PUA Hate Is Dead?

Farewell PUA-Hate

A site which has been a thorn in the side for many years of countless genuine coaches and gurus in the seduction community.

In the wake of the multiple murders and suicide over the weekend committed by the now infamous, Elliot Rodger, former PUA-Hate member, the forum seemed to have been disbanded the day after the shootings.

Speculations have it, and quite believable if you know the reputation of that site, that perhaps other members of PUA-Hate had prior knowledge of Elliot’s sinister plot through posting.

There was actually some clippings circulating the net before the site had gone down, where fellow PUA-Haters were cheerleading Elliot Rodger as a hero for the retribution against women via multiple homicide.

Now, I personally believe that it was due to such public incitements and adoration via the website, that the moderator decided to sack everything as to avoid the implication of others on PUA-Hate!

Coincidentally, PUA-Hate’s Twitter account has also been deleted since the carnage. 😯

As much as I hate what those Incels [Involuntary Celibate] stood for, it was a fun ride in a sorta twisted way. Everything from exposing fake-marketing pickup gurus to outing anonymous-pickup bloggers who were afraid to go public and so forth.

Even though it was negative press, a lot of us around these parts (in seduction) have gained notoriety through PUA Hate.

For crying out loud, I posted a video there before I was banned, where I’d picked up a Caribbean-beauty pageant winner and got her phone number. That’s 1 of my highest-rated Pickup videos per views to date [thanks PUA Hate]. They loved that shit! πŸ˜‰

On a more optimistic note, perhaps they will surface somewhere else…on another forum? Perhaps a PUA-Hate 2.0 website with restrictions on what can be posted?

Figure heads such as Nicklaus and Johnny aka Lefty, who were moderators for the site, are bound ro resurface even on other PUA forums which they’d been banned from for spreading malicious lies among the bits and pieces of truth they’d mix in there.

Be as it may; fuck it!

They won’t be missed!

Download Casanova Crew PUA Podcast Show Episode 51: On Past PUA-Hate Antics In The Pickup Community

2 Simple Tips For Breaking Out Of Your Shell And Becoming Social

Two great ways to break out of your shell:

1.) Ask someone who doesn’t look certain, if he or she needs some help as in directions.

2.) Say hi to someone whom you’re not on speaking terms with.

Nearly 2 years ago, I had a massive falling-out with a certain girl and we no longer spoke since then.

On my way to work, I would see this girl like once a week and we would pass each other without the slightest acknowledgment.

One day I said to myself, “Why the fuck not!? Why not say something to her and totally throw her off guard”?

The next time that I seen her, I’d broken the 2 years of silence:

Me: “Hi V******”.

She was so startled that she almost dropped her cellphone. πŸ™‚

She reciprocated with a hi and we kept it moving.

Mission successful!

Second example for you guys to break out of the shell is to ask someone if they need help.

While running some errands, I came across an elderly lady who seemed to have been unsure of where she wanted to go but was too flustered to ask for help or directions.

Noticing this, I immediately took the initiative to say:

“Oh you need help with something”?

Old lady: “Oh yes thanks, I was looking for the *********”.

Irony is, she was actually seeking directions to my workplace.

There you have it: nothing fancy, no ulterior motives besides sharpening your social skills which will help you over time on the journey in dating and getting laid.

Plus- you can’t get laid by not being sociable!

Push comes to shove, my most recent video where I’d approached almost 30 random women about their g-string, you can take that approach to push yourself in the right direction…which is to get laid!

Elliot Rodger: The Santa Barbara Shooter, Ex-PUA And Well-Known Member Of The PUA-Hate Forum

Elliot Rodger, ex-PUA, popular member of the PUA-Hate forum turned mass-killer

Elliot Rodger, ex-PUA, popular member of the PUA-Hate forum turned mass-killer

In the seduction community, we have a popular acronym-term to describe most men in the western hemisphere: AFC [Average Frustrated Chump]. Being sexually frustrated ties into this.

