It Gets Easier Over Time…

The other night while rummaging through some documents and old pieces of scrap paper thrown under my bed, I came across a list of PUA-canned routines and openers which I’d jotted down on scrap paper some years ago in order to memorize them [what a nostalgic felling].

Personally, I still use canned routines and canned lines, albeit my own stuff which I use as my stock openers.

This revelation seems to boggle the minds of a lot of guys who see canned material as cheesy, lame and antiquated.

I on the other hand, am real enough to say that we all use routines and we all have our special line that we like to use in order to open a set of girl(s).

Simply saying, “Hi what’s up”, could be classified as a stock-canned line, simply for the fact that it is a go-to-question and routinely used.

Hence, we all use canned material, canned routines and canned openers. Just that some of them are lame while others will immediately hook the girl.

As I read through the list of routines which I’d copied off of PUA websites such as Sarge Nation and Seduction Tuition, I caught myself laughing inwardly as I reflect on how easy it is today for me to use a canned line than it was back then as a newbie or intermediate.

Any PUA from the era where indirect-method was king (pre 2010), can attest to this, that 1 of the most difficult hurdle and task to ever traverse, will be the ability to use a canned routine/opener without fucking it up in some way or another.

It is heart-throbbing and nerve-wrecking to say the least.

Trying to recite a pick-up routine or some canned material while in set or before opening the girl, will feel like being called upon to climb Mt. Everest without climbing gear…while being completely exhausted and drained.

The lengthier the pickup routine, the greater the chances of fucking it up and being caught out there by the girl.

Concise and simple openers such as: “Who lie more, men or women”(?), wouldn’t require the greatest amount of tact in order to pull off. Nevertheless, it is still nerve-wrecking for newbies to execute as it was for me as a student of the game years ago.

The longer routines however, were more risky and made you way more nervous to execute.

In retrospect, I remember being at the bar as a newbie with a canned routine written on scrap paper stuffed into my pant’s rear pocket, while sneaking away to the restroom every 5 minutes or so to recite it in the mirror just to get in perfected as much as possible (which wasn’t possible). 😆

Nerves alone were enough to derail this plan of perfection. So I would enter sets (approach women) using a lengthy-canned routine and found myself stumbling, mumbling and fumbling it like a hot potato…

It was treacherous (but worth it…in hindsight)!

The nerves, tension and awkward energy were so high that I almost shitted myself a few times while in set after approaching the girl trying to deliver the canned material!

Despite learning and trying to memorize a routine over the course of 2 weeks, as a newbie, your nerves and anxiety will almost always screw things up while approaching the girl.

The beauty in that is that perfection isn’t a prerequisite.

Nowadays, whenever I come across PUA-routine stacks and openers, I can pretty much utilize them within a heartbeat without an ounce of anxiety but pure natural finesse.

This should be expected though.

As you gain experience through repetition in a particular field, it will have become easier with less effort.

Hence the case with pickup routines and canned openers.

As a newbie or a guy with less experience; you will fuck up the delivery when approaching girls.

Your calibration and timing will be off.

Your confidence will also be an issue.

Just to give an example of a lengthy routine, this’ a classic opener/routine stack popularized by Badboy, the PUA guru from Eastern Europe.

I recall using a version of this as a pickup newbie and totally screwing it up numerous times while chatting to a set of girls.

“G-String Opener”

“Hey guys, you wont believe whats going on with a friend of mine and his girlfriend. They’ve been dating each other for six months now, and my friend really loves her. But they had this big fight a few weeks ago, and she went to visit her mother to cool down. And while she was gone, my friend was so depressed, that he ended up hooking up with some random girl he met in a club. Anyway, a few days later, his girlfriend comes back, and she finds this girls thong panties under the bed, and she KNOWS this thong isn’ t hers. So she confronts my friend on this, and he lies and says that the panties are his! And that he likes to dress up in women’s underwear. So I don’t know if his girlfriend knew he was lying and just wanted to punish him, or if she really is into this or not, but she said she thinks that’s really kinky and wants him to wear women’s underwear around the house. So he’s been doing this for a few weeks now and is absolutely MISERABLE”!

Possibly my all-time favorite routine which I still use to date.

All in all guys, whether you use canned material or go natural, if you’re still new to this, then struggling with anxiety and fumbling your thoughts will be the norm.

With time, practice, repetition and screw ups, it’ll all become easy breezy.

5 thoughts on “It Gets Easier Over Time…

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  1. Damn I never thought people here would STILL be using canned openers.
    When I first started I NEVER memorised words to say to open a conversation,(just banter lines but not anymore), instead I would just reverse engineer it and ask

    ‘What am I trying to achieve from this’ then I do that with far less words and instead of just word vomiting make it a conversation

    e.g. For the one above (NEWBS spot what i’m doing and use it TONIGHT, IT CAN GET YOU LAID)

    You:You will never believe what happened to a friend of mine
    Her: What
    You:Im not sure if I should tell you this, you’ll probably roll on the floor and wet your pants i don’t want you to be embarrassed
    *make her work for it*
    You: Ok ok ok ill tell you, my friend cheated on his GF after a falling out, she found the panties, he said that he bought them because he likes wearing women undies, what an idiot, so she made him wear it around the house because she thinks it kinky, i fell sorry for him *blah blah blah*

    The story is basically the first and the last line, the middle is roping her into what i call your seduction genjutsu(for naruto fans here), that was a simple reverse engineering of the above technique and it is FAR more effective(more ways to do it tho), notice I said *blah blah blah* at the end (don’t actually say that), because what you say does not matter, in that situation it is your vocal tonality and body language that does, it is your voice tone, conveying care-freeness that is going to make her laugh.

    WAAAAY more I can say about that but heres a good technique I used myself to build tension and make HER start a convo with me.


    (SOZ Kenny that this post is gonna be long but, its for the best *sigh*) NOTE: The hotter the girl the easier it is this will NOT work on 4’s,5’s,6’s ONLY 8’s(sometimes), 9’s and 10’s

    I was at a state science competition and at those places you would normally expect A LOT of hot girls there (there were if you have low standards) there were two that caught my eye.
    When I met her I had already pre-established a lot of pre-requisites(body language, eye-contact, walk etc), so when I came she was expecting me, I told her to sit next to me(she did, obediently)

    Then instead of turning to her and trying to start a convo like all other guys were trying to do because she was so hot, I ignored her, EVERY SECOND I did that my value went up in her eyes(and also the people around me), here I was rejecting this girl.

    Now before I continue let me describe her, she had blonde hair, rosy cheeks, south african, pointed nose, that cut smile, blue/hazel eyes, white teeth, a couple inches below 6 foot I think,(i’m 6 foot 4), smooth legs and hands etc.

    So as I kept ignoring her her hands started to tremble and her body was shaking until she blurted out something to me. Here, EVERY word you say is like honey and is very valuable to her, say the fuck you want (Kenny will kill me if i finish the routine, I got you in her room, now find the bed).

    Long story short she almost jumped me, and gave me *those eyes* wanting me to kiss her or take her away and fuck her right there, she asked me out before 5-10 minutes.

    Soz Kenny I just felt I needed to give the noobs a helping hand


    1. I love banter lines by the way. That’s usually how I open with some banter. But then I’ll use a canned opener midway in conversation just for the hell of it. And it usually gets the girl hooked.

      Lol I have to laugh at the way you backwards engineered it because I do the same today to make it more interesting. You definitely know how it’s done for sure. And as for newbs who might be reading this, that’s very helpful (your breakdown).

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