“Get Laid From POF- The 2nd Edition” Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method

“Get Laid From POF: Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method [Second Edition]”

A while back, I had a buddy ask me in raw fashion: “What is your single best-kept secret to fucking all those girls from POF”? 😯

Haven’t ever been asked such a pertinent question, I had to dig deep to provide the magic answer which would rationalize my best-kept secret as to how and why I manage to get so much hot poon from Plenty of Fish.

“Well…what is it Kenny”?

My greatest and best-kept secret to pulling 3 new ass per week from POF is:

Paying Attention To Subtle Details Within The Girl’s Profile

“HUH!? It can’t be that simple”!?

It actually is buddy!

Truth is: there are subtle indications and tell-tale signs which give away the girls who are only looking to get laid with no strings attached!

Due to social constraints, a woman, whether on POF, Facebook or the nightclub, will NOT, and CANNOT directly state her purpose and intent as to why she is where she is [i.e. browsing online-dating sites].

She has to cloak her sexual aims within a facade of sexual piety, humility and prudism.

It is your job as the man, to weed her the fuck out!

This is where Kenny comes to your aid with his brand-new updated POF method [in .PDF format], which is essentially your wingman to getting hot girls off of cyberspace and into your bed!

If this sounds like the usual pie-in-the-sky marketing bull: then you really haven’t been following my pick-up method!

I am not here to blow my own trumpet, but allow me to cite 3-raw pieces of information from the period where I was most actively seducing women on Plenty Of Fish.

   ♦ I was sleeping with 3 new girls per week. So much so that 2009 was a record-shattering year, where I’d slept with so many women, that I deemed myself sexually maxed-out and just couldn’t keep up with such a treacherous pace of shagging.

   ♦ I was collecting and exchanging upwards of 15 phone numbers on a weekly basis. So much so that I literally had to ditch my SIM card and change my phone number because of the influx of phone calls I was steadily getting [sleepless nights to say the least].

   ♦ I had only been active on POF for 2 weeks, before hooking up with 4 new girls. Additionally, I had never experienced a dry spell where I didn’t manage to pick up a few new girls per week.

Now, how does this information relates to you?

How does Kenny’s POF prowess address and solve your girl problems by getting girls off of POF and into the sack with you?

Firstly, since I was able to have those killer results on a consistent basis, why the hell shouldn’t you!?

Why you aren’t currently having such results, is partially due to your utilization of the WRONG approach. Not your looks, not your body type, not your height, not your receding hairline– but the wrong approach overall!

Additionally, your profile likely needs tweaking.

Your profile’s “about me” section [including the photos you decide to use], is likely killing your chances of easy sex by turning women off…unbeknownst to you.

I repeat: the “about me” section alone will kill you!

My method addresses the super-simple alterations and tweaks you can make within 5 seconds through the edit button.

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time

Ok, ‘TIME’ is of the essence, and I empathize with each one of my subscribers and their issue with time implementation [since I’ve been there]:

“How long will it take before I begin to see real results…meaning women on dates and in my bed”?

I don’t believe in quick-fix methods at all, because 99.9% of them are scammy!

However, my POF Dating Method is a true fucking Quick Fix!

How and why so?

For starters, this manual is NOT LENGTHY, in comparison to the usual fluff and bluff guide which is designed to sap your money without the honey to show for it!

This guide [the 2nd edition] is only 40 pages long [I should really say “short”].

In the interest of ‘Time’, and in all fairness, I refuse to subject any guy to a tedious and cumbersome approach of having to divest ‘Time’ and energy into getting laid from Plenty of Fish.

You are looking to get laid fast and NOT to waste time trying to piece together 100 complex concepts within a 300 page e-book filled with huff and puff.

The Socialkenny POF Dating Method [“Get Laid From POF…2nd Edition”], contains 40 pages of hard-hitting strategic tips which even a newborn can execute…with blinders on. 😉 😉

I repeat [and specify]: just 40 pages of straight-to-the-point tips and simple tweaks and alterations to make to your profile in order to set it up for easy sex.

That is the goal: to get you laid on POF!

Hence, ‘Time’ isn’t there to be wasted burning the midnight oil over a lengthy guide (which this is NOT).

Some additional pointers within the guide:

   ♦How mass-texting and cut-and-paste will kill your chances

   ♦Why you shouldn’t mass-text

   ♦The DTF signs to look for, hidden within her profile

   ♦How to spot the girls who just want to hook up

   ♦When to get her phone number…and why

   ♦How your “ideal 1st date” section can make or break you

   ♦What to NOT include in your profile

   ♦How to get any girl to reply to your message

   ♦How to get her to your place with ease

   ♦Why you should suggest she come to your place and NOT a date

   ♦Tea, coffee, juice and film are your allies

Furthermore, you’re unable to spot the girls who just want to hook up, while wasting valuable time on the girls who are merely there just to be spectators…and to stalk their boyfriends.

As your proverbial wingman via “Socialkenny’s POF Dating Method”, I’ve already done all the hard work for you.

Your task from henceforth is just to utilize a bit of observational skills whenever you come across a hot girl’s profile.

“How Long Until I Get Laid”?

In keeping with the previous points: this e-book in the form of a PDF guide [40 pages], will not take you an entire day to complete and to make the necessary edits and tweaks to your POF profile.

There isn’t much thinking to do!

