Roosh V [Pick-Up Author] Gets Beer Thrown In His Face In Montreal, Canada

Things have really heated up for my former nemesis, Roosh V, a well-known pick-up author and practitioner based in Washington, DC.

To my little knowledge on the subject, Roosh scheduled an event in Montreal, Canada which was sabotaged by feminists and haters of pick-up…but it goes deeper than that.

Now- I’ve had my long quarrels and wars with Roosh dating back to 2010-2011 and we never did patch things up.

Nevertheless, I do understand what the man is going through since I’ve been there back in 2014. Because of our rancor doesn’t mean I won’t rally behind him.

In the meantime, I was sent the following video links of the drink-throwing incident and Roosh’s take on the Montreal drama in the 2nd video.


Infamous pick-up artist already in Canada despite petition for his ban by CTV News.

Pick-up artist blogger petition ban

4 thoughts on “Roosh V [Pick-Up Author] Gets Beer Thrown In His Face In Montreal, Canada

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  1. Hey Kenny. I had developed a perfectly good technique in dealing with married women. Especially ones who keep blabbing about their husbands.
    Well as you know, some married women like to do this mental framing, where to avoid picking up that attraction vibe for other men, they will run miles per minute about their husband whether it’s through talking about their stupid dog they have or beach cruise e.T.c.
    I know you said it best if its best avoidable then leave it out.
    But some women will not stop talking about them. So through techniques I picked up on here. I decided to give this one a try. It’s called poor acknowledgement. I acknowledge in conversation the women has a husband. But at the same time I show them I don’t care quickly dismissing their marrage by demonstrating how much I don’t give a shit about their husband while keeping a cool highly playful sexual vibe that keeps her tense. It works wonders! Wet wonders!
    Never knew that just giving a strong masculine vibe can really wreck homes (or her lingerie ๐Ÿ˜ˆ)
    Hopes this help any guys out there. Happy cooxhie hunting! Keep it alpha


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