Picking Up Hot Waitresses And Bartenders [Hired-Guns]

As someone who’s been going out virtually every weekend nonstop for the last 12 years to bars, nightclubs and lounges [4-5 times a week lately], I typically receive e-mails from guys wanting a few pointers on how to pick up waitresses, bartenders and hired-guns.

Truthfully speaking: I don’t particularly game hired-guns while they are working [hired-guns means bartenders, etc].

However, it is the “vibe” nevertheless that is key in attracting hired-guns and getting her contact information in order to set something up for a later date.

Here’s a video [infield hidden camera] I posted back in December, 2014 where I touched on 3 main tips for picking up hot waitresses and bartenders.

No Urge To Pull Anymore



Truth is: online game has made me extremely lazy when it comes to pulling bishes out the bars and clubs.

Since I’ve ramped up my Facebook game activity to insane levels over the past 2 months, I don’t think I even bother with trying to take girls home whenever I’m out @ some nightlife venue.

Guys may see this as a good thing [expending less physical and logistical work]. But I see it as regression.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m always chatting up girls whenever I’m out. But the drive to pull [“pull” meaning to take someone home], is almost nonexistent.

In pickup, it is likely to happen where you excel in 1 area but slack off in another.

Sure pulling ass online is easy! But it gets so easy at times that the lack of challenge eventually fucks with one’s drive and passion and you become lazy in the chasing and mating game.

Could you believe as an intermediary PUA years ago, I was pulling Same Night Lays and One Night Stands out of the club on a weekly basis! ❓

As I got super good in picking up girls online [with the advent of POF and the Facebook boom], my focus shifted from trying to take girls home from the club to setting up dates through some online-dating site or Facebook.

Now- remind you- this is just a repositioning of focus.

It isn’t rust in the field or slippage.

I just don’t focus anymore on the logistics of getting a girl from club/bar to fuck-location as I did before online game got so popular.

However, everything is hard-wired within my being as far as knowing how to take girls home from the bar, etc. So it’s not like I would have to retrain myself in that area again. It’s all about focus and prioritizing.

Only If You Knew That Women Love Sex More Than Men Do, You’ll Begin To See The Method To My Mandness

I often get guys ask, “Hey Kenny, why is majority of your text game based around sex”?

As crazy as that question looks on the surface- because after all, a man should desire to talk sex with the women he’s sexually attracted to- yet it is actually a reasonable question in my estimation.

However, it gets deeper than that.

My question is, why shouldn’t you want to get sexual with the women you interact with?

Why are men in general, so adverse to the idea of getting sexual with women?

At the core of it all, it is the misconception that women are sexual saints, prudish and are turned off by the thought, talk and idea of casual sex.

In simplest terms: most guys believe that women don’t like sex as nearly as much as men do.

With this misconception swirling about in the average guy’s head, he cannot help but be taken-aback by my sexual approach.

Hence, his question is a valid one, given his current reality that women and casual sex don’t mix well.

The actual-universal reality is: Chicks Love Dicks!

Only thing is, they are repulsed by the manner in which the average guy goes about it [getting sexual].

Case in point: if you’re randomly inboxing chicks dick pics on Facebook with an accompanying messaging reading, “Can I have your #”? You will leave with the impression that women are stuck-up prudes after they will have chided you out and blocked you from contacting them.

Hence, it isn’t that women don’t like the idea of sex and getting sexual. They are just turned off by the way you [the guy] approach it.

On the other hand, you have the guys who make sex or the talk of sex such a big fucking deal.

When you take things too seriously, women will likely do the same since they generally feed off of the vibe, energy and frame you present them.

Therefore, if you make sex seem like just another day at the office [a fun day that is], women will also adopt that frame.

At the end of the day, there is a method to my madness and why I get sexual pretty fast with every girl I meet.

Not only do women want that. But they are drawn to a guy who’s on the ‘IN’, in that he knows what women want [sex] and how to lead them there.

Satruday Night Field Report- Girl In Lounge

Hey guys, quick field report from last night.

While at my favorite-lounge spot sipping a few beers, a total stranger wearing a skin-tight dress came in alone, ordered a drink and a quick snack and sat on the sofa thingy a few yards from me.

I motioned with my hands to her, telling her to come sit closer to me.

She reciprocated by saying she was hot so that’s why she’s sitting in the coolest area of the lounge.

