24 Things You Ought To Know About Women From A Pick-Up Artist

In no particular order of severity.

1. They only tell the truth after you manage to sleep with them

2. They think of sex more than men do

3. They will cheat on their significant other without a forethought…then regret it later

4. They cheat more than men do

5. They only feel sorry after the fact

6. They cry and feel remorseful only when caught

7. They secretly love to check out porn or sex-related material

8. They secretly “LOVE” to check out men’s bulges in their pants to see whether they have a hard on [numerous girls confessed this to me]

9. They are huge perverts

10. They run off of emotions and not logics

11. They are subconsciously attracted to men who have women in their lives

12. They abhor men who are weak, pushovers and passive

13. They have no tolerance for men who aren’t into them sexually…unless a platonic friend whom they’d friendzoned

14. They are gullible to a fault

15. They always believe that the grass is greener on the other side

16. They will almost always actively seek to upgrade their boyfriends by dumping the current for a new one

17. They only learn by being burned

18. They are subconsciously addicted to guys who treat them badly

19. They cannot help but to take kindness and niceness for weakness as long as it comes from a man

20. They are great concealers of their true feelings. For example, a woman may miss you to death during a fallout or break in relationship, but will play this off with the cool of James Bond.

21. They are easily bored by routine

22. They purposely don’t reply to your text messages and missed calls while pretending to not see them

23. They have the weirdest and most taboo fantasies like getting gang banged by a bunch of strangers…while blindfolded [Read Nancy Friday’s Secret Garden]

24. They prefer to fuck without condoms…but who don’t?

In no way was this list compiled through malice, misogyny or hatred for women rather through year’s worth of personal experience with women of all races and all walks of life.

White Guys Who Pick Up Black Girls + Hidden-Cam Video Of White PUA Picking Up Big-Boob Black Girl In A Baltimore Mall

Baltimore PUA

Baltimore PUA

I was sent the links to these videos from a PUA buddy of mines from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

He’s into fitness stuff heavy but also does pickup and he also specializes in the art of seducing young-black girls. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

These set of infield hidden-cam videos are timely in that I usually get bombarded with Facebook messages from white guys who have a thing for dark meat but are unsure in how to approach the situation. Friday alone, I received 3 such messages about this.

To be frank: women are women!

What works on white girls will work on blacks!

It’s just that simple.

Hence, there’s no tailor-made game for black girls, whites or Orientals.

As long as she’s westernized; then the script is always the same irregardless of the girl’s race or where she resides (suburbia or the urban jungle).

So the 1st thing you, as a white guy, must understand [or even a black guy who wants to pick up white girls], is that you should approach black girls in the same manner as you do white ones (and vice versa).

Alright, I’ll give my detailed breakdown and analysis of the videos.

What I like most about the videos or what is happening, is the guy’s humor, light-heartedness and ability to not get stuck inside of his head on serious and boring subjects such as schooling and so forth.

His conversation was mainly on situational, funny and trivial chick topics such as shopping.

That’s not all!

This guy is super confident and has a cool about him although he’s aggressive in the sense of not being afraid to get physical and touch the girl.

Hence while walking, as you’ll notice in the videos, he takes the girl’s hand and holds it in a romantic gesture which is a SUPER plus as a complete stranger.

Even as the girl resists a bit (token resistance), he persists and takes her hand again after she withdrew it seconds earlier.

At another point, he takes her hand while fingers are interlocked (romantically) and kisses her fingers in a semi-romantic way yet dominantly, which solidifies the girl’s attraction for him.

This is a far cry from guys who are totally adverse to touching and are solely concerned with grabbing a lousy-phone number and bouncing.

Why take a girl’s phone # when you haven’t even established a romantic or physical connection with her?

Therefore, get physical with the girl FIRST before even thinking to get her # as my buddy demonstrated in the videos with this random stranger.

In essence also, he’d taken the girl on an instant date which eliminates the need for begging the girl to go out at a later time.

As you would already know: I’m a strong advocate of pulling girls to insta-dates as you meet them opposed to leaving. So this guy is exhibiting the perfect game just as how I would do it [or any advanced PUA or coach].

