Freeze-out Tactic Examples To Get A Girl Chasing Over Text

Example of a successful “Freeze-Out” tactic

“Freezing a girl out” is a seduction concept which in other words mean to purposely ignore a girl in order to make her chase you.

With this random girl whom I’d picked up on Facebook days ago, I froze her out via Whatsapp Messenger and she in turn messages me last night, wondering why I haven’t texted her.

If you want a girl to chase you, which deepens her attraction for you; then you can employ some freeze-out tactics like I did here.

Now, with this girl, who obviously wants me, I decided to freeze her out after she made a comment on 1 of my FB statuses, basically acting prudish and acting iffy about meeting up…hence I stopped texting her after I’d gotten her # and was set to meet up with her on the weekend.

Check out the chat log from last night [her texts in white…mines in green].



Also note how she starts off by saying I’m the type of guy she should stay away from…meaning a “badboy”. 😉

BTW, don’t take my texts seriously. I was basically feeding her emotional spikes. So…once again; if a girl plays difficult: freeze her out and watch her chase you.

Wait! Before you get all freeze-out happy here- there are disclaimers:

Freeze outs only work on girls who like you.

In addition to that, an effective freeze out can only be used on a high point of texting wen the girl is engaged.

If the girl is non-responsive, the freeze out will have packed less of a punch.

Also, the most powerful freeze outs are utilized when the girl least expect them: when the vibe is going great.

The worst possible time to attempt to freeze a chick out is when she blows you off or pending a fight or argument.

Doing so will have made you seem too reactive as if you got your feelings hurt.

You cannot freeze a girl out in a way that makes her think that you’re butt-hurt in any way.

If you do freeze a girl out as a consequence of something she did/said that wasn’t agreeable: you have to do it with grace and not appear butt-hurt!

For instance: an argument over text (or phone call).

As was the case with this girl featured in the screenshot.

We had a disagreement over the womanizing stuff I post to my FB. She also wasn’t pleased with my insistence on rendezvousing too soon.

In such a case, a freeze out with calm works wonders!

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