If She Isn’t DTF: I’m Gone

It’s a huge time saver to cut women off who aren’t DTF (presuming you’re looking for women who are DTF).

Some women (the majority) have the tendency of making sex a drawn-out process in order to screen for boyfriend material.

In other words, the longer you tolerate being put into the “wait on sex zone”, the longer she’ll make you wait in hopes of turning you into a boyfriend.

Now if being a boyfriend is what you’re after- then by all means- wait patiently on sex [although I don’t recommend]!

If you’re just looking to smash, then you cannot entertain being friends WITHOUT benefits, cuddling in bed without sex and keeping girls company without anything tangible to show for it…like a used condom or scratches on your back.

Alright, last night I got invited over to a girl’s house.

She’s a chick whom I’ve known for quite some years (9 years actually) but never got around to sleeping with her due to conflicting schedule on my part.

We’ve started chatting again a little over a week now. I ran my standard to advance text-game routines to rope her in [although I berate guys who text women; this was an exception due to the existential factors].

Last night, I got over to her place just after 11 PM, everything went down as usual. An hour later, we’re lying in bed together, but every time I attempted to embrace her, she insisted that I remove my hands.

The reason why this isn’t LMR (Last Minute Resistance) is because LMR generally is attributed to resistance which occurs just before sex would’ve happened.

With this girl and in this particular instance, sex wasn’t pending, so the girl’s resistances cannot be classified as Last Minute before sex…if you’re following me?

At that point, I was a lot taken-aback because this chick was DTF as DTF gets while we chatted and texted.

Sure I wasn’t expecting her to blow my cock empty (at least not yet), but this sort of resistance to my touch attempts was totally un-accepted and not part of the ballgame.

In the face of such resistance, as taught by seduction, I employed some classic take away strategies: 1 step backwards 2 steps forward in alternate manner.

This however didn’t work. 😯

Whatever might have changed her mind over such short course from being DTF to now against physical contact; I wasn’t tryna blow my entire night trying to figure that shit out.

As I casually, and in a non-sexual way, rested my hand across her thigh as she lie on her side, she says to me:

“You’re hurting my hip by leaning down on me with all your weight”.


Me: “You’re serious!? I’m barely leaning on you”.

Girl: “I’m just saying”.

For clarification sake: she wasn’t being attitudish or bitchy at all.

Her tone read more like: “I enjoy your company but just not in an intimate way”, opposed to “I wish you would leave”.

Be as it may, she almost brought me to laughter when she said that I was bearing too much weight down on her hip when I literally had my fingers alone on her.

I took that as a huge IOD (Indication Of Disinterest).

One step backwards: 2 steps forward.

Minutes later, caressed her legs a bit without resistance. Since I couldn’t keep caressing her legs for the duration of the night, quite naturally I escalated by working my fingers further up her thighs which caused her to react by trying to shake my hands off with her legs: “Nooooooooooo”.

I repeated this sequence (stop, go, retreat, go…) With few variations over the course of another 40 minutes before coming to the conclusion that this chick was either:

1.) Not DTF (tonight).

2.) Looking to draw me into the boyfriend frame.

Both seemed to have been true.

I’m not vying to become her boyfriend and if she wasn’t DTF that night then I had no business cuddling with her.

Me: “Come walk me to the door”.

The key here is that I didn’t want to come off as though I was butt-hurt that I didn’t get laid and wasted my time. So when I asked her to walk me out, my tone was pretty much the same and a bit upbeat to be honest.

She never responded to my request.

This signaled that she’s crushed to find out that I wasn’t boyfriend material and she wasn’t successful at trying to corral me into simply cuddling with no strings attached.

On a further note, I never led this chick to believe that I wanted anything more than just to hook up…which she was down with. So this wasn’t a case of “Kenny misleading chicks” or anything like that.

What most guys fail to realize is that there is a huge portion of women out there who are searching for provider-types and boyfriend types due to circumstances or their current mindset.

Now, if you want to be that guy; then fine!