As you’ll notice from his demeanor, he isn’t nervous, scared nor shy about his moves.

He confidently walks hand in hand with this total stranger, essentially building a romantic connection from the start instead of acting like a giant pussy opting to text girls and waste time on the internet trying to build romance.

If you also check the girl’s disposition in the videos, she is totally at ease and soaking up this odd moment of random romance with a complete stranger.

She isn’t uncomfortable, she isn’t nervous, she isn’t trying to escape, etc.

Although there are tons of moments of silence; it doesn’t frikkin’ matter!

The would-be-awkward silence is neutralized by the KINO (hand-holding). So although the guy would allow some seconds to go by without talking, he compensates for this by the more powerful aspect, which is romance.

This will only get awkward during silence if you’re walking with the girl and not doing anything (touching for instance). But as long as you’re establishing some physical with the girl, you don’t have to say a word at all.

I like what he did also in the 1st video which was that he took her arm and placed it around his neck so as to create the impression that she’s hugging him [powerful].

At the 0:56 second point mark, he casually leans over and kisses her on the cheek while walking. Once again establishing romance as he deepens the seduction.

Not to mention, this is a total stranger whom he’d just met less than 5 minutes ago off of cold approach [goes to show how powerful pickup is once you get rid of fear].

I also want you guys to take note of what the girl is doing throughout the videos as the sexual tension rises.


In other words, she’s using her fingers to fiddle with her ponytail.

This is done “SUBCONSCIOULY” without girls even knowing that they’re doing it.

Even if they know or catch themselves doing it: they cannot stop it as long as they’re sexually attracted to the guy.



“Preening” is a mating ritual done by all female species in the animal kingdom including women.

If a girl is open to sex or she is sexually aroused, she will “PREEN” or toy with something. In this case, it is her ponytail.

If a girl is NOT attracted to you, she won’t give off signs of preening/mating.

All throughout the videos, this girl is toying with her ponytail (unconsciously) sending the signals to the guy that she’s interested and sexually receptive.

My buddy seizes the opportunity and got sexual/romantic with her.

Hence, you have to know how to read these little-subtle signs while in the heat of battle to know when you can escalate, etc.

At 2:38 of the 1st video, he places his arm around her waist [another +].

He then deepens the ritual + the attraction by stopping by a massage store in the mall. Doing this coincides with something I teach a lot which is that you should take the girl here and there, stop off here and there, enter this spot and that spot, essentially making the instant date seem as some sorta adventure and escapade.

At 5:17 (1st video), while he sits to test run a foot massage, he extends his hand to the girl in order to further deepen the romantic connection.

At 5:50 (1st video), she gives a bit of token/fake resistance but you should all be able to see that it was “Fake” resistance.

BTW, I know some of you guys will have asked, “Why is she looking through her phone almost the entire time? Doesn’t that mean she is NOT interested or is bored”?

No it damn sure doesn’t!

She’s engaged in her phone not because she is bored or disinterested, but because she’s so excited and taken away by the situation. So much so that she has to seek an out/outlet which is to “Pretend” as though she’s doing something on her phone.

Hence, this’ a major + (aka “ioi”).

There are times when a girl looks through her phone out of boredom or impatience while talking face to face with a guy. But this definitely isn’t 1 of those moments. So recognize the difference.

At the 7:10 mark (1st video), he heightens the sexual tension by placing his hand on the girl’s ass.

Are you bold enough to do this with a girl whom you’d just met minutes ago?

Well you better learn to be!

Another thing to note guy as I mentioned earlier. Taking a girl from store to store in a mall as this guy’s doing, isn’t just a random occurrence but scripted!

You want to make a “ritual” out of things when meeting new girls.

Take them into stores, malls, shops, museums, art galleries, parks, and so forth. You want to bombard their logical mind with lots of angles and things. So that’s the point of this guy taking the girl in store after store to look at weird-abstract things.

It’s a routine!

At 2:10 mark of the 3rd video, he says to her:

“I really like your energy”.

This is obviously a compliment but a weird and unorthodox 1. This’ actually a classic PUA compliment popularized by Mystery, the godfather of Pickup.

