Proof That Girls Suck Shit At Game + Kenny’s Low Tolerance For It

Contrary to popular belief: Women have no game!

Well, to be clear on this, we in pickup have always known this. But guys on the outside as to my knowledge, seem to think that women are proficient at game.

Men might not verbalize this, but our actions in passively expecting women to proactively chase us, is a testament to the belief that guys in general are expecting women to game them.

Chasing isn’t quite “Game”.

Having a girl chase you through text by trying to have a conversation, isn’t at all Game!

Likewise with a guy who chases women over text.

“Game” is obviously a subtle art.

“Chasing” in the common sense of the word, is a senseless art.


At times, I fall into these mental lapses where texting women becomes a huge annoyance for me.

I call this 1 of the few side effects of being good with women.

You will have reached a point where upon every text received from a girl, somewhat irritates you in a strange way.

Your tolerance level for trying to make something happen with a girl would have been at a lowered state.

The other day, this sexy girl whom I’d picked up a while ago, hit me up on Facebook as depicted in the screenshot below.


Evidently, my vibe was very dismissive.

However, that was an attempt at game from a woman’s point of view.


That was her game!

Not only her, but almost every girl, when left to fend for herself in such a text conversation, will present shitty game and end up crashing and burning within 3 to 4 texts.

Sure I wasn’t up for a text engagement. But I never told her to stop texting me.

This was her chance to game me up and to strike up an interesting chat with some interesting question of hers.

She bombed!

All she was able to produce was

“Hello Ken.


What’s up”?

Usually, as expected as the guy here, it would’ve been on me to make conversation and I would’ve been glad to do so…if it wasn’t for my jadedness as a result of this low-tolerance lapse that I’m presently experiencing…at least with this girl.

Now, make no mistakes about it: women suck at game because they weren’t designed to pursue men. So I’m definitely not expecting to be courted by any woman.

What I want to highlight apart from women having no game, is the desensitization of getting good with lots of women.

When you attain a certain plateau in game, the appeal of hot women will have lost a great amount of its savor.

It’s just like traveling.

If you’ve been to Hawaii quite a number of times, it loses its appeal than if it were the first time you been there.

On a related note: women can definitely sense when you’re high value, when you’ve been around the bloc and when you simply don’t have the time to entertain them.

The parting message here for you guys is to realize that it is always incumbent upon you to seduce the girl.

She won’t do it for you because she simply isn’t equipped that way in her evolutionary hardware.

This transcends all across the board.

Everything from logistics of a date to logistics of a pull, should be placed upon your shoulders as the man or else the plan won’t even leave the tarmac let alone take off.

A girl may very well like you. But to leave the gaming up to her, she will show her grave incompetence.

More Reasons Why You Should’nt Ask Girls Whether They’re Single Or Not

One of my favorite-nefarious pastimes as of late, is what I like to affectionately call: Exposing the Beta-Males.

You see, no matter how many times I scream and shout, rant and rave, preach and teach: guys still don’t get it.

What doesn’t guys get?

The fact that a girl doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether she’s single or taken. She having a boyfriend/man shouldn’t be of another guy’s concern if he’s looking to hook up with her.

Women get really annoyed whenever guys ask them their relationship status: single or taken?

The following screenshot depicts that annoyance from a female friend of mines on Facebook.

Image 1

On the surface, it seems to be an innocent and reasonable question a guy should ask a woman in whom he’s possibly interested.

However, that is just another case of guys using guy logics to try to interpret chic logics.

It just won’t work!

What seems normal and fair for a man, is likely to come off as weird, annoying and a turn off for a woman.

For a guy [and also logics would have it], it is reasonable to ask if a girl is single or taken.

For the girl on the receiving end of such a reasonable question: she interprets it as a matter of, “If you like me, why the hell would you care if I have a boyfriend or not”?

In a sense: women are right!

If you like a girl, why the hell should you care to even ask her if she has a boyfriend?

Why should the fact that she has a boyfriend deter you from proceeding to get to know her?

It shouldn’t!

Hence, that is the reason why girls will punish you by rejecting you once you begin to pry into her personal business of whom she’s fucking and whom she’s dating.

It is none of your business guys!

Women will fucking cheat!

I said that a gazillion times already.

Women with boyfriends will cheat on their boyfriends.

Then why ask?

Why continue to piss girls off by hitting them up online asking if they’re single!?

Take a look at my comment on the same status update.

Notice how the girl agrees with my take on such a matter?

Image 1

I can imagine all the Betas who might have hit the girl up about her relationship status, feeling all butt-hurt that I showed them up to the girl like clueless idiots. 😦 😦

At the end of the day: the girl will choose to hook up, not with the guy who genuinely cares to ask about her status, but the guy like myself who doesn’t give a shit about her status, therefore doesn’t ask.

The girl will volunteer than info on her own at some point during the chat.

You don’t have to fucking ask her!

Plus if you’d been following my writings, you would’ve accepted the reality on the ground which I’ve been preaching at nauseum: “All girls have boyfriends”!

Hence, to ask a sane and hot girl if she has a man, is akin to asking a physiologically normal girl if she has a vagina. 😯 😯


All normal and sane-minded girls have a boyfriend or 2 for that matter.

Asking her the obvious [especially over the internet], will have ticked her off royally.

You have to remember guys; you aren’t the only dude hitting up the girl asking the same lame-generic ass questions.

Twenty other Betas have asked her those same questions…that same day!

How much you think a girl can take before voicing it and putting you guys on the spot like school kids?

Wake the hell up!

I’m sick and tired of having to shame my fellow man as if he were a wet-behind-the-ears lad who hasn’t gotten a clue as to the female mindset.

Asking a girl if she has a boyfriend, does NOT show how considerate, upright, ethical and respectable you are.