Anyway, I took that as a cue for me to approach her…so I did.

Me: “Listen, I know you’re super shy and that’s why you didn’t want to sit next to me and pig out on your snack”.

Girl: 😆 “Shy! It isn’t that. I’m just really hot”.

After about 20 more seconds of chat, she mentioned to me that her boyfriend was coming right now so she’s going to sit alone since he’s a very jealous dude.

Fine! I can understand that.

Sensing that she was into me, I grabbed her phone number in a heartbeat just about 5 seconds literally before her BF came in. 😈

She quickly moved to another spot while I moved back to where I was sitting originally.

I frankly had no intention to contact her that night, but at times, I like to build some sexual tension and I enjoy flirting with girls under the nose of their boyfriends.

Hence, I texted her through Whatsapp Messenger and we texted back and forth while her BF sat right there oblivious to what was going on.

Here’s the explicit chat-log [my texts in green. Hers in white]





Just some innocent-sexual flirting. 😉

These sort of impromptu incidents further re-confirm what I’ve been preaching for years, that having a boyfriend [or husband] means squat to most women!

With this girl, I had intentions of a bathroom pull.

In pickup parlance, a “bathroom pull” is fucking a girl in a restroom of a venue.

Bathroom pulls are considered when logistics are terribly shitty…like when the boyfriend is standing/sitting right there and the girl cannot realistically leave the venue without suspicion.

However, she can say she’s going to the restroom without arousing much suspicion.

Anyway, it was also too stringent to pull off a bathroom lay since the venue is somewhat small without much crevices to shadow movements.

I then suggested [through text] that we slip off somewhere for a quickie. But as I mentioned previously; that isn’t too likely. 😦 😦


Had the boyfriend not been there, I believe this would’ve been a foregone conclusion.

Nevertheless, I hope to have illustrated to you guys that women should rarely ever be trusted.

They will fuck, flirt and give out their numbers right under their significant other’s nose without a second thought, then justify it with some bogus-rationalization talking points like, “I’m allowed to talk to other people”.

Sure! But does your boyfriend know that these “other people” are trying to fuck your brains out!?

Anyway guys, very interesting Saturday night it was.

These sort of random situations, women find very exhilarating and refreshing!

Chicks are bored out of their minds most of the time, so if you can present yourself as that rare and random spark of interest, women will latch onto you like a life-raft in a capsized vessel lost at sea.

Mid-Game Text-Game: How Texting Should Look Like After Picking The Girl Up And Before Meeting Her

Ok, what is “Mid-Game”?

In pick-up lingo, “Mid-Game” is the proverbial “middle” of the seduction.

The actual pickup being the beginning, mid-game being the middle, end-game being the end…quite naturally, which may end in sex or failure to have sex.

Mid-Game is where most guys stumble and fail, at least the guys who manage to get the girl’s number.

Why do 96% of guys who would’ve secured a girl’s contact info, fail during Mid-Game?

Well- that is where you have to actually have some depth about yourself, and have things to talk about in order to further attract the girl.

Since most guys are boring, the girl gets bored and quickly moves on as the high from the initial pickup fizzles out.

Furthermore, and this is why mid-game is unavoidable, you cannot just pick a girl up [get her #], not communicate with her at all [no mid-game], then text her out of the blue to make date plans.

That’s like going from A-Z in 1 swoop.

Seduction doesn’t work that way.

You have to hit middle grounds before making the leap to end game [date and sex].

Therefore, you can’t expect to get a girl’s # on Monday, don’t say shit to her for the entire week, then on Friday suggest going out on Saturday…without doing any work [talk or text] between Tuesday and Friday [essentially mid-game territory].

Hence, having mid-game skills is a prerequisite just as needing a key to start the ignition of a car…unless you hot-wire it of course. 😉

Anyway, in a recent post, I touched on my texting vibe and how often one should text a girl [text duration and so forth].

Since you now know that mid-game will have constituted the bulk of your interaction after the pickup and before the possible meet-up, I will again give you the gist of my style [texting], which is consistent with most Master PUA’s.

After I will have secured a girl’s digits, let’s say on a Monday, presuming that I’m aiming to see her on Saturday, I would have about 3-4 super-brief texting sessions within those 7 days prior to meeting up [“Brief” being the operative word].

For example [as I pointed out in a recent article], I would text her on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday [days in no specific order].

These small rounds of texting [3-4 sessions] would constitute “Mid-Game”.