Hence, whenever you compliment a girl, compliment her on her good energy (or high energy) and not her good looks. If you notice, this guy never complimented the girl on looks yet, but she’s still hooked! Therefore, complimenting women (on looks) is unnecessary and will backfire in most cases as you’ll come off as just another ass-kissing loser.

At the 2:20 mark, he does something (verbally) which a lot of advanced PUA masters do. He says to the girl:

“We have very natural attraction, right”?

By saying that to the girl, he’s affirming and confirming that the attraction is mutual and that he is attracted to her without having to say it directly.

He then rewards her for acknowledging the mutual attracting by kissing her on the hand.

This is pickup-seduction 101 displayed by this guy.

Also, at another point of the last video (3:03), he says to her:

“Let’s find somewhere to sit”!

He didn’t ask her!

He didn’t seek her permission like a little bitch!

He “Led” her with an assumption frame by assuming that she would be down anyway.

This is powerful and key!

Never ask a girl’s permission. Simply tell her what’s up and GO!

“Let’s find somewhere to sit”, and lead her by the hand to that spot (as my buddy did in the video).

At the 3:30 mark, she says to him, “I don’t trust you”.

This is a frikkin’ PLUS!

Whenever a girl says that to you, that she doesn’t trust you, it is an IOI (Indicator Of Interest), as contradicting in nature as it sounds.

Now check the dichotomy here. Although she says to him “Verbally”, “I don’t trust you”, what does her actions say “Physically”? That she trusts him! ๐Ÿ˜†

If she really didn’t trust him, she would NOT have been going along with him throughout the mall, walking with him like lovers and so forth.

Hence, she really DOES trust him! But due to her built-in ASD (Anti-Slut Defense), she has to say that she doesn’t trust him.

Therefore, when a girl says that she doesn’t trust you, yet she’s there with you and being compliant, it’s a lie and it means that she does trust you!

My buddy capitalized off of this contradiction by kissing her on the lips and making out with her right after she said she doesn’t trust him, at the 3:40 mark of the last video.

Another thing to note guys, after making out with a random girl, or any girl for that matter, Do NOT treat it as though you won something! play it cool as possible as if this sorta stuff is normal for you and it happens for you on a daily basis.

Keep your goddamn cool as this guy does!

Ok, so she doesn’t trust him yet she makes out with him.

This underscores a point in pickup that we teach which is that you should NEVER believe anything a girl says when her emotions are engaged.

Had he taken it at face value that she doesn’t trust him, he would’ve lucked out on the makeout.

Another point guys, after making out with a girl, you don’t go all crazy about it by trying to rape her or anything. Just keep your cool and act as natural as possible as though nothing happened.

This will communicate to the girl that you’re Alpha.

At the 5:00 mark, he’s working out the logistics of where else to take the girl.

She’s totally down for anything right now. All he has to do is to continue leading as he’s been doing!

At 5:50, hand on her ass again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

More sexual tension.

At the 6:08 mark, Her mental circuitry fried out!

In seduction, this happens when a girl is so sexually aroused and turned on (by the guy’s actions and NOT his looks), that she actually becomes mentally disturbed in the sense that she cannot keep her train of thoughts. Her brain circuitry has been fried by her sexual-aroused state.

Hence at the 6:08 mark of the 3rd video, she’s in a state of mass confusion as her horniness isn’t allowing her to think straight, so she says to him:

“I was gonna say something but I forgot…never mind”!

Whatever she was intended to say, her brain isn’t able to process it logically.

When you get a girl in such a mental state (fried circuitry); there’s little to no resistance left towards your sexual advances.

At 10:37, he rewards her with a genuinely compliment, which at this stage of the seduction, won’t hurt.

I can guarantee at numerous times while on her phone, she’s probably texting 1 of her BFF’s saying:

“You won’t believe this! Some random guy just came up to me and swept me off my feet and I don’t know what is going on”! ๐Ÿ™‚

Remind you guy; he did NOT get her phone # up until this point.

