Get Skype Coaching With Kenny [Program Revamped]

Back by popular demand is my Skype training and consultation program.

A former in-person student of mines from some years ago, had recently run into a sticky situation with a girl whom he’s met after being under my tutelage.

Though we never had consultations through my Skype program. I felt that it was good reasoning to re-launch the program which had went dormant due to my busy schedule in other areas of pickup and seduction.

Just as my revolutionary-coaching program through Whatsapp Messenger, my phone program [via Skype] serves the same purpose, which is to either:

1.) Offer advice and training related to pickup, seduction and socialization in and one-on-one setting

2.) Troubleshoot your dating and courtship issues with women in general, or a particular girl

For some of us, my Whatsapp program [via text] isn’t suitable due to time constraints.

Getting your questions, queries and situation remedied through the phone [at least through Skype], is best suited for those who a quicker and real-time approach to their sticking-points.

Sounds interesting?

Check out the product page by clicking the image link below.


How Rare Is It That Girls Get Approached, Stopped And Picked Up On The Streets?

To answer the question; very rarely do women ever get approached.

I like infield pickup videos like these because they hammer home that point, that guys aren’t approaching women anywhere, anyhow.

In the video below, also from Robbie Kramer, the pickup veteran, after he picks up 1 of the 2 girls, the Blondie exclaims, “you’re bold- you’re bold”!

Another testament to the fact that women are RARELY ever approached on the streets or anywhere for that matter!

Once you begin to cold approach women, you’ll have an unfair advantage on the competition.