The following post [in red font] was put together via Facebook by the seduction guru, Alan Roger Currie aka Mode One.

I pretty much agree with Alan’s take on what propelled Elliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara shooter, to go on a drive-by, which left 6 women dead on the 23 rd. of May, 2014 (Friday).

Personally, I was once a member of the PUA-Hate forum not long ago, but my account was blocked due to the fact that…well- PUA-Hate’s members hate PUA’s.

Ironically though, in spite of the name “PUA-Hate”, 99.9% of the guys on that forum are ex-PUA’s, still practicing PUA’s or wannabe PUA’s, who’d became frustrated at not getting laid through seduction/pickup, hence the reason PUA-Hate forum was created.

Elliot Rodger, the UC Santa Barbara student, was one such PUA who couldn’t get laid, coupled with the fact that he was still a virgin at the age of 22 and hadn’t kissed a girl in his life [according to what he’d said in his last video prior to the killings]. His manifesto was littered with sexually frustrated diatribe as to why he couldn’t get any woman to pay him an ounce of attention.

It’s a very small world in many ways in that I’m familiar with Elliot as a forum member of PUA-Hate with whom I’d interacted with, or argued with I should say, on previous threads on how to attract women.

Hence it’s ironic to see someone whom you’d communicated with previously, materialize into an infamous figure over night by mass killing some innocent people.

Ok, the following is Alan Roger Currie’s brief take on this…100% of which I agree with.

Alan Roger Currie, seduction guru

Alan Roger Currie, seduction guru

β€œSince I have already received dozens of Email messages and Facebook inbox messages, I will offer some brief words on Elliot Rodger and the unfortunate murder spree that took place in Santa Barbara.

When women read Chapter 5 of my book, “Mode One” (the chapter on ‘Mode Four’ Behavior – The Misogynistic Revenge Seekers), some of them said, “Alan … it isn’t THAT serious, is it?” Some men said, “Aren’t you being a wee bit melodramatic with that chapter? Aren’t you guilty of fear-mongering?”

Now … after George Sodini murdered women in an LA Fitness in 2009, and just recently, Rodger murdered five or six women in Santa Barbara, people want to say, “Damn Alan … you were SO RIGHT. I remember when you posted on PUAhate.com predicting scenarios like this. You talked about this type of behavior in your chapter about Mode Four Behavior” YOU DAMN RIGHT I DID. Women are dead now, so people are starting to wake the fu** up.

I am telling you here and now: There are a lot of young “soon-to-be Jack the Ripper” types brewing in society and a number of “soon-to-be Ted Bundy” types coming up in society right now, and it is not anything to be taken lightly.

Young men between 15 and 35 are romantically frustrated, sexually frustrated, they feel like they have been ignored, rejected, and disrespected by women … and they are not just whining and complaining about it. I refer to these types as “The Frustrated Nice Guys.” After playing the role of the ‘well-mannered nice guy’ and not experiencing any romantic success from it, they hit an emotional and egotistical downward spiral into what I refer to as the “Mode Four” Zone.

At first, they simply whine and complain about women (on sites such as PUAhate.com), but then they are starting to grab knives, shot guns, and other weapons, and they set out to KILL the women of interest who they feel rejected them unfairly.

And I discussed this as far back as 1990 … and on a number of internet message boards as far back as 2002 or 2003. Some treated me like a sensationalist who was trying to drum up book sales. Now they say, “Sh*t JUST GOT REAL. AGAIN.” It got real a long time ago . . .”

Elliot Rodger's PUA-Hate profile

Elliot Rodger’s PUA-Hate profile

Well said Alan Roger!

I’m definitely not trying to excuse anything here, but when you listen to mainstream-internet sources say that the guy was racist; I totally disagree with that! A passage in this linked article from a mainstream source, tried to portray this as though Elliot Rodger hated blacks and Indians because of the following statements:

“I passed by this restaurant and I saw this black guy chilling with 4 hot white girls. He didn’t even look good. Then later on in the day I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and saw an Indian guy with 2 above average White Girls”!!!