I’ve done all the thinking and trial runs for you! 😉 🙂

Therefore, after you will have completed this e-book [within hours’ time], there isn’t much absorption work to do.

It is simply to make notes and tweaks as you go along.

It is my job to get you laid.

Fair enough?

Ok, so how much will this new e-book product cost you?

For a month only [until February 1st], this product will be available and sold for $39.50 USD…that is virtually a $10 rebate from the original set price of $50.00.

Call it a New Years special from me to you.

Not to mention that the head honchos at Plenty of Fish, have been gunning for me ever since I’d published the 1st edition [free] some years ago.

As a consequence, my POF account was subsequently deleted and a permanent banned had been placed on me [I spoke about this in the second edition].

In addition to that, the POF company had petitioned numerous online-book stores to not host my POF Dating Method…I guess because they felt this information threatens their dominance in the game? ❓

Anyway, so there’s no telling how long I’ll be able to host this e-book product on the internet before it gets pulled like the 1st edition.

In the meantime, this brand-new edition [the 2nd] will be sold at $39.50 USD until February 1st. 2015 when the initially agreed price of $50.00, will be instated.

You can’t get a better offer elsewhere from other methods which have been published by internet-marketing gurus who know nothing about getting laid …especially with the gems and personal secrets I share with you on How to get laid from POF”.

Getting Random Strangers [Girls] To Accept Your Facebook Friend Requests

Has it happened to you while browsing the news feed, or merely combing some comments on Facebook posts and- “BAAM”!

It hits you smack dab in the kisser!

A fine piece of woman ass that makes you wanna gawk, stalk and jerk [I actually meant jerk as a joke :confuse: ]

We’ve all been there, right?


As a result of coming across this stranger’s miniature-profile photo, you’re left to propel yourself into action by immediately sending a friend request and hoping for the best [fingers crossed].

I spoke about this gross miscalculation at nauseum in “Facebook Bang”.

Most men being deaf, dumb and blind…and lazy, elect to taking the simplest route by hitting “add friends”, and expect magic to happen out of thin air.

Granted there are cases where a total stranger with whom you share zero to minimal mutual friends, will accept your friend request.

However, such a girl is in the vast minority…and she probably has issues to say the least.

On the other hand, if you do share at least 6 + mutual friends with the object of your desire, then it is pretty much an okay move to shoot off that friend request.

She will likely accept it as you would have been deemed safe and sane [pre-selected].

The underlying reason as to why random strangers [i.e. girls] won’t accept your friend request, is simply because they don’t know whether you’re safe, sane, sociable or troubled.

For all she knows, you’re some loony-toon character, stalker or recently paroled sex-offender looking to victimize another damsel in distress.

It’s for this reason why she will elect to hit the “decline”, “later” or “not now” button, on your friend invitation.

Trying to get a random girl with whom you share not one, to minimal mutual friends, to accept your friend request, is equivalent to cold approaching random strangers on the streets as we are accustomed to do in the pickup arena.

The biggest difference in cold approaching strange women on the streets, is that the girl cannot just snub you and swat you away like a bothersome pest.

Though she may not be attracted to you, she will likely stop or at least acknowledge you, even just to fleeting listen to what you have to say.

Online however, there is zero fucking social pressure forcing the girl to have to engage you by talking or accepting your friend request.

Hence, she will gladly decline and dust her shoulders off.

Furthermore, over the internet, opposed to street approaches, the girl has a monopoly on power.

This is why you must be strategic and prudent in getting her to accept your friend invitation.

This can only be achieved in 1 way and 1 way only.

   If you do share a mutual friend or 2 with this girl, post a comment on a status or photo that she’d commented on.

That’s all you have to do…well almost.

Essentially, this is an indirect approach opposed to the direct approach which most guys foolishly use.

By doing so [the indirect approach], what you’re actually sub-communicating to the girl is that you’re sociable, safe, sane and friendly.

Whether you share any mutual friend with her or not, this strategic approach of mines can still be utilized.

Bear in mind: this chick does not know you from Adam!

You must communicate to her that your safe.

Quite naturally, you cannot directly say to her [through a comment thread], “Hey keisha, I am Kenny…and I’m not a weirdo stalker”.

That is obviously weird…and defeats the purpose to prove that you’re indeed cooky.

Hence, you must firstly communicate with this total stranger through interactions on Facebook statuses and posts [normal enough indirect interactions].

Just for shits and giggles, as someone who’s subscribed to the Bad Girls Club page [yea I know- that’s lame], I periodically browse the comment section on interesting posts, and there is almost always a super-hot chick who sticks out like a diamond among cheap gold.

I am smart enough to know that to simply click on her profile and hit “add friend”, will have been a futile approach…likewise with sending a lame message to her inbox.

Therefore, I exercise covert strategy by commenting on the same Bad Girl’s Club post, whereas the object of my desire, will have noticed my comment directed towards her.

This isn’t just a one-off comment neither.

You have to cross-interact a bit on the topic at hand.

After you will have done that, you can simply send an inbox message along with a friend request.

Me: “Hey Keisha, since we both are Bad Girls Club fanatics, I decided to add you up”.


That is the only commonality I need in order to friend-request her.

No cheesy compliments or ass-kissing.

You should also seek to make your comments specific to the girl.

Let’s say that Jenny, the random stranger [who’s hot by the way], comments on a post.

You can simply cross-interact with her by commenting about whatever she’d said.

Again: you don’t have to kiss ass!

