How Many Of The Dozens Of Girls Picked Up On My Trip Had I Contacted?

Ah- the $ million question!

I had a guy over Facebook ask me, “Hey Kenny, from your recent trip, seems like you’d closed many girls. Did you pursue any or that was just it”?

The truth is; as I mentioned in the video- the purpose wasn’t to rack up phone numbers and Facebook exchanges in order to pursue any of those girls.

It was strictly for demonstrational purposes and to show how effective running the #’s game can be.

I had no intention to try to hook up with any of those girls.

Now the reality is this: I’d gotten about 30 phone numbers and 30 Facebook exchanges over that weekend.

Most of those sets were obviously not recorded.

Of the 60 or so contact info secured, I honestly only contacted 1 girl…which is the hottest of the bunch in my estimation.

In fact, it isn’t that she’s the hottest.

She was the one to show the most interest and the most investment in conversation when I first chatted her up.

Hence, I didn’t chose to pursue her based on hotness rather the vibe we had.

With that, 1 out of 60 + girls picked up, I chose to contact and possibly hook up with in the near future on a subsequent visit to her island…which might be soon as possible.

Perhaps you recognize her from the documentary video?

The beauty of abundance and having lots of options in women is that you keep desperation at bay.

Just as the average hot girl isn’t at all desperate to hook up.

As a guy who has the ability to meet lots of women, you too will never have to be preoccupied with finding the next pussy to bang.

Like a boss, you can simply narrow down the list of potential girls to hook up with instead of having to latch onto “1” and put all of your energy and psychological resources into that 1 chick.

What's your view?

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