Awesome Text-Game To Instantly Hook Any Girl [+ Personal Examples]

How to build instant attraction through Text Game

A video I put together the other day where I read a personal text conversation between a new girl and I, include a step by step break down of the sub-communications behind our text messages.

The key issue with most guys as to why they cannot hook a girl through text, is simply because they engage in boring, lame, and risk-adverse conversation which doesn’t arouse the girl’s attention.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Text-Game To Instantly Hook Any Girl [+ Personal Examples]

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  1. Man, this stuff is pure gold! l would kill to get this shit. Girls fucking love this shit as long as it’s done from a playful frame. The problem is once you give a woman a taste of this she’s hooked and wants to text 24/7 and you don’t wanna be her text buddy! Normally happens when your schedules are tied up and you can’t hook up early. If the girl is staying by herself then it’s a plus since you get to do kinky phone sex with her which again increases her buying temperature. Sometimes it’s not this way. How do you suggest cutting the time on the screen with her? With a system like WhatsApp girls just shoot texts even if you offline you know.
    l also enjoyed hw you build intrigue in your texts but when you said you were going to show her something what did you do/say next if she followed up on that?


    1. Thanks bro’! This is the sorta stuff they love and that attracts them…as long as it’s done playfully as you said. Women are NOT opposed to fucking guys with girlfriends. It’s actually a turn on for them that they can compete for another woman’s man. It’s in their blood, so that’s why I used that frame to attract her while most men would hide the fact that they fuck other
      women…if they do.

      Great point again bro with the text-buddy thing. That’s why I cut the text convo short so she doesn’t get used to the text phase. Some guys make the mistake of texting all day long thinking it’s a plus until they burn the interaction out and have nothing else to offer.

      I really didn’t have anything to show/tell her. I simply wanted to kill the convo there to build scarcity and intrigue so she thinks about it. But she sent me some voice notes a bit after about what I wanted to show her lol. It really got to her. As for the screening part, I’ll address that shortly when I get the free time since it’s detailed.


      1. So cool Kenny. Your frame is spot on-ballsy, intrigue, irresistible images that makes the girl want to latch on. Now l have found a perfect frame to sague into phone sex seamlessly by making the convo X-rated right off the bat.l can’t wait for the screening part.
        Bring it on!


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