You simply make a comment with an @ symbol [@Jenny] so she knows that you’re referring to her.

Me: “@Jenny, why would you say that the tattoo is weird? I think it’s cute. I recommend every woman to get 1 like it”.

More than likely, the girl will have responded to the comment in reply.

After a back and forth dialogue on the post, I would then send a friend request with a message.

This is a full-proof method.

I’ve done this dozens of times over the last 3 years with a 100% success rate.

Now that I think about it, I’d have to say 99.9% success rate because I did have 1 girl not accept my friend request in spite hitting it off in the comment section on a female friend’s Facebook photo post…but she’s the only exception. 😉

In conclusion, if you find yourself constantly making the miscalculated blunder of cold friend-requesting girls without success, you now know the cause of your dismal-failure rate [failure to communicate “safe and sociable”] and how to correct it.

You cannot blindly and coldly add any hot girl whose profile you come across.

You must firstly utilize my strategic approach in indirectly reeling her in.

If not, you’ll have to continue to rely on the luck factor; which spells a 1 in 20 success to failure rate.

In all fairness, my approach sounds like common knowledge.

However, most men still take it upon themselves to operate in idiocy [the lazy man’s way] by shooting off friend requests without firstly interacting with the random stranger.

Why You Should Record Yourself In Action

“In Field Is King”!

A classic-pickup moniker that rings true to this day.

Field experience will be your greatest teacher in the game.

You can remain at home and read theory upon theory of how to meet women. But until you put those theories to the test, you will have just been another mental-masturbator among the masses.

Every bit of information I’d shared with you guys here over the years, have been put to the test by myself.

The beauty in recording yourself (whether video or audio) is that you’re able to see/hear your sticking-points, strong-points and faults in real-time.

If you think you sound cool and confident in person: record yourself in an interaction and you’ll be amazed at how shitty and non-confident you come across.

All of your faults will have been highlighted and magnified as if under a proverbial microscope.

It is actually very difficult to notice your faults while in conversation.

Hence the beauty in recording your interactions which I’ve been doing for over 4 years now.

You get to work on your stuff and improve your overall social and communicative skills with women and people in general.

I’m reminded of 1 of my very 1st audio interaction of pickup up a girl, which I’d posted to a pick-up forum some years ago.

Every other guy on the forum who’d listened to it, kept telling me how much I stuttered whenever talking to the girl.

I surely didn’t notice this until I’d re-listened to the audio and realized how fucking terribly often I stuttered…and I certainly don’t have a stammering problem.

However, I was so nervous talking to women, that I stuttered every second and appeared very uncomfortable.

I was able to totally get over that hump after studying my recorded interactions with women.

This isn’t only applicable to face-to-face interactions.

You can also record yourself over the phone chatting with a girl, in order to get a real idea of what you should fix, omit and retain.


“7 Ways To Become Social With Women” [Free E-Book Reposted]

Hey guys, I’m quite impressed at how motivated you are to meet women.

Over the weeks, I’d gotten a few e-mails from pertaining to my 2nd. free-book, “7 Ways To Become Social [With Women]”, which I’d published some time ago.

What actually happened as to why you might not have been able to locate it on the site [plus some dead links are to blame] is because of an inadvertent blunder I’d made while shuffling around some stuff on the site and tweaking things here and there.

Until I get it rectified where I can place the book back into the sidebar, you can download it directly from the temporary link below.


Click to access 7-ways-to-become-social-with-women.pdf

Taking A Woman Home From The Bar [Attraction Method Video]

I came across an awesome video some months ago from Magic, who’s a pick-up instructor for the Attraction Method.

He’s an Indian guy living in Miami who constantly shatters the myth that Indian and Asian men living in America, cannot get laid.

I just want to cite a few points in the video that stuck out for edification sake.

42:40 He chats to a bartender whom he knows, which indirectly builds pre-selection and makes the girl in black [the Cuban] a bit jealous.

50:50 “That was forward but ok”

56:00 Explains why he had to go for the semi-awkward kiss at the moment he did. A great breakdown.

1:00:02 At this point of the video, since the romantic chemistry he’d built was already established, he held her hand romantically while talking.

1:00:40 He amps the sexual tension way through the fucking roof by unintentionally touching her breasts. But he did it playfully and in a natural and non-creepy way.

1:00:51 He gives her a hi 5 which helps with touching.

1:12:45 At this point, the girl is obviously sexual roused and her buying temperature is pumped. Looks how she preens her hair too…which is a sure sign of her attraction and arousal.

1:14:54 Lol this is 1 of the funniest moments in pickup. She says that there’s a lot of douch-bags out there. Fine- I agree! Why are they douches? For trying to hit on you? But this guy is hitting on you, kissing you and getting physical!! Why isn’t this PUA instructor a douche? It’s all the art of seduction.

1:35:20 Some lovely KINO reciprocation where he kisses the Cuban girl on her hand and she gives him a love tap on his chest. #Nice

1:41:14 He perfectly goes in for the make-out at the most convenient time.

Check it out.

Why Less Is More When It Comes To Processing Information + Why My Products Are Concise Opposed To Lengthy

Less is more! What a frikkin’ paradox!

A curios question I get asked by some of my marketing buddies in the seduction genre: “Why and how do you produce and sell electronic books containing 30 or less pages? And would people actually purchase something that isn’t lengthy”?

My straight-to-the-point answer to the last part of the question is simple: “Newspapers, Periodicals and Booklets”.

