Texting Shy Girls – What You Should Know [text-game examples]

I will share with you a recent and typical text-conversation between myself and a super-shy hottie.

Normal text-game rule of keeping the convo balanced, should be discarded because a shy girl isn’t going to open up and have a balanced conversation.

Therefore, you must invest way more as the guy trying to seduce her [95-5 at times…you doing 95% of the texting].

With shy girls, you also must learn the art of fucking blabbering and rambling!

That is to chat/text until your mouth/fingers fall off!

If you let up; she won’t carry the conversation!

Not that she isn’t interested. But she’s overly timid and too reserved to express herself.

Hence, if you rely on the girl [especially a super shy one] to carry the convo; IT WILL GO NOWHERE!

You will notice how imbalance the conversation is, where she’s mainly providing 1-word answers and I’m blabbering away.

This is a must with super-shy girls! Just fucking blabber about anything!

Don’t expect her to provide much interaction.

It doesn’t mean she isn’t interested!

Remember; a shy girl is NOT going to carry the conversation!

Therefore, you have to carry it almost fully or else the convo will stall and she will move on since she relies on you to do the work. Not because she’s a selfish bitch, but it isn’t within her to divulge much of her opinions…especially if she’s someone you just met.

As RSD Jeffy famously said; learn how to have diarrhea of the mouth!

[My texts are in green, and hers in white. In no specific order].










Ok, so that was the chat log from Whatsapp Messenger.

Very one-sided to say the least…as expected.

When I’d posted these string of screenshots to my Facebook, a student of mines chimed in with the following comment.


His concern is a genuine and realistic one.

The average guy will believe that the reason why the girl isn’t responding more actively is because she isn’t interested or doesn’t care to respond in great details.

Here’s the thing: this is only true in cases where the girl is NOT a shy one.

If a girl is half-way sociable and she only replies with short answers like: “No, yes, nah, hmmm, maybe, sure, IDK, why, true”, then it is likely a terrible sign of her disinterest.

However, if she’s a shy person, then you cannot expect elaborate replies but just 1-worders for every 2-3 texts you send.

I know of scores of men who would give up immediately if they aren’t getting much in return via text from the girl.

Most guys would feel as though they’re talking to themselves and just abandon the interaction and hit next.

The thing is, if the girl doesn’t reply at all, then you might as well throw in the towel.

Sending 2, 3, 4 texts without any reply, is usually an IOD [Indicator of Disinterest] for whatever reason…which means you should move on.

However, as long as the girl replies; you are still in the ball game!

It is when she never replies that you truly have to move on.

Nevertheless, seducing a shy girl is time-consuming and it is a much slower and longer process than if the girl were expressive and open.

Not only do you have to expend more time and energy texting and talking, but you have to do a lot of feeling-out for yourself. If you’re unable to read women, this may become somewhat challenging.

On a final note, rambling is pretty much all you need with these very shy types.

Verbal diarrhea as RSD Jeffy calls it.

Just spit, spit, spit every other day until the opportune moment presents itself, where you can suggest meeting up with the least amount of objections.

I must re-emphasize that a (shy) girl is NOT going to seduce herself, neither is she going to seduce you by chatting you up!

This [rambling] is also applicable in set- in person- whenever chatting up a girl: shy or not.

Again- most guys C&B [Crash and Burn] whenever chatting up a hottie, be it online, via text or in person upon cold approach.

Hence, it is a must that you learn how to keep your conversational skills fluid and constant.

With past students, upon analyzing their text conversation, I am flabbergasted to see how easily guys guy up under the impression that the girl wasn’t interested because she kept her messages in reply to a minimal amount of words…and the girl said that she was a shy type to begin with.

I’m like, “Dude! WTF are you thinking!!? The girl literally told you that she’s shy yet you were expecting her to participate and give 50-50! That is stupid on your part dude!!! The most you should expect from a shy girl is 20-80: she doing 20% of the talking/texting”!

Too damn often guys blow themselves out and reject themselves by thinking that the girl wasn’t into them because she wasn’t saying much.

I reiterate: This is only the case if the girl is NOT shy!

Therefore, scroll back up and scan the lopsided text-log via screenshots, with my texts in green and the shy hottie’s in white.

Don’t focus so much on what I said/texted.

Take note of how much more I texted in comparison to her.