It sub-communicates to the girl that you’re a coward, an evolutionary weakling, a dodo, someone who’s risk-adverse and a guy who just doesn’t get it.

Now, why would she sleep with you, given the fact that she sees you in such a terrible light?

Exactly- she won’t!

She will fuck a guy like Kenny who doesn’t ask questions, but wisely makes his pitch while banking on the sale being made in the end.

A woman in general, won’t respect a man who operates as though he cares about her best interest.

As vulgarly powerful as that declaration sounds; I’ve proven this hand over fist on a daily basis.

The more you care about a woman’s interest(s), your chances of sleeping with her will have diminished.

Trying to be that Mr. Respectable Guy who wants to know from the gate whether the girl is single ot taken [in essence, looking out for her interest], will actually backfire on you.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t ask the girl if she’s single.

Just that you shouldn’t do it as your opener/ice-breaker.

In other words, if there’s a girl online whom you fancy [on Facebook for instance], the worst possible approach to take in order to get to know her or to make something big happen, is to ask her if she’s single or taken as your initial message or your follow-up message.

Always allow the girl to divulge that information on her own volition.

Chances are, and this is from my experience: 99.9% of the time, she will come clean within the initial conversation to tell you that she has someone.

Therefore, you asking makes no sense at all.

Whenever I pick up a girl, be it online or through cold approach on the streets, the furthest question on my mind to ask her is her relationship or marital status.

I frankly DGAF!

If it’s the girl I want: I go after her.

I won’t be that foolish as to create unnecessary obstacles for myself such as asking about a possible boyfriend or husband, which will only cause the girl to feel slutty and as though she’s doing something wrong…like cheating on her significant other.

Allow the girl to make her own decisions!

On a final and related note, there also seems to be a great portion of men out there who stridently believe that they will win some sort of brownie points if they only appear to be considerate.

These guys are effectively conjoined with the so-called Nice Guys, who in reality, are actually the biggest-deceptive scumbags of Earth.

They only appear to care about integrity and principle. But present them a real chance to fuck a girl who has a boyfriend, and watch them hop, skip and tumble to get their peckers into that awaiting vagina.

Hence, so-called nice guys and the moral crowd who say stuff like, “I respect a girl’s relationship and I wouldn’t try to sleep with a girl who’s taken because it’s just wrong”, are more often than not, just saying so in order to win points in the ethics basket in hopes that some woman will find pity on him, thus rewarding him for his outstanding moral code…by sleeping with him of course.

Not only do women see through their deceptive game like sparkling marbles in a glass jar against a black backdrop, but girls often reward them with the friend-zone and platonic-relationship status. 🙂

How’s that as a reward for being a self-righteous prick?

I just want to leave you with a last bit of insight on female psychology.

Women rarely ever give consideration and credence to men with moral and ethical positions on dating, sex and relationship.

In other words; your upright outlook on such matters won’t at all sway a girl in your favor, rather the other way.
The reality is, dating isn’t a field for the feint of heart.

It isn’t a pleasant arena for those men who harbor such beliefs as, “Women are innocent and adorable creatures”.

Dating in the 21st Century is a cold-fucking world!

Women are slicksters beyond the average guy’s comprehension.

It isn’t that women have game.

They have tricks.

A huge difference between the 2.

Stay tuned for the next post where I shed some light on girls having shitty game and what you as the guy should do in light of that.

Cheers to the weekend!

These Pick-Up Prankish Type Videos On Youtube Are Very Misleading For Men

Picking up girls should not be a sprint!

I came across this video on Youtube a day or so ago that literally made my stomach churn.

Not to mentioned the video is entitled: “How to actually pick up girls”.

In part, I blame those fuckers at Simple Pickup for facilitating the grounds for guys like these to get the impression that picking up girls is all about the pick-up line.

Now you have clowns upon clowns coming out the woodworks with these prankish type of pickup videos showcasing the use of pick-up lines as a way to pick up girls…which always fails.

As I mentioned in a recent video of mines: “Pickup lines can very much work”!

It isn’t the lines that get the girl, but with what you back up the lines.

The thing that these pranksters don’t understand, included the average guy who may go out trying pick-up lines, is that a pick-up line works great as an opener in order to open the girl. But that’s it!

You cannot use the pick-up line as your green light to go for the phone-number close.

If you watch the video above, you will have seen this same mistake repeatedly committed by the guy in the video.

After he throws the pickup line which works great as an opener/ice-breaker by making the girl laugh, he foolishly transitions right into, “Can I have your number”?

With such an idiotic approach, it gives the impression to the girl [and the audience], that the pick-up line was what the guy was banking on as the reason why the girl should give up her phone number.

A pretty stupid reason to expect a girl to give her contact info.

This is why 9 in 10 times, all of these guys fail to get numbers.

The girl will flat-out say, “Nah”.

Just check it out yourself.

Watch any one of those pickup type prank videos on Youtube, and you’ll see that 9 in 10 times, the guys fail to get the girl’s number…almost all the time.

Hence, the epic and continuous fail of these clowns, give off the impression that pick-up lines can’t and won’t work because they fail them 98% of the time.

Pick-up lines are awesome: though we in the pick-up community frown upon the use and idea of using cheesy pick-up lines in order to pick up girls.

Nevertheless, it behooves me at the rate in which these youtubers fail yet it still never dawns onto them that they should change approach/strategy.

Make no mistakes about it: these guys watch PUA videos religiously which is where they get the idea of pickup from in the first place. So it isn’t as though they don’t have a workable format or information in which to utilize for success [the PUA’s approach].

Dammit though! You don’t need any more evidence than what is already seen from these guys to realize that they are full of shit and that such videos serve no purpose but to mislead men into thinking that pick-up lines used in the manner in which they use them, is a winning strategy.

