Last Night’s Field Report And LMR (Last Minute Resistance) With Girl Met Online

Ok, quick field report from last night.

After 8 some time, I met up with one of the 3 girls I’d picked up online.

She drove to my hotel to get me, we drove around the city a bit and headed back to my hotel to chill on the balcony.

After about an hour of banter, comfort and the rest (included pecking away at her neck), I took her hand and led her to my room.

She insisted to sit on a chair, which is totally expected by most girls being at a guy’s place for the first time.

After 30 minutes of flirting and back rubs, I led her to the bed, took her shoes off and we lie together.

Long story short; she kept saying how she had to leave and how it was late and had work in the morning, bla, bla, bla.

Very typical LMR sound bites.

I utilized some LMR tactics and proceeded to caress her breast while rubbing her thighs.

All was well with the periodic, “I though we weren’t supposed to be doing this”.

I would back off and start again.

This kept repeating itself and I was pretty tired myself since it was 1 AM so I let her out the door, walked her to her car, we made out and that was that.

Hence, I did not get laid.

When I do put together the infield compilation, you’ll hear some snippets about this situation.


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