That’s racist or merely envious that he wasn’t able to get this sort of action!!!?

What Elliot Rodger was getting at, is his frustration as to why black guys and Indian guys could interracially date, while he as another so-called minority, wasn’t fortunate at all to date (white) women as a so-called minority. That is basically what he meant. He wasn’t racist. He literally felt that he was unfairly excluded from the interracial-dating pool while other so-called minorities were dating women of other races.

If you were a handsome guy and see other women flocking towards guys who don’t seem as attractive, when the media and Hollywood has been pumping shit into your brains that looks matter; wouldn’t that drive you nuts as a good-looking man who still couldn’t get laid, while unattractive men were slaying pussy!?

The mainstream-dating market and the western media are to be liable for such atrocities. And to a lesser extent; women are to be held accountable in the court of public opinion also.

This is why the PUA community exists in the first place; to curb and counter the bullshit of the media and shallow-mindedness of most women, who are quick to reject and banish men due to superficial reasons.

This tragedy also squashes the myth that looks and money matter. Elliot Rodger had money (his father is a well-known director of The Hunger Games) and he was NOT bad looking!

Elliot Rodger did try Pickup/Seduction to get some Game in order to meet and date women…and get laid (he was a 22 year old virgin)…to no avail.

His failure to become good at Pickup doesn’t speak bad of Pickup, but just that most men will not be able to get over the barriers of inhibitions and self-doubt when it comes to getting laid.

That was his problem and sticking point which most of us have.

It’s for this reason, Elliot Rodger became disgruntled with the PUA community and decided to become an anti-PUA PUA through the PUA-Hate forum.

For the record; every guy over at PUA-Hate subscribes to Pickup/Seduction. It’s just that they are disgruntled and frustrated and feel as though they’d been bamboozled by PUA coaches and instructors, hence their anti-PUA rhetoric. But all of them subscribe to Pickup and do practice it.

Although it’s an anti-PUA forum, lots of mainstream-seduction Pickup coaches have signed up to the forum over the years, primarily in order to further educate these sexually frustrated guys in the art of getting laid. Just as I was a member [now banned], others in the community such as Alan Roger Currie, Aaron Sleazy, Squatting Cassanova and GLL has been members at some point in order to help these disgruntled PUA’s over at PUA-Hate.

I was so liked over there at 1 point (in spite of being a PUA advocate), they’d actually featured quite a number of posts of mines which created interesting discussions on PUA politics and game in general. But then they veered off into ranting by labeling me a scam artist in the following post on their site:

Is Socialkenny and GLL the same person = scam?

Back in 2011, they’d actually done a review of Alan Roger’s book, Mode One, but as expected, they deemed it to be another seduction rip-off product:

Does Mode One totally suck?

On a related note, I’d like to say that actual scammy and shady Pickup-marketing characters are also to be blamed for the creation of guys like Elliot Rodger. Scamming men into wasting money on products on how to get laid, isn’t fucking cool! This is the reason PUA-Hate exists in the first place; a conglomerate of sexually frustrated PUA’s who felt that they were scammed out of their money by gurus and seduction coaches yet still cannot get laid. With this reality, we in this community have also got to out the known scam-artists who have infiltrated our community in order to make money and not help guys get laid.

It’d gotten so bad over there that members of that forum (PUA-Hate) had coined a term to describe themselves and their situation: “Incels”, involuntary celibate.

Elliot Rodger also had a PUA blog which eerily features only 1 post: Lonely in Santa Barbara.

This goes to highlight the sad reality of lots of seemingly good-looking and sane men in America, who are driven to heinous acts due to romantic and sexual deprivation.

The more I think about it, this was a really sad and unfortunate situation for all.

This guys was clearly lonely due to no fault of his own, as the title of his blog defines.

