Worst Rejections And Blowouts To Trying To Game Girls

For the record: rejections DON’T exist!

I merely use the term “rejection” to make the point here. But I do not believe in rejections and I am of the opinion that every reaction from a girl is 1 to learn from- positive or negative.

Ok, so guys want to know if I ever get blown out in epic fashion?


The most memorable rejections I ever got [3 of them] all took place in grocery stores.

Perhaps someone jinxed me when it comes to picking up girls in stores? ❓

What made these rejections epic was the manner in which they were done.


1.) “I have a boyfriend”

While grabbing a juice from a supermarket, I started to chat up a girl who was waiting in line.

While I talked to her, I went KINO straight away by having my hand on her shoulder and holding her arm.

She pulled away and yelled, “Don’t fucking touch me! I have a boyfriend”!

Don’t know what having a boyfriend has to do with being touched.

If you don’t like to be touched, it shouldn’t be because you have a boyfriend.

Anyway, I remained chilled about it and kept talking to her to no avail…as she ignored me.

2.) Angry Cash-Register Girl

I was chatting up a cashier at a supermarket. Seemingly she had a bad day and decided to take it out on me…though I might have aggravated it.

While talking, I placed my hand on her shoulder in a way as to say, “Don’t let little things ruin your day”.

After I did that, which seemed to have been well accepted, I went to a nearby cooler to grab me a juice and the cashier came storming down the aisle pissed as hell, “Why the hell did you touch me”!?

She had her index finger all in my face to emphasize her point.

She storms back over to her post, I paid for my stuff and left.


Probably the most epic of the 3 most memorable rejections and blow outs I ever been subjected to! 😯

I entered a small corner store [can’t recall the details], came across a hot girl at the checkout counter so I threw my arm around her neck to commence gaming her.

She looked at me and said something among the lines of “get off of me or I’ll punch you in the stomach”!

As you would expect from a guy like myself; I kept my arm around her in defiance of her stern request.


She punched in the belly!

Thanks to my rock-solid abdomen, the 6 pac was able to blunt the force of the impact…but it did sting. 😉

I usually laugh at girls for being soft punchers, but this chick actually packed a solid one which caught my attention!

Ok, so that’s actually the worst it ever got in my pick-up career.

Over the past 3 years alone, I had probably approached and attempted to chat up over 3,000 women. So to get 3 epic rejections out of 3,000 approaches; you couldn’t ask for a better success-failure rate in the world!

With that, I just want to ensure you guys that the worst-case scenario rarely ever materializes.

Don’t allow women who reject you to crawl back into your shell of self-loathing.

Perceived failure is something you must face in every field and every facet of life.

When women reject me, for instance, the 3 girls highlighted in this post, the rejections don’t hamper me with other women.

I take rejection with a smile!

I either continue to plow until she leaves, or until she ignores me outright.

Also, due to sheer numbers and the volume of women I approach (tons), I am bound to face quadruple the amount of rejections of most guys.

However, I do not take so-called rejection personally.

The girl might have been having a shitty day but is otherwise a sweetheart to the core.

Therefore, if a girl rejects me, I never take it as though she’s rejecting me as a person, but she’s rejecting existential things such as my approach and so forth. So it isn’t personal!

Hustler’s Menttality: Picking Up Girls In Any Situation No Matter The Logistics [+ Infield Clip Examples]

Screw The Logistics!

I promised you guys that I’ll resume recording more sets for the Autumn season.

In this short video, I talk about adopting a hustler’s mentality when it comes to approaching, meeting and picking up new girls.

Waiting on the perfect logistical moment is never a good idea.

Too often in the past, I would spot a girl whom I wanted to meet but due to the shitty logistics at hand, I would wait for the opportune moment but that moment won’t never come as something was sure to derail my plans.

I know this doesn’t only happen to me. So check out the short video I put together days ago with the short in-field clip executing the concept.

Awesome Text-Game To Instantly Hook Any Girl [+ Personal Examples]

How to build instant attraction through Text Game

A video I put together the other day where I read a personal text conversation between a new girl and I, include a step by step break down of the sub-communications behind our text messages.

The key issue with most guys as to why they cannot hook a girl through text, is simply because they engage in boring, lame, and risk-adverse conversation which doesn’t arouse the girl’s attention.

What Separates A Seduction Master From The Rest: Real-Time Filtration [advanced insight]

Some perspectives on how I see through the matrix on an interaction with women.

Whenever conversing with a girl, a complete stranger, a co-worker or someone with whom I’m already acquainted, every word and physical expression is filtered in, scanned, scrutinized and dissected through the proverbial microscope of my brain.

This is all done within nanoseconds without having to reach into my head to ponder how A ties into B.