As for myself, being that I didn’t want to get trapped into any boyfriend frame; I elected to leave by telling her to walk me to the door.

She ignored me so I got up and walked myself out.

At times in the game, you have to take the hard road and not budge on your values and expectations.

If you’re after sex, then you don’t have to come off as a boyfriend. Doing so will only get you friendzoned.

Cuddling with a girl for 2 weeks in hopes that she has sex with you on the 3rd week is very unlikely to happen.

Most guys fall into this trap. And what they come to realize is that most times, they won’t even have a 3rd week as the girl would’ve already been fed up with the guy’s non-sexual company and unwillingness to pull the fucking trigger on sex (or at least attempt).

Socialkenny’s Facebook Strategy For When Adding New Girls

Most of what I do online and in my actual life is strategic and thought out beforehand.

Whenever I friend-request a girl or she friend-requests me, I want to create an impression that is:

1.) Lasting

2.) Controversial

3.) Original

This totally runs contrary to what the average person sees and perceives as a good impression.

I don’t aim to make a “good impression” on newly added female friends.

I do the opposite and create a negative impression instead.

This is achieved in various ways. So when I add a new girl, I make sure to update my status soon afterwards with something that’s a bit controversial, rude, vile, outlandish or womanizing (or all of the above).

For instance:

“Real men fuck without condoms. #JustSaying”

Sure this isn’t factual but that isn’t the point. The point is to create a bit of stir and propel the newly added girl to respond to my Facebook status update…which 80% of the times- she will be the first to post a comment in shock and awe. 😯

They almost always take the bait: hook, line and fucking sinker.

You always want to create a so-called negative first impression on such a girl which makes you stand out far from the socially coward guy who does and says everything within the confines of social norms.

Such a guy is rarely seen as attractive on a personality level since he has no depth, no original opinions of his own, no pop or pep about himself.

You don’t want to remain being that guy who after he adds a hot girl, the girl fades off into oblivion, bored half to death with your “positive” commentaries and status updates of “Have a good morning everyone”.

Aim to stand the fuck out!

It’s impossible to stand out when your posts are similar to that of 90% of other guys.

That’s called following the trend.

Hence, for every new girl I add to my Facebook friend list (or she adds me), I ensure that her first impression of me is that of an asshole, jerk, bad boy, womanizer, prick, sexist idiot, man-whore, etc.

Now, guys who are looking at this from the general frame will say, “But wouldn’t that be a turn off which will immediately get me un-friended”?

The answer is NO!

I’ve yet to this day been de-friended by a girl due to the controversial nature of my status updates.

Have I offended some?


However the beauty lies in exactly that.

Ok, this’ typically how it goes whenever I add a new girl:

I add girl, she accepts the friend request.

Between 2-5 minutes later, I update my stat with something like:

“All women are whores except the ones pass menopause”

Within 20 seconds, Facebook mobile app buzzes with a notification:

New girl comments: “OMG! Do you really believe that”!? 😯

Then the seduction essentially starts from there.

The line/status update was just the bait.

Her response was she taking the bait.

I don’t think I need to tell you how ineffective this would be had I updated my status with something lame as:

“A beautiful morning in my town. Have a nice day y’all”

Such updates usually get 0 comments and a few pity “likes” from relatives.

Unfortunately, most men continue to make such mistakes when trying to attract women online through social-media sites.

Most of my non-PUA friends on Facebook, 100% of them, post lame-ass generic status updates, photos and links.

On the contrary, most of my PUA friends on Facebook, 100% of them, post similar updates as mines. So this isn’t an original idea or approach by Kenny. Most PUA’s live by this.

I’m hoping to reach the average guy who isn’t a PUA, in hopes that he plays the Facebook game correctly from now on by adding some pop to his profile.

A girl will de-friend you for being too generic and average/lame.

A girl will not however, de-friend you for being an asshole, jerk or someone who’s opinionated.

This also works just as great with women who’ve been your Facebook friend for a while.

