Being Hated Comes With The Territory: Women In Uproar Over Socialkenny’s Infield Video

Youtube has put my account on hold since Thursday morning due to excessive complaints from women here as to an infamous-infield pickup videos which I’d posted recently.

Not that I wasn’t prior to this, but I’m now public enemy # 1 within the islands of Antigua and Barbuda because of my “immoral” blog and women-hating Youtube videos.

Those who know me personally, and even those who know me from reading this blog, would know that Socialkenny doesn’t give a flying fuck as to what anyone thinks of his writings and teachings as a PUA.

Since Thursday, women including a gang of Beta-Males, have come out of the woodwork against what I teach, on their Facebook timeline labeling me immoral, sleazy, perverted and a rapist.

To them I say: Fuck you!

Not surprising however, are that women have been up in arms even more so than the Beta-Males…not surprising.

Sometime Thursday morning, a female hippopotamus took to Facebook to post and share my latest infield video on approaching 26 random strangers about liking their g-string.

Well- no problem there since sharing videos is what people do and it’s great for video views.

However, this hippopotamus shared the video as if it were a cause for scandal and great outcry…which was the tone it struck throughout social media within the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

I was inundated with messages from Facebook friends within the island as to the infamous-infield video which has been causing such outcry since Thursday morning.

Following the inquiries, I took to Facebook to apologize to the women who might have been offended by my videos and what I advocate.

My public apologies through Facebook were met with proverbial slaps in the face by women across both islands.

I was even given the phone # of 1 of the women who had appeared in the infamous infield g-string video.

I called her up Friday evening:

Me: “Hello, this is Socialkenny from the video…”

Dial tone! 😯

Oh ok!

As the weekend progressed, I received perhaps 30 phone calls alone as to the video in question.

Those calls were from supportive friends and women who were outraged.

Sixty percent of those calls were literal death threats and threats of lawsuit for the infield video.

Hence a petition was put to Youtube via various complaints from various women claiming the said video should be banned or removed because it violated women, bla, bla, bla.

That’s when I received notifications from Youtube that Kenny Adventures (my tube channel) was to be put on hold due to various complains on the said video which Youtube by the way, didn’t see violated their policies at all! But because of the outcry and inappropriate flagging, they had to temporarily suspend my account until further notice.

Hence, if you’re unable to check out my videos since Thursday, that is the reason why.

The blog however, I’d put it under maintenance since Thursday in order to reconstruct the posts which were inevitably affected by the embedded Youtube videos not being playable at the moment. So I’d taken the blog down just to clean up that mess and fix all the dead links to my Youtube channel.

In keeping with that [the blog], I got a semi-heated phone call from a girl whom I used to bang some years ago:

“Someone called me today [Friday] saying that you have a sex-adventure blog and that there are stories on there of me. Can you clarify”?

Me: “First of all; yes I have a blog. Secondly, my articles are anonymous in the sense that I never post the names of girls nor any other personal information which will implicate any girl into a specific story”.

Girl: “Well I know you’re a Pick-Up Artists and you write these stories even though I didn’t know you have a blog. But I’m just a bit shocked if this was true that you wrote about me in a sexual way”.

Me: “That is the nature of my website. But as I said, if I had written about us, it was all done in anonymity with names, addresses and locations omitted”.

Ok, so when I thought my Youtube videos were the sole cause of this novel hatred towards me, the blog also has been causing a stir over the weekend.

It’s quite apparent how my blog was fount by anyone who might have checked out the video. My website, Twitter, Google + and Youtube channel are all linked, so it’s pretty easy for someone to make the connection…although I post publicly in the first place.

I received similar phone calls earlier today by women whom I used to bang in Antigua with the same issue wondering if I’d written any “sexual escapade” about them [that was the specific wording used by most of the women].

My straightforward answer was, there’s a great chance that I have written about us. But all personal information including name, address, location and so forth, have been omitted quite naturally.

The thing is, every girl whom I might have gotten involved with over the years, knows my schtick as a PUA.

I’d written about that recently why it’s best to always tell girls that you do Pickup.

It’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary bullshit.

Had I misled those women by not disclosing what I do, it would’ve caused greater outrage and a sense of betrayal from the ones whom I’d blogged about had they found out. So it’s always best to disclose the truth from the gate.