Most guys, as stupid as we are, would’ve gotten the girl’s phone # from the 1st minute and bounce…ALONE, essentially accomplishing nothing.

This guy on the other hand, was able to take this girl home and I shouldn’t have to spell out for you what had happened. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok, so that’s my breakdown and analysis of a seduction sequence from almost start to finish as this guy had approached the black girl in a mall to taking her home.

It’d be the same exact procedure had this girl been white or Asian and had the guy been black or Asian.

Women are women on an intricate level in spite of race.

Moreover, for those guys who want to know how to pick up girls online or how to get phone #’s, I hope that these set of videos will have changed your mind.

If this guy can seduce random hot girls at the mall, then there’s no frikkin’ excuse as to why you cannot do the same.

Check out the videos and learn.

It Gets Easier Over Time…

The other night while rummaging through some documents and old pieces of scrap paper thrown under my bed, I came across a list of PUA-canned routines and openers which I’d jotted down on scrap paper some years ago in order to memorize them [what a nostalgic felling].

Personally, I still use canned routines and canned lines, albeit my own stuff which I use as my stock openers.

This revelation seems to boggle the minds of a lot of guys who see canned material as cheesy, lame and antiquated.

I on the other hand, am real enough to say that we all use routines and we all have our special line that we like to use in order to open a set of girl(s).

Simply saying, “Hi what’s up”, could be classified as a stock-canned line, simply for the fact that it is a go-to-question and routinely used.

Hence, we all use canned material, canned routines and canned openers. Just that some of them are lame while others will immediately hook the girl.

As I read through the list of routines which I’d copied off of PUA websites such as Sarge Nation and Seduction Tuition, I caught myself laughing inwardly as I reflect on how easy it is today for me to use a canned line than it was back then as a newbie or intermediate.

Any PUA from the era where indirect-method was king (pre 2010), can attest to this, that 1 of the most difficult hurdle and task to ever traverse, will be the ability to use a canned routine/opener without fucking it up in some way or another.

It is heart-throbbing and nerve-wrecking to say the least.

Trying to recite a pick-up routine or some canned material while in set or before opening the girl, will feel like being called upon to climb Mt. Everest without climbing gear…while being completely exhausted and drained.

The lengthier the pickup routine, the greater the chances of fucking it up and being caught out there by the girl.

Concise and simple openers such as: “Who lie more, men or women”(?), wouldn’t require the greatest amount of tact in order to pull off. Nevertheless, it is still nerve-wrecking for newbies to execute as it was for me as a student of the game years ago.

The longer routines however, were more risky and made you way more nervous to execute.

In retrospect, I remember being at the bar as a newbie with a canned routine written on scrap paper stuffed into my pant’s rear pocket, while sneaking away to the restroom every 5 minutes or so to recite it in the mirror just to get in perfected as much as possible (which wasn’t possible). ๐Ÿ˜†

Nerves alone were enough to derail this plan of perfection. So I would enter sets (approach women) using a lengthy-canned routine and found myself stumbling, mumbling and fumbling it like a hot potato…

It was treacherous (but worth it…in hindsight)!

The nerves, tension and awkward energy were so high that I almost shitted myself a few times while in set after approaching the girl trying to deliver the canned material!

Despite learning and trying to memorize a routine over the course of 2 weeks, as a newbie, your nerves and anxiety will almost always screw things up while approaching the girl.

The beauty in that is that perfection isn’t a prerequisite.

Nowadays, whenever I come across PUA-routine stacks and openers, I can pretty much utilize them within a heartbeat without an ounce of anxiety but pure natural finesse.

This should be expected though.

As you gain experience through repetition in a particular field, it will have become easier with less effort.

Hence the case with pickup routines and canned openers.

As a newbie or a guy with less experience; you will fuck up the delivery when approaching girls.

Your calibration and timing will be off.

Your confidence will also be an issue.

Just to give an example of a lengthy routine, this’ a classic opener/routine stack popularized by Badboy, the PUA guru from Eastern Europe.

I recall using a version of this as a pickup newbie and totally screwing it up numerous times while chatting to a set of girls.