Funny thing is, my mother is actually a Facebook friend of mines. She added me about 6 months ago to my dismay.

Whenever she sees the stuff I post including my blog post links; she’s appalled. 😯

I’d usually get an inbox message right afterwards from her asking if I’m ok as in “sane”. 🙂

On my status updates, my mom would usually comment 95% of the time apologizing for her son that she didn’t raise me that way with such radical views.

After explaining to her in private that this is just for shock value and a deeper cause (seduction), she’s since relented a bit but still chimes in scolding me in public for my shenanigans.

Does this make me look like a little mamma’s boy? Of course not! It heightens the drama for the new girls whom I will have further attracted. And it actually makes girls go “cute”, that son and mother will debate ethics over FB statuses.

Ok, I’ll end off this post with few of my latest Facebook status updates just to give you a perfect illustration of how to draw newly added girls in with your updates.

“If your girlfriend isn’t this way over you, then you got beat by Froot Loops

Cock-Blocked Out Of Sex By Teen-Mom’s Baby: Weekend Field Report

Remember the girl whom I’d met the other day through this hidden-cam video…the one who boldly stopped me to ask me to buy her a drink?

Well I was able to meet up with her (without a date nor a phone number).

I did exactly what I outlined to you guys that I was going to do, which was to just show up at her workplace unannounced shortly before her shift would’ve concluded (9 pm).

This sort of seduction tactic or game of mines, shows you just how effective it is to pull women without needing to beg for their phone numbers or get them on dates.

Read: Get laid by putting a gun to her head…without putting a gun to her head

Ok, Thursday night (few nights ago), I decided to pop up at her job site (she’d give me the location during the hidden-cam video).

As expected; she was shocked!

My sole intention was to take her home or have her take me to her place instead [a tougher task but can be managed with some skills].

When all the preliminary bullshit had passed, I convinced her that we should go back to her place [no time to break down in this post the strategy used].

Anyway, we got back to her place around 10 pm.

As you would’ve noticed from the video; this teen mom obviously has a kid(s).

Now, tryna hook up with a girl who has a newborn or a kid who still gets breast-fed, poses a very tricky-logistical situation to say the least.

Personally, I have no issues with fucking girls who have kids. I’m an ardent mother-fucker aka MILF-Hunter. Just that the logistics become challenging opposed to women who are lot freer without responsibilities of child-rearing (as this post will detail).

With all said and done, the 3 of us end up lying in bed together.

Side note: if this chick has a boyfriend (which I never cared to confirm), how fucked-up would that be, that your GF/kid’s mother, is lying in bed with the child and another man whom she doesn’t know from Adam…about to screw! 😯

This sorta shit makes it impossible to want to trust women again!

I have a girlfriend with who I share 2 kids. What if she’s currently in bed with my kids and another…man!!!? 😡 😯

Thank heavens other men in general aren’t thinking the way I do.

Be as it may; that’s for another post. But the side note goes to show how majority of women really don’t give a crap about supposed ethics, respect and principles. If they want to fuck a new guy: no one- including their deities, parents nor danger, could deter them from the possibility of new cock. 🙂

Anyway, while lying in bed as an unwanted tandem, every move I made to get physical with the teen mom, the kid would make a counter move to block my attempts at groping her mom.

Shit!!! 😡

It was as if the child were living vicariously though her father in order to protect mommy from whore-mongering PUA’s like myself!

I then said to the girl:

“Why don’t you dress her across further in the corner so she can’t really be all over you”?

Girl: “She’s gonna start bawling if she doesn’t smell me”.

For you rookies who don’t know shit about child-rearing, a baby usually uses the sense of smell for recognition, and not really the eyes or the visual sense as we adult do.

Hence, if the baby is laid too far aside where she cannot smell the mother, she will cry (at least in this girl’s case).


Another hurdle to climb!

So the baby must be nearby or literally atop the mother in order to sleep soundly…which is what I was hoping for: 😈

“Can’t wait until this fucking baby dozes off”!

