If She Isn’t DTF: I’m Gone

It’s a huge time saver to cut women off who aren’t DTF (presuming you’re looking for women who are DTF).

Some women (the majority) have the tendency of making sex a drawn-out process in order to screen for boyfriend material.

In other words, the longer you tolerate being put into the “wait on sex zone”, the longer she’ll make you wait in hopes of turning you into a boyfriend.

Now if being a boyfriend is what you’re after- then by all means- wait patiently on sex [although I don’t recommend]!

If you’re just looking to smash, then you cannot entertain being friends WITHOUT benefits, cuddling in bed without sex and keeping girls company without anything tangible to show for it…like a used condom or scratches on your back.

Alright, last night I got invited over to a girl’s house.

She’s a chick whom I’ve known for quite some years (9 years actually) but never got around to sleeping with her due to conflicting schedule on my part.

We’ve started chatting again a little over a week now. I ran my standard to advance text-game routines to rope her in [although I berate guys who text women; this was an exception due to the existential factors].

Last night, I got over to her place just after 11 PM, everything went down as usual. An hour later, we’re lying in bed together, but every time I attempted to embrace her, she insisted that I remove my hands.

The reason why this isn’t LMR (Last Minute Resistance) is because LMR generally is attributed to resistance which occurs just before sex would’ve happened.

With this girl and in this particular instance, sex wasn’t pending, so the girl’s resistances cannot be classified as Last Minute before sex…if you’re following me?

At that point, I was a lot taken-aback because this chick was DTF as DTF gets while we chatted and texted.

Sure I wasn’t expecting her to blow my cock empty (at least not yet), but this sort of resistance to my touch attempts was totally un-accepted and not part of the ballgame.

In the face of such resistance, as taught by seduction, I employed some classic take away strategies: 1 step backwards 2 steps forward in alternate manner.

This however didn’t work. 😯

Whatever might have changed her mind over such short course from being DTF to now against physical contact; I wasn’t tryna blow my entire night trying to figure that shit out.

As I casually, and in a non-sexual way, rested my hand across her thigh as she lie on her side, she says to me:

“You’re hurting my hip by leaning down on me with all your weight”.


Me: “You’re serious!? I’m barely leaning on you”.

Girl: “I’m just saying”.

For clarification sake: she wasn’t being attitudish or bitchy at all.

Her tone read more like: “I enjoy your company but just not in an intimate way”, opposed to “I wish you would leave”.

Be as it may, she almost brought me to laughter when she said that I was bearing too much weight down on her hip when I literally had my fingers alone on her.

I took that as a huge IOD (Indication Of Disinterest).

One step backwards: 2 steps forward.

Minutes later, caressed her legs a bit without resistance. Since I couldn’t keep caressing her legs for the duration of the night, quite naturally I escalated by working my fingers further up her thighs which caused her to react by trying to shake my hands off with her legs: “Nooooooooooo”.

I repeated this sequence (stop, go, retreat, go…) With few variations over the course of another 40 minutes before coming to the conclusion that this chick was either:

1.) Not DTF (tonight).

2.) Looking to draw me into the boyfriend frame.

Both seemed to have been true.

I’m not vying to become her boyfriend and if she wasn’t DTF that night then I had no business cuddling with her.

Me: “Come walk me to the door”.

The key here is that I didn’t want to come off as though I was butt-hurt that I didn’t get laid and wasted my time. So when I asked her to walk me out, my tone was pretty much the same and a bit upbeat to be honest.

She never responded to my request.

This signaled that she’s crushed to find out that I wasn’t boyfriend material and she wasn’t successful at trying to corral me into simply cuddling with no strings attached.

On a further note, I never led this chick to believe that I wanted anything more than just to hook up…which she was down with. So this wasn’t a case of “Kenny misleading chicks” or anything like that.

What most guys fail to realize is that there is a huge portion of women out there who are searching for provider-types and boyfriend types due to circumstances or their current mindset.

Now, if you want to be that guy; then fine!

As for myself, being that I didn’t want to get trapped into any boyfriend frame; I elected to leave by telling her to walk me to the door.

She ignored me so I got up and walked myself out.

At times in the game, you have to take the hard road and not budge on your values and expectations.

If you’re after sex, then you don’t have to come off as a boyfriend. Doing so will only get you friendzoned.