All evidence point to the contrary.

Pick-up lines are great ice-breakers. But that’s as far as they go.

You must have something, i.e. a verbal gambit, in which to transition and build attraction.

That is the fundamental problem with those youtubers who put out so-called pick-up videos.

They go from opener/ice-breaker/pick-up line, straight to, “Can I have your phone number”?

Those idiots attempt to close within 5 seconds literally! 😆 😆 😆

On top of that, the manner in which they try to close by going for the phone number, is even more ridiculous in that they make a fundamental mistake that every guy in pickup is privy to: “Never ‘ASK’ a girl for her phone number. You tell her to give it to you”!

All youtubers and pranksters ask/beg for phone numbers.

Why is it a terrible idea to ask a girl for her number?

“Asking” signifies low value and permission seeking.

Someone who asks is almost always in a subservient position while the one being asked, is simultaneously placed in the position of authority.

This is why you never ask a girl for her phone number.

Furthermore, “Asking” denotes a lack of confidence and surety in oneself and frame.

A confident guy doesn’t ask.

Why should he?

He instructs and leads.

The way in which you go for a girl’s phone number is to do/say anything which doesn’t come off as though you’re asking for something.

Me: “Anyway Tracy, I gotta get back to my friends. Nice to meet you you little brat. Here! Take my phone and put your number in so we can set something up at a later date”.

That is 1 way in which you can go for a phone number.

Simply take your phone and put it in the girl’s hand and tell her to input her digits.

How much more confident does this method appear to be opposed to going :”So…can I have your phone number”?

Hence, in theory, these youtubers make 3 fundamental errors when trying to chat up girls.

1.) They rely solely on the pick-up line

2.) They ask/beg for the phone number

3.) Their conversations are way too short and basically nonexistent

When picking up a random stranger off of cold approach, or anywhere else for that matter, you have to give her a reason to want to keep in touch with you [nonverbal reason that is].

If you open a girl with a classic pickup line then within 5 seconds beg for her phone number, what incentive does this girl has in sharing that info with you?

Why would she?

What have you given her that would make her desirous of keeping in touch?

Absolutely nothing!




La shay [for those who speak Arabic]!

This is why 98% of the times, youtubers fail to get numbers.

In the rare event that a girl does cough up her phone number [and this may happen from time to time because lots of girls don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they give their #], it will have been a fake #.

If she does give her real #, she won’t answer when you call.

Hypothetically, let’s say that you actually get 1000 numbers from going from pickup line directly into phone number. Nine hundred and ninety-nine of those 1000 phone numbers secured, would have been for naught.

In other words, you would’ve gotten 1000 phone numbers with only 1 of those who would actually talk to you by answering her phone.

Since the world doesn’t quite work in hypothesis, going out using pickup lines straight into begging for phone numbers, you will fail almost all the time.

The girl will say “No, you cannot have my number”.

As I said before, you have to give the girl a reason to want to stay in touch.

A handsome-physical appearance isn’t enough!

This is why you need conversation/dialogue before going for the girl’s contact information.

The faster you go for the girl’s phone number, the greater the chance that she will deny you it.

Hence, the longer you wait to go for the phone number, the greater the chances that you’ll actually get it.

The girl now has a valid reason to want to keep in touch after you would’ve chatted her up for 15 + minutes.

The longer the conversation goes, the more the girl gets to know a bit about you.

She gets to sense whether you have a personality, humor or if there’s any chemistry between the 2 of you.

Furthermore, she gets to see whether you’re some wacky lunatic of whom she should be avoid like the plague.

If your conversations are only lasting 20 seconds on average: how the fuck will the girl decide which side of the fence you are on: whether you’re a crazy loner or a cool guy she’d like to fuck someday?

With this lack of information, she will always decline to giving you the number.

If she does give you the # within 10-20 seconds, you can count on it that it will have been a fake #. If it were real, she will screen your calls to death until you get the point that she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Why Do Guys Rush For Phone Numbers?

On a final note, I recall the days of my newbie years in pickup: it was a fight to see how fast I can get a phone number.

Why was this?

The quicker I can get the number and get the heck out of there: the better off I would be…so we all thought.

This is the mindset of every guy who rushes for a phone number.

He’s in effect trying to get in there and get out as fast as possible before shit fucks up.

Well- I’m here to tell you the not-so-obvious: this is the wrong damn approach.

It not only speaks to your lack of confidence and competent, but it denotes your inability to verbally connect with a girl.

These are the main reasons why guys in general, and those youtubers and pranksters, rush for the girl’s phone number:

1.) They want to minimize any possibility of anything going wrong

2.) They aren’t sure of themselves

3.) They have no verbal game, hence they must get in and out fast before it leads to a conversation which they [the guys] cannot handle

At the core of it all, it is a ‘Lacking’ why guys go from opener/ice-breaker to phone number within 20 seconds.

In the grand scheme of things, youtubers who put out shitty content, are misleading guys into having the wrong idea of what picking up girls is.

To their credit, they aren’t the only ones who propagate this.

The average Joe on the street who may have the balls to approach women [be it so-called ‘Naturals’], also make those fundamental mistakes.

Ask the average guy on the street: “What advice can you give me in how and when I should get a girl’s #”?

He will say something among the lines of:

“Just step to the girl, introduce yourself, get her name then ask for her phone number”.

That’s it!

That takes no more than 10 seconds to execute in theory and reality.

Hence, the average guy on the street is also deluded about how to pick up girls.

No amount of meaningful dialogue and connection is even given consideration: Just in and out with lightning speed!

This sort of game doesn’t fucking work! And you don’t need me to tell you that.

Online: the same is the case.

Guys rush for phone numbers even as their openers/ice-breakers.