While waiting for the baby to fall asleep (hopefully), I caressed her legs [the mom’s legs you perverted fucker], thighs and ran my fingers across her back in sort of a ticking motion which made her giggle.

Since the baby was lying in the mom’s bosom, I wasn’t able to reach where I really wanted to reach: her tits! 👿

Dammit I’m getting sleepy here trying to work around the baby logistics!

Guys might be saying to themselves:

“But Kenny, why didn’t you just ask her to go to another room and leave the baby in that room”?

No dummy!

The problem with doing that is this:

If I’d said, “Let’s go to the other room”. It would’ve been tantamount to me saying to her, “Let’s go into the other room and fuck” [although she wanted that to happen].

Hence you have to know how to be strategic and utilize social smarts to keep the girl’s mind from thinking that all you want to do is fuck and run.

By all means; you can decide to fuck and run! But just not make her think that that is your aim.

Therefore, for me to say let’s go to another room, it would’ve indicated to the girl that my sole motive here was sex all along (although she knows this and is down for this).

With that being the case, I had to deal with the logistics at hand with the baby in bed. 😦

My immediate goal from that point on was just to buy time, hope the baby falls asleep and hope that the girl herself doesn’t fall asleep as she was dozing away slightly. So this’ where tickling and light pinches came in handy.

To keep her from dozing off while we indirectly waited for the baby to doze off, I tickled her under foot, toes, back while gently nibbling on her shoulders to apply enough tension to keep her awake.

Not to fucking mention that I was dozing too! 😆 😆

It was like 2 AM and we’d been there since 10 PM…so do the math.

Alas! The baby was snoring, I gingerly rolled the baby aside exposing the teen mom’s milk-filled breasts and nipples which were erected an inch long from being suckled.

I gently ran my fingers across her tummy up until I met her boobs. I then fiddled with her nipples and cupped her squirting breasts while nibbling on her neck as I lie behind her.

In essence, I’m getting her engines super turned-on via foreplay on various levels.

Lots of guys (clueless and desperate ones) would just try to stick the cock in immediately without any stimulation…which would result in a HUGE full stop of no entry!

Now after a bit, I got some resistance to the breast-cupping which could’ve been the result of 2 things:

1.) Either she was so aroused that she couldn’t take it anymore thus had to stop me (out of over arousal).

2.) She didn’t want her milk to be sprayed all over the place neither to wet up her t-shirt.

Be as it may, this could be lumped into LMR (Last Minute Resistance) which is a given and should be expected.

Back to thigh caressing! As I was doing this, the towel across her waist kept getting in the way so I moved it aside while bringing my fingers closer to her pussy for clitoral stimulation. 😈

She allowed me to move the towel without a hiccup.

As my fingers drew nearer to her buff:

Waa, waa, waa!!!

Baby woke!

#Fuck!!! 😯 😡

She tries to placate the baby back to sleep:

“Hush, hush, hush. Mommy’s right here”.

Baby won’t hush.

At this point I’m brooding, sleepy and slightly agitated…but smart enough to not show it…so I played it off:

“Hi cute baby. Don’t wanna sleep huh. You’re so cute”.

You should’ve seen my face while I was saying that.

Had the mother stepped out, I probably would’ve said: “You little fucker, I’m tryna get laid here and you’re not making this shit easy”!

As the crying continued, I laid on my back veering off into the ceiling with my thoughts.

The girl sensed I was a bit annoyed (although I didn’t want to show this):

Girl: “Are you ok? This baby is something else tonight”.

[Me: “No shit Sherlock”]

Me: “Nah I’m good I’m good”.

After 20 minutes of doing nothing while mom tries to put baby to bed…I dozed off. 😆

Side note: as you get older, fighting sleep will become impossible. I’ve learned that since turning 29 some years ago [I’m now 32]. Up until the age of 29, I was able to fight sleep down till sunset. Since hitting 30; the 1st. yawn packs enough punch to put me out!

Caught myself not long after. 😯

Checked the time: 3 AM.

