Society Must Stay Orderly! What The Mainstream Isn’t Supposed To know About Sex…[video by RSD Owne/Tyler]

This video from RSD Tyler is so timely, that it isn’t even funny.

For those who don’t know, Owen Cook aka RSD Tyler, is the lead instructor and owner of Real Social Dynamics (RSD), which has been the subject of all this outrage lately.

This video really sums up why White knights, Omegas and Beta-Males just don’t get it.




8 thoughts on “Society Must Stay Orderly! What The Mainstream Isn’t Supposed To know About Sex…[video by RSD Owne/Tyler]

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  1. Dear Kenny,
    just watched your vid about the things RSD is confronted with, recently. I may not agree with all of your points, but I definitely share your feelings of let’s say “mild discomfort” regarding what is going on. So many things to say about this. Well, let me start with some thoughts, which come to my mind. I’ll splitt it off in several parts, I think.

    1. First, I’m just back home, after having a great night in a club. Started with socialising, little smalltalk with guys, staff, women, old, young, pretty, not so pretty. I enjoyed each of these short encounters, it’s great to vibe with people. No alcohol on my side. Then I met (picked-up???) a so nice woman (half german, half ukrainian) and her definitely model-like looking tall female friend. Because I have learnt something in the community, it was not difficult to be non-needy and non-stiffled, just enjoy the interaction and being the man in the equation. I’m going not for one night stands, but it was a long evening we spend together, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m looking forward to see her again. If not, I’m free from outcome. Kenny, you know, but many guys out there don’t know, in how many ways a guy, who wouldn’t have any experience in dealing with girls could have ruined the evening for all people involved. But wait, I forget, I committed a terrible verbal abuse on “my” girl. In a funny context I used the words “russian porn”. Kenny, I feel so ashamed. I’m such a verbal rapist, aren’t I? (Irony off)


  2. Dear Kenny,

    here part 2 of my thoughts.

    After watching a vid from Valentino (RSD) in Canada, I realised, this does not only work, this “shit” is so effective that we can not ignore ethical aspects anymore. For years critics supposed pick-up artistry being not more than selling worthless stuff to delusional desperate losers. But now it becomes more and more evident that it is (metaphorically spoken) not a “theatre gun” but a fucking nuke. I DON’T refer with this to Juliens Japan vid, which was indeed annoying and had almost no educational value at all, even for evil guys like us. 😉 But the point being: In general, RSD PUA-Technology DOES WORK, if one is willing to put in as much time, money and effort as a guy needs to do who want to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA. The PUA-Community is in demand to define some code of ethical conduct. Teaching should also provide some knowledge about safety. A girl suffering from some kind of personality disorder or with any other mental issue may not be able to cope with extreme emotional stress induced by “drama game”. A husband or a child may have problems witnessing a guy hitting heavily on “mom”. Letting aside the fact that parts of the corporate world and the media have no problems at all to put people under existential distress.

    As far as I can judge it, I would suppose that Julien is NOT a malevolent person.
    I would expect, that he would not put any “drama game” on a person who would obviously not be able to deal with it. But to think a healthy beautiful woman could not cope with getting approached by a guy like Julien is ridiculous. Dear feminists, please wake up. Women in the 21. Century do military service, get shot into the space, caring for ebola patients, are CEOs of international companies and political leaders of nations. Please stop to treat them like little fragile children. This is absolutely pathetic.

    And finally, I did not see and would not expect Julien to do any physical harm to a girl.


    1. Todd Valentine is my favorite RSD instructor. Although I’m advanced in this field, I learned so much from Valentine over the past months that it isn’t even funny.

      Thing is, this isn’t about Julien. It’s bigger than that…or him.

      Feminists want pickup off the map, off the internet off of everything.

      This isn’t the 1st time feminists attacked pickup. They’ve done it many times. So this isn’t about Julien. Julien was a smoke screen.


  3. Dear Kenny,

    here my third point:

    Are the leaders of the Pick-Up Industry guilty? Yes, maybe. At least guilty of being a little bit naive. During the last ten years campaigns driven by a conglomerate of political forces, mainstream media and social network groups have become increasingly important. I don’t mean necessarily that these are conspiracies. The campaigns may emerge spontenously, but this doesn’t make them less malicious.

    I’m not an expert, but my impression is that these campaigns are often self-referential. XY is not evil because he did something against the law or against the Bible. XY is evil, because 50.000 Twitterer state this as a fact.

    To go even further I would say that they are pretty dangerous, and could hit anybody.

    a) The “envelope” of these campaigns is any kind of thing which sounds somehow righteous, fair or moral (f.e. “don’t rape our little sister” lol) . b) On a deeper level the people who drive the campaign are judging a person or group without applying any fairness or justice. c) And in the core of it, the campaign is conducted in total disrespect to any human rights of the target and without self-committment to any ethical standard and without any honor (f.e. “because he is a little sister’s raper he is also a nazi and a terrorist, and with that he put himself so far out of the human range that general law is not applicable in this case anymore…at least he is going to get chemical castrated, fair enough?” lmao).

    These campaigns, if mainstream media, politics and social networks go hand in hand can be extremely destructive. In Germany we had several cases of very high end politicians (Secretaries of State and President of State) who get burned and destroyed within some weeks due to this kind of “monster campaigns”.

    The leaders of “The Industry” have been too naive regarding this very danger. They should put in some money and intelligence to deal with this attack as professional as possible.


  4. Finally, let’s talk about my fourth thought regardig this topic.

    I don’t like any kind of moral double-standards. If our society stands morally so far above a community whose participants want to learn to speak and interact with women then I as a member of such an extremely moral society am not be willing anymore to accept the following:

    1. Commercials and advertising with women faking signals of having sexual interest in me as a potential customer or who prostitute themselves by presenting their nude body in a sexual way for money.

    2. Any moral authority who is demanding compliance to mainstream rules, but neither gives as good instructions as RSD nor is willing to take any responsibility in cases of harmful or bad outcome.

    3. Honestly, I’m sick about movies projecting a dystopian world with > 90 percent of the population being enslaved. I don’t find any entertainment in watching topless slavegirls giving service to a spoiled < 10 percent upper class. I don't find any entertainment in watching teenagers who are forced to fight and kill each other like animals in the Circus Maximus. All this is absolute disgusting. And sorry, I'm not stupid, I'm able to recognize the difference between a movie which is critically reflecting about social problems and a movie which just triggers well calculated responses in teenagers and young adults by showing scenes with half-nude girls forced to sex and children forced to kill each other. Again, this is so disgusting that everybody who thinks our society is suffering mainly from Julien Blanc but has himself no problem with enjoying this kind of junk is either… or… or both. 😉

    Kenny, you see, you are not alone with your critical standpoint. I think RSD made some mistakes, but I'm optimistical that the guys are smart and calibrated enough to deal with the problem properly.

    All the best



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