I see this shit all the time on Facebook! 😯

Some clown in the comment section would say to the girl on her status:

“Hey sexy lady. Can I get your number”?

The girl will of course flat-out say “Hell No”!

Therefore, this quick-lightning approach to getting girls numbers isn’t some rare occurrence.

It is actually the standardized approach yet the wrong approach.

If you want a solid phone number which leads somewhere: you must prolong the fucking interaction.

In the event that logistics don’t permit- the girl really has to go in a hurry because her bus is near- then and only then should you close fast by getting a quick number.

In such a case, it is even a 20% chance that the girl will be into you. But due to logistical constraints; you had to go for the quick number though your chances of getting the girl will have only been a dismal 20%.

As a last bit of advice, don’t watch these pickup videos online of pranksters and youtubers using pickup lines, and think to yourself for a minute that thus is the way to approach women.

You must have dialogue to back up the pick-up line or else you will fail.

The videos you should be watching are those of PUA’s such as my Vietnamese buddies out of Maryland, Phu and Cong of the Black Sheep Society.

Those guys are just 1 out of many dozens of solid pick-up/seduction outfits on the internet…myself included of course. 😉

Quit watching Simple Pickup shit and other channels of the likes!

Those dudes are clowns.

During my browsing, I came across a channel of a Mexican American PUA based on the West Coast, USA.

His game is rock solid also.


Getting A Girl To Your Place Through Text

Ok guys, some super-advanced game which goes contrary to some staples in pickup.

Getting a girl to come to your place without having been on a date or anything of that nature, is not a walk in the park.

Furthermore, getting a girl to commit through text and to actually follow through, is also not an easy task.

It is for this reason why in pickup, it is advised that you try to set up the so-called date through the phone or face-to-face only, and not through text messaging.

That is sound advice without a doubt.

However, you can always take a shot in getting a girl to come to your place through text.

Before I proceed, let me make this clear about the dynamics here. I am not specifically referring to girls whom you would’ve already been well acquainted with, already slept with, already dated, etc.

I am highlighting prospects whom you never slept with, never dated, never been out with, possibly never met in person [such as girls met online] and girls whom you don’t know personally.

It isn’t outside the realm of possibility to get a girl to come to your place if she were someone whom you fucked on a prior occasion, or someone who has already been to your apartment/abode…though it would’ve still been challenging to a degree.

This article will highlight and break down and some strategic prerequisites in facilitating the path to getting the girl to commit to coming by your pad.

CaptureNux 2015-02-23 19.42.33

CaptureNux 2015-02-23 19.43.03

Ok, for starters, let’s tackle the negative aspects: why doesn’t a girl usually jump on the idea of going to a guy’s place…especially if she doesn’t know him well?

What does she has to worry about?

Quite naturally: it’s a huge safety risk.

She can get raped, held captive and hacked to death [interestingly enough: women rarely ever logically take this into account].

Hence, there are great reasons for trepidation.

She has good reasons to not come to your place.

Over the phone or face-to-face, it is a tad bit easier to get a girl to say “yes” to stopping by your place.

Saying “yes” to your proposal isn’t the problem.

Having the girl actually follow through will be the tricky part.

Chances are: she won’t follow through.

However, in person or over the telephone, since there’s more social pressure upon the girl, she is likely to respond positively to coming by…though she will likely flake and not show up when the time comes.

Ok, so the thing is, after you will have picked the girl up, whether online, on the streets or wherever [and by “pickup”, I mean securing a phone number, Facebook contact, etc], you can now move to the next step of trying to get the girl to your place.

However, I have to warn you that attempting to get a girl over to your place by text, has it’s limitations and reaches.

This is not going to work with a girl who had previously rejected you, friend-zoned you and so forth.

Hence, it is best to operate from scratch with girls whom you’d just picked up.

Other exceptions are girls whom you might have picked up a while back, still have their phone numbers, but never really connected with by contacting them.

Be as it may, you want to start with a fresh girl, fresh set and fresh slate.

For instance, the chat log below is from a girl whom I’d picked up days ago [1 of about 2 dozen women].

Everything was fresh in that we recently met days ago.

Your chances of getting a stranger to come to your place is greater than getting someone whom you’re already acquainted with to come by.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive as fuck, given the fact that I mentioned safety issues as a reason for trepidation.

Anyway, so as you can see from the Whatsapp texts below [my texts in white], I was able to get this stranger whom I’d picked up days ago, to agree to come to my apartment and to actually follow through: by text.

CaptureNux 2015-02-23 19.42.33

CaptureNux 2015-02-23 19.43.03

Therefore, you don’t have to known the girl for a lifetime (or at all) in order to get her to your pad.

As I said previously: it is much easier to get a girl to come over whom you don’t really know, than one who already knows you.

Read this article of mines: Familiarity kills attraction.

Be as it may, before attempting to pitch the idea of she coming to your place, standard pickup game still applies!

This isn’t a shortcut of any sort.

You still have to have text-game skills and the ability to attract a girl through text (though this is limited) in order to even think about convincing her to stop by your place.

If you don’t know the basics of text-game and how to get a girl invested and engaged via text, then you may want to check out the following posts of mines.

Hook Theory

Dos and donts of text game

Ok, after you would have built some sort of connection with the girl by text through normal text game whereas the girl is engaging, texts back and so forth, this is the framework that you actually want.

I repeat: the girl has to be responsive and engaging or else you have no shot in hell in getting her to commit to going by you.

You don’t want to actually make your suggestion on the 1st day of course.

I find that it is ideal to throw the pitch on the 3rd day of texting.

By no means does this mean to be engaged in texting back and forth for 3 whole days with this 1 girl.

I mean intermittently for the 3 days: a text here and there. A few minutes of texting over the course of 3 days will suffice in setting the stage…providing you’re doing it right [text game].