Mid-game is where you either make it or break it.

Also, as I advised you in a recent post, you don’t have to spend 5 fucking hours per session texting a girl during mid-game!

Time duration isn’t what is important to hooking the girl [meaning the longer you text her, doesn’t better your chances], but your vibing and everything else.

Ok, so what is the fundamental purpose of “Mid-Game”?

It is to further “build” attraction, build comfort/rapport somewhat, and to solidify plans for the rendezvous, date, etc. Hence, mid-game is everything!

However, you don’t need 20 hours to establish this [further attraction, rapport and solidification of plans]!

You don’t need 20 minutes neither!

Your rounds of texting [every other day] should be no longer than 10 minutes…assuming that the girl is consistently showing reciprocation in a timely fashion within seconds of your texts.

Ok, so what sort of text messages should mid-game consist of?

What should your mid-game texts look like?

Before I continue, I must firstly say that there isn’t only 1 effective style of texting.

There exist about 4-5 effective forms of text game.

Mines vary depended on mood, vibe and other existential factors. Thus, I am not preaching for you to use the following format religiously…though it is the best format in yielding the most results…which is to ultimately meet up and have sex.

Now, here is a chat-log from earlier today between a girl and me whom I had picked up some days ago on Facebook, but didn’t meet up as yet since I have other girls slated for next weekend.


Pay attention to my vibe!

I am basically screwing around with the girl as far as being playful, crazy, wacky and humorous.

Too many guys are in the habit of taking themselves and the girl too seriously.

Here is the chat-log from earlier today.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]






As I mentioned in the article before this one: Always say bye before she does!

The one who ends the conversation first, leaves having the most value, leverage and power.

This is all psychological and powerfully so- yet subtle!

End the chat before she does!

Anyway, so there was the mid-game texting.

How was my vibe?

Super playful, wacky and crazy!

Did I take things seriously?

Sure didn’t.

“Seriousness” kills attraction! It is the #1 attraction killer especially during mid-game.

You need to learn how to poke fun at the girl in a way that attracts her deeper.

Therefore, I want you to take another look at the chat-log and make note of how I kicked off the interaction by telling her I have a crazy idea…let’s run away and get married Vegas style.

This is a far cry from the guy who kicks off the text session with, “Good morning”.

Lame!!!!!!! And you wonder why you cannot hook women instantly or at all!

Think outside the goddamn box when texting a new girl [any girl for that matter]!

If your vibe is playful, adventurous and fun, the girl will adopt that same frame, since women look towards a man’s leadership.

However, if your vibe comes off as bland, lame and monotonous, the girl will also adopt that vibe and her interest will die super fast as you’re essentially raining on her parade by bringing down her state.

Okay? So Mid-Game texting and phone game should consist of constant variables, twists and turns, and erratic formats!

Most guys are too predictable. Predictability kills attraction and also kills your chances.

For the 3rd time: take a look at the chat-log and learn how to create the same vibe by using my style as a guideline if not a rule.

At the end of the day, having decent or shitty mid-game material will make or break you.

A girl decides whether she wants to see you or is repulsed by you, based on your mid-game material or lack thereof.

For lack of a better term, your mid-game texting is to impress the girl and to give her a reason to want to meet up with you.

By “impress”, what do I actually mean?

Am I saying for you to tell the girl that you drive an expensive car, have millions, very wealthy and that you eat caviar with the most important people in your town?

Of course not!

That isn’t impressive. It is try-hard and obnoxious.

Want to impress a girl: re-read the chat-log!

“Could It Be That The Girls You Pick Up Are Just Easy Sluts”?

I get this question quite frequent.

When it’s not a question, it is some guy on Facebook making a comment that the only reason my Facebook and online pickups are so easy is because I somehow target easy girls. 😆

I never get offended by this.

I find it laughable.

In effect, what some guys are trying to say is that I somehow possess the ability to spot DTF girls without knowing anything about them, but merely looking at their photos.

I wish I did possess such a cheat code!

No need for game then if that was the case!

Reality is, you cannot merely look at a girl from a distance and tell whether she’s a slut, prude, DTF or otherwise.

Sure there are signs, but nothing accurate or consistent, especially online where you’re unable to read a girl’s body language in still images and photos. So there’s no possible way to spot an easy girl online without actually conversing with her…and the average guy still couldn’t discern an easy slut from a girl who has lock and key on the vagina.