This “power” is what separates a master from the crowd.

Video Blog (Vlog) For August 26, 2014

*Why PUA’s in Toronto don’t get laid.

*Do I hate UK PUA’s, or at least their style of game?

*Why you should go out alone, sarge alone and drop the wingmen.

*Why I haven’t recorded any pick-up videos for the Summer

*How and why I record my amateur stuff.

My Personal Sticking-Point In Game And Courtship

As someone who offers radical advice on the subject of getting good with women and approaching strangers, it’s very common to be held in such a standing, particularly by readers who are less skilled, which seems to communicate that I have my shit all together.

Well- I’m here to break the news which is long overdue: I do have sticking-points of my own- some of which I deal with and others that I procrastinate on.

The most nagging sticking-point of mines that I wish to share here and now, is Eye Contact.

While in conversation, I have zero issues maintaining eye contact with the girl.

I am fully adept at that.

My issue is NOT while in conversation but while out of conversation or before approaching the girl to break the ice.

Like if you watch those movies and music videos of guys eyeing down the girl from across the room- I generally have trouble doing that.

It makes me feel as though I’m staring and stalking like a predator, so I avoid eyeing a girl down altogether.

On the approach, I do seek eye contact though.

It is when I’m not approaching the girl as yet, that I get uneasy with looking her in the eyes.

Now don’t get me wrong, by no means am I at the bar with my head and gaze lowered to the floor in order to avoid eye contact with people like a passive anti-social dude!

My head and eyes are always up in the air. However, instead of looking women directly in the eyes, I would elect to scan the room instead by slowly sweeping my eyes and head in various directions.

Ok, so that is my sticking-point which I have been aware of for the greater part of the last 5 years.

Yep- I said 5 fucking years!

Granted I never made a serious effort in correcting this apart from acknowledging the handicap and knowing that it is something I wish to fix.

By the way, this inability to look women in the eyes if I’m not approaching them, only occurs in venues such as nightclubs, bars, stores, restaurants, etc.

If I’m at a fast-food joint ordering a burger and there’s a hottie across the room eating or waiting in another line, I would check her out for sure, but avoid eye contact if I don’t have the logistics to approach her.

If we do lock eyes, I would generally look away.

This is somewhat human instincts by the way [to look away and not stare] which dates back to the pre-historic man…in my hypothesis.

Getting caught staring at another Homo-Erectus’ woman (especially if he’s an Alpha-Male), might get you spared or stoned. So over time, humans becoming self-preservation oriented, began taking measures to appear more non-threatening.

Again- this is actually my theory but sounds plausible. 😉

Anywho, so looking away whenever someone catches your eyes isn’t an abnormal neither rare occurrence.

It’s actually the norm to look away…especially for women since fear and safety are bigger factors for them.

Nevertheless, I would love to eye-fuck a hottie from across the bar counter without feeling like Ted Bundy.

This is something I’ll continue to work on and hopefully master it by year’s end.

I have been making strides over the past week by solidly looking women in the eyes whenever I pass them on the roadside and am unable to chat them up [poor logistics].

Lastly, my sticking-point goes to show that none of us are immune to having glitches in our game.

None of us are too advanced to having flaws neither.

Thus, hopefully you guys will have become comforted by the revelation that Kenny does have sticking-points and he doesn’t have his shit all together.


Getting Rid Of Your Social Anxiety Through This Video Challenge

A repost of my infamous “approaching 26 girls with the g-string opener’ video, which I’d initially published before the Summer, but had to pull due to a controversial “leakage” which led to a public outcry in the social media-sphere.

It was arguably the fastest growing video I ever posted as far as views go: 252 views in less than 10 hours.

The point of the video was just to demonstrate how one can get away with saying anything to complete strangers without any repercussion.

Therefore, you have nothing to fear in speaking your mind.

That’s what I want you guys, especially the ones suffering from chronic-social anxiety, to take away from the video.

Here it is again!

Sometimes- You Have To Disrespect The Hottest Of Women To Get Them Off The High Horse [screenshots included]

How willing are you to play dirty?

I’m a huge believer in ruffling feathers of hot girls when they duly deserve it.

Such women are so used to having guys kiss their ass cracks, that the validation and attention go straight to their head like a junkie taking a hit of heroin.

Some hot girls do not have a sense of humor. Simply because they never really needed one since guys are all too willing to give them a passes on their bitchy behavior anyway.

When a guy like myself comes along, someone who doesn’t ass-kiss hot chicks, I’m liable to be subjected to the same bitchiness as in the case with men who are responsible for spoiling these chicks rotten in the 1st place with undeserved attention.

Ok, so the villainous protagonist of this post comes by way of a Dominican girl from Santo Domingo who lives in Antigua…where I reside.