Fuck! This chick lives about an hour’s drive away from my town, taxis aren’t available these hours, I can’t get caught at her place during daylight hours (her roommate gets home at 6 AM)…

Regardless how this turns out, this spells a long-ass walk home (2 hours) with or without any sex to show for it.

Last ditch effort at sex.

Baby’s snoozing, teen mom snoozing and I’m groggy as shit…but my arms had enough life left to mount her hips for more caressing!

The girl wakes up to meet my fingers on her labia majora [that’s her “outer pussy lips” for you rooks who aren’t inclined to the human anatomy].

She cringes a bit but I rolled her onto her back (from her side) while I crawled over to get between her while the legs were spread.

At this point, I was being a lot more forceful sensing time slipping by.

The girl sensing the need for urgency also, capitulated and allowed me little resistance (LMR).

Had my cock been hard at this juncture, I would’ve taken it out and slid it inside of her knowing that she was too tired to put up a fake struggle whether verbal or physical. But dammit; since I’d been sleeping, my dick was expectedly limp.

In order to gain the quickest erection possible (knowing she wasn’t gonna give up a blowjob in such a case), I dove into her crotch with my lips and began eating her pussy vigorously.

There was no resistance or fight from here whatsoever!!!

She knew I was somewhat pissed and horny and that this wasn’t the time to fight…especially if she wanted to see me again.

I finger-banged her pussy with my tongue while my thumb worked her clitoris with the rapidity of a vibrator.

She moaned in pleasure and perhaps some pain as I was working her vagina hard.

I began to feel that familiar tingling downstairs whenever a good erection is pending.


Fought to get my belt unbuckled with only 2 fingers of my left hand which is my weak hand.

I stupidly breached my own rule of How to dress for sex by wearing a belt instead of wearing a pant which doesn’t require belts, i.e. sweat pants.

By the way, if you don’t know how difficult it is to try to un-buckle your pants with your weak hand, while your strong hand is busy…while your lips is in a vagina, then I’m telling you now: it’s difficult work!

If you’re asking, “Kenny, why didn’t you just stop and remove your clothes casually where you wouldn’t have to worry with the hassle”?

Side note: In such a situation where you never had sex with a particular girl before, where LMR (Last Minute Resistance) “will” occur, stopping isn’t an option (the worst possible move when trying to remove a belt)! Had I stopped to remove my pants or merely un-buckle the belt, the girl would’ve freaked out as she realizes that sex is about to really happen with this stranger (me). Therefore, once you hit this juncture of removing your pants, it has to be done in such a way which doesn’t make it apparent that sex will be the result of it (of the pants coming down).

Kenny didn’t make the fucking rules! Women did! I’m merely following them. So be very aware of this when prepping for rapid sex.

Finally got my belt unfastened, my cock wasn’t erect but trying to get there so in the meantime, I resumed the cunnilingus (pussy-eating).

Waa, waa, waa!!!

Waa, waa, waa!!!

You got to be fucking kidding me!


“Get that baby”!!!

I literally had the mom’s hands pinned down to the bed so she cannot move them in order to tend to the baby. So the bawling baby decided to do a gymnastic rendition with a bit of Karate: rolled over, did a back flip, ended the sequence with a kick to the mother’s belly.


The baby mounts her mother’s upper body literally sandwiching herself between the mother and me as if to shield her from some sort of external threat of some sort.

My dick is unable to rise with a baby’s ass literally in my face. How fucking perverted I would’ve had to been to still manage an erection in the face of such a cock-block!?

The mother embraced the baby while I rolled onto my back in utter disappointment that I was cock-blocked by someone too young to utter intelligible words.

I’ve been defeated!

That was the expression upon my face: Submission.

Long story short: l let her walk me to the door, I embraced her from behind in a dominant way while tilting her chin up to make out with her (our first and only kiss).

If actions could talk (literally), they would’ve said (as I finished kissing her): “You lucky bitch you”!

Took an almost 2 hour trip back home (on foot).