Physical newspapers, including their online subscriptions, have been selling for decades, in spite of the fact that the average newspaper in the western hemisphere, contains less than 40 pages.

Hence, consumers and potential customers, aren’t deciding whether to buy based on how many (or few) pages a magazine or book contains.

Just as myself, and any rational person, am not going to decide to buy a shitty brand of cereal just because it contains 5% more cereal than a quality brand which taste better, is healthier but holds less.


People are interested in content!

We want our content fast and easily!

Let’s be real here: the general public has an extremely short-attention span.

Society in itself is structured in a way that facilitates laziness.

For all I know: I’m a product of that [most of us are]! 😉

We all want our shit “INSTANT”!

Think: microwave, cellphones, instant banking, credit/debit cards, vehicles, online shopping…you name them!

Virtually everything nowadays is automated in order to suit the demands of society.

In a sense: it has to be that way (automated).

Bearing this in mind, it boggles my cranium matter as to why publishers would go contrary to the flow and trend of things, by being persistent in ignorance, in not realizing that people today, are short on fucking time!

I frankly have no time at all to spend reading a 300 + page book!

No fucking way buddy!

I’ve been there- done that years ago!

Ninety percent of the information I came across in those years, has since seeped out of my brain like a punctured tire on a slow leak.

Am I just an unfortunate-isolated case?

Doubt it!

I can bet that every person out there reading this post right now, can testify to my anomalous experience, that most information that they would have read, are now lost and relegated to the dustbin of history.


The human brain, especially in the 21st Century, where stimuli are at an all-time high, just isn’t equipped to process ton loads of (useless) information which the brain doesn’t need.

The brain operates as a filter of information.

It has to!

Whatever your brain deems as useless information, it will reject and flush out!

Information that is valuable to that person; is stored for later usage.

We all inherently understand that this is how the human brain functions.

What is useless: it discards.

What is useful: it stores and retains.

With this factor in mind: time is of the essence.

Most marketers [online or real-world] miss the boat on this 1…by far! 😯

The average person, whether he or she has massive amounts of spare time on their hands, isn’t necessarily looking to kill that time by drowning themselves in a lengthy self-help book on how to get their shit together.

It is simply that they have no choice because information is limited in the sense that there isn’t any source which dare to delineate from the norm of publishing.

To be more technical: every author of self-help material, or simply someone who wants to share their advice with others, is under the impression that he or she must glue themselves to the status quo. And anything outside of that, will render you unsuccessful…or retarded.

This simply isn’t true.

You can get your information across within less time, less pages and the least amount of effort toiling like a slave.

Personally, I empathize with the average Joe and Jane.

I well understand that we live in a world where everyone wants [and NEEDS] information that they can digest and apply as quickly and smooth-sailing as humanly possibly!

Once again: this is why newspapers steadily sell like hotcakes, opposed to a memoir or autobiography, which is usually short-lived after the hype will have subsided.

With concise documents, one is able to cram necessary information within his-her virtual hardware [within minimal time], without the hassle of having to sift through 150 pages of fluff and bull in order to get to the meat of the issue.

This is why people rarely ever read the fine print, contracts or agreement statements.

We skim and click, scan and accept…even to our detriment.

Pickup and dating advice carries no difference when it comes to demand.

We want our shit now!

This is why blog posts and articles are so popular as means for one to become abreast with whatever it is he/she is in search of.

None of us really want to labor through a 250 + page book on how to meet women…or how to quick-fix a faulty appliance.

I sure don’t…at least not anymore!

Therefore, whenever I pitch my pick-up and seduction products at my audience and valued readers, I’m always mindful of ‘TIME’. And I also put myself in their shoes.

Hence, I refuse to encourage my readers and potential customers, to invest time and money into lengthy material on how to meet women and get laid.

I know for certain that most (online) marketers are disingenuous-shady characters; whether this be in the genre of pickup or self-help.

Therefore, in order to get you to buy the latest and greatest electronic product, it is very common that they’ll cloak away 15 pages of valuable information within an e-book filled with 250 pages of pure garbage, fluff and mental-masturbation, just to get the book sold.

When you distill it down, after you will have read 300 pages, only 10 to 15 of those pages, will have contained valuable information. So you basically wasted time with virtually nothing in return.

This sort of antiquated-style marketing isn’t necessary at all.

I’ve proven this many times!

My e-book products sell with an average of about 20-25 pages per book.

This shatters the perception that you have to sell the people rubbish packaged as a pot of gold, in order to get a sale.

It simply boils down to quality and useful content.

If you can deliver quality shit within 10 pages or less- we consumers- are willing to buy!

In this case, it’s not about the quantity [length of the information] but quality [usefulness of the information].

Most product-creators in the field of pickup, are incapable of delivering quality gems within 30 pages or less.

If they could- they would. 😉

Make no mistakes about it: I am not trashing anyone in the community.

If other coaches feel that they have to waste valuable time toiling over 400 pages: more power to them.

I frankly don’t have the time when I’m knee deep in other aspects of pickup and dating advice. Neither would I like to subject my followers to time-wasting when they could be elsewhere getting other shit done…like shagging hotties.

Learning game, or how to pick up a particular chick, should be forthright and a non-complicated procedure…like taking a piss.

You should be able to read, digest and apply that information instantly, without having to drain your mental faculties due to information overload, which is a common byproduct of over-reading.

