only do women want that. But they are drawn to a guy who’s on the ‘IN’, in that he knows what women want [sex] and how to lead them there.

Satruday Night Field Report- Girl In Lounge

Hey guys, quick field report from last night.

While at my favorite-lounge spot sipping a few beers, a total stranger wearing a skin-tight dress came in alone, ordered a drink and a quick snack and sat on the sofa thingy a few yards from me.

I motioned with my hands to her, telling her to come sit closer to me.

She reciprocated by saying she was hot so that’s why she’s sitting in the coolest area of the lounge.

Anyway, I took that as a cue for me to approach her…so I did.

Me: “Listen, I know you’re super shy and that’s why you didn’t want to sit next to me and pig out on your snack”.

Girl: 😆 “Shy! It isn’t that. I’m just really hot”.

After about 20 more seconds of chat, she mentioned to me that her boyfriend was coming right now so she’s going to sit alone since he’s a very jealous dude.

Fine! I can understand that.

Sensing that she was into me, I grabbed her phone number in a heartbeat just about 5 seconds literally before her BF came in. 😈

She quickly moved to another spot while I moved back to where I was sitting originally.

I frankly had no intention to contact her that night, but at times, I like to build some sexual tension and I enjoy flirting with girls under the nose of their boyfriends.

Hence, I texted her through Whatsapp Messenger and we texted back and forth while her BF sat right there oblivious to what was going on.

Here’s the explicit chat-log [my texts in green. Hers in white]





Just some innocent-sexual flirting. 😉

These sort of impromptu incidents further re-confirm what I’ve been preaching for years, that having a boyfriend [or husband] means squat to most women!

With this girl, I had intentions of a bathroom pull.

In pickup parlance, a “bathroom pull” is fucking a girl in a restroom of a venue.

Bathroom pulls are considered when logistics are terribly shitty…like when the boyfriend is standing/sitting right there and the girl cannot realistically leave the venue without suspicion.

However, she can say she’s going to the restroom without arousing much suspicion.

Anyway, it was also too stringent to pull off a bathroom lay since the venue is somewhat small without much crevices to shadow movements.

I then suggested [through text] that we slip off somewhere for a quickie. But as I mentioned previously; that isn’t too likely. 😦 😦


Had the boyfriend not been there, I believe this would’ve been a foregone conclusion.

Nevertheless, I hope to have illustrated to you guys that women should rarely ever be trusted.

They will fuck, flirt and give out their numbers right under their significant other’s nose without a second thought, then justify it with some bogus-rationalization talking points like, “I’m allowed to talk to other people”.

Sure! But does your boyfriend know that these “other people” are trying to fuck your brains out!?

Anyway guys, very interesting Saturday night it was.

These sort of random situations, women find very exhilarating and refreshing!

Chicks are bored out of their minds most of the time, so if you can present yourself as that rare and random spark of interest, women will latch onto you like a life-raft in a capsized vessel lost at sea.

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