“G-String Opener”

“Hey guys, you wont believe whats going on with a friend of mine and his girlfriend. Theyโ€™ve been dating each other for six months now, and my friend really loves her. But they had this big fight a few weeks ago, and she went to visit her mother to cool down. And while she was gone, my friend was so depressed, that he ended up hooking up with some random girl he met in a club. Anyway, a few days later, his girlfriend comes back, and she finds this girls thong panties under the bed, and she KNOWS this thong isnโ€™ t hers. So she confronts my friend on this, and he lies and says that the panties are his! And that he likes to dress up in womenโ€™s underwear. So I donโ€™t know if his girlfriend knew he was lying and just wanted to punish him, or if she really is into this or not, but she said she thinks thatโ€™s really kinky and wants him to wear womenโ€™s underwear around the house. So heโ€™s been doing this for a few weeks now and is absolutely MISERABLE”!

Possibly my all-time favorite routine which I still use to date.

All in all guys, whether you use canned material or go natural, if you’re still new to this, then struggling with anxiety and fumbling your thoughts will be the norm.

With time, practice, repetition and screw ups, it’ll all become easy breezy.

Petition To Ban “Simple Pickup” Videos From Youtube

PUA politics in the air again! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

“Removing Simple Pickup’s Youtube Channel”.

How crazy the irony that I was googling the now defunct “PUA-Hate” and happened to come across a petition to Youtube to ban “Simple Pickup’s” Youtube channel.

Another irony is, I actually wrote a draft post about 7 months ago which was to be entitled: “Socialkenny Petition To Ban Simple Pickup’s Youtube Videos”. I never bothered to publish the post but I was encouraged to do so as I came across the link of the banning petition on change.org.

Ok, who the fuck is “Simple Pickup” and why does Kenny wish to get their videos banned from Youtube?

Simple Pickup is a trio of PUA’s out of California, consisted of an Indian, Oriental and a guy who looks Latino…I think. โ“

Simple Pickup

Simple Pickup

Their names are Jesse, Jason and King Kong.

King kong was actually a member of the Casanova Crew Southern California Forum before he blew up as part of Simple Pickup trio. So he’s cool with my boy JTR, the most hated man in the PUA community. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Their content are probably the most viewed dating/pickup-related videos on Youtube [millions of views per video].

I was once sold on their stuff and was a regular viewer until…

Ok, before I get to the fallout, I want to state that I actually promoted these fagots on my blog back in February 2012. Read: Finding love in a crazy place by Simple Pickup.

Now, this wasn’t just some random endorsement of that event which Simple Pickup was to hold at the University of California Berkeley (Wheeler Hall Auditorium).

They actually contacted me via e-mail and phone call to help them promote the event on my website.

Being the large-hearted PUA as I am; I said “sure”! And we worked out the particulars of the promotion.

To take it a step further just to show how much of a “nice guy” I can be, I told those dudes to hold on to the money (included the commission) and I’ll actually post/host their event free of charge on my website.

They agreed!

No strings attached at all!

The event came off successfully at UC Berkeley. It was sold out, partly thanks to me being that a great portion of the tickets were purchased through my website.

No fret on my part!

You make money? So fucking what! Keep it! I’m happy for you chodes!

I didn’t even get a thank you before or after the event came off…not that I was expecting any to be honest.

Up to that point, there wasn’t an issue between me and those dudes.

Last year sometime, I decided to sign up to their forum as I am a member of dozens of PUA forums as most PUA’s are.

I signed up, my account was approved and I began posting to the Simple Pickup Forum.

With my 1st. post, which was a pick-up video of mines: I got banned! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Holy fucking shit that had to have been a record on getting banned the fastest from any seduction forum!

Those pricks banned me within 2 hours of signing up to their forum.

As you can see from the screenshot below, my status says “Banned” [below my name on the lead side of the screenshot]!

You will have also noticed in the screenshot that as part of their forum rules, is that they can ban anyone at anytime without notice.

Talk about Nazi-style forums!

What a fucking way to run a forum that the mods and owners are at liberty to ban anyone at anytime even though they might not have violated forum rules?

That’s crazy and retarded!