With that: am I targeting easy sluts?


I can’t possibly pull that off!

I only get to feel out whether a girl will be an easy fuck or not, once we’ve gotten into the flow of things through conversation.

Also, I would like to touch on a point that I spoke about years ago concerning so-called easy girls.

“Easy girl” is a myth!

Yes- I said it!

“Easy girl” is a myth!

A girl only appears to be easy in relation to how well you know how to seduce women!

Get that?

If you have no game, women will appear to be difficult to bed for you.

Hence, you’re left with the impression that women aren’t easy sluts but difficult and bitchy creatures to hook up with.

For me, someone who knows how to seduce women, women are easy in general!

However, it isn’t that they are truly easy. Just relative to my understanding of women, I have a fairly easy time circum-navigating their objections to get what I want. But labeling girls as easy or difficult is relative to the guy’s skill level, game and experiences.

Hence, “easy” or difficult is a myth depended on who you ask.

The girls whom I pull whom appear to be easy sluts, the average Joe won’t even stand a chance at getting a return message let alone think of sex down the rode.

In fact, 65% of my online pickups consist of bitchy girls and girls who are inclined to giving a hard time with major objections and bitch shields out the ass!

Whether a girl is deemed easy or not, you still have to possess fucking game and logistical know-how in order to bed her…that is if she’s a random girl whom you met online!

Furthermore, I’ve had cases- recently might I add- where a budding PUA had sent me the profile link of a girl whom he was having an extremely difficult time with as far as getting her # and for her to want to meet up.

The deal was, he wanted to know if it was just him, or whether the girl was just a tough cookie.

I told him that he [his approach] was likely the problem.

His game sucked quite naturally since he didn’t have much experience of successes with women!

He doubted and doubted, so I took him up on the challenge and messaged the girl through Facebook from the link he’d provided me.

This was an Asian girl living in Queens, New York.

Being that my Facebook profile says that I am located in NYC [my 2nd home], the girl was led to believe that I was living in NYC also at the time…which made logistics easier if we were to meet up.

Anyway, long story short, within an hour’s time- less than 25 minutes I would say, we exchanged #’s, made date plans for the weekend and even sexted a bit some days later.

The guy couldn’t believe that this was the same “difficult” girl with whom he couldn’t get onto 1st base!

Not only was he younger than me, more handsome than I am [according to Hollywood’s standard], but he was white. Asian-American chicks are rumored to prefer white guys [so they say] even over Asian men.

Thinking that this was a fluke, he sent me another profile, this time of a hot white chick, and the results were the same!

I messaged her, drew her in, got the # and we were to meet up on the weekend for drinks.

The moral of the story?

Easy or difficult is relative to the amount of knowledge you possess about the way in which women operate and what makes them tick.

Hence, difficult girls and easy girls are just myths, mirages and illusions!

Guys who suck at this, believe that the reason they cannot get [decent] results is because women are bitchy and stuck-up.

It is rarely ever about their inability to connect with women and to seduce them.

On another note, guys will often times try to use race in order to justify their suckery and other’s successes in the field.

Meaning, they somehow believe that women of other races are difficult.

Truth is; if you’re an Asian guy who sucks ass with Asian women, then chances are, you will suck ass with white women, black, brown and green ones!

Sucking with women goes straight across the board! Just as being good with women, applies straight across racial and ethnic lines!

A black guy who’s good with attracting, seducing and bedding black women, will be just as good with doing the same with white women or Asians!

There is ZERO fucking imperical datum which shows that women reject guys based on race, opposed from other factors such as the lack of social skills, bad-body language, quirks and kinks and so forth.

I’ve dispelled this myth time after time!

As a black guy, my natural preference is to bang black chicks.

However, every now and then, I have to step outside of my preference, just to prove to guys that game is applicable across racial lines. Thus, I would pick up and bang a white, Asian or East Indian girl just to prove a point that race isn’t the reason why you’re not getting laid, but other factors which you fail to address because you’re too fucking egotistical and lazy to work on yourself.


I don’t believe in them.

I am desensitized to them, therefore they don’t exist.

They are not factored into my reality of how things should be.

For instance, I used to believe that white girls on a whole aren’t attracted to black men, hence the reason during my early pick-up days back in New York City, I would never approach white girls since I was already predisposed to the idea/myth that white girls don’t dig black guys. I had to man up and rid myself of these limiting beliefs based on race.