I walked so long that I literally burned a hole into the heel of my sock from the sheer friction and acrid sweat rubbing against each other for such a long duration without a pause.

That was Thursday into Friday morning. My thighs are still super fucking sore from the perhaps futile journey.

Now, is there a lesson here for me to learn from?

Not quite.

Everything was done correctly on my part. Just that I was cock-blocked unintentionally.

On a further note, everything is strategic be it: when to enter the bedroom, how you enter, when to touch, how to start the touch, etc.

You can’t just get to the girl’s place (neither yours) and immediately try to tear her clothes off.

On the flip side, you can’t wait 2 hours to try to rip her clothes off when she would’ve already written you off as a wuss-bag who’s afraid to act on sex.

Hence, you have to know where you are in the seduction phase of the game to know when to act or play it cool.

I’ve banged too many moms with young and teenage kids to not know exactly how to operate this machinery.

This field report alone will have outlined to you just how difficult it can be to fuck chicks with kids, especially when the kids are toddlers and sleep in the same bed or same room.

Logistical issues such as babies waking, crying, needing to be changed, fed, etc. are huge cries for troubleshooting game.

This is a big reason why guys in pickup don’t really fancy hooking up with girls with kids.

It requires too much damage-control game, patience and tolerance out of this world.

However there are lessons from this field report for you guys out there, but I’ll deal with it in a future post about what to do and how to do it while back at the girl’s place (assuming you want sex).

Although I’m opposed to getting phone numbers, this is such a case where that rule can be breached since the girl has already gone so far with me. So getting her # cannot possible ruin things.

I’m to meet her tomorrow night (Sunday) directly at her place with prior knowledge of what’s up: sex!

No dates, no long texting, no planning no bullshit.

Pulling Sexy-Armenian Teen Girl To An Insta-Date: Tips On Tourist Game And Picking Up Foreign Girls

Perhaps the easiest way to get laid is by targeting tourists, travelers and nomads.

I’ve been running tourist game for many years now and have gotten laid a ton from it.

In this narration video, earlier in the week, while catching a bus to head across country (@ a tourist frequented area), I noticed a tourist-looking chick checking me out so I took that as an AI (Approach Invitation) and immediately called her over and chatted her up.

If you’d read my previous 4 articles, you will have known how adamant I am about Instant Dates and taking women out instantly.

This 18 year old Armenian from New York City was no exception so I led her on an insta-date within 15 minutes of chatting her up.

No phone #’s, e-mails or any of that indirect crap.

The thing is also when it comes to tourists, since they’re obviously traveling, they usually don’t have a working-mobile phone, so getting their phone numbers is a stupid move on any guy’s part…unless he plans on traveling half way around the globe just for a little poon…which is equally as stupid. 😯

Overall guys, what I want to share with you today is the exact points which I’ve been hammering to death throughout my last 5 articles:

1.) Women are never busy especially when out of the house!

2.) It’s 100 times easier to get random strangers on dates than to get to know them and do it the traditional route.

Literally guys- this is no joke- I pull about 3 insta-dates per week with complete strangers.

That ratio is about 3 in 4, meaning for every 4 girl I try to get on an instant date, I manage to get 3 of them to tag along (a portion leading to One-Night Stand sex).

No flakes, no headaches, no head-games, just strictly random dates with strangers and Same-Day Sex.

Another thing I want to address is the race factor.

I get a handful of e-mails from black and Asian guys wanting to know how to attract and seduce white girls.

My simple advice is always the same: women are fucking women!

There’s hardly any difference in picking up a white chick from a black one.

As long as she’s been westernized, then the game is practically the same all across the board.

It’s all about the mindset.

If you believe that white girls aren’t into you because you’re black, Indian or Oriental, then that’s your fucking problem for harboring such a loser’s mentality. 😦

When I approach a girl of anther race and ethnicity, I approach as though I’m the prize and I’m the shit and I’m bound to have her.

I don’t even see the racial divide.