Sure the girls who’d called me were taken aback and gasping in hopes that I didn’t out them. But at the end of the day, they will have known what to expect since my schtick is well known to the girls whom I get involved with.

I assured them that none of my posts will be taken down for the simple fact that it is my personal blog, my personal world and my fucking stories.

If that cannot be accepted; then fuck off!

On a lighter note, 1 of the girls had even jokingly said to me:

“So, since you’d blogged about our sexual encounter, what is in it for me? Where is my monetary cut”? 😆

I promise to compensate her in some way or another. 😉

Ok, as for the Youtube video and the girl who had supposedly broken news of it across the 2 islands of Antigua and Barbuda, I am not shocked about it at all, nor do I give a fuck to even address it on the Facebook page of that person.

I was sent links by friends on the island to some posts and statuses made by other women concerning the video.

I read them, fount the diatribe and threats to be humorous and kept it moving.

Most women are outraged by such a video because it shows them the fuck up for what they truly are: sexual beings [what a big fucking deal]!

I read comments on various FB statuses that such and such could’ve been a preacher, a mother and so forth.

My rebut to that is simple:

Don’t mothers and preachers fuck too!?

As much as I try to steer clear of being dragged back into the anti-feminist battle which had riddled by website in the past, incidents like these are what cause men like myself to realize how anti-God and anti-men such movements as feminism are.

My situation may very well not come down to a feminist outcry. But hypocrisy in general is at play. Feminism and hypocrisy go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly.

Hence, I wouldn’t be surprised if the women who are pushing for my downfall (by petitioning Youtube over my videos), are feminist-leaning.

Since the incident, I’d received a plethora of friend requests from Beta-Males across the nation of Antigua and Barbuda trying to befriend me for various reasons:

1.) I’m the current-hot talk of the nation.

2.) My prowess as a PUA is very attractive to Betas.

3.) Downright nosy. Guys (especially Betas) love to hop on the dicks of public figures (Alphas) like riding a pony.

There’s an old adage that any publicity is good publicity.

I agree!

Throughout this bullshit ordeal, I’ve heard a few persons say:

“Kenny, it’s unfortunate that your reputation is now ruined over this”.

My answer is this:

I never had a good reputation to protect in the first place.

I’m a seduction coach!

There’s no good reputation that can be born from that!

Therefore, to those who believe that Kenny had disappointed their expectations; you should never set the expectation of someone else! They will always disappoint you!

Another sentiment I hear across social media within Antigua and Barbuda among women:

“I bumped into him once tryna chat me up on the streets. I thought he was such a nice and cool guy. I guess not”!

“Cool guy”?

Sure! I’ll live with that!

“Nice guy”?

No fucking way!

What would’ve given you that (wrong) impression that I was a nice guy?

I never project myself to be a “Nice” guy around these parts.

I’ve always had a villainous and controversial aura nevertheless cool.

Other commenters on the shared video via Facebook said:

“Oh, and one of the girls in his video was a teacher. How disrespectful to stand-up women to approach them about g-string”!

From this sentiment, had I approached what society deems a “party girl” or a slut; it would’ve been ok because only sluts and girls who work in the service industry should be approached about their dirty little g-string. And only such a girl has sex while teachers and educators are somehow exonerated from wearing g-string and having sexual interests?

Pure fucking hogwash to any rational-thinking individual who hasn’t been dumbed down by society and brainwashed by feminism!

Surprisingly though, since Thursday, I’ve been stopped by random guys on the streets jokingly saying to me:

“Hey, Socialkenny, nice to meet you. Can we see the video”? 😆

Other guys saying that I should make more infield videos exposing women for what they are: sex-loving beings.

Since the Friday, wherever I go, I’m either hailed as some sort of god-like icon by men, or a perverted villain by women.

Everyone here who has a Facebook, male and female, has literally come across shared postings about my video.

Do I care either way?

Fuck no!

I don’t look for recognition in what I do!

That isn’t the reason for my blog. It’s merely to provide an alternative viewpoint to the traditional-dating advice you’ll get in the mainstream.

Over the past 4 weeks, my website has grossed between 2,500-3,500 views per day (more than half being unique viewers). That is astronomically high for dating advice blogs especially that of PUA’s since we’re pretty much an underground and obscured entity.

Nevertheless, I don’t care for blog views nor do I write in order to get views.

It isn’t my fault that people love to read my shit!

