Worst Rejections And Blowouts To Trying To Game Girls

For the record: rejections DON’T exist!

I merely use the term “rejection” to make the point here. But I do not believe in rejections and I am of the opinion that every reaction from a girl is 1 to learn from- positive or negative.

Ok, so guys want to know if I ever get blown out in epic fashion?


The most memorable rejections I ever got [3 of them] all took place in grocery stores.

Perhaps someone jinxed me when it comes to picking up girls in stores? ❓

What made these rejections epic was the manner in which they were done.


1.) “I have a boyfriend”

While grabbing a juice from a supermarket, I started to chat up a girl who was waiting in line.

While I talked to her, I went KINO straight away by having my hand on her shoulder and holding her arm.

She pulled away and yelled, “Don’t fucking touch me! I have a boyfriend”!

Don’t know what having a boyfriend has to do with being touched.

If you don’t like to be touched, it shouldn’t be because you have a boyfriend.

Anyway, I remained chilled about it and kept talking to her to no avail…as she ignored me.

2.) Angry Cash-Register Girl

I was chatting up a cashier at a supermarket. Seemingly she had a bad day and decided to take it out on me…though I might have aggravated it.

While talking, I placed my hand on her shoulder in a way as to say, “Don’t let little things ruin your day”.

After I did that, which seemed to have been well accepted, I went to a nearby cooler to grab me a juice and the cashier came storming down the aisle pissed as hell, “Why the hell did you touch me”!?

She had her index finger all in my face to emphasize her point.

She storms back over to her post, I paid for my stuff and left.


Probably the most epic of the 3 most memorable rejections and blow outs I ever been subjected to! 😯

I entered a small corner store [can’t recall the details], came across a hot girl at the checkout counter so I threw my arm around her neck to commence gaming her.

She looked at me and said something among the lines of “get off of me or I’ll punch you in the stomach”!

As you would expect from a guy like myself; I kept my arm around her in defiance of her stern request.


She punched in the belly!

Thanks to my rock-solid abdomen, the 6 pac was able to blunt the force of the impact…but it did sting. 😉

I usually laugh at girls for being soft punchers, but this chick actually packed a solid one which caught my attention!

Ok, so that’s actually the worst it ever got in my pick-up career.

Over the past 3 years alone, I had probably approached and attempted to chat up over 3,000 women. So to get 3 epic rejections out of 3,000 approaches; you couldn’t ask for a better success-failure rate in the world!

With that, I just want to ensure you guys that the worst-case scenario rarely ever materializes.

Don’t allow women who reject you to crawl back into your shell of self-loathing.

Perceived failure is something you must face in every field and every facet of life.

When women reject me, for instance, the 3 girls highlighted in this post, the rejections don’t hamper me with other women.

I take rejection with a smile!

I either continue to plow until she leaves, or until she ignores me outright.

Also, due to sheer numbers and the volume of women I approach (tons), I am bound to face quadruple the amount of rejections of most guys.

However, I do not take so-called rejection personally.

The girl might have been having a shitty day but is otherwise a sweetheart to the core.

Therefore, if a girl rejects me, I never take it as though she’s rejecting me as a person, but she’s rejecting existential things such as my approach and so forth. So it isn’t personal!

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Waiting on the perfect logistical moment is never a good idea.

Too often in the past, I would spot a girl whom I wanted to meet but due to the shitty logistics at hand, I would wait for the opportune moment but that moment won’t never come as something was sure to derail my plans.

I know this doesn’t only happen to me. So check out the short video I put together days ago with the short in-field clip executing the concept.

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The key issue with most guys as to why they cannot hook a girl through text, is simply because they engage in boring, lame, and risk-adverse conversation which doesn’t arouse the girl’s attention.

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Whenever conversing with a girl, a complete stranger, a co-worker or someone with whom I’m already acquainted, every word and physical expression is filtered in, scanned, scrutinized and dissected through the proverbial microscope of my brain.

This is all done within nanoseconds without having to reach into my head to ponder how A ties into B.

This “power” is what separates a master from the crowd.