In any normal text-game situation [with a non-shy chick], this would be proverbial-fucking suicide [over-texting]!

However, with shy types, there is no such thing as over-texting and texting too much. So you can, must and will have to break that text-game rule if you intend to convert a shy girl into a notch!


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  1. Good shit my dude. I usually do all the talking with chicks like this, and most guys fail to realize taking a lead on a shy girl is what turns HER on. I plot every word to her ear to make me want me more. You know, that inner hunger can never be satisfied. That what I’m tryna get into with her. It’s a walk in the park if guys stop looking at this shit as a hungry desperate horn dog and be a man about it like us real do.


    1. Honestly, a lot of what’s out there is rehashed info. I’m not too familiar with that website or it’s author (Dan Bacon). But his blog doesn’t seem that bad. Rehashed for sure. But if someone is new to this lifestyle, then his site can be helpful. But for someone who’s looking for novel and new ideas and tweaks, it won’t be of any help


  2. this is great what do i do if a shy girl doesnt text back till like hours later at a time do i keep pursuing her answers seem really vague but when we met she was really into me help


    1. Good question. With the same girl I featured in this post, this was the case and currently is where she would go like hours without responding. It is up to you to keep it going or you can simply fall back until she replies. Normally, this would be suicide. But with a shy girl, it is a must to pursue in this. But to me it seems like your situation worked out since you said y’all did meet. ❓


  3. Glad I read your post mate. I am at moment texting a girl I met. She even said to me many times while talking to her, “I’m shy. I’m shy.” And even her friend was saying how shy she is. I mean this girl is damn shy for real.

    But I’m ok because she lives in another city and I am approaching girls anyway, so I am busy with lot of leads and having fun.

    When I started texting her first time, she replied an hour later, it was way slow, way different.

    1. She never initiates text. I initiate.
    2. She waits like full day or two days texting back sometimes.
    3. If I don’t text, she doesn’t.
    4. If I sexualise, cause I push it sometimes, she doesn’t reply to it immediately. Sometimes never replies to it. Like one role play about going to Italy, elop, marry, have kids, fight…make up….sex…fight make up sex…” and she did reply on how it was an awesome plan but to much of “hahaha.” in beginning,.

    But when I texted next day on “I bet. I can feel your body tingling from here.” she didn’t reply.

    I know, i know, I push it sometimes but not as much with other girls and they confident type, loving it and we meet and all that.

    When I texted like role playing or story on how I met this cute girl and what advise to flirt with her (meaning her) she said it be kinding hard going cause she said she’s shy. No emotions or show of interest really from her.

    So I’m glad I read your post and will keep her on the stove, when I’m not busy, and just text once in week to keep in radar and just to see how it goes.

    I know this was an article way back but glad I read it.


    1. Yep Mate! Good idea. Don’t think that you’re pushing. You’re doing the right thing with this shy girl. You just have to keep it up while gaming others of course. You already have the perfect format as far as texting with this shy chic…the same stuff that I would text by the way. Update me down the line Adams. 🙂


      1. Update for you…

        Since last time I wrote this message, the shy girl is now one of my lovers.

        Hit gold! She loves kinky bsdm and desired to be a slave/very submissive dayum, very sexual for a shy girl.

        Been together since 10 weeks after I wrote the message.

        After we met she opened up more, kept it fun, did most of the talking and she then began to talk a lot, escalated, physical and on same night had sex. That’s though due to texting and the phone call to build just a touch of comfort.

        I also applied same, and now have 3 fuckbuddies. That’s what worked best for me – is I created options, lots of girls on my phone list and screening them out and screen some in, which means I don’t have to wait for one girl, and takes off any neediness away and has giving me a lot of confidence. I’m more direct and ballsy now with it.

        I’ll let you know how it goes with new girls but might be sometime you’ll hear from me. Thanks!


  4. Interesting, how you played with her, actually deal with shy women requires a little more effort, after all agent is that you have to talk most of the time, in the case of messages, we need to keep the conversation interesting and make it interact. It takes into account be a leader, a guy who makes you feel good, comfortable and interested to meet you personally. After all this is the goal of the game, scoring a date with the girl. Very good blog, I like to accompany him.