Ask me how we became Facebook friends and I cannot tell you. But that is the case: we are FB friends sharing 4 mutual friends. So most likely, either she added me or I added her based on mutual acquaintances.

Anywho, this Latina is smoking hot [at least to my specification] as you can see from both photos inserted into the post included the 1 at the top of the post.

The problem with super-hot girls ONLINE is that they almost always tote around tremendously high “Bitch Shields” [this chick being no exception].

Read: How to deal with bitches and their bitch shields, by my good buddy, Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin.

Anyways, so she posted the following photo to Facebook some days ago.

It kept popping up in my feed due to the high numbers of “likes” clicked, so I felt cajoled into commenting.

Hence the following screenshot of my comment on the said photo.

How fucking rude of her, right?

Because of that innocuous comment of mines, she felt a need to tell me to get off of her page…notwithstanding the fact that she posted the pic’ publicly so it doesn’t only appear on “her page” but every one else’s [the hottest girls are generally low IQ- go figure…but logics are beside the point]. 😉

As a guy who doesn’t take light to bitchy and opportunistic shit from women, I fired back with some “rude” of my own:

Me: “You took my comment offensive? Que jodia putona”!

Being fluent in Spanish, I called her a fucking “Putona”, which translates to a “HUGE SLUT” [emphasis on “Huge”].

It’s the type of word that is liable to get a drink thrown in your face…or get you smacked.

My profane comment by the way, was quickly deleted by the Latina, which is why it doesn’t appear in the screenshot above.

I frankly didn’t care! I simply said what I said and moved on.

A day later, I get the following inbox message from her.

Note how interesting the dialogue turned out and how I was able to flip the script with a well-needed dose of “rude”.

Noticed how adamant she is in trying to convince me, a stranger, that she didn’t mean what she said in a bad way [that I should get off her page]?

That is what you call “Qualifying” in Pickup, where she’s deferring away her actions in order to placate me (by qualifying herself).

The inbox messages continued with me sticking to my guns by insinuating she was being a bitch:

She further tries to acquit herself:

She has now essentially been knocked off the high pony which all super-hot girls have the luxury to ride on…due to clueless men who place them there.

Sensing the “switch” and her genuine attitude towards repent, I had to give her something positive but in an indirect sorta way. So I complimented her (indirectly) on being Dominican as a way to reward her for stepping down off the horse:

Note: you can be an asshole with women [as I often am when called for] but at some point during the interaction, you have to tone down the asshole and become somewhat civil.

She wonders how I know she’s a Dominican Latina.

Guess she doesn’t realize we have 4 mutual friends of which are all Dominicans.

Plus her profile says “Dominican”, so what a no-brainer.

Most importantly though, was how I bantered with that question with a bit of sexual spike.

I then built some intrigue and curiosity by implying a mysterious 3rd. party:

Which played to her innate curiosity and wanting to make closure…which is why she kept on inquiring:

Like a great sport; I ended it there in order that the questions fester within her mind. 😈

Ok guys, I’ll end the screenshots there, but the dialogue continued the next day as she inboxed me again after I totally ignored her.

Might I add: this is the 1st time she and I have ever chatted since adding each other on Facebook over 6 months ago.

What I want you to take away from this meaningless incident is as the title of the post denotes: At times, you may have to (verbally) disrespect a very hot girl in order to bring her back to reality, that inspite of her beauty…and booty; she’s just another fucking girl among many.

I didn’t make the fucking rules neither buddy!

Moreover, the problem with this girl and a handful of others within her caliber, is that they expect every guy to scoop their poop (proverbially), kiss their ass and to laud them with precious comments on their social-media postings and pictures.

I’d written about this recently that it is suicide to generically compliment hot women via Facebook.

This Latina expected nothing else but the status quo, that I would praise her in every manner for the sexy photos posted, drool over the keyboard and send direct compliments in bunches.

Having NOT received praises from my end, she immediately felt as though she was violated [spoiled girl syndrome]…which subsequently led me to violate her.

Ok, on the other side of the spectrum, you’re gonna have guys say that “Kenny was reactive and butt-hurt and he should’ve showed more poised like an Alpha”.

This may be true in other cases that you should want to appear non-affected and non-reactive.

However, in my defense; I wasn’t butt-hurt, offended nor reactive in a low-value sense.

I didn’t argue with the girl about she not wanting me on her page.

I called her a huge slut (Putona) deservingly so, and went about my business.

No malice held on my part.

Rejection is common!

If you aren’t used to dealing with women who have sticks up their ass who believe that every guy should worship them, then you won’t quite understand that you may have to get a bit nasty in order to get them to conform and play ball on an even plain.

The way you deal with a spoiled brat isn’t to pamper the shit out of her.