Just as being good with women is universally transferable, sucking with women will likely be the case regardless of the women you approach.

A white dude who sucks with white girls will suck with black ones too.

Therefore, at the end of the day, it isn’t that the girls I pick up are intrinsically easy.

Surely they are easy for me! But if you’re less skilled than I am, or perhaps you’re a newbie or intermediary, my “easy” girls would be extremely hard for you. Just because they appear easy for me, doesn’t at all mean they would be easy for you.

Hence, is there such a thing as easy or difficult girls?

Food for thought.

Picking Up More Random Girls On Facebook With Boyfriend + Meeting Up @ Hotel As My Designated Rendezvous Spot [Girl 1]

More FB pulls of girl with boyfriend.


This chat-log of the Facebook pickup dates back to 2 Sundays ago, with the rendezvous taking place over the previous weekend.

I’m just gonna jump right into it here since you already know the script.

I attracted and drew this girl in by baiting her into commenting on my Facebook posts through a stealthy strategy I spoke of in my book [“Facebook Bang”]: “Tagging”

Alongside strategic tagging, my usual posts about women and pickup, aided in drawing her in…as it does with lots of chicks. 😉 Hence why I always advise you to quit posting lame shit which are male-centric [like sports], and start to post statuses which get women’s attention: relationship, dating, sex, the sexes, etc.

Oh- when I mentioned “tagging”, I didn’t mean wantonly tagging chicks in an annoying way, but strategic!

Anyhow, the hot babe got baited into making comments on a button-pushing status of mines about women and sex. Remind you, I wasn’t even banking on this happening [picking her up] since she wasn’t on my radar…at least not for that week.

During the debate, and after hinting at the idea of wanting to fuck her, I strategically went silent by not replying to her comments while replying to everyone else’s.

This is why (strategically) ignoring a girl’s messages/replies work wonders [once applied at the right moment].


Subsequent to that: she messaged me. 😈


She mentioned “cat gotten your tongue” because I went silent on her. Sensing she was definitely attracted to me; I got straight to the point in letting her know my intention of wanting to fuck her.


Girls like to play the “I’m gonna keep him in suspense” game in order to milk value, when they say things like, “time will tell”. Usually, you should agree with that. But at times, you have to rebut it in order to let the girl know that shit happens on ‘YOUR’ time, and NOT hers! Hence why I said to her “time will tell doesn’t satisfy me”, then I went into “Are you free on weekends [without adding a question mark which would make me look needy]”?



I always SMH at how chicks justify to themselves why they should be allowed to hang out with, date and fuck other guys behind their boyfriend’s back, by saying things like, “Ppl do have friends”, “I’m allowed to have friends”, etc. 😉

Remember- at least in my cases- whenever a girl says “friends”, it is code word for fuck-friends, and not friend-zoned friends.

Also: every girl has a boyfriend as I’ve been preaching ad nauseum for years! So, once you assume that she does have a BF, she will come clean without hesitation, but then rationalize why having a boyfriend shouldn’t stop her from fucking other guys.

Another tip here: when trying to find out if a girl has a boyfriend, you don’t want to ask like a low-value Omega-Male, “So do you have someone in your life…like a boyfriend”?

This will irk the girl!

Note how I do this by saying to the girl [via tongue in cheek], “So…any crazy boyfriend I have to worry about”.

Of course without a question mark. 😉


Again- this goes to show how brazen and reckless women can be, whereas I suggested we meet up at my guest house instead of a bar where she risks running into her BF, and she then says in other words that her BF isn’t the bar type.




As usual- and as I always advise you to do- end the fucking conversation before she does!

The one who ends it first, leaves with the leverage and the most value.

All in all; I got straight down to business: “Let’s meet up”!

As you will have noticed with 80% of the girls I pick up on Facebook, my mantra is always consistent: “We should grab drinks and a snack @ a bar or at my hotel. I’ll be in your part of town next weekend”.

I have zero time to waste, texting for 10 hours on a stretch with 1 girl, about nothingness, especially when it doesn’t help to facilitate and expedite the process of my penis entering her vagina.

I did manage to meet up with this hottie at a bar and grill joint and the rest was history back at my hostel.

Thus, over the weekend [Friday and Sunday], I met up with 2 random girls whom I pulled from Facebook [both having boyfriends], but only managed to sleep with 1 of them.