You don’t necessarily need to try to build rapport/comfort through text in order to get the girl to come by your place.

You just need to appear cool enough, sane enough, fun enough, funny enough, high value enough and non-needy.

This can all be achieved within 15 text messages or less…over the course of 3 or so days as I routinely do.

Ok, so the dialogue of your text messages doesn’t matter.

Just as long as you’re not talking to the girl about friend-zone shit or subjects that’ll land you in the dreaded friend-zone.

After you would’ve done enough to significantly get the girl invested, you can then get ready to make the proposal for her to come by your place.

How do you know if and when the girl is invested and engaged?

When she texts you first out of the blue with the customary:




That is all the indication you need to know whether a girl likes you or not and is invested: a simple 1-worder greeting via text.

You see the thing is: chicks have no fucking game!

Women are the absolute worst at game!

If you leave it up to a girl to seduce a guy over text, she will almost always fuck it up.

I’ll speak to this in a future article.

Ok, so once the girl initiates the texting, you now have all the leverage and grounds to suggest that she comes over to your pad.

How do you get a girl to initiate the texting?

If you had done everything right in the text-game department: building curiosity loops, etc, she will text you first…and bright and early in the morning too.

Now, it isn’t that you must have the girl text first in order to make your pitch.

However, getting her to initiate the texting is akin to having a 50 yard head-start advantage in a 100 yard race: it cannot hurt your chances to win but only improve them.

Ok, so on the 3rd day, after I noticed that this chick was totally into me, she had initiated the texting a day prior and so forth, I went on ahead to tell her that we should meet up.

“We” is very crucial here.

You always want to phrase the rendezvous as “We” and not “I”.

“I” and “Me” makes you seem somewhat try-hard and selfish.

Hence, instead of saying (through text): “I want to see you”. You want to say instead, “We should see each other”.

Always replace your “I’s and Me’s” with “We’s, Us and Ours”.

It gets rid of the ulterior-motive factor whenever someone mentions “I, I, I”: “I want, I need, I think”.

By making it “Us”, it shows the girl that you’re at least factoring in her.

Now, when I texted the girl saying, “we should meet up”.

Her reply was, “Ok, where”?

Sorry I don’t have the actual text log from whatsapp to support this.

When she asked “where”? This is where, when and how most guys go wrong in suggesting a date rather than the girl to come over.

The reality is, if the girl declines to come over on your offer, you can always fall back on a Plan B in suggesting a so-call date instead.

However, you can’t go from a date proposal, she refuses, to then try to get her to commit to coming to your place.

That is ass-backwards!

If she declines to go out for a cup of coffee with you, why the hell in the world would she accept going to your house?

She won’t!

Therefore, you want to shoot super high firstly, then work your way down with the less riskier option.

If she declines to come to your place, you can always suggest a date which she is likely to agree to since the risk and safety factors aren’t that grave.

Be as it may, she asks “where (should we meet up)”?

I asked her if she knew the directions to my area and apartments.

CaptureNux 2015-02-23 19.42.33

I didn’t say “let’s meet at my place” at that point.

I slowly insinuated it by trying to see if she was familiar with my area in other words.

Doing so had planted the subtle seed in her mind that I meant for her to come by my apartment without me having to actually spell it out.

As a guideline for you, that is how you want to initiate it: by asking her if she knows where you live, how to get there and so forth.

The girl will have known the deal.

She isn’t stupid.

She knows that you want her at your place. But she also knows that due to societal judgment of women as whores, she has to be spoon-fed certain details and suggestions.

Anyway, she didn’t quite know the apartments in seaside [where I live part time], so this is where I told her that I would guide her…as in give her directions for her to get here.

CaptureNux 2015-02-27 00.25.38

Now, I broke 1 of the cardinal sins of seduction by giving her a choice in the matter by putting a bit of responsibility on her…which could’ve backfired on me and resulted in buyer’s remorse and an unintended activation of her ASD [Anti-Slut Defense].

However, as a pick-up veteran, I am allowed to get away with breaking rules that newbies would’ve otherwise gotten fucked in attempting to do.

Ok, so what am I actually talking about here?

You never want to leave the decision-making up to the girl when it comes to logistical matters of a meet-up: such a date, time, place, venue, etc.

However, I made that mistake as you’ll see in the screenshot below [by essentially asking what time was good for her].

CaptureNux 2015-02-26 23.42.35

As a rule of thumb: don’t ask her what time is best for her.

You set the time and date and get her to commit to it.

If she can’t make that time/hour, suggest another time/hour without actually asking her as I did.

As for time and timing: Always set up the meet-up to your place the same day or the next.

Never set things up on Monday for Wednesday.

The girl will not fucking remember…or she’ll pretend to forget.

Not only that, but as time goes by (hours and days), this leaves enough mental space for something to go wrong as in the girl having second thoughts after lying in bed and reflecting on her day.

You want to leave no room for her to backward rationalize why she should not go to your place.

This can only be achieved by making the plans for that same day.

Make the plans/suggestion at 12 PM for 6-8 PM…if you get what I mean.

If the girl is free in the AM’s and you are always: make the plans/suggestion at 8PM for 10-11 AM the next day.

Rapid planning leaves less time for the girl to come up with excuses.

That’s pretty much it guys.

It’s all about building attracting, getting the girl invested to chase you, then using that to your advantage by suggesting she come to your place without having to actually say it but to find out if she’s familiar with your area.

Remember: you don’t always have to settle for going on lame-traditional dates!

The reason you always felt that you had to go the traditional date-first route, is because you never actually tried the “come to my house” first strategy as I’d shared with you.

You’ll be amazed at how many girls are open to stopping by your place without going through the usual crap of dinner, date and movie for 3 months on end.