Those fagots at Simple Pickup, expect forum members to suck their cocks (proverbially) in order to secure their accounts!?

I guess they didn’t know that Kenny doesn’t roll that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anywho, so I got banned within 1 hour upon posting my 1st post which was a pickup video of myself picking up a girl somewhere (can’t remember the details).

Remind you- this isn’t in contravention of forum rules. One is allowed to post videos from other pick-up sources as long as it’s relevant to the post’s topic.

Hence, I didn’t break any rules. But when dealing with Beta-Male minded chodes; they violate even their own rules once they feel threatened by other guys who are stronger, more dominant and has more game.

The reason they banned me from their forum (albeit, after approving my account), is very simple and it boils down to 1 adjective: THREATENED!

I notice that a lot of guys around the pickup community are threatened by my infield hidden-camera videos.

Not only because my stuff are “REAL” and I don’t hire actresses and models to play compliant. But I have the potential to expose a lot of phonies in the genre, even though my videos are never about that but merely to give guys a real-world view into seducing women.

With that being the case, Simple Pickup decided to ban me from posting to their forum although I didn’t violate any forum rules.

Tons of other forum members were posting PUA videos of other PUA’s apart from Simple Pickup: but they weren’t banned!

However, Socialkenny is a different kind of animal who gets wussies feeling mighty uncomfortable whenever he steps into the building.

Upon being banned, I felt that it must have been some sorta mistake on the mod’s part so I contacted Simple Pickup directly to avoid dealing with any cock-sucking middleman.

All my attempts at communication with those insecure assholes were screened out…down to my text messages.

A week went by- no reply.

Two weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months, 4 months…account still on “banned”.

A while later, when I reflected on the favor I’d done for those scumbags and to get treated this way without provocation, it made my blood boil! So I decided to write up a petition post which I never got around to posting.

Now we’re here- many months later- with a post in support of banning those chodes’ videos from Youtube.

Apparently, it isn’t just Kenny who wants these guys banned from Youtube.

Obviously, I have different reasons for this. But others are offended by their videos [women], although I see them [the videos] as totally comical and stupid without a cause.

Lots of women who have been petitioning Youtube to get Simple Pickup banned, are doing so because they feel as though their videos promote rape, groping and sexual harassment.

I don’t hold this view at all!

If that’s the case, then my videos should be banned also…which they kind of were [I spoke about it in this post: Women in uproar over Kenny’s Youtube videos].

I’m in no way hoping to get these dudes banned from Youtube because of the nature of their videos, since my videos are even more graphic and screams sexual harassment in a more damning way. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Therefore, I am NOT cheerleading with the women who are looking to get them banned.

I’m a separate voice who’s looking to get these cock-suckers banned for different reasons.

Call it retribution and payback!

They banned me from their forum like little bitches. I hope that their channel gets banned from Youtube the same way [eye for an eye].

Apart from that, these guys’ content are shitty and clownish!

They advocate picking up girls in the most stupid of ways.

In fact, I don’t even think they expect anyone to try their stuff. I think it’s all a marketing ploy to make money and gain popularity but in a clownish fashion.

Their videos make people laugh; not get you laid!

They have tons of spectators but 99% of their male viewers, will never get off their asses to actually field test any of that shit. However, they watch the videos just for the laugh factor.

I was actually shocked to see guys like Squattin’ Casanova stay silent and dick-ride just to not get his account banned on the Simple Pickup’s forum.

Some guys will always sell the fuck out I guess. โ“

All in all, these idiots are bad business for the seduction community.

They’re internet marketers who have no game!

They’re the reason why sites such as PUA-Hate once existed to counter the scammy bullshit!

It’s just ridiculous and I would like nothing more than to see these guys put out of fucking comission once and for all.

They are wastes!

With that, feel free to head over to change.org to sign the petition to get these guy’s Youtube banned.

Remove Simple Pickup Channel

Thus far, change.org claims to have 33,000 supporters who have already signed the petitioned.

If you’re not interested in petitioning them; fine!

I have personal qualms here, so this’ why I’m rolling full steam ahead in support of getting these cock-suckers banned from Youtube.

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