How many young and old men in America are lonely today and are liable of flying off the hinges tomorrow to take some women with them?

Girls beware!

This is why Pickup exists; to save guys like Elliot Rodger from doing the unthinkable…which was too late in his case.

The PUA community didn’t cause this guy to kill. He sought out the PUA community in the first place in order to avoid doing something crazy. Unfortunately for him; he wasn’t able to internalize what we teach as seduction.

I could’ve been an Elliot Rodger had I not found the seduction community years ago and learned what it takes to attract women and get laid.

His hatred of women stemmed from years of being rejected by women. I was once in that boat as 95% of us who get into pickup.

However, the mainstream seems to blame the Pick-Up Artists for this tragedy.

Furthermore, this was just another sad case of nice guys finishing last, as Elliot was a “nice guy” who felt cheated out of dating since women in his immediate surroundings were flocking to the badboy type. So most men on the globe can relate to what Elliot Rodger felt and how he felt since most of us live through it. Me being a former nice guy who got shitted on by women for years; I can relate and I can also understand why seeing women constantly flocking to asshole and jerks can make an average nice guy hate women and abhor their very existence due to the hypocrisy of women!

He just couldn’t fathom why women would constantly reject him: he was wealthy, handsome, drove expensive cars, educated, a “nice guy”, etc.

Elliot Rodger in the same BMW with which he did the drive-by

Elliot Rodger in the same BMW with which he did the drive-by

At the end of the day, I would hope that women finally realize how difficult the dating and sex market is for most men [95% of us in the western hemisphere]. The average girl, no matter how ugly, has the option to instant sex. The average man, no matter how handsome or how rich, will still have to scratch and snitch and pray just to break his virginity ot to get sex on a regular basis.

Other members of the PUA community, good friends of mines, have recently chimed in on the tragedy.

*I could’ve been Elliot Roger by Mike Chief

*Elliot Rodger proves the need for Pickup by The Jester

*No one would’ve died if PUA-Hate killer learned game properly by Roosh V

*Could Pickup Artists have stopped Elliot Roger’s rampage? by Ronnnie Libra

Mainstream internet posts:

*The Pick-Up Artist Community’s predictable horrible response to a mass murder by Slate Magazine

*Online forum for sexually frustrated men reacts to news that mass shooter may be one of their own by The Business Insider

*Elliott Rodger’s hatred for women

*Disturbing internet footprint of Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger by Forbes

*Behind the sexist ideology of a mass murderer by Think Progress

*Angry underground world of failed pickup artists by Jezebel

You can also download a past podcast episode of the JTR PUA podcast show out of Southern California, which featured members of PUA-Hate such as the infamous Johnny, who explained why PUA-Hate hates PUA gurus and other such sentiments. It gives you a greater sense into the psyche of guys like Elliot Rodger.

Download JTR PUA podcast show episode #52 featuring PUA-Hate members of Southern California

“You Can Suck My Breasts Instead”: Sexual-Encounter Field Report Part III

It’s proven more difficult than I thought to get to bang this chick.

This is the 1 hiccup, or I guess I should say- main hiccup- in trying to fuck girls with boyfriends: it’s always a game of “trying to hide from the boyfriend” in order to get some action behind his back.

This was the 3rd. and final attempt to taking this girl to bang-ville.

All reasonable options had been exhausted: her job, my job, etc.

We came up with an even more wild and dangerous suggestion: meet at her place…where the boyfriend stayed also. 😯

This sounded crazy to me when I first thought of it but as she entertained the idea, I was even more spurred on for making this dangerous mission.

It had been about a week and 2 days since we’d first met. The attraction was still hot and blazing, which goes back to a crucial tenet of seduction which is that you must escalate rapidly or else the girl will lose interest and attraction and the window of opportunity to fuck her, will have closed.

Knowing this, I knew that this was most likely a last-ditch effort at the lay before the attraction will have died…or she regrets sneaking around behind her boyfriend’s back. So I must act fast to avoid any derailment as in she having 2nd thoughts!