Cuddling with a girl for 2 weeks in hopes that she has sex with you on the 3rd week is very unlikely to happen.

Most guys fall into this trap. And what they come to realize is that most times, they won’t even have a 3rd week as the girl would’ve already been fed up with the guy’s non-sexual company and unwillingness to pull the fucking trigger on sex (or at least attempt).

Socialkenny’s Facebook Strategy For When Adding New Girls

Most of what I do online and in my actual life is strategic and thought out beforehand.

Whenever I friend-request a girl or she friend-requests me, I want to create an impression that is:

1.) Lasting

2.) Controversial

3.) Original

This totally runs contrary to what the average person sees and perceives as a good impression.

I don’t aim to make a “good impression” on newly added female friends.

I do the opposite and create a negative impression instead.

This is achieved in various ways. So when I add a new girl, I make sure to update my status soon afterwards with something that’s a bit controversial, rude, vile, outlandish or womanizing (or all of the above).

For instance:

“Real men fuck without condoms. #JustSaying”

Sure this isn’t factual but that isn’t the point. The point is to create a bit of stir and propel the newly added girl to respond to my Facebook status update…which 80% of the times- she will be the first to post a comment in shock and awe. 😯

They almost always take the bait: hook, line and fucking sinker.

You always want to create a so-called negative first impression on such a girl which makes you stand out far from the socially coward guy who does and says everything within the confines of social norms.

Such a guy is rarely seen as attractive on a personality level since he has no depth, no original opinions of his own, no pop or pep about himself.

You don’t want to remain being that guy who after he adds a hot girl, the girl fades off into oblivion, bored half to death with your “positive” commentaries and status updates of “Have a good morning everyone”.

Aim to stand the fuck out!

It’s impossible to stand out when your posts are similar to that of 90% of other guys.

That’s called following the trend.

Hence, for every new girl I add to my Facebook friend list (or she adds me), I ensure that her first impression of me is that of an asshole, jerk, bad boy, womanizer, prick, sexist idiot, man-whore, etc.

Now, guys who are looking at this from the general frame will say, “But wouldn’t that be a turn off which will immediately get me un-friended”?

The answer is NO!

I’ve yet to this day been de-friended by a girl due to the controversial nature of my status updates.

Have I offended some?


However the beauty lies in exactly that.

Ok, this’ typically how it goes whenever I add a new girl:

I add girl, she accepts the friend request.

Between 2-5 minutes later, I update my stat with something like:

“All women are whores except the ones pass menopause”

Within 20 seconds, Facebook mobile app buzzes with a notification:

New girl comments: “OMG! Do you really believe that”!? 😯

Then the seduction essentially starts from there.

The line/status update was just the bait.

Her response was she taking the bait.

I don’t think I need to tell you how ineffective this would be had I updated my status with something lame as:

“A beautiful morning in my town. Have a nice day y’all”

Such updates usually get 0 comments and a few pity “likes” from relatives.

Unfortunately, most men continue to make such mistakes when trying to attract women online through social-media sites.

Most of my non-PUA friends on Facebook, 100% of them, post lame-ass generic status updates, photos and links.

On the contrary, most of my PUA friends on Facebook, 100% of them, post similar updates as mines. So this isn’t an original idea or approach by Kenny. Most PUA’s live by this.

I’m hoping to reach the average guy who isn’t a PUA, in hopes that he plays the Facebook game correctly from now on by adding some pop to his profile.

A girl will de-friend you for being too generic and average/lame.

A girl will not however, de-friend you for being an asshole, jerk or someone who’s opinionated.

This also works just as great with women who’ve been your Facebook friend for a while.

Funny thing is, my mother is actually a Facebook friend of mines. She added me about 6 months ago to my dismay.

Whenever she sees the stuff I post including my blog post links; she’s appalled. 😯

I’d usually get an inbox message right afterwards from her asking if I’m ok as in “sane”. 🙂

On my status updates, my mom would usually comment 95% of the time apologizing for her son that she didn’t raise me that way with such radical views.

After explaining to her in private that this is just for shock value and a deeper cause (seduction), she’s since relented a bit but still chimes in scolding me in public for my shenanigans.

Does this make me look like a little mamma’s boy? Of course not! It heightens the drama for the new girls whom I will have further attracted. And it actually makes girls go “cute”, that son and mother will debate ethics over FB statuses.