Just as much as you’d like to cut to the chase: women will like the same also.

If you do encounter resistance upon suggesting she stop by your pad- resistance in the form of “why do you want me to come by you”- always keep it simple and be smart in that you don’t say to her, “Come by so we can fuck”. Instead, “Come by so we can check out this movie”. Or, “Come by and help me cook”.

If you encounter further resistance to that: call it off for another day or 2!

If all fail, you are always at liberty to going the traditional route of a so-called date or something of that sort.


How I Deal With Non-Responsive Girls On Online-Dating Sites [A Pickup]

Every so often, I come across a tough cookie online who gives me massive shit when trying to pick her up.

Such girls are usually the non-responsive types.

My answer to girls like those is to give them shit in return or to act like a dick in order to arouse some sort of dialogue.

There’s a phrased coined by Todd Valentine of RSD which I’m enamored with: “If everything fails: try anything”!

Very powerful concept and it is ingenious.

If a girl isn’t responding to your messages, you have nothing to lose by being somewhat dickish.

Not every girl will respond positively or respond at all.

When a pickup goes smooth, it is a great feeling.

When it goes bad, starts bad or doesn’t go at all, most guys fold, submit and bow out gracefully.

I believe in burning the boat down when there’s nothing to lose…and with courting women, there’s hardly ever anything to lose.

Don’t get me wrong in thinking that I’m advocating chasing, desperation or being needy.

Furthermore, girls who purposely don’t respond to messages online, are usually the bitchy types who are accustomed to giving guys the stiff-arm treatment like a Running-Back in American Football.

It is no secret that the customary bland and meek approach by nice guys, doesn’t work at all with girls who come off as bitchy and are non-responsive.

This post is geared towards highlighting an important element that should be part of your overall strategy to getting women: Willingness to risk it.

Willingness to risk a set by getting a bit rude, pushy and impatient, is the opposite of playing it extremely safe by adhering to all unspoken-social rules.

Playing it safe won’t work on girls who get hit on all the time and have very low tolerance for low stimuli.

In order to get the attention of a girl who’s being non-responsive, You have to show up on her radar in a strong way by being somewhat of a dick yourself.
You can’t fight fire with pebbles…if you want a decent analogy to grasp my point here.

The reality is, there are lots of girls online who simply won’t entertain your messages if those messages fail to arouse them to action.

At the end of the day, you may not have gotten the girl’s #, but the “try anything when all fail” approach, will have been cemented into your pickup repertoire for future reference.

About 2 weeks ago, I had this exchange with a girl I was trying to pick up on Tagged.

The break down is pretty simple: I messaged her but she never replied after about a week had elapsed.

I totally forgot that I even messaged this chick until I happened to browse my sent messages box and seen that I’d messaged her.

That sparked my subsequent responses in order to force her to reply.

[My messages in the white background, hers in light blue]

My intent was clear: which was to get her to meet up with me in the city.

She wasn’t down [yet], so I decided to push the issue some more.

I repeat: by no means am I advocating that you chase, become genuinely needy and act all desperate with reckless abandonment.

A girl is smart enough to sense when a guy’s messages come from a place of neediness, desperation or playful poking.

This chick knew I wasn’t desperate and needy, though my texts to the normal eye, would appear as though I’m being a needy-AFC Beta.

In fact, my game was so subtly ‘ON’ that she ends up saying that she wasn’t desperate…which is indicative of the fact that she knew I wasn’t desperate [though it’d appear so to most guys]. And it was also a testament to the fact that I presented myself as higher value.

Very stealthy stuff guys.

At the end of the day, we did exchange numbers as seen in the screenshots. So it’s just up to me to now work the angles towards meeting up with her, perhaps at the designated fish and veggie market on Saturday.

In a nutshell, the lesson I want you to take away from this post is pretty simple: When all fail: try something else in order to get a response instead of moving on without first exhausting every possible angle.

The James Bond cool approach doesn’t work with every girl!

There are scores of girls out there in the online-dating sphere, who only respond when they’re tested, pushed, called out and roughed up.

Read: I’ll fuck her or she’ll hate me: go hard or go home

As I said previously, you may not get the girl ultimately, but you will have learned some valuable lessons in female-behavioral psychology, and how when misjudged, one is almost always forced to defend him or herself in order to clear up any misconception about him or herself.

Always be a bit creative and think outside the box.

“Confusion” is actually an art also, and a good way in attracting a girl and getting her to engage in dialogue online.

As you’d seen from the screenshot: I took this girl left to right, East, West, gave an indirect compliment while negging her, accused her of being a grumpy chick [another neg], got her #, gave her mines, showed her interest, showed her disinterest, got her engaged in conversation, negged her again by calling her “fish lady”, essentially showing her that I don’t play by the rules, and just because she’s has big boobs and a cute face; doesn’t mean I’m going to kiss her ass.

The art of “Confusion” in a seduction!

Once you communicate to a girl online that you have nothing to lose and that you aren’t afraid to offend her, such an attitude flips a switch inside of her head from “totally not-interested” to “possibly interested”.

With non-responsive girls, you have to show them that you aren’t afraid to risk the entire fucking pickup by being somewhat of a dick.

It isn’t that you remain a dick neither. After you manage to pick up the girl [if you do], you can go revert back to the James Bond cool vibe in order to build more attraction later on.

Likewise with this girl.

I had to fuck with her head a bit in order to get a dialogue to materialize.

Now that it was achieved, as I transitioned to Whatsapp Messenger in order to text her, my dickish attitude had subsided and it was straight to seduction business as usual.

However, I first had to establish the indelible vibe that I’m willing to risk it all by eliciting shit tests from the girl.