She texted me the logistical details of her boyfriend, her address and so forth:

*Boyfriend goes to work at 11 PM sharp.

*Boyfriend gets home at 6-7 AM

*He usually pops in periodically around 12 AM and 2 AM to check on her.

The girl and I had to aim somewhere for between 1 and 2 AM. Anything after 12 and before 2 seemed the least riskier time frame. Anything later than 2 AM and sleep would’ve knocked us out.

It was about 9 PM and we Sexted a lot in order to rev ourselves up for what was inevitable: hot-steamy adulterous sex.

In the mist of the sexting session, she’d sent me lots of real-time photos of what to expect when I get there.

Below is 1 such photo she’d taken in the mirror, the only 1 from the sexting session which had her face omitted.

Anywho, the only remaining obstacle was how I was to get into her yard without alerting any nosy neighbor.

She told me that the dude who lives in the house directly across the street, has an obsessive crush on her to the point that he would stay up all night on his porch just to see if and when she enters and exists her house.

Hence, going through the front gate was a highly risky proposition which might get me caught by the stalker neighbor and get her in trouble if he decides to rat her out to the boyfriend.

She suggested I sneak through the backyard which had a hole in the fence but was covered up with some brush to make it not so apparent.


I fought to stay awake until 1 AM being that I was literally doing nothing but waiting at home for the text to come in saying that the BF had left.

I fought and fought and fought sleep like a muthafucker! Got up and made a cup of Joe about 10:30 PM hoping that the caffeine would keep me awake.

An SMS message came in about 11:30: “My boyfriend left to work. I will text you to come 1 AM”.

Shit! How the fuck am I gonna stay up for another hour and a half doing nothing and bored out my mind!?

I decided to write an unrelated-blog post on my mobile device in order to pass some time and stay awake.

One o’clock AM, BBM text message came in:


I jumped off the bed, hauled on some old sneakers and headed to her side of town for the dangerous rendezvous.

Got to her address but I couldn’t find which house was hers, nor could I find the hole in the fence in any of the 3 adjacent yards on that road.

She told me that her landlord had a fishing boat in the backyard so to look for that yard and search for the hole and sneak in.

Finally spotted the boat from the super-dark area in back of her house, but this fucking inconspicuous hole in the fence: I couldn’t find to save my life!

Not to mention that I was being swarmed by killer mosquitoes as it was peak season in the Caribbean for those bitches!

The girl then came out the house, flashed her cellphone light so that I see her. She came over and uncovered for me the hole in the fence and I crawled through on both knees.

We hurried inside and closed the door behind us.

To be honest, I was super fucking paranoid at the thought of the boyfriend coming home for some reason and catching another man in his home [that other man being moi]. 😯

However, the girl seemed eerily-fucking comfortable as if she’s used to this.

Not an ounce of fear in her eyes, neither trepidation on her part!

I actually felt like a little bitch for being the one worried while the girl was more at ease in such a tense situation.

I couldn’t help but to wonder if this was some elaborate scheme put together by the boyfriend and her, in order to lure me into the house to rob and kill me. 😯 😯

The crazy shit that runs through your mind on such perilous missions.

It was too fucking tense of a situation to even get an erection let alone to fuck this girl’s vagina.

She reassured me that it was ok.

I sat on the sofa and pulled her atop my lap while I caressed her shoulders a bit, contemplating an escape route in the event that the boyfriend kicks the door down with guns blazing [he’s an armed security guard]. 😯

After a while, I became somewhat comfortable and started to get into the mental groove of wanting to fuck this girl real bad.

She gyrated her ass and hips on my dick as if giving me a lap-dance to an erection.

I unbuttoned her pants [beats the fuck out of me why she’d have jeans on] and started to finger her pussy which was already well saturated in her vaginal juices probably due to the heavy sexting we had earlier between 6-9 PM.