Ok, I’ll end off this post with few of my latest Facebook status updates just to give you a perfect illustration of how to draw newly added girls in with your updates.

“If your girlfriend isn’t this way over you, then you got beat by Froot Loops

Cock-Blocked Out Of Sex By Teen-Mom’s Baby: Weekend Field Report

Remember the girl whom I’d met the other day through this hidden-cam video…the one who boldly stopped me to ask me to buy her a drink?

Well I was able to meet up with her (without a date nor a phone number).

I did exactly what I outlined to you guys that I was going to do, which was to just show up at her workplace unannounced shortly before her shift would’ve concluded (9 pm).

This sort of seduction tactic or game of mines, shows you just how effective it is to pull women without needing to beg for their phone numbers or get them on dates.

Read: Get laid by putting a gun to her head…without putting a gun to her head

Ok, Thursday night (few nights ago), I decided to pop up at her job site (she’d give me the location during the hidden-cam video).

As expected; she was shocked!

My sole intention was to take her home or have her take me to her place instead [a tougher task but can be managed with some skills].

When all the preliminary bullshit had passed, I convinced her that we should go back to her place [no time to break down in this post the strategy used].

Anyway, we got back to her place around 10 pm.

As you would’ve noticed from the video; this teen mom obviously has a kid(s).

Now, tryna hook up with a girl who has a newborn or a kid who still gets breast-fed, poses a very tricky-logistical situation to say the least.

Personally, I have no issues with fucking girls who have kids. I’m an ardent mother-fucker aka MILF-Hunter. Just that the logistics become challenging opposed to women who are lot freer without responsibilities of child-rearing (as this post will detail).

With all said and done, the 3 of us end up lying in bed together.

Side note: if this chick has a boyfriend (which I never cared to confirm), how fucked-up would that be, that your GF/kid’s mother, is lying in bed with the child and another man whom she doesn’t know from Adam…about to screw! 😯

This sorta shit makes it impossible to want to trust women again!

I have a girlfriend with who I share 2 kids. What if she’s currently in bed with my kids and another…man!!!? 😡 😯

Thank heavens other men in general aren’t thinking the way I do.

Be as it may; that’s for another post. But the side note goes to show how majority of women really don’t give a crap about supposed ethics, respect and principles. If they want to fuck a new guy: no one- including their deities, parents nor danger, could deter them from the possibility of new cock. 🙂

Anyway, while lying in bed as an unwanted tandem, every move I made to get physical with the teen mom, the kid would make a counter move to block my attempts at groping her mom.

Shit!!! 😡

It was as if the child were living vicariously though her father in order to protect mommy from whore-mongering PUA’s like myself!

I then said to the girl:

“Why don’t you dress her across further in the corner so she can’t really be all over you”?

Girl: “She’s gonna start bawling if she doesn’t smell me”.

For you rookies who don’t know shit about child-rearing, a baby usually uses the sense of smell for recognition, and not really the eyes or the visual sense as we adult do.

Hence, if the baby is laid too far aside where she cannot smell the mother, she will cry (at least in this girl’s case).


Another hurdle to climb!

So the baby must be nearby or literally atop the mother in order to sleep soundly…which is what I was hoping for: 😈

“Can’t wait until this fucking baby dozes off”!

While waiting for the baby to fall asleep (hopefully), I caressed her legs [the mom’s legs you perverted fucker], thighs and ran my fingers across her back in sort of a ticking motion which made her giggle.

Since the baby was lying in the mom’s bosom, I wasn’t able to reach where I really wanted to reach: her tits! 👿

Dammit I’m getting sleepy here trying to work around the baby logistics!

Guys might be saying to themselves:

“But Kenny, why didn’t you just ask her to go to another room and leave the baby in that room”?

No dummy!

The problem with doing that is this:

If I’d said, “Let’s go to the other room”. It would’ve been tantamount to me saying to her, “Let’s go into the other room and fuck” [although she wanted that to happen].

Hence you have to know how to be strategic and utilize social smarts to keep the girl’s mind from thinking that all you want to do is fuck and run.

By all means; you can decide to fuck and run! But just not make her think that that is your aim.

Therefore, for me to say let’s go to another room, it would’ve indicated to the girl that my sole motive here was sex all along (although she knows this and is down for this).