  5. I’ve been scouring the Internet looking for a post like this, since most everyone says that if the girl responds back with really short messages that she’s not interested, no matter how shy she is. I would normally believe this is true, too, but the girl I’m interested in acts in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced from a girl before and definitely not for this length of time (about two years of seeing each other about one to three times per week). She almost always nervously giggles when she sees me or when we hug to part ways. She also seems to have a difficult time talking to me in person and usually looks at other people besides me if we’re talking in a group. She’s generally a pretty shy and quiet person and seems uncomfortable speaking in larger groups, but I don’t really see her acting nervous around other guys like she consistently does around me.

    I can’t really text her yet, because I haven’t officially gotten her phone number. (I do know it, though, because I overheard her give it to someone else). However, she sent me a facebook friend request at one point last year, so I thought I’d try messaging her on there, but after getting back some short responses on three separate occasions, similar to the ones you described, I assumed she wasn’t interested and stopped trying. That’s been months, although again, we still see each other regularly. It is nice to see someone taking a different look at this subject, so thanks for that, but I’m still not sure if I should try messaging her again, (officially) get her phone number and texting her, or just stop trying to comprehend her behavior altogether.


    1. Hey JJ, the fact that she added you on Facebook first, and she displays all these signs only to you, they are sure signs of her interest. She just doesn’t know how to express this to someone she likes…which is you. With such a girl and in such a case, you have to file it down. In other words, instead of sending these elaborate and long texts, you want to work at her pace or you will scare her off by being too expressive through your messages. So do go ahead and message her on FB. But be brief as possible until she eventually warms up to you


  6. Yo good stuff here, i just want to be sure that this girl I messaged on instagram is actually shy, so that I can continue messaging her. I first started briefly by saying” hi, i study bla bla at the same university , i think ive seen u in a class before? What year r u?” So after a day she replied, and i asked a few other questions the same day and it was all good, she was replying with text and emojis but her texts were shorter than mine. I didnt want to look desperate so i stopped texting for a day. Then when i came back, and this is the part where i may have freaked her out, i asked her for a favor without naming it, in hopes of her asking about it and replying. She didnt. And btw i never met her, but there was eye contact when i saw her around.


    1. Never freak out! Remember that! The more psychologically invested you become, the greater chance of losing things. Don’t be so attached to your texts. Whenever you think you mess up, give it a day and come back as if nothing happened…but preferably not with a question but an observational commment


  7. Hey, good post and honestly a ton of great info here. I’ve got a situation for you. I’ve been pursuing an old high school classmate of mine who broke up with her ex of 2.5 years. Shes very shy, talks in short bursts, and takes a long time to respond. Occasionally I get really long responses especially when talking about super deep stuff. She knows Im interested in her and it seems like shes super afraid to open up again and has even mentioned that she thinks shes shying off to protect herself. I actually did convince her to meet up with me and things went alright. We’ve also opened up a ton to eachother emotionally.

    My questions are this. 1. Any thoughts if I still have a chance her? If so, any idea how long before she opens up?
    2. How will I know if the time is right to really go hard after her?
    3. Any idea how to get past the stress of her short responses and long response times?


    1. First off; you run the risk of being friend zoned if you continue to have these so-called deep conversations…unless they’re about sex, romance and so forth.
      Secondly, never listen to what a woman says. What I mean by that is, she told you that she’s afraid to open up, she thinks she’s shying off as means to protect herself. Bull! Those things may very well be true. But they don’t mean a thing in you trying to win her over. So don’t fall for the stuff she tells you. Act the way in which you know is best to get the girl. Ignore her situations.
      And there’s no time table on when a girl will open up. Each girl operates differently when it comes to this.
      Fourthly, you always go hard after her!!!! This should not be a question!!! You go hard from day 1! Here’s the deal: if you go after her too aggressively, she will simply tell you to slow down. That’s it! On the other hand, if you move too slowly, she will NEVER tell you to go hard, or that would make her look slutty. So it’s always best to err on the side of going hard and fast, than taking your time.
      There’s no way to get lass her short responses but to get to the point of trying to meet up with her…again. Your objective shouldn’t be trying to get her to open up more. It should be to get her to want to meet up


  8. There is a girl I like…I think she also like me because she wanted to talk to me but I ignore her mistakenky…but I found out her ig name…at first we started chatting…but later when I text her for like 4 days we started chatting she reads my message but didnt reply back…


  9. Its hard thing too tempting really you kind of get short of words at times and you begins to wonder if you lost or not, the article is encouraging


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