I’m all-too-familiar with information overload [which leaves the reader mentally paralyzed], because I was accustomed to drowning myself in 3 hardcover books per week [self-help stuff], unable to retain an even dismal 10% of what I read.

Since quitting that self-defeating practice about 5 years ago, and devoting myself to reading short and concise scripts, I’ve seen a drastic change in how much info am able to retain [90%], and how much time I am able to save and devote to other stuff.

People are short on time, and I respect that.

Hence, I take that into consideration whenever I decide to put a product on the cyber market.

Instead of pumping out an e-book chocked with 200 pages of information. I elect to reduce it to 20 pages…every page containing nuggets of fucking gold!

As for marketability and sell-ability: “Can a 15-20 page book sell”?

Of course!

I repeat: It is not about quantity but quality [value]…at least in the sale of electronic products.

Every potential product-creator should bear that in mind.

Ok, before wrapping this thingy up, I just want to send a big THANK YOU to the guys who have thus far purchased my recently released products which have been doing well over the last 2 weeks.

One particular product, is my recently published electronic manuscript: “Facebook Bang”.

Less than 25 pages, sold at $4.99. But every piece of information is valuable to the guy out there wanting to learn how to pick up girls on Facebook.

Therefore, I really appreciate you guys patronizing my stuff, as it shows that you believe in my material and what I have to offer in building your dating and sex life.


When Is The Best Time To Text A Girl…If Looking To Hook Up

34 KB (plain text)

34 KB (plain text)

“What!!!? 😯

I didn’t know there was an ideal time of day to text a chick”!? 😯

Hey guys, a Christmas Eve article I decided to knock up for you at the last second.

“When is the best time to text a girl”?

One of the biggest concerns of women when it comes to giving guys their phone numbers, is the reality that they’re bound to be texted at all sorts of crazy hours…for no apparent reason but guys wanting to talk/text.

If a girl wanted another text-buddy for the sake of texting, she would simply reach out to a girlfriend to fill this void.

That’s a story for another time though.

Right now, I want to stick with the running theme, which is guys texting at any hour without executing foresight.

Now, if you’re texting a girl just for texting sake without any ulterior motive- then fine- text away!

However, if you intend to hook up or merely to meet up, you have to be more prudent about your timing and at what time of day you decide to shoot off that conversational starter by way of a text.

This is very subtle to say the least.

The average guy unfortunately, doesn’t realize that like everything else under the sun, texting has underlying rules that ought to be observed if one seeks to achieve a particular aim.

Texting Tips And Everything That Comes With It

As I’ve always hammered home over the years: women know what you’re up to!

Women were blessed with the uncanny gift of being able to see through men and our sneaky bullshit [whether you surmise that they’d learned this ability, it still doesn’t change the reality].

She knows that you’re not texting, “Sup”, just because you truly care about what she’s been up to.

For this subtle deception: she will punish you [the guy ] in various ways.

Part of this, and part of the reason why she’ll punish you for idiocy, is the non-ideal time that you choose to contact her.

Before I bring further clarity to this, I want to briefly recount an occurrence that took place a week ago…which is very common nevertheless.

I picked up a girl 1 evening at a junction while taking a spin on my Mountain bike.

She distinctively said to me:

“Please don’t call or text me at any funny hours”. I got these crazy guys who would text my phone at 3 AM when I have to get up for work”.

Being privy to this already, I said to the girl [building commonality through empathy]:

“Not to mention the crazies who call or text at the crack of dawn with the, “”Sup, good morning sweetie”” communique”.

Instantly, the girl knew that I was a man who gets it.

I understood the ineptitude of most clueless men who fail to exercise foresight before contacting a girl.

“Ok wise guy, so when should I text a girl whom I’m looking to meet up with or possibly to hook up with”?

The raw answer to that is that one should gauge a few things beforehand.

Before shooting off that text message, you should be asking yourself the subsequent questions:

   1.) “What am I looking to achieve by shooting off this message”?

   2.) “What time of the day is it”?

   3.) “How will she likely receive my message(s)”?

If you’re at a loss to rationalize the above 3 questions; Then don’t text her!

You must be clear in your objective!

If you’re texting her for the fuck of it- then by all means- knock yourself out!

However, if your primary goal is to hook up with the recipient of your message(s), you have to be a bit more crafty and prudent about it.

Bearing this in mind: You should NOT be texting that girl in the AM, neither before 4 PM [unless trying to set up a rendezvous]!


You may want to read that piece of advise again just to ensure that it is well stamped into your brain.

Texting a girl in the AM [if it’s not about meeting up], sends the wrong message and sub-communicates to the girl that you just want to text.

I repeat: Texting a girl between the hours of 6 to 11 AM, indicates to the recipient [the girl] that you merely want to text.

Now, is this what you truly wish to communicate…that you’re texting her for texting sake?

Of course not!

Likewise with texting her between the hours of 12-5 PM.

Those are effectively daylight hours still.

Do you see the correlation here and the point that I’m actually getting at?

Firstly, texting women during the daylight hours [“Daylight” being the Achilles Heel] is counter-productive to hooking up.

Why so?

“Daylight” isn’t synonymous with sex [quite the opposite].

“Hooking up” for the 1st. time, barely ever occurs during the daytime.

The greater percentage of hookups happens after the sun will have appeared to set in your part of the globe, i.e. the night time.

“Daytime” is synonymous with work, chores, obligations and anything which runs contrary to sex.