She has tons of guys doing that already…all of who are in the friendzone might I add!

How you deal with a bitchy-hot girl who’s used to attention is to either:

A.) Ignore her by not giving her any praise-worthy attention.


B.) Cut her down to size with a harsh word or 2.

Both do work!

This is no different than being in a bar or nightclub, approaching a hot girl who has a high bitch shield, to then have her scold you with:

“Get lost! I don’t want to talk to you”!

Apologizing to such a bitch for attempting to converse, would be digging your own grave beyond 6 feet.

Most men unfortunately, would have apologized and humbly excused themselves from her divine presence.

Laughing in the face of such bitchiness could work to turn the tide also.

However, if and when that fails; you have no further recourse but to get nasty:

“You’re such an anti-social bitch”!

Either that or you walk off dejectedly with your tail between your legs [this option doesn’t sound too appealing to my ears].

Depended on the girl and the circumstance, laughing while simultaneously plowing in the face of her bitchiness, can work.

Berating her can work too!

Online though, you can’t exactly laugh at a girl and appear non-reactive and expect her to chase you [emotions and feelings are virtually impossible to convey through texts].

The ultimate caveat I wish to share with you guys is this: whenever dealing with a hot chick online, the non-reactive shit won’t profit you much [in person- that might be sound advice].

On a further note, regardless of the medium, hot girls are NOT used to men NOT worshiping the very ground they walk on.

Ruffling their feathers would really get under their thin skin as hot girls are generally the most insecure and self-conscious people you’d ever come across.

Undoubtedly, I believe that this girl was lying by trying to convince me that she didn’t mean it in a negative way when she told me to get off her post.

She did mean to say that shit!

She just didn’t expect a guy [me] to publicly call her a bitch…which is why she quickly deleted the comment before any of her worshipers could see it and realize that she’s just as fucking human as anyone else.

You see- hot girls want to maintain an aura of royalty and to be perceived as goddesses by men and women alike.

Anyone who shows a lack of respect for her and her perceived godliness- PUBLICLY- would immediately challenge her god-ship, which will then force her to either flee or play nice to gain an ally.

In this case; the bitchy girl decided to play nice. 😉

That is how you handle women with bitchy attitudes. You manage them on a psychological level.

Firstly, realize that they are hyper-insecure and have low-self esteem issues.

Secondly, realize that they need validation and praise in order to maintain their social status.

If you rob them of this [as I did], they will become extremely hurt, defensive and seek to conform…as this girl did.

On a more critical note, women who behave this way [lacking humor, etc], could very well be a byproduct of damaged goods.

Some girls need to be disrespected in order to become attracted to a guy.

Niceness just doesn’t cut it for some women, as “nice” is often perceived as boring, lame and lacking spark.

Some women need that edgy guy who is willing to rough them up verbally and not give a shit about consequences such as losing them.

Anything less would be deemed unattractive whenever dealing with bitchy girls and damaged goods.

I mean, it took me having to have to call her a slut in order for us to have a conversation!

What does that say about this girl and many others who operate on such frequencies?

At the end of the day, if it has to come down to it, don’t be gun shy about getting rude and nasty with any new girl who has the audacity to be rude to you first.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose but a possible gain in getting the girl off of the high horse which other men [Betas] are responsible of putting her to begin with.

I’m reminded of a hidden-cam pickup video from my Asian nemesis, Enthalpy, where one of his pickup students approached a fellow Asian in a Vegas night spot and got shut down rudely.

Instead he fires back with some nuclear bombs of his own, he walked off dejectedly as he was rejected coldly [what else can you expect from a newbie AFC].

Enthalpy (the PUA coach) then did the right thing in this case, by standing up for his student and went over there to give the girl a piece of his mind.

This is no different than the way I handled my incident.

A greater part of the reason why nice guys don’t get laid is because they are fixated on this “I must respect women” mantra, and are unwilling to get rough and swing for the fences.

Either I’ll fuck her or she’ll hate me

Work With The Situation When You Don’t Know What To Say To The Girl [+ Night-Game Infield Clip]

Running out of things to say or simply not knowing how to break the ice, is the 1 of the biggest sticking points for most guys.

A quick video I put together this morning included an infield clip which I shot last night [Friday] as I was sarging the streets.

I haven’t recorded any video for the Summer so I felt the urgency to get this in for the time being.

It highlights the hidden beauty in using situational openers when you don’t know what to say in order to break the ice with a stranger or a girl whom you already know.

This’ also great for those times when you run out of things to say midway during the conversation.

You can and should always use the environment and what the girl gives you in order to progress the chat.


Check out the concise video and the infield clip as a perfect template of using the situation at hand to pull the girl.