Lesbian [Female] PUA – What’s Your Thoughts?

Honestly, I don’t know how to take this.

A chick who does pickup in order to pick up other women is unheard of in this genre.

Sure we have female pickup coaches [though few]. But definitely not females who actively pursue other chicks. So this turn of event sorta caught me off guard.

As for the female PUA in question, she claims to post on simple-pickup forum.

I’ve been banned from the Simple Pickup Forum due to PUA politics, so I have no way to confirm this.

I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about this: a Lesbian PUA who picks up women.

Do you see it as women encroaching upon the all-boys club of the pickup/seduction community? Or is it progressive and somewhat cool?

As someone who hates the idea of Lesbianism since it is essentially about taking away our women, I’m not sure if I’m so welcoming of women infiltrating this community in order to learn tactics to steal more girls from us.

I don’t know!

4 thoughts on “Lesbian [Female] PUA – What’s Your Thoughts?

Add yours

  1. It was bound to happen. Its strange. Where I live a lot of lesbians are very butch and manly. Maybe this is there was of getting feminine women.


    1. Surprisingly, this chick doesn’t seem butchy at all being that she’s the pursuer. I would believe that the pursuer in a lesbian type of situation, would be a butch. Well- as you said- it was inevitable.


  2. All these girls can do is keep each other away from cock temporarily as they find the right man. Eventually, 90%of the pretty ones end up with a man cuz that’s what they really need.
    If you’re threatened by women, step your game up nigga! U have just as much to fear from an effeminate chode taking your women lol and that’s probably half your customer base as a Master PUA n shit lmao!

    Don’t try to beat them, join them. Pair up with them and infiltrate the GLBT circle. Fuck femmes and bi chicks. Penetrate their world and their sweet sweet vulvas for man kind and for God sake stop the paranoid hating!!


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