Anyway guys, I’ll keep you posted as this chick and I have been hitting it off ever since.

On that note, I’ll leave you with an interesting video from Todd Valentine on drawing women in by provoking them.

Not Every Guy Is Built For Pickup

The Case-Study Of A Hard-Case Newbie.

There’s absolutely no pleasure to be derived from the failure of someone under your tutelage.

If and when a student of mines fails to get good with women in general, or fails miserably in an attempt to get a particular girl; I take that shit personally.

His failure means my failure as a coach.

Without a doubt I’m a great coach at this delicate art. So I go the extra mile to ensure that my fail-to-success rate is kept as low as humanly possible just to maintain my solid reputation and standing in this community of pickup.

Hence, there’s no room for failure when a guy seeks my paid assistance in getting this part of his life managed.

However, failure is like baning an HB5 as a PUA who’s accustomed to sleeping with stunners: it is inevitable and will happen from time to time. 😉

What irks me the most, are cases where guys under my tutelage fail to get off the ground (let alone succeed), not because of poor information imparted on my part, but limiting beliefs and stubbornness on their part.

About 2 months ago, a guy from the United Kingdom signed up for my exclusive-coaching package, which consisted of Skype and phone coaching, Whatsapp text-game tutoring and live-video sessions.

Being unfamiliar with the pick-up scene just as most guys who take my programs, I advised that we start from bare scratch:

*What is attraction

*How attraction works

*How to attract women

*Inner Game tweaks

Guys who seek the guidance of a pick-up instructor, customarily come in with their specific problems and want to jump right in there while neglecting the fundamentals and the root causes of their perpetual failure.

This guy wanted to know how he could go about getting a date with a girl whom he’s been salivating over for the past months.

He wanted the right lines and right words.

Nothing else mattered to him.

This is the hard-case newbie syndrome which I’ll touch on shortly.

Now, what I told him was this:

“Dude, even if I give you the so-called perfect lines, perfect dialogue and the perfect words, you will still fail to get the girl! You must first learn the fundamentals of attraction and pickup and what attracts women”.

The fundamentals never sound sexy, which is why guys neglect them and want to jump full-steam ahead into the sexier aspects of pickup.

It is akin to the kid who walks into the boxing gym for the first time in order to learn the fight game.

Though the trainer repeatedly urges him that he needs to first learn the basics and fundamentals: how to assume proper stance, how to jump-rope, how to make a fist, calisthenics training, etc. the kid insists on skipping the boring details of fundamentals while electing to go bombs away on the punching-bag like the professional boxers do.

He then learns quickly as he spars for the first time and gets the shit beat out of him, how crucial the boring fundamentals such as doing pushups and sit-ups are, in becoming a sound boxer.

In pickup, hard-case newbies tend to operate the same way: neglect the basics for the advanced aspects of the game.

As a great lesson, I allowed my pupil in question to lead and take the approach he feels best.

Me: “Ok cool. You don’t care much for basics. Tell me what you want and we’ll go with that”.

Student: “Ok cool. There’s this girl in my church who likes me for some months now but I don’t know how to approach the situation. She gave me her number a while ago but I never called or texted”.

Me: “Ok. Then what is the approach you want to take since fundamentals aren’t what you want to begin with”?

Student: “I want the perfect lines to text her”.

Me: “Ok cool”.

I gave him the “perfect lines” to use as his first text, included some other “perfect lines” to attract this girl and to hopefully get her on a date.

I encouraged him to whatsapp the girl with the “perfect lines” I gave him.

Girl responds.

I gave him some more “perfect lines” which got the girl to respond further.

Student: “Ok Kenny. Thanks for the help. It is working! She’s replying”!

Me: “Cool. Sure you don’t want to learn anything else”?

Student: “Nah I’m good. I just wanted to learn how to text the perfect lines to get the girl to reply and get her on a date”.

Though this was supposed to be a week-long program in which he’d already paid for, he insisted on cutting it short by the 2nd. day as he was able to get his hands on the “perfect lines”.

Student: “Thanks for your service Kenny”!

By the next day, I get an e-mail from the same guy:

“Hi Kenny, the girl no longer texts me back. I sent her 10 messages and no replies. Please help. What is happening here”?

I couldn’t help but chuckle and SMH at the hard-case newbie syndrome at play.

What he never understood was that it isn’t about the “perfect lines”.

Having the so-called “perfect lines” while neglecting the fundamentals of what makes women tick, is a disaster waiting to happen real fucking fast!

At times, you have to make guys crash and burn in order to learn that they must get back to basics before trying to run when they can’t even crawl properly yet.

However, this guy wasn’t convinced that the lack of fundamentals was the cause of his failure.

“It must have been the girl’s fault and her stink attitude why she’s not responding to my texts and don’t want to go out”!

With that, I made him a proposition.

Me: “Ok cool. The girl is the problem. She’s a stuck-up bitch. You know what, let me get her phone number in order to contact her over Whatsapp and game her up and let’s see what happens. I promise I won’t tell her that you gave me the #. This is just for experimental purposes”.

Student: “Sure! Here’s the # ******”…

Now, the key here was that I was going to show this newbie that the girl wasn’t the problem, but he was.

His lack of knowledge of the basics of attraction and text-game, were the issues.

I contacted the girl on Whatsapp by pretending as though I contacted the wrong girl by mistake.

I then proceeded to game her up.

With 2 days of strategic texting without the so-called perfect lines, I had the girl ready and committed to meeting up with me…though that would’ve been impossible since she’s all the way in England…but the point was made nevertheless.

I took screenshots of the entire interaction from start to finish and sent them to the guy.

He was shocked and somewhat let down that I was able to get the same girl to chase me and commit to a date, while he had her ignore him within the first few hours of texting.

What was the underlying difference in me getting the girl and he failing to do so?


