Most Men Secretly Wish To Fail In Getting Laid + Why Fatty-Banging Is Harder Than You Were Led To Believe

Guys really don’t expect to get laid

I ended my previous article on this note (which will be the running theme for this post):

Guys don’t really expect to get laid when they approach women. They say they do, but they secretly hope that the girl rejects them. That’s the real problem why most men fail to get laid: they secretly want to fail! because if the girl were to say, “Let’s go home”, the average guy will then have to fight with himself over what to do and how to do it when he gets the girl back to his place. So it’s much more easier to just approach women halfheartedly, get rejected and say, “She was a bitch anyway”.

Powerful, huh?

As I’ve been bombarded with a deluge of messages over the past month from guys questioning my method of pickup [rapid escalation and one-night stand game], I felt a need to address the underlying issue here- once and for all.

For starters: most of us fail because we suck!

If you do intend to successfully manage this part of your life, you have to firstly admit to yourself: “I suck”!

It’s no different than being admitted to rehab, whereas before you begin the program to transformation (hopefully), you must admit to yourself and others within the group, that you have a fucking problem!

The problem with guys who read pick-up advice and dating blogs such as mines, is that they come in with an “I know-it-all” attitude. “I have it all figured out”.

Rather they read, learn and put what they’d learned into action; they want to question and interject with their theory as to why this or that won’t work.

Remind you: these are usually guys with minimal to zero experience with hot women…yet they know what it takes to get women…yet they don’t have a girlfriend nor do they get regular sex to show for it.

Digressing here.

“Guys don’t really want to get laid”!

“Hot women is harder because it’s harder for you to sort out in your head why a hot girl would want to sleep with a guy like you” [quote from RSD Tyler].

That’s the mentality of the average guy who sucks at this.

Such a limiting belief percolates beneath the surface whenever he’s faced with a girl whom he ordinarily wouldn’t have the balls to behold, much less talk to.

With this in mind; he secretly wishes to fail.

He wields failure and rejection into existence.

Lack of confidence is the same thing.

If you’re a boxer entering a prize fight, not believing you stand a chance; then you won’t fucking win!

It’s that clear-cut.

Likewise with dating and meeting women.

Most guys approach the situation and the girl, with a defeatist and pessimistic mentality, not even giving themselves a shot at winning.

Hence, most guys secretly desire to get rejected whenever they approach women.

Verbally, such a guy will say to me:

“Fuck no Kenny! I approach women wanting to get laid! I’m never half-ass about what I want”.

That’s verbally.

Take him into the field or scrutinize his game as he approaches and opens women; his actions speak volumes, which is that he truly doesn’t want the girl.

Verbally- yes! Action wise- no!

Why do most men (secretly) want to fail in picking up women?

One line covers it all: Not being sure of themselves.

Self-doubt in one’s ability is enough to subconsciously talk someone out of a goal.

A guy who doesn’t think he’s worthy of a girl or a One-Night Stand with a super-hot girl, will approach that girl, hoping to get rejected, and hoping that a One-Night Stand never materialize (and it won’t).

If he gets rejected (which he secretly wants): “Oh well- it wasn’t meant to be”. “She wasn’t my type anyway”.

If he doesn’t get rejected and the super-hot girl who’s out of his league, actually takes him on, he then freaks out psychologically!

I can attest to this because it happened to me years ago when I wasn’t that good with women.

I didn’t believe I had the ability to pick up a girl out of my league.

When I did actually pick one up; it freaked me the hell out!

This super-hot girl actually wanted me- Kenny- to take her home…as in to fuck!

Any skilled guy would gracefully takes the reigns, lead her home and fuck the shit out of her.

Being that I wasn’t nearly as skilled in those years, I was baffled about what to do, how to do it, where to take her, how to fuck her, would I be good enough in bed, how could I stack up compared to the hotter guys she’d probably fucked, will my dick be too small, will she laugh at me, will I cum too quick…

The list of self-doubting questions goes on and on and on!

Those are the reasons why men secretly want to fail with women. The same reasons I wanted to fail when I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t believe I was good enough for such a hot girl.

Furthermore, I hadn’t accumulated enough experience (sexual or dating-wise) to be sure of myself.

I haven’t banged enough girls to be sure and component about my skills in bed.

These are enough logical reasons to make the average guy NOT want to pursue women with vigor, reckless abandonment, persistence and intensity.

Hence, he doesn’t give himself a shot to win. He subconsciously makes himself fail by getting rejected or cutting the conversation short.

Same goes for the guy who racks up phone numbers like trophies.

He’s not fucking trying to get laid…at least not then, there and now!

