Being Hated Comes With The Territory: Women In Uproar Over Socialkenny’s Infield Video

Youtube has put my account on hold since Thursday morning due to excessive complaints from women here as to an infamous-infield pickup videos which I’d posted recently.

Not that I wasn’t prior to this, but I’m now public enemy # 1 within the islands of Antigua and Barbuda because of my “immoral” blog and women-hating Youtube videos.

Those who know me personally, and even those who know me from reading this blog, would know that Socialkenny doesn’t give a flying fuck as to what anyone thinks of his writings and teachings as a PUA.

Since Thursday, women including a gang of Beta-Males, have come out of the woodwork against what I teach, on their Facebook timeline labeling me immoral, sleazy, perverted and a rapist.

To them I say: Fuck you!

Not surprising however, are that women have been up in arms even more so than the Beta-Males…not surprising.

Sometime Thursday morning, a female hippopotamus took to Facebook to post and share my latest infield video on approaching 26 random strangers about liking their g-string.

Well- no problem there since sharing videos is what people do and it’s great for video views.

However, this hippopotamus shared the video as if it were a cause for scandal and great outcry…which was the tone it struck throughout social media within the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

I was inundated with messages from Facebook friends within the island as to the infamous-infield video which has been causing such outcry since Thursday morning.

Following the inquiries, I took to Facebook to apologize to the women who might have been offended by my videos and what I advocate.

My public apologies through Facebook were met with proverbial slaps in the face by women across both islands.

I was even given the phone # of 1 of the women who had appeared in the infamous infield g-string video.

I called her up Friday evening:

Me: “Hello, this is Socialkenny from the video…”

Dial tone! 😯

Oh ok!

As the weekend progressed, I received perhaps 30 phone calls alone as to the video in question.

Those calls were from supportive friends and women who were outraged.

Sixty percent of those calls were literal death threats and threats of lawsuit for the infield video.

Hence a petition was put to Youtube via various complaints from various women claiming the said video should be banned or removed because it violated women, bla, bla, bla.

That’s when I received notifications from Youtube that Kenny Adventures (my tube channel) was to be put on hold due to various complains on the said video which Youtube by the way, didn’t see violated their policies at all! But because of the outcry and inappropriate flagging, they had to temporarily suspend my account until further notice.

Hence, if you’re unable to check out my videos since Thursday, that is the reason why.

The blog however, I’d put it under maintenance since Thursday in order to reconstruct the posts which were inevitably affected by the embedded Youtube videos not being playable at the moment. So I’d taken the blog down just to clean up that mess and fix all the dead links to my Youtube channel.

In keeping with that [the blog], I got a semi-heated phone call from a girl whom I used to bang some years ago:

“Someone called me today [Friday] saying that you have a sex-adventure blog and that there are stories on there of me. Can you clarify”?

Me: “First of all; yes I have a blog. Secondly, my articles are anonymous in the sense that I never post the names of girls nor any other personal information which will implicate any girl into a specific story”.

Girl: “Well I know you’re a Pick-Up Artists and you write these stories even though I didn’t know you have a blog. But I’m just a bit shocked if this was true that you wrote about me in a sexual way”.

Me: “That is the nature of my website. But as I said, if I had written about us, it was all done in anonymity with names, addresses and locations omitted”.

Ok, so when I thought my Youtube videos were the sole cause of this novel hatred towards me, the blog also has been causing a stir over the weekend.

It’s quite apparent how my blog was fount by anyone who might have checked out the video. My website, Twitter, Google + and Youtube channel are all linked, so it’s pretty easy for someone to make the connection…although I post publicly in the first place.

I received similar phone calls earlier today by women whom I used to bang in Antigua with the same issue wondering if I’d written any “sexual escapade” about them [that was the specific wording used by most of the women].

My straightforward answer was, there’s a great chance that I have written about us. But all personal information including name, address, location and so forth, have been omitted quite naturally.

The thing is, every girl whom I might have gotten involved with over the years, knows my schtick as a PUA.

I’d written about that recently why it’s best to always tell girls that you do Pickup.

It’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary bullshit.

Had I misled those women by not disclosing what I do, it would’ve caused greater outrage and a sense of betrayal from the ones whom I’d blogged about had they found out. So it’s always best to disclose the truth from the gate.

Sure the girls who’d called me were taken aback and gasping in hopes that I didn’t out them. But at the end of the day, they will have known what to expect since my schtick is well known to the girls whom I get involved with.

I assured them that none of my posts will be taken down for the simple fact that it is my personal blog, my personal world and my fucking stories.

If that cannot be accepted; then fuck off!

On a lighter note, 1 of the girls had even jokingly said to me:

“So, since you’d blogged about our sexual encounter, what is in it for me? Where is my monetary cut”? πŸ˜†

I promise to compensate her in some way or another. πŸ˜‰

Ok, as for the Youtube video and the girl who had supposedly broken news of it across the 2 islands of Antigua and Barbuda, I am not shocked about it at all, nor do I give a fuck to even address it on the Facebook page of that person.

I was sent links by friends on the island to some posts and statuses made by other women concerning the video.

I read them, fount the diatribe and threats to be humorous and kept it moving.

Most women are outraged by such a video because it shows them the fuck up for what they truly are: sexual beings [what a big fucking deal]!

I read comments on various FB statuses that such and such could’ve been a preacher, a mother and so forth.

My rebut to that is simple:

Don’t mothers and preachers fuck too!?

As much as I try to steer clear of being dragged back into the anti-feminist battle which had riddled by website in the past, incidents like these are what cause men like myself to realize how anti-God and anti-men such movements as feminism are.