On a related note, I generally don’t get much readers from the Caribbean region. But since the controversial-infield video had spread like wildfire since Thursday, my readership spiked a ton in the Caribbean region according to my blog and Youtube statistics.

With that, to my haters, as the ones who had shared my video in hopes to defame me somehow [as if I’d enjoyed an upright rep to begin with]; thanks for blowing me up!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this hits the local news: “creepy PUA films women g-string”.

I’ll keep y’all posted.

Getting Girls To Stop And Talk Through Verbal And Physical [Live-Video Examples]

Getting a girl to stop and come to you is simple business to an advanced seductionist but it can be a difficult task for most men.

Probably the most common question I get asked by guys through social media:

“How the hell do I get a girl to stop verbally and physically”?

The obvious answer is to:

1.) Physically stop her!

2.) Verbally stop her by saying it with purpose!

Easier said than done in that if you simply say to a girl (stranger preferably), “Hold on”, she will or won’t stop depended on your voice projection and how much you own it with a sense of physical and verbal entitlement.

Lately in cyberspace, we’ve been hearing a lot about entitlement in dating and meeting women.

The media and the established-dating world have it that to be entitled with women and pussy, is a grave-social sin.

To that I say an “entitled” attitude with women is the winning attitude of an Alpha-Male.

An air of entitlement is very powerful in getting women to stop, come to you and talk.

Whenever a guy tries to stop a girl on the streets or even in the nightclub, the girl usually keeps it moving as if the guy doesn’t exist.

Lack of entitlement, lack or purpose and not owning it, are reasons why women keep it moving when trying to get them to stop and talk.

In the video, I talk about 3 points which will get girls to stop or come to you:

1.) Sense of Entitlement (owning it)

2.) Really meaning what you say

3.) Casual dominance

4.) Physically grabbing her hands

In the video, I included some live examples where I get girls to stop and come to me (verbally and physically).

Bottom line; you just have to fucking mean it and say it like you mean it (for her to stop)!

The Inexperienced-Married Adulterous MILF Lay Report [NSFW]

Married women are easy to take to bed!

I’d promised to lay off of the PUA politics and seduction theories for actual-raw field and lay reports from the past, but I since deviated over the week.

Shoot me!

Ok, on a portable-hard diskette which I’ve owned for the last 7 years or so, there are hundreds of (nude) photos of women of all ages, sizes, ethnicity and social and economical background whom I’d met and slept with over the years…not to mention the more recent ones I have saved to my iPhone and Blackberry. These x-rated posting that I’ve been publishing lately are just to pretty much utilize those dormant photos before deleting them from my devices [might as well].

Anyways, so this raunchy field and lay report dates back some years ago. I don’t recollect the date but the details of the encounter are etched into my memory bank ever since.

This married MILF had made it down to the Caribbean islands as she was traveling with her sister on business.

Due to conflicting flight scheduling, they were to overnight in Antigua [where I’ve been living] until the following morning.

Those details were shared with me by the Inexperienced MILF after we’d parted ways.

Not wanting to stay cooped up inside the motel, the married MILF and her sister decided to walk the town and wound up at a karaoke joint near the airport at which I happened to be present that same night.

This girl was tall as hell! About 6’2 in heels which she had on that night. As a 6’2 guy myself; trying to seduce a woman who was on my level [physical stature-wise], made me feel a bit self-conscious as I was robbed of the towering effect in which I’m accustomed to whenever chatting up hotties.

I feel more in a position of dominance as a male by looking down on a woman while in conversation, opposed to having to gaze upwards in order to gain eye contact [now I know what short guys go through].

Anyway, I approached her and the sister, didn’t introduce myself formally [ Kenny doesn’t do formal introductions ], made a solid impression which was indicative of the laughter, smiles and giggles from both ladies.

As if a godsend, some dude approaches the sister and started to chat her up which allowed me to isolate my target [the married MILF] to another section of the karaoke joint [perhaps this guys was a fellow PUA who helped a PUA brother out].

After chatting a bit, she’d divulged the details of her business trip, why she’s here (over-nighting), where she stays, with whom, etc.

Side Note: when looking for One-Night Stand sex (as I was), always fish for the girl’s logistics: where she stays, with whom, how far, etc.

Being familiar with the terrain (which she wasn’t), I was able to present myself as a quasi tour-guide who will eventually take her home safely. 😈

This was all an intricate part of my Tourist-Game seduction method for securing Same-Night Sex which I’d been running for years prior to 2012.