Settling for a girl’s phone # is tantamount to telling her that you don’t have a dick, don’t want to sleep with her, therefore “I’m taking your phone # instead of persisting until I get you to comply and into bed because I don’t have the balls to do it now”.

Getting a girl’s phone # and departing right afterwards, is a subtle confession that you aren’t sure about your ability to seduce her away, get her on an insta-date or instant sex. Hence, you secretly desire to fail with this girl…or else, you wouldn’t be satisfied with a lousy phone #, which 5 in 10 times, could possibly be fake, and 8 in 10 times, a phone # leads to nowhere-land.

Nevertheless, you can care less whether the # is legit or fake, because you truly don’t think you deserve the girl.

This ties into the argument I made in the previous article about guys who say stuff like, “Girls in my town are difficult”.

No- they are NOT difficult!

They are difficult because you secretly desire them to be difficult so you can justify to yourself and to others why you weren’t able to pick them up and sleep with them!

For instance, I’ve been infield with guys whom I trained in pickup on a one-on-one level. I would take a student to a bar and say, “Go chat up that girl”!

He would hesitantly go in, chat her up and return in less than 30 seconds tops.

Me: “Why are you back so fast”?

Student: “She said she has a boyfriend”.

Me: “So! All girls have boyfriends”.

Me: “Did she reject you”?

Student: “…I guess so.”

Me: “What makes you think she rejected you”?

Student: ” ‘Cause she said she has a boyfriend”.

Me: “That was NOT a fucking rejection”.

With such a typical scenario in mind, it made it clear to me that secretly- he wanted to fail!

If the girl was single, would that have changed the outcome? Of course not!

He didn’t think he was man enough for that girl.

He didn’t believe that he was worthy nor deserving of her.

Therefore, he prayed for a reason to give himself justification to eject and leave [“she said she has a boyfriend”].

See what I’m saying?

He was hoping that the girl was taken. As “Taken” would be his self-justification to leaving her alone and stroke his fragile ego by saying, “Well I could’ve picked her up if I wanted…but she was taken”. “At least I tried”.


You wanted to fail!

Thus the problem with over 90% of men who get involved in Pickup: they want to fail…and more than 90% of PUA’s fail!

They are preprogrammed to fail!

Guys with such a mentality [a loser’s mentality], when asked to approach women, justify their failure due to existential factors/excuses such as:

   “She was taken”

   “She was pregnant”

   “She wasn’t hot enough”

   “She’s too fat”

   “She’s too bitchy”

   “She wasn’t my type”

   “She didn’t respond to my questions”

   “She didn’t seem to want to talk”

Hence, such guys drop out of Pickup within a month and turn to sites such as PUA-Hate who bashes pickup for their failures. 😉

On a related note, another classic excuse is, “I’m waiting until I see the perfect girl”.

I have more respect for a guy who fucks fat girls, than I do for a guy who sits back and wait for the so-called perfect woman to come by in order to chat her up.

Fucking a fat-ugly girl requires the same approach, same mechanism, and same strategic game plan for extraction, as it would take to fuck a top 10 slim stunner!

Absolutely no difference whatsoever in core strategy!

Just because a girl is unattractive and way out of shape, doesn’t make her less easier to take to bed as we were led to believe by men with no experience in the field.

That is a common misconception among mental-masturbators such as those who frequent the Manosphere movement [and guys in general] who fat-shame.

Taking a fatty to bed will be a much more difficult task than taking a slim, super cute girl to bed…contrary to popular belief.

Why so?

A fat girl will have been way more self-conscious (although all women are).

A fat girl will have more self-doubt.

A fat girl will question more whether you really like her or are you just leading her on. This will make it a much difficult pickup as she would give you a harder time and scrutiny, just to reassure herself that it isn’t just a game.

Fatties, generally have a chip on their shoulders.

They have complex issues such as fat-people complexes about their weight.

A fat girl, having a chip on her shoulder, will bombard you with more shit tests and congruence tests, just to gauge your intentions.

Fat women generally are inclined to having attitude problems and being unapproachable due to societal ostrocization and fat-shaming.

I can pinpoint 100 other reasons as to why picking up fat girls is much more challenging on a whole.

I mean, have you ever checked out infield-pickup videos on Youtube? The friend who cock-blocks, is almost always a fat girl or ugly girl: 9 in 10 times! The rude friend is always the fat one. The leader of the group, who usually has a nasty attitude, is almost always a fat girl.

This isn’t mere coincidence.

That’s the type of shit you’ll have to put up with while trying to game fat girls and take them to bed…most times at least.

