My New Slate Of Pickup Openers

Pickup Openers

For those who didn’t know: I’m a fan of canned/stock openers.

Not because I have to use them [a crutch] but simply because we all use them.

“Hi”, could be classified as an opener…however the lamest opener ever with the least amount of built-in attraction…yet it is still an opener.

An opener basically is a conversation-starter or ice-breaker, hence the name “opener” as we’d say in Pickup.

Quite often, pick-up openers have been misinterpreted as pick-up lines. This is false and somewhat true. They’re pick-up lines in that they’re meant to ultimately pick up the girl. They are NOT pick-up lines in that they are NOT meant to woo neither impress the girl, as most pick-up lines are often elaborate and cheesy attempts at just that.

One obviously has to open the girl to talk to her.

Over the past months (perhaps 7 months), my pickup openers/ice-breakers have been situational ones, opinion openers, statement openers and asking for directions:

Me: “Hey, where can I buy some good lunch around here”?

Me: “Yo, you have a twin? I swore I seen a girl who looked just like you today”!

Me: “Why are you checking me out like you want me”?

Me: “I like your g-string”

Those 4 have been my go-to openers over the past 7 months, albeit brilliant stuff with a success rate of 98% in actually getting the girl to stop and chat.

“So what is the problem Kenny”?

I’m fucking bored with the same shit so I’ve been brainstorming some novel openers which I’ll start to implement into my seduction repertoire ASAP!

3 New Canned Pick-Up Openers

“Hey, can you tell me where can I buy some coke?…I mean Coca Cola”

“Hey, I need a quick female opinion on something. Should a guy dump his girlfriend if she makes out with another guy”?

“You have 10 seconds to name 1 thing you like about me”

Ok, so there you have it: Kenny’s new-canned openers which I’ll be utilizing from now on until I get tired on them.

From experience, I can already predict the reactions I’ll get from women towards those 3 openers: laughter, smiles and intrigue…3 positive reactions by the way.

I’m also open for suggestions. So if you have some ingenious openers I can borrow, feel free to hit me up in the e-mail or post them in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “My New Slate Of Pickup Openers

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  1. I like your style Kenny. Here in Sweden, I open with a simple but energetic, “hello, how are you doin’?” Laced with a warm smile. These chicks here my American accent and usually warm up pretty quick. Then I tone down energy because these silly Swedes can’t handle high energy guys.


    1. Yea I’m with you. Anything is an opener, from “hi, hello to, what’s up”. They’re all openers. The beauty about “hello” is when you use the smile with it. Most guys go wrong in that they don’t smile and don’t add any depth to “hello”, so they come off as too generic and boring. But I use “hi”, stop and smile as openers occasionally.

      Cultural differences are good to be aware of bro. What one may get away with in the Caribbean, girls in Sweden may get weirded out by it and vice versa. So good point. Calibration is key there.


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