Trip Update: I Will Have To Flake And Stand Up Some Girls

I think I might have shot myself in the foot by over-shooting the amount of girls who may be down to meet up with me.

Ok, so now as it stands, I have about 11 girls who want to hang out during my 4 day stay in their island over the weekend.

Of the 11 girls, 7 or so want to play the part of my unofficial chaperon to show me what’s hot in their city.

This once again hearkens back to a progressive strategy of mines in relation to banging foreigners [in this case- I’ll be the foreigner but the method still holds credence nevertheless].

Humans in general, LOVE to believe that they are helpful to others in which gives us a sense of accomplishment and worth by helping others in some way or another.

No one on an intricate level wants him or herself to be perceived as someone who’s inconsiderate, selfish and non-helpful.

We all like to pat ourselves on the shoulders knowing we’d aided someone in the least: be it giving a stranger directions to giving a buck to someone at the grocery store who’s short of change to purchase an item.

Hence, this is the underlying magic behind tourist game and seducing women while traveling.

You can always position yourself as someone who’s unfamiliar with their town.

The helping nature in all of us will spring most into action.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that 7 of the 11 girls whom I’d picked up online over the past 2 days, volunteered to hang out and essentially give me “La Tour De Grand” of their town.


Except I only have 3 days and 4 nights to spare.

Eleven cannot go into 4 evenly nor at all, so I have some major fucking troubleshooting to do over the next 3 days!

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting 11 girls to respond positively to my invitation to hang out as I touch down in their country.

Three girls?


Eleven out of 17?

Wasn’t expecting that.

What I am doing at the moment though is to actually narrow down the list from 11 girls to 3 girls.

Hence, I’ll have to break some hearts and disappoint some little lasses by either flaking, standing them up or flat out tell them that I have other plans. 😈 😦

Now I see the mental pressure that girls go through when faced with having to weasel their way out of sticky situations where guys are begging for dates.

As I’m putting this post together, my Whatsapp messenger app is on the verge of collapse from the amount of incoming messages from 5 of the 11 interested and invested parties. 😯

One wants to hang out Thursday night which is already booked up by another girl.

Another wants Friday night since I told her that Thursday night I will be busy. But Friday night is already booked.

Where the hell is a dating-advisor when I need one!

Oh- I forgot- I am the dating-advisor! 😦 πŸ˜†

Saturday night is TOTALLY out of the question since I’d pre-designated that night to Night-Game recording where I plan on hitting up some night spots such as casinos and Spanish bars in order to record some sets and hidden-seduction videos.

Therefore, Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights are the only nights that I plan to meet up with the girls on reserve to potentially secure some notches [1 per night].

In all event, I will have to narrow the list down to the most solid 3 girls of the 11.

I might actually do this based on certain variables such as The DTF Meter.

I wish to select the top 3 most DTF girls by screening out those who are a bit on the fences.

Crazy thing is though; all 11 of the prospects are DTF!!! 😯

What a Cluster Fuck to say the least!

Ok, so since the DTF meter is unreliable in this case, I’ll have to look at other particulars in selecting the hottest 3.

I’m a boobs guy! So perhaps I should narrow down the list by x-ing out the chicks who aren’t that ample up top?

Ah- Interesting!

I also love asses, but not possessing a well-rounded 1 isn’t a deal-breaker in the least.


Not important.

Race, ethnicity, complexion?

Not important…thought all the girls are black.

I’ll just have to go with my gut feeling and with which 3 of the 11 girls I share a better connection.


What's your view?

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