My situation may very well not come down to a feminist outcry. But hypocrisy in general is at play. Feminism and hypocrisy go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

Hence, I wouldn’t be surprised if the women who are pushing for my downfall (by petitioning Youtube over my videos), are feminist-leaning.

Since the incident, I’d received a plethora of friend requests from Beta-Males across the nation of Antigua and Barbuda trying to befriend me for various reasons:

1.) I’m the current-hot talk of the nation.

2.) My prowess as a PUA is very attractive to Betas.

3.) Downright nosy. Guys (especially Betas) love to hop on the dicks of public figures (Alphas) like riding a pony.

There’s an old adage that any publicity is good publicity.

I agree!

Throughout this bullshit ordeal, I’ve heard a few persons say:

“Kenny, it’s unfortunate that your reputation is now ruined over this”.

My answer is this:

I never had a good reputation to protect in the first place.

I’m a seduction coach!

There’s no good reputation that can be born from that!

Therefore, to those who believe that Kenny had disappointed their expectations; you should never set the expectation of someone else! They will always disappoint you!

Another sentiment I hear across social media within Antigua and Barbuda among women:

“I bumped into him once tryna chat me up on the streets. I thought he was such a nice and cool guy. I guess not”!

“Cool guy”?

Sure! I’ll live with that!

“Nice guy”?

No fucking way!

What would’ve given you that (wrong) impression that I was a nice guy?

I never project myself to be a “Nice” guy around these parts.

I’ve always had a villainous and controversial aura nevertheless cool.

Other commenters on the shared video via Facebook said:

“Oh, and one of the girls in his video was a teacher. How disrespectful to stand-up women to approach them about g-string”!

From this sentiment, had I approached what society deems a “party girl” or a slut; it would’ve been ok because only sluts and girls who work in the service industry should be approached about their dirty little g-string. And only such a girl has sex while teachers and educators are somehow exonerated from wearing g-string and having sexual interests?

Pure fucking hogwash to any rational-thinking individual who hasn’t been dumbed down by society and brainwashed by feminism!

Surprisingly though, since Thursday, I’ve been stopped by random guys on the streets jokingly saying to me:

“Hey, Socialkenny, nice to meet you. Can we see the video”? πŸ˜†

Other guys saying that I should make more infield videos exposing women for what they are: sex-loving beings.

Since the Friday, wherever I go, I’m either hailed as some sort of god-like icon by men, or a perverted villain by women.

Everyone here who has a Facebook, male and female, has literally come across shared postings about my video.

Do I care either way?

Fuck no!

I don’t look for recognition in what I do!

That isn’t the reason for my blog. It’s merely to provide an alternative viewpoint to the traditional-dating advice you’ll get in the mainstream.

Over the past 4 weeks, my website has grossed between 2,500-3,500 views per day (more than half being unique viewers). That is astronomically high for dating advice blogs especially that of PUA’s since we’re pretty much an underground and obscured entity.

Nevertheless, I don’t care for blog views nor do I write in order to get views.

It isn’t my fault that people love to read my shit!

On a related note, I generally don’t get much readers from the Caribbean region. But since the controversial-infield video had spread like wildfire since Thursday, my readership spiked a ton in the Caribbean region according to my blog and Youtube statistics.

With that, to my haters, as the ones who had shared my video in hopes to defame me somehow [as if I’d enjoyed an upright rep to begin with]; thanks for blowing me up!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this hits the local news: “creepy PUA films women g-string”.

I’ll keep y’all posted.

21 thoughts on “Being Hated Comes With The Territory: Women In Uproar Over Socialkenny’s Infield Video

Add yours

  1. Fuck those bitches man! Yoy handled that shit like a boss bro believe me that. Other dudes woul’ve cowered and folded but you held It the fuck down. True alpha. Fuck those dumb bitches!


  2. Btw I am a new fan of yours from Antigua. I nver heard of your site and videos before seeing that video post pop up on my timeline like it was some kind of fucking murder or something smfh


  3. All my friends were sharing that shit on their page and bitches cussing talking about that guy meaning you should be sued and all sorts a shit.


    1. I’m with you on this too: Fuck em!

      Scumbag bitches complaining about what I do on my site and what I post to my channels. Must be fucking crazy!

      If my Youtube does get shut down; then fuck it! I’ll just stick to blog postings although it’d be a great disservice for the learners.


  4. No wonder I wasn’t able to log into your site or watch your infield videos since Friday. I thought you shut your shit down for good unexpectedly. But it seems like 2 of your videos are back up?


      1. Btw I didn’t get to see this video that everyone kicking up against. Out of curiosity when I chose to click on the video link it led to a dead end or said can’t be found or some shit like that. Now I know why since the video was pulled the link will be dead


      2. Damn bro, seems like they’re trying to run a Justin Wayne on you. πŸ˜‰

        That’s crazy! I seen the video before it was pulled down and it was nothing crazy about it but asking girls if they had g strings on and flirting and shit. What the fuck is wrong with those girls where you live?

        Well I shouldn’t even say that because justin wayne incident happened in America so women all around the globe are tripped out on some crazy shit that I can’t even explain.


      1. Lol! That reminds of Alan Roger Currie’s point, I’m going to do him a major disservice by paraphrasing this. But I think he always says along the lines of “Don’t ever apologise for saying/doing something bold because if you do, you’re dead meat.” Haha! But I dig the attitude bro!


        1. I agree with that. I wished I hadn’t apologized because since then, they’d doubled down on the BS. It’s life. All in all, it goes back to ASD on part of women, so I understand why the cries.


    1. Good point. And that’s what I pretty much hate in this genre is the money hungry guys who want to make this a business instead of a service and art that they love to share with others.


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