Genius-Online Dating Technique To Get Laid While Traveling: The Updated Post

Rigging the game ahead of time is the smart man’s way to dating and hooking up.

Not intended to jinx myself, since confirming my travel plans last week, I’ve since been able to confirm 3-potential rendezvous with 3 different girls whom I’d met through various media.

The gist of the super-secret-online game technique of mines is this:

Before traveling to another town, state, city or country, make an effort to get acquainted with women living in the place to where you are to travel.

I’ve been running this sorta game for donkey years now…8 years to be exact.

Before Plenty of Fish, Facebook, Twitter or even the name social media, was even a household one, I was pulling bitches from other countries and towns left to right off of Hi5 and Tagged and other quasi-social media sites.

Here’s an actual screenshot of my Hi5 profile from 2007 which I hadn’t updated in centuries…I mean years. πŸ™‚

Those 2 social media and quasi-dating websites [Hi5 & Tagged] were powerhouses before Facebook came into existence to ultimately shut them down…though they still exist.

My key strategy was to cold contact girls exactly a week prior to traveling to their town, pick them up (online), engage in text game, solidify a date or meet-up (all of this a week prior), then whenever I do get into town, hooking up will almost be a foregone conclusion.

Hence the name given to this strategy: “Rigging the game ahead of time”.

A crucial point I want to make is this:

Women are 10 times more receptive to hooking up with a guy who’s from another town than if he were from her own town.

Merely not being from her town or country, will actually give you a massive edge in the game as you will have garnered a foreigner’s appeal which speaks to woman’s sense of the exotic.

I spoke about this extensively in my renown e-book: “How To Bang Foreign Girls”.

As the undisputed king of hooking up with girls from other towns and countries, I am very much reliable in dishing out information in this area of the game.

Anyway, as it stands now, I have 3 solid girls lined up in the island in which I’ll be traveling to this coming Thursday.

One I was able to coax through Facebook, another through Whatsapp messenger and the remaining girls I’d met through days ago.

From my experience, the likelihood that these girls would flake, is almost not likely at all.

Girls generally do NOT flake on guys who are passing through or visiting their town…i.e. tourists.

Again, refer to How To Bang Foreign Girls, to truly grasp the psychology of why girls are 20 times more willing to hook up with tourists and out-of-towners opposed to guys from their town.

Apart from that, my trip is a simple one in theory:

To Shoot In-Field Videos!

The purpose of my trip is NOT to get laid!

“HUH”!? 😯

Yes- I said it!

The purpose of my trip is to record game/pickup/seduction in another country…or island state.

Women are women on a psychological and inherent level regardless of where they reside.

Hence, pulling bitches in China should be no more or less difficult (or easy) than pulling girls in The Republic Of Paraguay.

It is your deluded and dumb-down mentality, that leads you to believe that certain women are more difficult to pick up and take to bed than others.

This is FALSE as a donkey with wings!

There is no such thing as a woman being difficult or easy due to her cultural, economical, heretical or racial makeup.

If you’re a guy who cannot get laid in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada – guess what sonny- you won’t be getting laid in Omaha, Nebraska or the Philippines neither…unless you’re willing to pay for sex.

It isn’t the girl.

It is you!

Hence, whenever I travel Latin America, the Caribbean or USA (my unofficial home), I do NOT have issues getting laid.

My only hindrance would come in the form of shitty logistics, such as a cock-blocking BFF or having no condoms at a time when I’m trying to practice not shagging everything that walks raw dog.

Those are issues that get in the way of me getting ass.

Not the girl’s ethnicity!

Not her upbringing!

Not her faith!

Definitely NOT her relationship status!


Anywho, so the bulk of my trip would be centered around Day Game sarging [picking up women during the daylight hours] while recording those sets/interaction for the edification value of my readers.

It is not about me getting laid from cold-approach pickup during the 4 day trip [though this is highly possible and usually my schtick].

That is where the online strategy comes in handy where I can game all day (and even night), to then hook up with the girls on reserve at some point during the night. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Win fucking Win!

Had you missed it, check out the recent video I made on the topic of rigging the game and getting laid while traveling.

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