Getting Girls To Comment On Your Wall As A DHV Stick

Getting girls to post on your Facebook wall is a huge plus in attracting other women!

I was asked a question through Facebook by an Italian PUA buddy of mines:

“Hey Kenny, how do you get so many girls to post on your wall”?

Great question!

Before I answer the specifics of it, I want to delve into the mechanics of this online-game power play.

What is a DHV?

Demonstration of High(er) Value.

In pick-up parlance, it is something or some act which is done in order to make the artist/doer of that action, appear to be someone of higher value, worth, respect, command, authority, etc, etc, etc.

Getting a girl to post something- anything- on your Facebook wall, is a DHV in that it makes you look good to others, regardless of whether what the girl posted was positive or negative.

In fact- and as you would’ve expected from following my work- the more negative the wall posts, the better! 😈 😯

Hence, getting a girl to comment on your wall will serve to attract other girls who come across the postings…i.e. girls who are already in your friend list.

Ok, so how do you get this dirty-little nifty trick to happen?

This was my reply to the Italian PUA who’d asked me how I get this done [girls leaving comments on my wall].


It is basically creating interest through drama and shocking statements.

I would comment on the girl’s status- any old random post of hers- with something that either challenges her reality/frame/opinion, by making a false judgment about her- in turn- forcing her to have to clarify this misunderstanding.

Clarifying it on her posts just isn’t enough half of the time.

Hence, in order to get her point across [which means she’s seeking my approval and acceptance…which makes me of higher value], the girl will have felt a need to comment on your wall in hopes that you don’t miss her reply.

This is a classic case of getting someone to chase you.

By flipping the script this way, you can get hot girls to seek your approval while simultaneously, and unconsciously putting you, the guy, on a proverbial pedestal.

Also, just by posting outlandish, dickish and controversial statuses of your own will force girls to post to your wall.

The following screenshots from a day or so ago, exemplify just that.


That is pretty much self-explanatory. 😈

That is the frame in which you want to put girls when on Facebook.

You want to have them thinking: “This guy is a handful”!

Hence, the attraction switch will flip…because after all…hot girls are attracted to men who come off as though they don’t give a shit about social norms, rules and boundaries.


The same girl was so enthralled by my “shocking” declarations through my statuses, that she was lured into posting stuff to my wall on subsequent occasions…essentially deepening her attraction to me.

The screenshot below follows the same principle and routine.

I’d commented on the girl’s status which was about skin bleaching.

My comment struck a nerve- not in a negative fashion- but I made a calculating misjudgment about her and bleaching.

She was forced to rush to my Facebook wall and post the following post.


Now, for those who aren’t au-fait to reading the Caribbean-English dialect; these are the transliterations of her post:

Yes my natural color is light skin but last year I started a thing called tone. Since I’m a wild person and I wanted to turn it up a little more, after it started to work and I was satisfied, I went to the beach, not remembering that bleaching and sea water don’t agree, so I got darker than my natural color, so I had to use more tone bleach. Looks like I signed a life sentence with the African man [the seller] if I ever want to maintain my natural light skin…understand now?

Basically, she felt a need to explain herself to me why she bleaches her skin to look lighter…though she’s naturally light skinned…which makes totally no sense when you think about it [but such nonsensical endeavors are common for hot girls].

As I explained earlier, the psychology of this is that the one who seeks to clarify him or herself, is essentially the one of lesser value in the equation.

The boss doesn’t (need to) explain and justify himself to his employee.

Likewise, a hot girl will never justify her actions to a guy whom she perceives is of less(er) importance.

Therefore, by getting girls to leave comments on your wall, especially in trying to justify their actions, will have demonstrated to them and to others, that you are someone of higher-perceived value and authority.

Now, how does this relate to attracting and getting girls?

How is it all meshed together?

When you will have done that [gotten girls to comment on your wall], that in and of itself will work as the DHV [Demonstration of Higher Value].

You will also notice an influx to your status posts from girls who were always lingering in the background, observing from a distance and not commenting.

Those girls will now feel a need to join the fray since you’re no Pre-Selected”.

There’s an old adage in seduction that rings true on a day to day basis:

“Women want what other women have”.

The competing factor is deeply rooted inside of women [pardon the double-entendre 😉 ].

When everything gets put in motion you will have realized that more women are now commenting on your stuff and becoming more interactive in general.

As for the type of statuses you should be posting; just follow my templates.

In a subsequent post, I will write about statuses you should avoid posting and the ones you should post.

Canadian MILF From 2 Years Ago Is Back In Town

Approximately 2 years ago to the day, I wrote about a sexy Canadian MILF who was in town on vacation for a few days.

I picked her up, we rendezvoused at her place where I intended to sleep with her [go figure].

The entire-detailed field report can be read here:

Long story short: I didn’t get to sleep with her because of various factors such as shitty logistics [she had company/a relative and a kid], hence a lack of privacy.

For all I know, she was probably on her menstrual which is often the case when girls object to sexual intercourse or foreplay which includes vaginal stimulation.

Anyway, fast forward to today [approximately 2 years later], I get a message from the same MILF informing me that she was back in town for 2 weeks.

What really shocked me was the we never really kept it touch in those 2 years.

I honestly deleted her from Facebook after she left when I subsequently wasn’t able to shag her.

I’d totally forgotten about this chick.

Apparently, she stored my phone number and decided to contact me today.

Essentially, could this be a 2nd. chance being handed to me?

We’ll find out.

I’ll keep you posted.

Weirdest Lay Report @ Hotel With Girl I Met On Online-Dating Site

My latest video, which I published today, dates back to the 1st week of April, of a field and lay report of a girl I met on an online-dating site just days before we met up at my hotel while island hopping.

Pretty-hot damn girl as you can see from the photo below…at least body wise.


Check our the video for the entire field report and what actually transpired…everything from erection issues to being hustled…

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