How To Pick Up Women On The Go [Moving Targets]

Moving Target Game!

I think the greatest lesson one can learn from my pick-up documentary which I posted days ago, is how to pick up women while on the move.

It is advantageous to get the girl to stop and chat.

However, there will arise situations where the girl cannot stop and chat, or she’s extremely busy, hustling to catch a bus, etc, etc, etc.

In such cases, knowing how to create instant attraction which facilitate the path to brisk conversation on the go, is an art worth learning.

Another fact is that guys generally don’t approach women on the move to begin with.

It’s more intimidating than approaching a girl who’s “THERE”, stationary and is basically a sitting-duck…psychologically.

Trying to pick up girls who are moving, seems more intimidating to most of us.

Ok, as you would’ve seen in my video(s); 95% of the girls I approached were moving/walking.

Matter of fact, I rarely ever approach and chat up girls who are seated somewhere or browsing the aisle of a supermarket.

With moving targets, what really blows guys out – and I’d seen it 1st hand on my recent trip- is the fact that guys are unable to generate traction and intrigue from the get-go.

This is to be expected since it’s 10 times more difficult to get someone’s attention while he or she is rushing to a destination.

Merely saying “Hi” to a girl who’s moving, isn’t (usually) enough to grab her attention since a “hi” is too generic and doesn’t register with enough pizazz on the girl’s radar…coupled with the fact that women suffer from sever-short attention spans.

Likewise with saying to her, “Hi baby girl”, isn’t enough to get her attention neither while moving.

It’s not that girls are against these lame-generic lines…even thought they’re lame.

It is the lack of intent on the approaching guy’s part and his unwillingness to follow through with something interesting to keep the girl engaged.

Ok, screw all the preliminary stuff and let’s get right to it: Picking up women on the go!

1.) As you spot the girl on the street, and let’s say that she’s heading in the same direction but she’s on the other side of the road, your job is to first cross the road to her side.

Guys constantly make the mistake of trying to get girl’s attention from too far away (i.e. from across the road). And this is usually in the form of a cat-call…which shows zero fucking intent.

Hence, you want to close the distance before opening.

2.)Make sure she can hear you.

Another no-brainer yet often neglected.

We often time fail to project our voices to strangers as if to not offend them. Hence we fail to speak clearly enough as a man so that the girl can hear us.

3.)You have to “Pace” the girl.

Another mistake guys make is to not pace themselves properly in relation to the girl and at the pace in which she’s moving.

With that, the guy is often left behind the girl while trying to talk to her from her back.

You want to walk side to side, shoulder to shoulder as much as possible…or slightly ahead of her depended on certain factors.

The rest is history and your ability (or inability) to hold an interesting conversation will determine whether you get to pick her up [get her phone number] or not.

If you’re not quite sure how this look [the 3 pointers], then you can always check out some snippets of the video to get a perfect sense of how I approach, where and how I walk and so forth.

2 thoughts on “How To Pick Up Women On The Go [Moving Targets]

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  1. Thanks man will download this stuff and learn. l mean really learn. For the record I am one of those guys who’s deathly afraid to approach a moving set, especially on the street. lf l can do this my own game would explode! Picking up a moving set is not for the faint of heart. lts rare to find a guy hitting on women on the streets, quite rare! Often times, l wait for the set to get into a grocery store or a retail area so that I can hit on her. But I don’t need to tell you how many shots slipped through my fingers because of this.
    Thanks for the footage.

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  2. Hey Mambazo! I like your energy and willingness to learn and get better. Acknowledging that you need to work on your stuff is a critical 1st step that most guys don’t want to take. Because to be honest, no one wants to admit that they suck and need work.
    And great point about missed sets by waiting and why you shouldn’t wait until the perfect logistics. I preach this a lot. I used to make the mistake too of waiting until the girl is stationary before approaching. #Mistake


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