Again- having options is critical!

Having the choice of a rendezvous with 2 different girls on 2 separate nights within a 3 day span, will not only increase your chances of getting laid by sheer odds, but it creates a situation where you won’t get all butt-hurt or desperate when plans fall through with 1 girl.

As for my “hotel/hostel” schtick, it is my new baby.

Sure beats the hell out of dining at an expensive restaurant or wasting valuable time going to the movies with limited privacy.

There is absolutely no rule which says that you must do it the so-called traditional way: dinner date and a movie…which almost always ends with a bullshit hug and maybe a peck on the cheek for good measures.

You always want to shoot high then work your way down.

Suggest that the girl comes to your place to watch a movie or look through some old albums from when you were a kid…over coffee.

If she politely declines, aim [lower] for something less intimate: drink on the balcony, a hotel, bar/lounge, walk in the park, etc.

You get the picture.

Quit selling yourself short by believing that a stranger won’t meet up with you at your abode, hence you suggest a time-wasting dinner date.

I hardly get girls refusing to have a rendezvous at my hotel.

It’s all about the vibe you create from the inception.

Very soon, I will post the full video from back in May [I believe] where I picked up a fitness trainer girl on Facebook, met up with her at my hostel then sealed the deal without the traditional-date bs.

Here is the preview if you haven’t seen it yet a while back [rendezvous @ the guest house].

Picking Up More Random Girls On Facebook With Boyfriend + Meeting Up @ Hotel As My Designated Rendezvous Spot [Girl 2]

Hey guys, just another day at the office with the Facebook pulls.

This time around, I will detail 2 pulls almost simultaneously, of 2 girls having a boyfriend [but this post will only deal with the 1st pull].

With the 1st hot girl, the script was semi-usual: I came across her profile, checked to see that she was located on the same island, sent her a friend request with an accompanying-inbox message demonstrating high value and so forth.

Just as with 95% of the randoms whom I friend-request: she accepted within the matter of 45 minutes the most.

Now, this was back in April that I met her online and friend-requested her.

As in a handful of cases, I don’t immediately pounce upon the girl for a meet-up or a # if I sense that she has tons of guys hitting her up based on her hotness…and if my fucket-list is already filled.

Hence, I added her since April and literally didn’t inbox her again until July.

Again guys- if you’ve been following my recent posts, you will have noticed that this is part of my strategy where I allow massive chunks of time to pass while subtly popping up on the girl’s radar through the periphery.

In other words, I would comment on every 1 in 4 of her statuses and photos [all cheeky stuff of course], essentially making my presence known but in a way that demonstrates that I won’t chase, I won’t stalk, I won’t get creepy, neither shall I be in her inbox every second begging for her phone number.

Again- this sort of move separates me from the pack of clueless men [98% of them].

The girl will then wonder: “Why isn’t this dude kissing my ass as every other guy does? Why isn’t he inboxing me every second with some lame-ass shit and trying to get my #”?

Hence the story with this girl: I added and inboxed her [once] in April then again in July.

I didn’t beg nor ask for her number, nor did I tell her how beautiful and hot she was as 99.9% of men would have done.

Let me just say that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with complimenting a woman on her beauty. Just that you don’t want to make that your ice-breaker.

You don’t want the girl to believe that the primary reason you’d contacted her was because of her looks.

As shallow as women are, they want to be appreciated for more than just their fucking looks!

Therefore, if your initial message reads something like, “Morning sweetheart. I think your very pretty. Can we talk”? Then you are doing it all wrong!

Now, I know what you’re going to say: “But Kenny, you inbox girls telling them that they’re beautiful and sexy, so what’s the difference”!?

Sexy! But never beautiful!

Rare as it is, about 5-10% of my Facebook openers consist of me saying to the girl that she’s sexy or hot.

However, that observation/compliment still is NOT the focal point of my message.

If I inbox a random on Facebook and tell her that she’s hot, I am not just making that observation alone.

I will have tamper it down by affixing a high-value comment along with the compliment.


Here’s an example of what the average guy does, and what I do [5-10% of the time].

Average guy [low-value approach]: “Good morning sweetie. You’re very beautiful. Can we talk sometimes”?

Kenny [high-value approach]: “Hey Jamie, you’re definitely hot. Anyway, I’m Kenny. Looking forward to catch up when the time is right. Later”.

See the difference?