Over the duration of the night, the routine script of seduction had been carried out by myself: flirting, IOI, DHV stories, FTC, Pre-Selection, etc. The entire fucking gamut.

What gets me quick results with strange women opposed to other men not getting any result, is my insistence on, and persistence towards sleeping with women the very same night I meet them.

Most men will settle for pity-phone numbers, part ways then try to set something up down the line…to then have the girl flake and play head-games. 😆 😦

Anyway, I elected to walk her and the sister back to the motel which wasn’t too far from the venue.

Was the MILF DTF?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure at that point (strangely enough). But I was to try to bang her anyway without any definite indication of whether she wanted same-night sex or not.

Beauty is; you can always change a girl’s mind and mood…as long as you’re skilled enough in the art of subtle persuasion and how to project sexual energy onto the girl, in which I went into great details within This Article.

Anyhow, we sat outside on a bench in an enclosed garden-like area of the motel while her sister went upstairs to lie down.

Side Note: the other guy who chatted up the married MILF’s sister, why wasn’t he here keeping her company? Why didn’t he come along!?

Classic case of men settling for phone #’s and good conversations instead of aiming for sex which women are totally fucking down for!

These sisters were leaving the following morning. Why the fuck would you grab her phone number- an overseas number at that- when the girl is to leave within 12 hours!?

For what!? 😡

Why would you not want to or try to fuck her then and there!? 😯 😯

Be as it may, the sister went to bed bored and lonely as fuck [I was told by the MILF] while the married MILF and I sat chatting for a bit.

Knowing it was her only and last night here on the island, the chances of having sex with her will have dramatically increased…since girls who travel are easy fuckable: irregardless of their martial status.

Read: Girls on vacation are easiest to bang.

BTW, this married MILF claimed that her husband had virtually abandoned her and ran off to another country with another woman.

Did I buy it?

No…but could be true!

A woman doesn’t need a plausible reason to cheat anyway. So her story, whether fictional or real, doesn’t say much as to her decisions in banging other men.

After a while, she went inside to put on something a bit more comfy: t-shirt and sweat pants. 🙂

This was actually an indirect sign of wanting sex [an ISOWS as I like to term it].

I as a smart chap, was able to instantly recognize her super-subtle appeal for a night of steamy sex.

As she reemerged, I complimented her on a set of big racks which you can see in the photo below that she’d sent me during a Sexting session days after she departed island. I’d saved it to my portable-hard disk some years ago in case I had use for them.

MILF's boobs

MILF’s boobs

Before she sat back down, I cupped her breasts with both hands as to examine them for buoyancy.

Passed with flying colors! 😉

I noticed she’d removed her bra as she returned from inside.

Another indirect sign of angling for sexual and physical contact, so I seized the opportunity by sliding my hands beneath her shirt to fondle her super-sized breasts as I embraced her from behind.

The garden-like area of the motel had poor lighting so we capitalized off the ambiance and started to make out like wild dogs in heat!

At that point, I was dying to take her inside and pound her pussy to smithereens but the sister being there in the crammed motel room was enough obstacle to put the brakes on that idea.

I vaguely remember she saying something to me like, “I can be spontaneous some times”, which was a sub-communication that she’ll be willing to fuck right here…outside! 😯 🙂

While we sat and stood there trying to work out in our minds where we were going to screw, we raised the temperature a notch with some raunchy-sex talk in which I said to her:

“I wanna shove this chocolate cock deep down your hot throat”.

To that she said, “I never sucked a dick before”.

Me: “You kidding”!?

MILF: “No”! 😆

Me: “How the hell did that happen”!?

MILF: “I was raised up very conservatively. My husband and I were high-school sweethearts and he was the one I ended up with”.

Me: “So you only fucked one guy your entire life”? 😯

MILF: “Yea. Being we were raised the same, lots of things sexually were off limits like anal sex and blowjobs and things”.

Me: “So you never had anal sex neither”?

MILF: “Noooooo! I don’t think I can take a cock in there. I would be too afraid”!

Me” Lol wow that’s crazy”! 😆

MILF: “Plus he [the husband] has a lot of hang ups about sex. He doesn’t like to kiss because of bacteria. Doesn’t finger me unless his hands are totally cleansed. The times I wanted to try giving him my first blowjob, he was grossed out about by it”.

