Have No Shame In Your Game That You’re Hitting On Women [the article]

Social anxiety is a bitch!

Probably the main thing that keeps guys from coming out of their protective shell, is the fear of social pressure: “others will see and hear me chatting up women”.

Fear of being seen and heard by others in eye and ear-shot, is what deters most men from opening their mouths in the first place while in public settings.

Being naturally introverted to a fault, I used to suffer terribly from this shit also!

When I first got into Pickup, this was arguably 1 of my biggest hurdles and sticking-points which stymied my progress tremendously.

When I seen a girl whom I was attracted to and wanted to meet, fuck and possibly date, I would talk myself out of it- not because I didn’t have the perfect opener for the situation- but that I was ultra-fucking preoccupied with what people would think of me chatting up women.

With the advent of the “10 hours walking NYC” video, the fact that in America today, as I’d written about earlier in the year, there will come a time when men will be shamed and ostracized for looking at women, let alone to chat them up on the streets.

Not only will we men risk their social status of being labeled pervy and sleazy, but a (sexual) harassment charge will be possible…merely for checking out a girl’s package.

This further heightens the hysteria and drive men deeper into their shells as the risk of chatting up women will have been too risky to attempt.

Therefore, just another reason why men are afraid to be heard and seen hitting on chicks.

Personally, I don’t mine the social stigma of being called a perverted sleaze-ball.

I own it because I’m a real fucking man with giant balls of ‘IDGAF’.

However, most men aren’t quite ready to risk their prestige (which they don’t have nevertheless) without concrete evidence as to why they should chat up strangers.

As for now that chatting up women is still lawful, there’s no excuse to not do so.

The reality about others hearing or seeing you game women, is that no one really gives a fuck.

6 thoughts on “Have No Shame In Your Game That You’re Hitting On Women [the article]

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  1. You speaking to me bro! Meeting women with all eyes on me isn’t my thing. lt’s really not that am afraid of engaging a woman. No! I’m afraid of the people around, what they think of me if things go South. l have no problems meeting women in say grocery stores or retail outlets where the social pressure is low but meeting women right on the street!

    You have dissected the issue cleanly. Now if there was a mind hacking exercise or technique to stop self sabotage. Kenny or anyone, how do you shut out your logical brain in front of all these people watching you? lt’s so rare to see a guy hitting on a woman right on street.


    1. Lol I figured I would’ve been talking to a lot of dudes with this 1.
      I had this issue also bro. This shit used to kill me and my game.
      As you said, in stores and stuff, the social pressure was a bit low since you can sorta blend in I guess. But on the streets, it’s more challenging. I’ll get back to you in a while about a “hack” I guess in how I got over it.
      Just telling someone to not care who’s next to you is 1 thing.


  2. You are right. It is still lawful. That’s why more men need to chat up women regardless of what happens. These chicks need to get real.


  3. Hey Kenny, thank you for the great article. This is really up-to-date and there is so much bullshit out there which constrains us. You on the other hand are really inspiring… with cheers!


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