Put me in a club filled with KKK Skinhead chicks and I guarantee I’ll pull a One-Night Stand out of there.

That is the frame and mentality you should have instead of beating yourself up crying about white chicks not liking you because of your race.

As long as you feel to yourself that you are irresistible to all women irregardless of race; then all women will treat you likewise and want to peel your goddamn clothes off.

Remember- girls want sex and girls want to be taken and whisked away in the arms of a guy who gets it.

As for the Armenian teenager from New York City featured in the infield clips, it’s indicative of how when you learn Pickup, you will begin to get more women than you know what to do with them.

Once you begin to get off your lazy ass and take Pickup/Seduction seriously, you will have been one of the chosen few for the simple fact that most guys are NOT picking up women on the streets like PUA’s do (hardly any other guy is doing it but a PUA).

Hence when I’m out and about, the streets, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are my proverbial playground with abundance of women in which to choose from while other men (97% of them) are watching from the sidelines and not participating due to limiting beliefs among other handicaps.

The drunk or high dude buzzing off of liquid courage who do decides to at least cat-call women; has no game nor understanding of women so he generally has to rely on luck to get laid off of cold approaching women.

When I approach total strangers, there is no luck factor in which I rely on.

My sheer will and aura gets me the girl. Likewise with the pickup of the Armenian chick. I spotted the girl, she flashed me a backwards glance and that was all the indication I needed to get her over here to begin the seduction process.

I recently put together a detailed document (.PDF format) on how to pull instant dates within minutes of meeting hot women.

I’ll be posting it for download in the coming days. It’s a comprehensive guide and absolutely the most instructive piece of document you will have ever read on getting dates and sex from dates.

In the meantime, check out the narrated video of the tourist-girl pull.

Also download my free e-book which details the entire process of picking up tourists and foreign girls with ease: “How to bang foreign girls”

How To Get Laid On A (First) Date [By Todd Valentine]

Getting sex from the 1st. date is strategic and requires a great deal of maneuvering.

I’d posted this same video the other day along with some others which might have inadvertently taken away from the powerful message in this 1.

I’m a huge fan of Todd Valentine because we think alike and his videos are easily digestible.

As an advance guy and self-professed master in this field, I wanna personal say that one can never learn it all no matter how advanced he becomes. Over the past 6 months, I’ve learned so much from Todd Valentine’s videos that at times, I feel as though I’m still in the beginner’s stage of Pickup. So you’re never too good to still be learning.

Some great insights in this video and I implore you to check it out especially if you happen to have a date planned sometime soon.

For clarification sake for those who aren’t into Pickup, in the video, Todd mentions D2 (Day 2) a lot. A Day 2 or D2 is Pickup jargon for 1st date. Where “2” comes in is that it’s representative of the 2nd. meeting. So let’s say you meet a girl today, this would essentially be D1 (Day 1). If you manage to get her on a date (2nd meeting), that would be D2 (Day 2). Likewise a 2nd. date (your 3rd time meeting the girl) would be a D3 or Day 3.

Your Complete Guide To Easy And Quick Sex From Dates + Why You Shouldn’t Allow Women To Think

“A thinking-woman is a dangerous woman”!

If you allow her to think; she will think her way out of having sex with you.

Foreword: You will find this article to be very contradicting in nature. But see it for what it is and learn to dissect abstract theories of seduction and dating.

In my previous article, I wrote:

You want to afford women the least amount of time to think rationally.

When a new girl thinks (rationally), or is given the (ample) time to think (rationally), she will almost always decide to not have sex and not go on that date.

She has all the time in the world to “think” while not in your presence, hence she will say to herself: “What does he want? Does he think I’m some kinda easy bitch? What if he’s a rapist? I don’t know this guy at all! I should call Sharon about this. What if I look fat in that dress? My hair is in shambles”! 😯

When a girl is allowed to think; those are snippets of what run through her mind when faced with the decision of meeting a new guy as for a date.