Me: “He’s crazy! So how old are you”?

MILF: “38”.

[Hence the inexperienced-married MILF title of this post].

At that point, 2 things flashed into my mind:

1.) Ass fuck her for the first time.

2.) Let her perform her first ever blowjob on me…and jizz in her mouth for good measures.

Being a little perverted bastard, I asked her if she tasted cum before.

The obvious answer was “NO”!

As we sat there while I pinched her nipples ever so lightly, I told her that I wanted to cum inside her mouth.

She was down for something novel.

I took her up by the hand, led her to a nearby tree which provided a bit of cover from traffic as the leaves were thick and branches hung very low to the ground.

I was to bang her right here.

Without verbalization; she knew what was to happen.

I unbuckled my denim and pulled them down to the knees in order to expose my cock.

I motioned for her to get down on her knees by placing my free hand (the left) atop her head and lightly lowered her to the ground.

She looked back as to check the flow of traffic so as to not get caught. Her back was to the road while I was facing the road so I assured her that it was safe.

For her first ever blowjob (allegedly)- she did herself justice. 😉

She sucked while I watched the flow of traffic.

Her intention was to make me cum inside of her mouth so she can swallow the load. But little did she know; I never came before from getting a blowjob. So this was not going to be a possible task…especially for a rookie blower.

Nevertheless, she’d sucked her 1st penis.

I asked myself, “what else hadn’t she done yet as a 38 year old”?


I am going to anal-fuck the crap out of this married lady!

She got up from her knees as her jaw was hurting since she was using those set of muscles for sucking for the first time in her life.

I made her bend over doggy-style looking into the road while I fingered her soaking-wett pussy which was tighter than a virgin’s.

Below is another photo she’d sent me after our first and only meeting some years ago.

Kenny was here!

Kenny was here!

I used her pussy juice as lube to lubricate her anal opening as I stimulated the outer rim with 2 fingers.

She was well primed and ripe for the anal picking.

I tried sliding the head into her back door but it was too tight for entry.

As I recollect, it took me about 10 minutes literally- trying to get the cock inside of her anal- to no fucking avail!

She kept having to stand upright as her back was straining from being arched over in a very awkward position under this tree while I tried to penetrate her ass.

It was a matter of time until my cock went limp from inaction and missed penetration into her back door.

In order to get erect again, she engaged in some ass-to-mouth as she submissively sucked my cock to an incredibly hard piece of human tissue!

The fact alone that this anal virgin was so willing to gobble my dirty-little dick, got me hard within 3 bobs of the mouth.

Again, I turned her around in the doggy position while she had 1 hand leaning against a concrete structure, and the other pressed down against the muddied-tree trunk.

She begged for me to anal fuck her by asking if I wanted her to spread the ass cheeks for easier penetration. I wasn’t even thinking about anal sex after the failed-first attempt which wasted 10 whole fucking minutes! But OMG: she wanted this anal experience badly!

I tried slowly sliding it inside her back door but it was just too tight to allow entry. Coupled with the fact that her back was arched improperly since she wasn’t able to comfortably assume a position suitable for anal sex.

Sensing time slipping by before we were to get caught, I slid the cock deep into her tight-wett pussy and pound away without a sense of tact and finesse.

Her moans were very faint as if trying to hold it in while I fuck her recklessly from the behind.

Her super-sized tits swayed back and forth with every tug and shove of my hands gripping her hips.

As I drew near to blowing my load, I pulled out quickly and shoved her down to her knees to take my dirty semen into her adulterous mouth.

I jacked off every bit of sperm onto her tongue and without having to say it; she swallowed every drop.

The weirdest shit happened right afterwards as she got up then tried to kiss me.

“Nope, Nope, Nope”!

As to be fair to the process, realizing she didn’t cum, I went down on her, sucking the clit while she stood up with legs sprawled open.

The end!

Just another case of One-Night Stands and how easy they can materialize once you strategize properly towards sex instead of wasting your nights collecting phone numbers which 8 in 10 times: will lead to nowhere-ville.

Ok, so you want to learn how I pick up girls who are traveling? This recently posted video of mines outlined the method as I’d picked up a sexy-young Armenian girl from New York City who had visited the islands recently.

The same concept and instant-pull applies whether the girl is single, married, white, black or green!

It all boils down to the art of leading.

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