I’m not begging her for anything [convo, #, her time, etc]!

Thus, my approach [initial inbox] was high value, even though I told the girl that she’s hot, while the average guy’s was low value because he mainly focused on her looks while DLV’ing himself further by begging the girl something [conversation].

Therefore, it is not that you shouldn’t tell a girl within your first message online that she’s hot or pretty [though I advise you not to]. It’s just that you shouldn’t highlight her physical beauty [by solely commenting on that] while simultaneously begging her for something.

I mean, think of it this way. If someone is trying to get something out of you, what is the most common tactic he or she would use?


Sweet talk!


Telling a girl she’s pretty, then in the same breath, try to get conversation or a # out of her, will often times inadvertently make you come off as a nefarious character with hidden agendas. Just as the vagrant or street-bum with a pleasant smile, holding the door for you in order to beg spare change.

That is how you come off when you compliment a hot girl, then immediately afterwards try to get her # or some of her time.

This is why strategically “Waiting” is so crucial!

In a recent article, I spoke about Strategic Patience.

Ok, so with this girl, I messaged her back in April [sounds redundant- I know].

Quite frankly- and this is what I’ve been speaking to- I didn’t expect her to reply.

I was merely making an introduction, which doesn’t require reciprocation.

Shoot and go!

Shoot and go!

Meanwhile, while commenting on her statuses [every 1 in 4], I was making my presence known without flooding her inbox like a chode.

July comes around [notice how long I waited], I inboxed her for the 2nd time. So that’s 2 non-needy messages in 3 months. Nowhere in the world a girl would think such an approach is desperate.

As you can see from the FB screenshot with time stamp of the July message.


Again- she never replied.

No worries!

That was in July.

About 2 weeks ago [in September], I sent a 3rd message on a Friday as you can see in the same screenshot.


Again- it was a non-needy and non-complimenting comment.

I wasn’t begging for a thing but merely making a trivial observation.

As I eluded to above, you want to appear as non-needy and unattached as possible.

Telling her she looks difference in every photo is a subtle dig which can mean a good or bad thing. Hence, it is hinting towards a girl’s insecurities where she is now left to wonder if she looks good or bad based on my observation on her photo.

Women are very fucking vain!

Remind you- she never replied up to this point [since April] until now.


Such an innocuous observation was powerful enough to finally get her attention.


Her first ever reply in 6 months was an approval-seeking one where she asked if it was a bad thing that she always looks different in every pic.

In pick-up terminology: this psychological tactic is called qualifying, where the girl tries to make your grade instead of you trying to make hers.

Now here it is, that a super-hot chick who had ignored my messages for nearly 6 months, is now trying to prove herself to me in asking if it is a bad or good thing that she looks different in her photos.

What happened?

How did the switch flip, and why didn’t she just continue to ignore me?

The fact that I never chased her for convo, I didn’t flood her inbox with lame texts or at all, and I made her a bit self-conscious, therefore this raised my value in her eyes.

The FB chat continues [her texts in grey. Mines in blue].



The point isn’t to chat for chatting sake.

My goal is always to hook up…meet up then hook up. Hence, I asked her about her weekends.

My pitch is always the same as of late [drink and snack date @ my hotel or guest house].


Always assume that the girl has a boyfriend- because the reality is- all girls have boyfriends! But that never deters them from hanging out and hooking up with me. 😉

She then called me through Messenger, which I thought was a mistake, so I hung up. We eventually set up the particulars of the meet-up.

We did manage to meet up over the weekend [Sunday] at my hotel as planned.

A great yet subtle trick I find that works like magic is to tell the girl [because of her relationship status] that it is much safer to dine in a private location [as a hotel] instead of a bar or restaurant where anyone can just walk in.

If you can’t find a cheap hotel, then suggest somewhere else.

Nine in ten times, the girl will oblige.

In fact, I’ve yet to meet a girl over Facebook who declined to meet up at my hotel for drinks under the guise that it is safer.

Which girl who has a boyfriend would decline to meet in private instead of a bar where she could get caught by someone who knows her boyfriend?

Hence, it is a great tactic to getting girls to agree to meet up.

Truth be told: I didn’t get to sleep with this girl. But that’s besides the point.

What I want you to take away from this article are these main points.

*No begging for conversation, and no compliment unless it’s done in a way that makes you seem un-fazed by her beauty.