“Nighttime” is synonymous with reclining, romancing, hooking up…and fucking.

Bear those variable contrasts in mind and the following staples.

   Night=’s sex.

   Day=’s no sex.

You should be well aware of this before shooting off those text messages…if your intention is sex.

With that being said, you want to text her after 5 PM (depended on how early the sun sets), or 6 PM.

To make this clear, I am not saying that it is impossible to text a girl during daylight hours to hook up at a later time or date.

Just that it is much more counter-productive to do so.

It’s essentially placing a mountain in your way then trying to scale it.

Therefore, always opt for the easier route, which is to text the girl at a time when she would have been more receptive (psychologically) to the suggestion and idea of sex.

This is effectively after sunset.

On the other side of the spectrum, you don’t want to be a clueless idiot texting the girl at 10 PM looking to hook up.

That would’ve been way too fucking late…unless the girl was the one who initiated contact via text!

Be as it may, the ideal time would have been from sunset to 9 PM.

To give-and-take, let’s say between the hours of 6 to 9; a 3-hour window.

You have 3 hours to try to get laid that same night by setting things up through text messages.

Anything before or after that 3-hour window opens and shuts, will have been counter-productive!

Now, it is very conceivably reasonable that you’re left to ponder, “How and why does Kenny come to this conclusion? Where are the evidence, facts and documented cases by the experts”?

To this I laugh. 😆 😆 🙂

I am the fucking expert buddy!

Don’t be fooled by the Converses, denim jeans and my non-bureaucratic getup.

Ok, let’s crunch some random figures just for the hell of it.

Over the last 4 years, it is without a shadow of a doubt that I must have secured well over 1,000 phone numbers from girls whom I’d picked up in every conceivable way possible: random-street approaches, supermarket, restaurant, nightclubs and bars, work, day-care centers, online, online-dating sites, Facebook, etc, etc, etc.

It is a well-known fact, and explicitly documented throughout this website, that I live and breath the art of picking up chicks from all walks of life.

This [my prowess and abilities] isn’t in question.

Thus, I have the track record to back up any claim I make on any topic of meeting women.

The law of average and estimation, is what I utilize in order to weigh and come to a cogent conclusion on any piece of information I disseminate.

Hence, I am the expert here with enough real-world experience to put MTV to shame. 😉

On average, texting a girl outside of the 3-hour window [6 to 9 PM] in hopes to hook up, will have yielded a dismal return on time invested [through texting].

I’ve proven this to myself hundreds of times…LITERALLY!

This is why I can say with competence that the best and optimal time to text a girl [in hopes of hooking up the same day or a later date], is between the hours of 6 and 9 o’clock PM.

Anything after 9, is pretty much a done deal…unless the girl initiates contact…which means she’s either bored or horny.

Anything before 6 PM, is equally damning, because the girl will have just assumed that you’re looking to text with no strings attached.

I’ve had my fair share of hooking up with hotties through text. And I can clearly say that 95% of those hookups, were established between the 6-9 PM window…5 PM depended on the Winter solstice and the sun setting earlier…so it’s a give and take between 5 and 6…but you get the point. ❓

In conclusion, I hope that you will have taken away the most meaningful piece of strategic advice towards texting to hooking up:

If you text a girl during daylight hours, she will assume that you’re just some bored guy who wants to text…which sadly is the case more often than not.

If you text her after dark, she will assume that you’re a guy who gets it, and wants to fuck.

Bear in mind those 2 positions before you shoot that text.

Now, which guy would you rather be?

The text-buddy or the guy who gets to hook up?

No-fucking brainer! 😉

Oh- before I wrap this up, I must quickly address another question that most guys will have had in concern to my text-game format, in that I advise you to only text after dark if looking to hook up.

The following question usually arises [if I were you- I would also ask]:

“Wouldn’t the girl I was texting, think that I was just texting her for sex, thereby judging me as a pervert whom she should avoid”?

The simple answer is NO..well Yes and No!

“No” in the sense that she will not avoid you under the guise that you want to hook up.

“Yes” in the sense that she will believe that you just want to hook up.

Moreover, I think it is due time that I share with you the piece of memo which society [inclusive of women] has been hiding from you since a little-naive lad.

“Girls Love Sex Too! And They Also Love The Idea Of Hooking Up”!

“Shhhhhh”!!!!!!!! 😯

Don’t tell anyone I’d shared this piece of classified info with you! 😈 😉

Apart from the apparent humor here; chicks get it, and they very much are desirous of mingling with like-minded individuals who also get it- that sex isn’t a vile act from which we should shy away.

Hence, she is NOT going to punish you for trying to hook up with her [texting after dark].

If a girl stops talking to you, whether in person, over the telephone or text, chances are, it had nothing whatsoever to do with your sexual interests.

Girls don’t reject guys because guys want to shag them.

We’re all humans! And gals, being way smarter than boys, know this!

The sexes were meant to clash bodies through sex.

Therefore, NEVER should you continue to fall for the bullshit fake-out perpetuated by women, whenever they say such things as:

“I deleted him because he wanted sex”!

“I blocked him because he said he wanted to fuck me”!

“I hate men who think I’m some sorta sex object whom they can fuck at will”!

“I rejected him because he was forward”!


Don’t fall for it!

Those are just surface window-dressing excuses she uses to justify [to others] rejecting you in whichever way she does reject you [ignores you messages, etc].