With that being the case, I had to deal with the logistics at hand with the baby in bed. 😦

My immediate goal from that point on was just to buy time, hope the baby falls asleep and hope that the girl herself doesn’t fall asleep as she was dozing away slightly. So this’ where tickling and light pinches came in handy.

To keep her from dozing off while we indirectly waited for the baby to doze off, I tickled her under foot, toes, back while gently nibbling on her shoulders to apply enough tension to keep her awake.

Not to fucking mention that I was dozing too! 😆 😆

It was like 2 AM and we’d been there since 10 PM…so do the math.

Alas! The baby was snoring, I gingerly rolled the baby aside exposing the teen mom’s milk-filled breasts and nipples which were erected an inch long from being suckled.

I gently ran my fingers across her tummy up until I met her boobs. I then fiddled with her nipples and cupped her squirting breasts while nibbling on her neck as I lie behind her.

In essence, I’m getting her engines super turned-on via foreplay on various levels.

Lots of guys (clueless and desperate ones) would just try to stick the cock in immediately without any stimulation…which would result in a HUGE full stop of no entry!

Now after a bit, I got some resistance to the breast-cupping which could’ve been the result of 2 things:

1.) Either she was so aroused that she couldn’t take it anymore thus had to stop me (out of over arousal).

2.) She didn’t want her milk to be sprayed all over the place neither to wet up her t-shirt.

Be as it may, this could be lumped into LMR (Last Minute Resistance) which is a given and should be expected.

Back to thigh caressing! As I was doing this, the towel across her waist kept getting in the way so I moved it aside while bringing my fingers closer to her pussy for clitoral stimulation. 😈

She allowed me to move the towel without a hiccup.

As my fingers drew nearer to her buff:

Waa, waa, waa!!!

Baby woke!

#Fuck!!! 😯 😡

She tries to placate the baby back to sleep:

“Hush, hush, hush. Mommy’s right here”.

Baby won’t hush.

At this point I’m brooding, sleepy and slightly agitated…but smart enough to not show it…so I played it off:

“Hi cute baby. Don’t wanna sleep huh. You’re so cute”.

You should’ve seen my face while I was saying that.

Had the mother stepped out, I probably would’ve said: “You little fucker, I’m tryna get laid here and you’re not making this shit easy”!

As the crying continued, I laid on my back veering off into the ceiling with my thoughts.

The girl sensed I was a bit annoyed (although I didn’t want to show this):

Girl: “Are you ok? This baby is something else tonight”.

[Me: “No shit Sherlock”]

Me: “Nah I’m good I’m good”.

After 20 minutes of doing nothing while mom tries to put baby to bed…I dozed off. 😆

Side note: as you get older, fighting sleep will become impossible. I’ve learned that since turning 29 some years ago [I’m now 32]. Up until the age of 29, I was able to fight sleep down till sunset. Since hitting 30; the 1st. yawn packs enough punch to put me out!

Caught myself not long after. 😯

Checked the time: 3 AM.

Fuck! This chick lives about an hour’s drive away from my town, taxis aren’t available these hours, I can’t get caught at her place during daylight hours (her roommate gets home at 6 AM)…

Regardless how this turns out, this spells a long-ass walk home (2 hours) with or without any sex to show for it.

Last ditch effort at sex.

Baby’s snoozing, teen mom snoozing and I’m groggy as shit…but my arms had enough life left to mount her hips for more caressing!

The girl wakes up to meet my fingers on her labia majora [that’s her “outer pussy lips” for you rooks who aren’t inclined to the human anatomy].

She cringes a bit but I rolled her onto her back (from her side) while I crawled over to get between her while the legs were spread.

At this point, I was being a lot more forceful sensing time slipping by.

The girl sensing the need for urgency also, capitulated and allowed me little resistance (LMR).

Had my cock been hard at this juncture, I would’ve taken it out and slid it inside of her knowing that she was too tired to put up a fake struggle whether verbal or physical. But dammit; since I’d been sleeping, my dick was expectedly limp.

In order to gain the quickest erection possible (knowing she wasn’t gonna give up a blowjob in such a case), I dove into her crotch with my lips and began eating her pussy vigorously.

There was no resistance or fight from here whatsoever!!!

She knew I was somewhat pissed and horny and that this wasn’t the time to fight…especially if she wanted to see me again.