*If a girl ignores your messages [on Facebook for instance], it may very well be a test to see whether you’ll chode yourself out and go text crazy.

*Always keep things low invested. Structure your texts in a way that give off the vibe that you can take it or leave it.

At the end of the day, the girl sees every message she gets. But she screens out the ones that are low valued where the sender is either asking for something, i.e. number or conversation.

How Buying Penis Pill Helps Your Game

Guess what I bought @ a lounge last night?

Some dick pills! Well- at least 1 dick pill I should say.

This thing cost me $25 bucks in Eastern Caribbean currency which is equivalent to roughly $10 US.

The bartender chick tried to secure the purchase with confidentiality as if they were something to be ashamed of.

I’m like, “Girl! Just gimme the goddamn dick pill and quit making this shit look like I’m purchasing some elicit drugs”!

I guess in a way it is the taboo nature of society, because I know lots of guys who are jittery about even purchasing condoms openly.

However, this isn’t an Alpha thing to do [cowering to social pressure].

A trait of being an Alpha-Male [a true man] is desensitization to what people say and think about you and the things you do.

No one is 100% desensitized to being looked upon negatively [unless you’re autistic]. But myself for instance, border on the 90% line of being desensitized to possible negative feedback about what I do and what I say.

When dealing with women, desensitization to the negative things they may surmise and blurt out, will help your game tremendously!

I’m going out on a limb to say that the greatest yet most subtle thing that hampers guys chances of getting laid, is worrying about what others think/say, and also getting derailed by things which women say during the interaction.

How many times have you been at a bar, club, function or party, wanted to approach a girl but you chicken out because you were concerned about what people will think about you cold-approaching strangers.

Moreover, you chickened out because of the social anxiety and fear of being rejected under the prying eyes of strangers.

In addition to that, guys blow their chances from the get-go by getting discouraged and thrown off their game whenever the girl says or does something off-script.

Basically- guys are working with feelings and emotions.

I see this happen all the time where guy tries to chat up girl [even online], girl blows him off and guy gets all defensive or simply self-eject/bail.

In order to have a successful run at banging lots of girls, you have to fucking let go of the ego!

You have to become desensitized to bullshit! And I mean that in a general sense!

This is a whole lifestyle altering proposition here.

Every little thing you do should reflect across the board.

A bit confused?

Allow me to explain.

When I first started out in pickup, just as every other guy, I was hyper-concerned about every little thing women say, and how I was going to be seen and perceived by others.

How did I break out of this socially stifling cage of worrying about how I’ll be perceived by others?

I did the uncomfortable!

I mass-subjected myself to anything that would normally cause trepidation and social anxiety for the average person…even if I had to come off a bit obnoxious.

I would enter a pharmacy or crowded grocery store and ask aloud: “Do y’all sell condoms”!? 😯

Everyone’s head would turn as I utterly defied social norms.

It isn’t normal for a guy to announce that he’s in search of condoms.

This is generally a taboo thing for men. We expect confidentiality and privacy when it pertains to the purchase of condoms, other contraception, dick pills and so forth.

Most guys get ultra-sensitive and cagey about these things.

However, the more one subjects himself to these uncomfortable situations, the more desensitized he becomes.

Hence, last night while lounging at the bar on a Tuesday night, noticing some packets of dick pills, I felt no hesitation in inquiring about it to the bartender chick.

As expected; she was shocked that a guy would be so open about wanting to purchase those enhancers.

Usually, as far as what she said to me, guys would nervously hover around the bar counter waiting until a male bartender gets nearby to then secretly ask about the pills.

They would then make a secretive transaction/purchase and the guy would covertly stuff the packet into his pockets and sneak off.

Therefore, I was the first male, according to the female bartender, who ever approached her about the penis pills, let alone to buy it openly.

Again- I’ve desensitized myself to social pressure, social anxiety and social fears through these sorts of insignificant challenges [as I subjected myself to years ago].

If you suffer from severe-social anxiety, your quasi-cure may just very well come down to challenging yourself by subjecting yourself to what would normally be deemed “uncomfortable”.

Lastly, I am not advising you to “lock off”- your brain that is- from social cues and what is happening around you.

Be aware of what is happening around you! But don’t let them negatively affect your state and purpose: which is to become that Alpha-Male with little inhibitions.

At the end of the day, desensitization to these things will help your game because you no longer get derailed by things of minutia and triviality.

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