If a girl claims that she no longer speaks to Joe Blow because Joe Blow wanted sex, then you can guarantee with all certainty, that she wanted a reason to not talk to Joe Blow in the 1st place, hence she used that line [his sexual interest] as an excuse to stop talking to Joe Blow.


Girls don’t reject guys because of their sexual interest!

They very well know that every sane guy who has a dick in his pants, wants to fuck them!

This isn’t news-flash people!

It is often times the opposite though.

What do I mean?

A girl will reject you and desist from communicating with you, because you’re not showing any sexual interest in her [sounds counter-intuitive].

Are you shocked!? 😯 😯

I bet!

This is why you should always communicate your sexual interest EARLY to every woman whom you meet and interact with…if your intention is sex.

If a girl blocks you on Facebook or Whatsapp, or she refuses to reply to your texts, it has nothing whatsoever to do with your forwardness or sexualized comments.

Granted there are guys who drown themselves by sheer stupidity and a lack of calibration in going overboard. But those characters are still few and far between.

All in all, YES- the girl will know that SEX is your intent when contacting her at a specific hour [after dark].

To take it a step further; look at it this way.

If a girl rejects you early, in what you think was due to your sexual interest: better now [early] than later, don’t you think?

The vast majority of guys who don’t get rejected early, are usually buying time [unbeknown to them] until the girl finds an excuse to finally reject them; whether this be in the form of ignoring their messages or through downright verbalization such as “Leave me alone”!

Therefore, just because a girl tolerates you for 6 months by talking/texting [which is highly unlikely], does NOT at all indicate her liking for you!

It only means that she hasn’t found a semi-plausible reason to reject you yet…since you’re likely to have been walking on thin ice by not giving her a reason to reject you.

However, how would you feel that you’d invested 6 whole months worth of time into a particular girl, playing it safe, to then get rejected after 6 months of courting?

That is 6 months- half of a fucking year- down the drain! 😡

Hence, it is never a wise strategy to try to buy time by playing nice just to avoid being rejected.

You should aim for sex early.

If she rejects you early- fine! She was just going to waste your time anyway. Plus you had saved valuable time which you can now invest into something/someone else.

If she doesn’t react negatively to your sexual angles through text for instance, then it’s fair to assume that she’s somewhat down. But it’s just up to you [the guy] to play the game right from thenceforth.

Just to illustrate, in the week prior to Christmas’, I’d picked up a girl who works at a pizzaria here on island.

We exchanged numbers, and the following night, I texted her [abiding by my 6-9 PM method of texting to hook up].

My position as you would’ve guessed, was to meet up with her.

No waste of time asking lame rapport-building questions such as, “where were you born”?

Those questions- if asked- should be done in person after we would’ve met up.

Anyway, so my messaging to her [via Whatsapp] was crystal clear: “I want us to hang out”.

I didn’t have to tell her that I wanted to hook up.

The fact alone that I decided to contact her between 6 and 9 PM, was a clear enough indication that I wanted to hook up. So she knew the deal, though I phrased it as “we should hang out tomorrow evening”.

Remind you: this is the very day after we’d met in the pizzaria.

At the end of that same night [2nd. night], I’d deleted her phone number and moved on.

That was a classic example of the running theme here in the 2nd part of this article: I refuse to waste time on chicks who aren’t DTF during the same week.

Ok, to backtrack to the pizzaria girl, after a bit of texting, I let her know that I am not fond of texting [which is a bold-faced lie 😉 ] and I prefer we meet up and get acquainted in person.

She went into a 100 questions as to why we should meet up when we can text.

Red Fucking Flag!

This was all the information I needed to decide that she was only going to waste my time.

Hence, I shortly afterwards told her sayonara [goodbye] and deleted her phone number.

It’s been about 4 days [today is December 24th.] and she hasn’t since contacted me.

Therefore, my judgment-call was correct [she wasn’t about business].

Had she really been interested in getting to know each other, she wouldn’t raise the 100-questions frame battle, which is only an excuse for not wanting to meet up.

What would’ve been the plausibility of maintaining contact with such a girl for 3 months of un-ending texts?

Absolutely none!

You have to be willing to cut loses after spotting signs that a girl isn’t down [though you should be super mindful of not giving up too quickly].

It is better to get rejected or to reject the girl early, than late.

Texting a girl during her working hours [presuming it’s daylight hours] is akin to buying time while simultaneously wasting time.

Texting her after dark, is cutting to the chase [even without saying so] that you’re all about the business.

If she’s with the business of hooking up: she will respond positively.

If she doesn’t respond favorably: move along while it’s early and save yourself the headache.

I’ll leave you with an interesting video from Todd Valentine, on guys who hide their sexual interests from women [making a terrible mistake].

You’ll see how much this relates to texting girls also.


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Repost From 2011: “Christmas Eve Sarging Field Report”

Hey guys, as much as I’m a Grinch around this time of year, it is still 1 of my favorite times of the year to sarge [meeting women on the streets].

I take you back to December 24 th. 2011 with a repost.

By the way, this field report took place in the Caribbean before I’d relocated full time.


It’s 2 AM, just strolling in, tipsy as a man on the edge of a cliff, barely made it up my flight of stairs. :sick:

Hopefully I’m sober enough to even write this field report without slurring the message, so forgive me if I get sloppy.

Ok guys, for those who follow me on Twitter [account now deactivated], you would’ve known that I was out all night at a new bar on island.