I finger-banged her pussy with my tongue while my thumb worked her clitoris with the rapidity of a vibrator.

She moaned in pleasure and perhaps some pain as I was working her vagina hard.

I began to feel that familiar tingling downstairs whenever a good erection is pending.


Fought to get my belt unbuckled with only 2 fingers of my left hand which is my weak hand.

I stupidly breached my own rule of How to dress for sex by wearing a belt instead of wearing a pant which doesn’t require belts, i.e. sweat pants.

By the way, if you don’t know how difficult it is to try to un-buckle your pants with your weak hand, while your strong hand is busy…while your lips is in a vagina, then I’m telling you now: it’s difficult work!

If you’re asking, “Kenny, why didn’t you just stop and remove your clothes casually where you wouldn’t have to worry with the hassle”?

Side note: In such a situation where you never had sex with a particular girl before, where LMR (Last Minute Resistance) “will” occur, stopping isn’t an option (the worst possible move when trying to remove a belt)! Had I stopped to remove my pants or merely un-buckle the belt, the girl would’ve freaked out as she realizes that sex is about to really happen with this stranger (me). Therefore, once you hit this juncture of removing your pants, it has to be done in such a way which doesn’t make it apparent that sex will be the result of it (of the pants coming down).

Kenny didn’t make the fucking rules! Women did! I’m merely following them. So be very aware of this when prepping for rapid sex.

Finally got my belt unfastened, my cock wasn’t erect but trying to get there so in the meantime, I resumed the cunnilingus (pussy-eating).

Waa, waa, waa!!!

Waa, waa, waa!!!

You got to be fucking kidding me!


“Get that baby”!!!

I literally had the mom’s hands pinned down to the bed so she cannot move them in order to tend to the baby. So the bawling baby decided to do a gymnastic rendition with a bit of Karate: rolled over, did a back flip, ended the sequence with a kick to the mother’s belly.


The baby mounts her mother’s upper body literally sandwiching herself between the mother and me as if to shield her from some sort of external threat of some sort.

My dick is unable to rise with a baby’s ass literally in my face. How fucking perverted I would’ve had to been to still manage an erection in the face of such a cock-block!?

The mother embraced the baby while I rolled onto my back in utter disappointment that I was cock-blocked by someone too young to utter intelligible words.

I’ve been defeated!

That was the expression upon my face: Submission.

Long story short: l let her walk me to the door, I embraced her from behind in a dominant way while tilting her chin up to make out with her (our first and only kiss).

If actions could talk (literally), they would’ve said (as I finished kissing her): “You lucky bitch you”!

Took an almost 2 hour trip back home (on foot).

I walked so long that I literally burned a hole into the heel of my sock from the sheer friction and acrid sweat rubbing against each other for such a long duration without a pause.

That was Thursday into Friday morning. My thighs are still super fucking sore from the perhaps futile journey.

Now, is there a lesson here for me to learn from?

Not quite.

Everything was done correctly on my part. Just that I was cock-blocked unintentionally.

On a further note, everything is strategic be it: when to enter the bedroom, how you enter, when to touch, how to start the touch, etc.

You can’t just get to the girl’s place (neither yours) and immediately try to tear her clothes off.

On the flip side, you can’t wait 2 hours to try to rip her clothes off when she would’ve already written you off as a wuss-bag who’s afraid to act on sex.

Hence, you have to know where you are in the seduction phase of the game to know when to act or play it cool.

I’ve banged too many moms with young and teenage kids to not know exactly how to operate this machinery.

This field report alone will have outlined to you just how difficult it can be to fuck chicks with kids, especially when the kids are toddlers and sleep in the same bed or same room.

Logistical issues such as babies waking, crying, needing to be changed, fed, etc. are huge cries for troubleshooting game.

This is a big reason why guys in pickup don’t really fancy hooking up with girls with kids.

It requires too much damage-control game, patience and tolerance out of this world.

However there are lessons from this field report for you guys out there, but I’ll deal with it in a future post about what to do and how to do it while back at the girl’s place (assuming you want sex).

Although I’m opposed to getting phone numbers, this is such a case where that rule can be breached since the girl has already gone so far with me. So getting her # cannot possible ruin things.

I’m to meet her tomorrow night (Sunday) directly at her place with prior knowledge of what’s up: sex!

No dates, no long texting, no planning no bullshit.

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