Sexual Spikes

I strongly believe in sexual spikes and making strong-sexual declarations.

I called over a girl [motioned with my finger] while in the bar sitting Friday night.

She comes over, lean down and I said in her ear, “I want you”.

Girl: “What you mean”?

Me: “I want to fuck you”.

She blushes, laughs and said, “You think I’m that easy? You think I’m just some stray pussy you’re gonna get tonight”?

Me: “Listen, I haven’t been drinking. As you can see, I’m drinking an Arizona. No alcohol for the night. So I’m saying what I mean with intent. It’s not the alcohol talking”.

Rambling is what you want to do in such a situation.

Just ramble after declaring the sexual spike.

I told her to get back to her group and we’ll chat a bit later.

For the rest of the night, she will have remembered me as the guy who pumped her state in a sexual manner.

If I do re-engage her, she will have already known the type of guy I am.

Start using sexual spikes!

3 Crafty Ways To Touch The Girl

In my latest video, I reveal my 3 secret tips that used to get me closer to the girl (physically) in order to get romantic without freaking the girl out.

Most of us struggle whenever on so-called dates and trying to figure out how to get close and establish touch with the girl.

Elderly Man Learns Lesson On Facebook That This Sort Of Approach Gets You Nowhere With Hot Girls

When will we ever learn?

Some weeks back, I saved a few screenshots from Facebook which a girl had posted as a way to out guys who were constantly in her inbox trying to get with her.

If you’ve been following me for any time now, you would know that I am dead-set against hitting up girls in their inbox in this sort of fashion.

However, I do applaud the elderly man for going for it…though online, it doesn’t really count at all as “going for it”.





That escalated fast!

Ok, so what did the elderly fellow do wrong?

Many things to be exact.

However, indirectly putting the girl on a pedestal was the biggest turnoff and mistake that he made.

Saying to a girl over Facebook, “I want to get to know you because you’re beautiful”, isn’t nearly a good enough reason to make a girl want to get to know you.

Telling a girl she’s beautiful and that’s the only reason you want to get to know her is as shallow as a puddle on a rainy day.

Guys think it’s flattering but fail to realize that it is a huge fucking turnoff!

Secondly, the elderly guy gets all annoyed when the girl merely rebutted to his comment about her beauty.

Thirdly, he gets really pissed when the girl asked his age which led to some colorful words. 😆 😆

At the end of the day guy, I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again: picking up girls on Facebook is easy. However, it requires skills, timing, calibration and a lot more components to make this happen on a consistent basis.

This is what led me to write Facebook Bang

2 Most Ridiculous Anti-PUA Videos

Generally, I pay no mind to guys who don’t know about pickup yet want to talk about pickup.

These 2 videos happened to grab my attention the other day because of how ridiculous they are.

This Beta-Male clown seems to think that trying to meet women or chat to women, is desperate and putting women on pedestals.

Now, this idiot below seems to think that PUA’s try to befriend women in order to potentially seduce them…not realizing that PUA’s don’t generally befriend women.

Speaks a lot about the little this guy knows about the pickup artist.

Not to mention he thinks PUA’s are weird. 😉 😯

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