Revenge Of The Bearded Men

Once upon a time in the seduction genre, the bearded guy was looked down upon with scorn, disdain and ridicule.

If you were bearded: you were deemed un-dateable.

there were no bearded figure (of prominence) in the seduction community apart from Paul Janka.

Paul Janks: seduction guru

Paul Janks: seduction guru

Having a full beard + scruff was unheard of and seen as bad grooming, tasteless and a lack of style and social intelligence. Hence 99.9 % of the instructors in this genre of seduction were either clean-shaven or wore a very light beard and goatee.

I’d never worn the clean-shaven look [no beard, no mustache]…sorta gives men a pedophile look if you ask me. So I always kept a beard & goatee but the remaining facial hair was completely wacked off.

Prior to just 6 months ago, I would’ve strangled you had you ever insisted that I should grow my sideburns with connected facial hair on both sides- or even the neck-beard look.

However, over the last 5 months, I’ve been rocking out in my full-bearded profile, not giving a shit about social and societal norms and implications nor what anyone thinks. 😯

Kenny going rogue

Kenny going rogue

It’s a liberating feeling to not have to fucking shave or hit the barbershop every few days…plus I get to penny-pinch $20 which I can instead spend on booze! πŸ˜‰

Ok, so what attributed to this shift in the Pickup/Seduction community among the coaches, instructors and gurus: from clean-shaven to semi to fully bearded?

My rigid hypothesis leaves me to surmise that It’s a rebellion against the mainstream media of dating.

The mainstream-dating world has it that a guy ought to be well-groomed or clean-shaven in order to become a viable candidate on the proverbial-dating market.

The PUA Community ate this up like a fat kid in a candy store, hence the reason why prior to 2 years ago, 99% of the PUA blogs were saturated with articles encouraging guys to get those razors and trimmers out if they wanted to attract women and make it to pussy-banging paradise.

We were frikkin’ duped! 😯 😑

With the re-emergence of the dominant Alpha-Male character perhaps 2 and a half years ago, guys in Pickup quickly started to drift away from the beard-less avatar towards adopting the manlier-caveman profile.

As much as I hate to admit, my nemesis RooshV might have been onto something with his consistent adherence to the bearded-Alpha profile, while steering clear of being sucked into the mainstream narrative that a man should be cleanly shaved as to facilitate his journey to pussy-paradise.

RooshV; Turkish-American game-coach out of Washington, DC

RooshV; Turkish-American game-coach out of Washington, DC

Ok, so is this resurgence of the bearded Alpha just a passing fad?

I suppose.

However, I’ve gotten swept up into the windmill for the past 5 months. So much so that I only been to the barbershop once, when prior, I was going every weekend religiously since growing a bear over 15 years ago.

My girlfriend steady busts my chops trying to get me to shave it all off but I won’t budge. 😑 πŸ˜‰

My boss inquires as to the recent-rogue look while subtly insinuating that I would look more attractive chopping it off, but my resolve is strong and I really DGAF! πŸ™‚

I have an electrical trimmer at home which I use to level my beard and keep it at a reasonable length. But apart from that; I wear a full set of facial hair.

Other note-worthy guys in the community who have recently, or for a while now, gone rogue: Liam McRae (Australia), Johnny Berba (of England), James Marshall (Australia), Ace (California, USA), RSD Julien (Switzerland), Nick Sparks of New York, USA (my nemesis)…just to name a few PUA coaches around the globe.



James Marshall

James Marshall

Jay Ace

Jay Ace

Johnny Berba

Johnny Berba

RSD Julien (of Switzerland)

RSD Julien (of Switzerland)

Nick Sparks

Nick Sparks

The guy who really did it for me though, was the Pickup guru RSD Owen.

RSD Owen/Tyler

RSD Owen/Tyler

After he went rogue some years ago and his game skyrocketed 1,000%, I was like “WTF; so having facial hair isn’t bad for your game”!? 😯

My reality was fucking shattered like a fallen chandelier from 3 stories high!

Now, are there lessons here for us?


The most important 1 is what I’ve been heavily preaching on this website over the past 6-9 months: “Social Deviance”!

Whichever way you’d like to term it; it’ll be a fundamental PLUS to your overall game and attraction value when you can deviate from what society considers normal to then going against that perceived norm.

Sounds radical?

Lemme explain!

Being a social rebel is a tremendously powerful statement with loaded-attraction value that gets those little vaginas of sexy women pulsating and flowing like Niagara Falls on its most fluent days!

It’s not about having facial hair per say which gives you an advantageous edge. It’s the implications and the fact that you’re willing to against the grain.

I wrote about this before, where on a personal level, I made a note-worthy observation in respects to my results with women, and the conclusive findings were staggering: 😯

I got laid 60% more when I donned the scruffy-bearded look than when well-groomed and shaved.
Did you fucking hear that!?

I said I got laid far more as a bearded bad ass than when I had fewer facial hair which was kept neatly trimmed!

I’m not gonna get into why having facial hair gets you laid more [that’s for another article] but it involves sex, primates and animals…and no it isn’t bestiality you sick muthafuckers! πŸ™‚

It’s actually rooted deeply in human evolution [pretty fucking deep huh?].


Basically, my lay count shot up when I effectively had an older appearance (bearded) in contrast to my shaved avatar.

This totally annihilates the common myth that the younger you look (facially), the more attractive you’ll look to women, hence the more you’ll attract women and effectively get laid more.

Let’s not even get too deep into the subject of human evolution but it’s undoubtedly clear that throughout history (pre- and modern), the bearded man was deemed manlier, more attractive and simply- well- a real man of course.

