Getting Girls To Stop And Talk Through Verbal And Physical [Live-Video Examples]

Getting a girl to stop and come to you is simple business to an advanced seductionist but it can be a difficult task for most men.

Probably the most common question I get asked by guys through social media:

“How the hell do I get a girl to stop verbally and physically”?

The obvious answer is to:

1.) Physically stop her!

2.) Verbally stop her by saying it with purpose!

Easier said than done in that if you simply say to a girl (stranger preferably), “Hold on”, she will or won’t stop depended on your voice projection and how much you own it with a sense of physical and verbal entitlement.

Lately in cyberspace, we’ve been hearing a lot about entitlement in dating and meeting women.

The media and the established-dating world have it that to be entitled with women and pussy, is a grave-social sin.

To that I say an “entitled” attitude with women is the winning attitude of an Alpha-Male.

An air of entitlement is very powerful in getting women to stop, come to you and talk.

Whenever a guy tries to stop a girl on the streets or even in the nightclub, the girl usually keeps it moving as if the guy doesn’t exist.

Lack of entitlement, lack or purpose and not owning it, are reasons why women keep it moving when trying to get them to stop and talk.

In the video, I talk about 3 points which will get girls to stop or come to you:

1.) Sense of Entitlement (owning it)

2.) Really meaning what you say

3.) Casual dominance

4.) Physically grabbing her hands

In the video, I included some live examples where I get girls to stop and come to me (verbally and physically).

Bottom line; you just have to fucking mean it and say it like you mean it (for her to stop)!

What's your view?

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