Trip Update #4: Gameplan, Logistics, Routines, Openers, etc

As time wines down, I find myself tweaking what should be tweaked and getting everything in order as far as seduction is concerned.

One issue I have since I’m gonna be running massive day game on Friday and Saturday morning until the evening, is sweating myself out by running up and down the streets.

For September, it’s unusually hot in this part of the Caribbean [88 degrees Fahrenheit].

For this, I had to scrap a previous wardrobe to opt for shirts with colors that don’t show perspiration spots too vividly.

Since I plan on recording hours worth of day-game footage, I had to delete a lot of un-needed crap from my iPhone, Blackberry and other recording device just to get enough free space as possible in the event that I run low of memory card space.

Just yesterday, I purchased an 8 GB mini SD card for $70 to use with my Sony recording device. But I bought a damaged adapter and was so let down, that I didn’t even get a refund or exchange.

Luckily, my neighbor, who’s an amateur photographer, had a spare Mini SD card adapter which I bummed off of him until next week. 😉

I’m also stuffing a notebook/mini laptop into my backpack in the event that I need more free space on my recording devices, I can simply transfer the recorded media to the laptop to free up some space.

The iPhone actually allows me massive space to record videos. But the quality isn’t as great with the imobile app.

The old Blackberry Curve phone which I often times record with, has reasonably good resolution and quality.

The only setback with recording with the BB is that it eats up massive amounts of memory space in no time!

At times, a 3 minute video recorded with the BB, will eat up upwards of 100 MB in .MP4 format.

That is fucking ridiculous amount of memory!

With the Sony recording device which has perfect and crisp resolution and quality, it isn’t that easy to handle while gaming.

The other issue is that the battery dies pretty quickly although I’m allowed 1 hour + recording space.

All in all, I’ll be recording with 3 devices: a Sony recording device, Blackberry phone and iPhone.

One device in each pocket in case I need to swap 1 for another without having to jet back to the hotel room.

Ok, so which device is ultimately best for recording COVERTLY?

The iphone actually.

Somehow with the iPhone, I’m able to hold it in such a way that doesn’t make it obvious that I’m recording.

As for spots to game, after doing some research, I’m psyched about picking up chicks in casinos since it sounds so promising.

While in my own town, I steer clear of casinos instead opting for the usual bar and club.

On the road visiting other countries, I like checking out casinos and playing a few slot machines just for the fuck of it.

This makes perfect for game as I can always look to open some hottie in a nearby slot.

On this note, my game plan as far as routines and openers, are various.

For Street Game during Day Game, I look to utilize my ability to game on the go and to game moving sets until they stop.

My pre-canned openers [which are mine] are these:

1.) “Real quick: do you know what a selfie is”?

2.) “Quick question. Where can I get a beer around here”?

3.) “Quick question. You seem like a fashion Diva. What do you say about my wardrobe? Can I get any girl dressed like this”?

Those will be my 3 default openers on this trip while running Day Game on the streets.

As for 2-3-4 sets and groups (which I plan to open), I only have 1 opener on reserve for this:

“Hey girls, help me out with something real quick. I got a little sister back in NYC. She’s 16 and just started to get a bit rebellious so she’s thinking about getting a tattoo. Should I kill her? Or it’s not a big deal”?

There you have it.

Those will be my 4 designated pickup openers/conversational starters/ice-breakers.

Not that I have to use them since I’m just as adroit and skillful in freestyling…but you get the point.

As for the casino and casino game, my default opener will be just 1:

“Hey, you seem like a professional slot machine girl. How do you play this thing”?

Pretending as though you’re ignorant to certain things is a great way to grab someone’s attention towards helping you.

Remember what I said in the previous-trip update post: everyone wants to help a stranger…as long as it isn’t monetarily. 😉

Therefore, play on people’s willingness to help.

On a further note, since I’m not looking to fuck any girl off of cold approach pickup, I will not seek to take anyone home as in back to my hotel room.

If it leads to it then so be it. But it isn’t my aim for the simple fact that I already have shit lined up with 3 other girls I’d seduced through online game.

The purpose of me doing this huge-video project is to demonstrate all sorts of aspects of game, nuances, different styles, how to run the #’s game, how to pull, how to generate instant attraction, etc.

My projection is to at least get an hour’s worth of footage.

The ultimate purpose as the case with all of my videos (180 of them), is to show you guys that meeting women isn’t difficult at all.

Most importantly is how to meet women (strangers) from scratch and turn it into something.


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