It isn’t just about the lines but everything else to support them.

A fundamental rule such as “Don’t over-text or else you’ll chase the girl away”, is often ignored by newbies in search of the “perfect lines”.

A basic rule like “Don’t ask her any (or many) questions over text”, is also ignored by newbies as they go on a rampage by asking a million questions, thinking that doing so will somehow get the girl interested.

Other fundamental insights such as: “Learn how to get a girl invested and interested by building curiosity loops”, are often ignored because they don’t spell “How to get the girl in bed instantly”.

What such guys fail to realize is that the fundamentals and basics are what will get the girl in bed instantly, and not the “perfect words”.

Having the understanding of what makes girls tick is an unsung piece of insight that far outweighs that of the “perfect line” approach.

Whenever my pupils see me in action, be it on video or real-time text-game examples, they are always amazed at how easily I’m able to get the girl chasing and wanting to meet up.

However, they’re not seeing the underlying theme nor the sub-communications of why it works.

They’re only focused on the words/texts and the lines.

I then have to always remind them that it is the things which are unseen that are the most crucial in a successful pickup:




*Not asking questions

*Asking questions without appearing to ask questions

*Tension and curiosity loops


The list goes on!

Proper text-game includes all of the above elements and some.

Not Every Guy Is Built For Pickup

The quick-fix mentality and approach is the root cause of why most guys who seek advice in pickup, will fail.

With the same guy in question, he wanted a quick fix to his girl problems.

I can understand. We all want the fastest approach in life to every thing.

With women and dating however, quick fixes don’t exist!

A quick fix approach will lead to a quick failure.

This guy wanted a quick-fix approach so I shared with him some awesome lines that I regularly use on most women over text.

Upon failure, he realized that having skipped all the basics for the grandiose approach, wasn’t the wisest route after all.

After a bit of encouragement and free sessions, he decided to call it quits…without actually voicing it to me.

I call this the sore-loser spoiled-brat syndrome that most newbies are attached to.

If they can’t get the girl they want RIGHT NOW: then to hell with everything and everyone else!

Guys throw in the towel because of failure with 1 particular girl.

That is fucking insane!

What a way to grant 1 girl such powers over your love life.

Isn’t it absurd?

At the end of the day: not every guy who seeks tutoring in pickup is built for pickup.

Unfortunately, many of us who coach in this genre, get a bad rap as scammers, when in reality, it is a case of hard-case newbie’s unwillingness to get back to basics first, then work their way towards the more advanced stuff later on.

If a pick-up instructor is unable to deliver the quick fix: he must be a scam-artist!

Hence the existence of forums such as Slut Hate formerly PUA-Hate, which is notorious for branding every PUA instructor as a shady con-artist.

All in all, the sum total of failures of students in pickup, boils down to misconceptions.

“Coming onto a girl is pervasive and creepy”!

“Trying to sex is sleazy”!

“I don’t think girls like guys who approach this sort of way”!

I get tons of excuses as the examples above from guys who seek my tutelage.

The guys who do surpass and become good and eventually get the girl [or get girls], are the ones who let go of the misconceptions.

20 Ways Most Guys Tool Themselves Out On Facebook [screenshot edition]

After seeing all of the ridiculous shenanigans perpetrated by men on Facebook, I came up with a brilliant idea for a series of blog posts: “20 ways most guys tool themselves out on Facebook“.

In the grand scheme of things, there is a bigger picture, and that is to keep you guys from committing the same mistakes which almost always lead women to shutting you down over Facebook.

Now, here’s a screenshot I’d taken from a female friend of mines who posted the status below to her Facebook.


As someone who hates with a passion whenever people adds me to Facebook groups: I felt this chicks pain.

Now check out how this guy name Keith tools himself out by making a ridiculous comment in trying to get the girl to engage him…but got shut down with a simple 1-worder: “No”.



That was short, sweet and to the point.

What a way to get flat-out rejected.

Now, why did she reject him so hard?

Firstly: his comment was ridiculous as an attempt at humor.

Humor is great, but calibration [timing] and social intelligence as we teach is pickup, are even greater in getting a good response.

Secondly, this tool/fool made his comment with a sexual innuendo.

Once again: sexual innuendos are great. However, if you don’t utilize social intelligence, it will come off as sleazy and creepy.

Third mistake in this guy’s Keith comment was the fact that he added a “?” mark to his comment.

If you’re familiar with my posting on text game and texting women, you would’ve been familiar with my insistence on No question marks when asking questions!

The thing is, whenever you put a “?” mark at the end of your comments/questions, it lowers your value inadvertently.

It sub-communicates that you’re expecting/awaiting a reply.

One of the biggest ways to annoy women over text, is to give them the impression that you’re expecting them to reply.

By adding question marks at the end of your questions in texts, it also adds an element of neediness and subtle desperation to your messages.

That is why whenever I text women, I almost never add question marks when I ask them something because I know doing so, will almost always put the girl in the position of power while reducing my power.

The ball gets shoved into her court.

By not adding question marks, it gives the recipient [the girl] the subtle impression that you don’t care whether she replies or not.

Furthermore, you don’t care if she misconstrues your message in not knowing whether your asking something or making a statement.

The beauty is though: people are smart enough to know when you’re asking a question opposed to making a statement.

Overall, this guy tools himself out by trying to be Slick Willy, and instead got rejected hard.

Is he the only guy making such silly mistakes at trying to win girls over with shitty humor cloaked in sexual innuendos?

Of course not.

Most guy’s game is the same. And I do nothing but laugh and tool them out also.

By being the only “different” guy out of the crowd who isn’t kissing ass and trying slick his way into conversation, girls will reward you by chasing you while shutting down the tools.

Don’t be the tool…or fool!

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