I was supposed to meet up with a Canadian girl (an HB9), but she never showed [I showed up too late I believe], so I quickly settled into a usual rhythm.

There were lots of chicks strolling the streets outside the bar, so I decided to put my iPhone to whatever good use it has to snap some pics while my buddies run some street game.

Ok, before I entered the bar, I was chillin’ with my wingmen trying to pull some hotties out of a rental car while at the Square [a popular, hustle & bustle area on the island].


* [A crew of fatties congregating] 😉


* [My wingman for the night, “Box”, calls over the hottest one of the bunch to start gaming her. Apparently, she has a pouch on the tummy. Apart from that: she’s isn’t a bad pull. She’s tall as hell though [probably 6’1]!!!


* The chubby friend of the HB-Tall girl tries pulling the external interrupt by calling her over- she obliges.

This is why you must befriend the friend of the target [crucial mistake by Box].

As I analyzed the interaction, there were major girl code being tossed around, nevertheless, my boy Box stays persistent and bust on her for being the lap-dog to her friend.

This allowed him some extra time to game on.


* Ten minutes later, “Box” is still in-set not giving up easily as most guys would.

Persistence is key here guys [burn it to the fucking ground]!

The girl slowly walks off but my wingman stays persistent.

He was getting good vibes BTW! Just that her fat-fucking friend kept sabotaging the set!!! 😡

I could’ve occupied the obstacle [the plumper], but I was more concerned with breaking down the in-field dynamics which were taking place.


* We pulled up (in the renter car) beside 2 chicks who were standing in the fucking street virtually blocking traffic [they do that a lot here where they congregate in mid road]!

One was super-slim, the other OK. Nothing much happened.


*The fellaz stayed outside running street pick up while I went solo to the bar straight ahead.


* My first time in this new bar that just opened last week [no grenades here so far].

The 2 bartenders were hot as furnaces! One white, the other black.

Wow, these girls were drinking while bartending! Now that’s progressive!


*I don’t usually game hired guns [waiters, bartenders, strippers, etc.], but I chatted them up a bit.

The black one (on the left) is from NYC and the white chick is from Toronto.

My wings for the night shortly after entered the bar, we grabbed a table, few bottles [red wine and Smirnoff]…

I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, but I went to the counter and said to the black bartender, “Do you still model”?

Must have been the alcohol talking to re-open with such a lame/AFC’ish question!!!

She gave me a “WTF” grimace so I said to her, “When we chatted earlier, you told me you modeled”.

The chat stalled, I’d C & B [Crashed and Burned]…

Adjacent to our table was a 4-set: 1 fat, the other 3 model-figured [no footage though].

I opened the set by saying to the chubby one [since she was the leader of the group/alpha female], “Hey, why don’t you be a nice girl and take my pic’? You’re taking everyone else’s pic’ in the damn bar. What happened to me”!!? 😆

That was a solid-banter line to break the ice [banter is the biggest part of my game].

As expected, she LOLs, grabs the camera from her girlie bag and took some photos of me and the boys.

Before I got to chat up her friends via introduction [I didn’t have a target in mind as yet], some orbiter tries AMOG’ing me to lower my value and blow me out of the set. But I employed the best AMOG destroyer tactic: simply ignored him!

[Note: “AMOG” is seduction jargon for cock-blocking or besting another person]

Found out that they were from the NY Tri-State area (Waterbury, Connecticut) down here for the holiday.

Before they left the bar, they told us to meet up with them at some party or club.

The details were sketchy (probably since they weren’t familiar with the island) ,so I didn’t even know where the hell to meet up with them!

* Key note here: It’s a must that you first open the leader of any set.

You cannot open a set by going straight for the target and ignoring the leader of the group.

You’ll get blown the fuck out via girl-code. So that’s why I’d opened the fat one since she was the loudest one (in other words leader of the set). So once you win her over, the other girls in her social circle MUST conform.


My boys bounced to the club, I was too tired and had a bit too much red wine so I took my ass home instead.

No telling what would’ve transpired with the Connecticut girls (had I went to the club) but the bed was calling.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

“From Streets To Sheets: How To Meet Women” [new e-book now available on Lulu]

Hey guys, my most recent e-book is now published to the Lulu store, where it can be had with ease…+ additional details and excerpts from the document.

As the title clearly denotes: “From Streets To Sheets”, this guide is specifically geared towards the courtship process of meeting women while out and about, picking them to eventually setting up rendezvous which will eventually lead towards sex…the pre-ultimate goal.

I tried my darndest best to steer clear of heavy PUA jargon whereas to not get the average guy lost to the process of meeting women.

Therefore, it is a guide that any Average Joe can utilize quickly [only 27 pages].

I stress the adverb “Quickly” to arouse a specific reaction!

Most manuscript products [hardcover or electronic] on the topic of dating and pickup, are very clunky, complex and designed to bombard the reader from all angles like a swarm of bees.

Having read an entire 300 + page e-book, the reader usually leaves without knowing where to start or what to do [information overload].

Hence the reason I kept this e-book product [included my others] to a maximum of 27 pages, where you can coherently apply each step without the info overload as an impediment.

So- since you’ve been wanting to Learn and Master the art of meeting women while out and about, “From Streets To Sheets” will have been a godsend, which I diligently put together without the complex terminology typically used in the seduction sphere.

You can read further if you’d like some additional info: “From Streets To Sheets”…on Lulu

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