They will grill you to fucking death (out of insecurity)!

Hence, whenever I hear guys try to shame me by saying stuff like:

“Kenny fucks fat girls”!

I reply, “Yes I do. I bet you couldn’t manage to fuck a fatty…even if I paid you”! 🙂

Imagine having to deal with all that sassy shit from a fatty!? 😯

If you can get around a fat girl’s bullshit to sleeping with her; then I respect your game a ton!

Managing to sleep with a trim drop-dead gorgeous 10, doesn’t require much troubleshooting skills, neither much persuasion skills, nor much management skills!

Hot girls are typically much more open, social, sociable and approachable…contrary to popular belief that hot girls are stuck-up bitches who aren’t approachable.

Therefore, taking a slim-fine girl [a 10] to bed, isn’t difficult to achieve [and I speak from experience].

You only fool yourself into believing so because you really don’t feel that you deserve such a hot girl. So you approach her already pre-disqualifying yourself from the get-go.

At the root of it all, a girl who has low-self esteem issues, will be much harder to take to bed, contrary to popular belief that girls who are easy, have low-self esteem. Girls who are sexually liberated have zero self-esteem issues [those are usually slim women]. While fat girls are usually repressed sexually.

At the end of the day, I want you guys to examine your inner game/inner core in order to pinpoint your shortcomings so you can fix them.

The reason why you suck may very well come down to your inability to see that you are setting yourself up for failure with every girl you approach by making excuses to not get laid.

Like a surgeon, you have to find the problem areas first in order to successfully remove the tumor which is impeding the patient’s bodily performance.

The patient in this case- is you.

The surgeon is Kenny.

The problem area is dating and your unwillingness to step up out of fear of failure and disappointing women.

Some years ago, I knew this guy who was good with women on the surface.

He was a God at attracting women, getting them hooked and invested: yet he couldn’t get laid to save his life.

I came to find out months later from a girl whom he’d slept with, that dude was publicly shamed by a bunch of girls at a party, for having a tiny penis. 😯

Whether he does or not is irrelevant. The fact that he was publicly put on the spot about it, might have created a monster and drove this guy into his head to becoming self-conscious about downstairs.

Surly he never admitted to me that this was the case as to why he couldn’t get laid. But as an individual who psycho-analyzes others under the proverbial microscope, I was able to get to root of the problem (his fear) as to why this guy wouldn’t get laid.

Failure to disappoint women in bed, or possibly talked about, was enough to make this guy secretly desire to fail with women, although on the surface, he acted the part of a boss with women.

Now, your situation/fear might not be the same as his. But regardless, it is a fear at the root of it all as to why you [that’s if you do] can’t get laid and make excuses as to why you don’t persist to getting laid.

This’ also the case I’d noticed with most balding men: they are usually insecure about their Alopecia [balding]. They fabricate fictitious excuses to not approach women [“she’s too fat”], when in reality, the real reason why they self eject rapidly or are afraid to approach hot women and try to take them to bed, is because of their balding issues and how self-conscious it makes them feel. So it’s much more self-comforting to just stay home and avoid being shamed by both men and women.

I’ve been balding also over the past year +!

Photo of Socialkenny taken Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Photo of Socialkenny taken Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

However, you don’t see Kenny being hampered and all self-conscious about that shit! Hell- I’m still in the field approaching 50 women per day on some days, not giving a shit about my receding hairline and what women will think about it!

This doesn’t make me second-guess myself, nor does it make me not want to get laid because I’m afraid women will reject me or make fun of me for a thinning hairline.

Hence whenever I’m infield chatting up a hottie, my confidence shines so much that women typically say to me:

“You think you’re the shit”!?

I plow and persist until I either get the girl to come with me, or until she tells me to “fuck off”…and really means it!

I don’t approach women intending to fail!

I don’t approach expecting to lose.

I don’t approach to get phone #’s and leave.

Therefore, I encourage anyone who’s in the habit of giving up quickly to examine why it is so [fear], the cause of the fear, then root it out by pushing yourself to the limit by not making excuses to give up like a little bitch.

If you find yourself saying things like: “Girls aren’t easy”, “one-night stands aren’t possible”, “girls won’t cheat”, examine why it is you hold these false beliefs.

You’ll be surprised to know that it’s due to you NOT wanting to win, not really wanting to get that girl, but you actually and secretly want to fail so as to avoid having to deal with your imperfections and insecurities being highlighted by the women you would have taken home or gotten to know.

On that note, I leave you with a very powerful video by Todd Valentine, as he speaks to the issue: “Why most guys fear gigantic success”.

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