She put up some resistance as expected when I tried to completely remove her jeans. So I relented while opting to play with her hard nipples as she continued to gyrate her hips from the back.

I removed her bra completely which she should’ve already fucking done prior to me coming.


Be as it may, the sexual temperature was rising sky high!

The natural scent of her pussy juice on my fingers was enough to give me the hardest erection I ever had in recent times!

I got up and laid her down on the sofa, grabbed both of her ass cheeks and slid her further towards the edge of the sofa with her pussy further in the air for me to examine…proverbially.

Though she had panties on, I finger banged her wett vagina through the soaked fabric, actually tearing a hole in them as I was being a bit more vigorous than usual.

I went down on her and started to eat the pussy to a boiling mess!

She moaned as I licked the clit and alternately slid the tip of my tongue deep inside of her while keeping it lodged there for a second in or order to drive her crazy [from my sex-perience: women go bonkers over this technique]!

She locked onto the back of my head with both hands and forcibly pulled me deeper into her pussy as an indication that she was about to climax!

She was able to release it without blowing the roof off! In other words; she wasn’t as loud as I’d expected when she came. 😦

I finger banged her a bit more but the vagina was too sensitive after climaxing so she held my fingers for me to ease up.

I stood up, hauled down my basketball shorts and boxer-briefs [Always dress for easy sex], grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock for her to stroke it a bit…and to give me a blowjob. πŸ˜‰

She pretended as though she didn’t want to suck it…which is very normal for most girls to do with guys whom they’d never slept with before [this ties into not wanting to look slutty].

She began to suck the head of my cock very vigorously as if to rip it off or get me to climax prematurely in order to avoid penetration [sneaky little girl you]!

Remind you; up to that point (which was 9 months ago), I had never came before from getting a blowjob in my entire life.

Not even close!

However, this girl had some sorta magic touch or magic tongue which could possibly blow my wad for the first time ever via blowjob!

As she sucked the head only, I face-fucked her a bit but her throat was too shallow to take me deep inside of her mouth…not to mention I’m not a hung dude.

After another 5 minutes of head-sucking- it actually happened- I blew my load inside of her mouth which she spat out as if disgusted by the taste of semen…or maybe it was just my dirty semen. ❓

She spat the jizz out onto her huge tits while simultaneously sucking me limp.

Great job girl!

As much as I wanted to fuck this girl real bad, I was totally content with my first ever climax from getting a blowjob since the age of 16 when I had my 1st ever bj.

It wasn’t that this was such a great blowjob. It actually was my worst ever to be honest [sounds crazy]. But the 1 thing she did that every other girl didn’t, was she applied massive amounts of pressure and suction onto the head that actually induced a bit of pain. So I discovered since that night that the only way for me to cum from being sucked, is to be sucked to the point of pain…which =”s pleasure apparently in my case.

I was so spent from blowing that load that I wasn’t able to gain another erection in a timely manner in order to fuck this girl.

Frankly; I didn’t care to fuck her as the blowjob had me on cloud 9 and it was all that mattered to me at that moment.

Perhaps she wanted penetration? I did make her cum via cunnilingus, so we were even…I guess.

I existed the house the way in which I came (hole in the fence) and that was that.

I never managed to eventually bang this girl due to her boyfriend’s hunch about her messing around.

He’d gone through her Samsung Galaxy and discovered our sexting sessions and everything was blown except he didn’t find any messages eluding to me sneaking over.

Her phone # is no longer in service since the BF had destroyed her phone as she’d told me via Facebook.

Things were so tense afterwards between the BF and her, we decided to leave things there.

The end!

Part 1: https://kennyspuathoughts.com/2014/05/24/you-can-suck-my-breasts-instead-sexual-encounter-field-report-part-1/

Part 2: https://kennyspuathoughts.com/2014/05/24/you-can-suck-my-breasts-instead-sexual-encounter-field-report-part-ii/

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