After all, the only thing which visibly separates and distinguishes a boy from a man is the growth of facial hair. So it shouldn’t be surprising to hear me say that a guy who looks unkempt should get laid more than a guy who looks as though he’d skinned a baby’s ass and superimposed its skin onto his face to give himself a glossy countenance. 😯

As for detractors and men who will say: “But Kenny, girls tell me that they love men who are clean-shaven and are turned off by dudes with facial hair”!

To that- Kenny says: “STFU”! 😯

Need a common analogy which makes it crystal clear that you should never listen to women?

Chicks say that they love prince-charming nice guys yet they don’t fuck nice guys. Instead, they’re out fucking Fernando, the bearded asshole auto-mechanic who hasn’t had a bath in 10 days, doesn’t change his clothes and hasn’t seen a razor in a month! Or they’re fucking the bearded rebel with stinky-breath who does nothing but puff cigarettes and chug beers for a fucking living!

Hence, if your barometer for measuring success in dating and hooking-up, is based on what women claim they want, then you might as well castrate yourself NOW! 😯

A little word of advice: whatever a woman says she likes, loves or wants and is attracted to; always look at the antithesis (the opposite) as true.

Ok I’ll admit- “ALWAYS” might be a slight overstatement so I’ll restate that by saying “almost always”; 80% of what women say they want and like in dating and in men, should be highly contested and contradicted.

You might wanna read this super insightful and controversial article of mines which a month ago, had made it to the front page of Reddit, pulling in a whopping 10,000 views in less than 24 hours of being posted there…and that was just the first few hours of 2 weeks worth of viral traffic. My blog literally crashed for some hours from the sheer influx and volume of traffic in such a short-time span from 1 source!

For an article or post to make it to the front page of Reddit [the odds are like the lotto], it has to either be super controversial or highly insightful. That viral article of mines had much of both, so I advise every guy to read it after you will have read this article!

Women are transient creatures who live in the moment- for the moment. The linked post on Reddit:

The gist of the article was that women really don’t have a clue of what they want or like. She may claim to exclusively date men over 6 feet yet with a little research, you’ll be shocked to find out that she’s banging a 5’8 club-promoter.

Ok, back to the subject at hand: how long will this social rebellion of the bearded men lasts before infiltration by shady characters aka internet-marketing gurus?

I have no idea. But while it’s here; I’m gonna fucking enjoy the proverbial decline to the fullest!

Kenny's current-bearded look

Kenny’s current-bearded look

As tribute to the bearded men who brought this to the awareness of many during the years of the seduction community’s peak to present, I’ll leave you with some interesting videos on the topic, such as the following from Paul Janka, which speaks to the issue of communicating sex with women.

Hidden-camera video from Janka running day-game pickup.

As another tribute to the bearded seducer, an instructional video from James Marshall (of Australia) as he demonstrates attitude and skills over looks.

Also, a video from RSD Owen/Tyler, the guru who indirectly encouraged me to take the plunge, speaks of breaking your self-image paradigm and perception and tying that into getting laid and so forth.

Another great video from the bearded ginger [Tyler] which encapsulates the “social rebel” frame which gets guys laid.

Can’t forget one of my favorite bearded caricature: RSD Julien. Pertinent video on being breaking social norms and being comfortable in that skin.

All in all, you will have learned from this post and videos that looks don’t matter but attitude and self-perception do. And the reason you fail and suck with women is due to your self-imprisonment by society, women and the mainstream media which convince us that we have to conform in order to have women in our lives when it’s actually the opposite.

The more you believe looks matter and that you need to fit a certain quota that society sets; the more you’ll get fucked out of your dating potential.


16 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Bearded Men

Add yours

  1. I can’t seem to keep up with what is being the message here. Is it to not shave? Is it to rebel? Is it to challenge? I don’t see a clear cut message if this is advice for anyone. Maybe is just me


    1. I find it self explanatory. He isn’t saying you must get a beard but to be comfortable in your own skin whatever that skin is so you have to look at it from your standpoint. I reckon you get that part of his article understood mate?


  2. If the author does reply, kenny I would like to know what if you dont feel comfort in your own skin or own hair or whatever it may be, how can someone go against that?

    Years back i had a friend in the military who introduced me to seduction, funny shit he was fighting war and sending me links to pickup sites, the message was great and the material helped me in 1 aspect but I wasnt able to handle core shit like confience in my skin.

    give me some tips if you can. i dont have a perfectionist mindset but if I dont feel right in certain ways or looks I just won’t bother with going out alltogether


  3. @kenny- how dare you fucking plug Roosh after all the bullshit yall been through lol! #kidding.

    What’s good my man?

    Another post for the ages. It could’ve been more detailed but screw it.

    “Alpha Life”!


  4. It’s simple: beards make men look like REAL MEN. Women like men who look like a MEN! Rough, rugged and slightly dominant (which comes from confidence). I don’t like a guy who grooms like a girl, seriously why would I want to date a guy whose waxed eyebrows compete with mine?!

    Anyway not sure why but the beard is definitely back in and I have seen so many guys trying to grow theirs recently. Don’t know who made the rules but they sure get around fast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey DQ; been ages girl! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the word of encouragement. Great to hear this from females as far as what is manly or not. Plus guys tend to value female opinion more than men so that’s a plus.

      My friend actually had a theory about why the beard is back in. He was saying that he believes it’s men rebelling against the system (globally) due to the media’s unfair targeting against Muslims and bearded people over the years (since 9-11). So my friend’s theory is, people are just fed up of media bias and the masses are rebelling not caring whether they look like the bogeyman or not.

      Makes sense or not?


  5. Thanks for the advice man, you are wise. I can’t believe I would worry about shit like whether my beard is shaven or not. keep the good posts coming. peace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for chiming in Jay. I know where you’re coming from because I’m constantly preoccupied with thoughts of it (beards) until recently. Before, I couldn’t go 3 days without shaving.


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