With randomly showing up at her workplace, she doesn’t have time to think or consequences or think of anything for that matter besides what is taking place in the moment with you: the new guy.

Moreover, this is why girls drink and do drugs. The intoxicants put their rational minds, thinking-ability and inhibitions to bed.

You want to, and must cause the same effect on the girl as an intoxicant or date-rape drug do.

This is a widely accepted concept in seduction whenever seducing a girl, that the less she’s allowed to think, the greater chance that you’ll have to sleep with her.

You want to take away her power to think by jamming her decision-making processor like a rocket-propelled grenade blowing a hole through a poorly fortified Humvee.

Again- this is why and how One-Night Stands are possible; you’re allowing the girl no time to think rationally, giving her no space to flake while simultaneously rendering her logical brain disabled.

Taking a stranger on a random insta-date, is the same psychological procedure as structuring a One-Night Stand .

Pretty nasty stuff, huh?

In this article, I will guide you step by step through this seduction method of mines with real-world examples (field reports) including hidden-cam videos of myself illustrating the processes for greater understanding.

Ultimately, I hope to propel you into taking action.

“If you allow a woman to think (rationally); she will think her way out of having sex with you”.

Make mental note of that statement for future reference.

Ok, how do you keep a girl from not thinking?

You keep her from not thinking by overwhelming her thought process with words, questions, lights, colors, actions…anything.

Your job is to essentially distract her thought process.

In the most basic sense and for starters, you keep the girl from not thinking by you- the guy- always talking, allowing her to engage in the dialogue by having her talk also, then further distract her thought process by strategically asking her questions which are weird enough to make her have to think deeply.

Sounds like a grand contradiction when the idea is to not have her think.

I’ll explain!

It’s not that you don’t want the girl to think at all.

Regardless, it’s almost impossible for the human brain or the mind to not process information as long as the vehicle of that mind (the individual) is still alive.

Hence, we’re always thinking about something whether we want to or not.

The key is though, you want the girl to think about the things which you had laid out there, and not the things which randomly pop into her head during the interaction like:

“Does he want sex from me”?

“I don’t kiss on the first date”

“I have standards”

“If he thinks he’s gonna fuck me then he has something coming”

“I really wanna fuck him…but I don’t know him well enough”

When you allow her to think about what she wants to think about, those self-generated questions will be the ones dancing around in her volatile brain.

Therefore, you want to pose your own questions in order to block out her own internal-questioning mechanism.

Bear in mind: her brain is your enemy when trying to have sex with a girl for the first time.

If it were possible to remove the brains from her cranium and lay them aside, then sex would be as easy as taking candy from a baby. But as long as she has a brain (as all women do); the task of sex becomes trickier.

Basically- you’re trying to remove her brain without actually and physically removing it.

Let’s just say we’ll be putting her brain into a deep sleep in respects to her own internal thoughts.

Pretty technical shit you might say: “Kenny actually wants to turn us into neuro-surgeons”! 😯

On the contrary, doing this isn’t difficult at all…and I’ll prove it.

Have you ever fucked a girl before?

Quite sure you have…unless you’re a virgin. 😦

Well the exact same process of not allowing the girl to think, was exactly what you’d done unknowingly at the time.

Hence, what I’ll be teaching you here is nothing fucking new at all!

We’ve all done it before, however I’m just here to teach you how to replicate it!

Just that I’m a mad scientist who gets a hard-on from probing into social dynamics trying to figure out how, when and why of sex and women.


Ok, so you’re not expecting that the girl will not have to use her thought process at all.

She will be asked to!

You just want her, or need her to utilize her thought-processor on subject matters and questions you will have raised yourself.

This is why being a good conversationalist is crucial here…but optional.

Still want to get your conversational skills up to par? Read here: “Back to basics: starting interesting conversations” by Socialkenny.

Now, earlier I specifically mentioned “Weird Questions”.

What I actually meant by that is that you want to structure your questions in such a way which make the girl think hard and deep [no pun intended].

A weird or unconventional question will usually send someone into the depths of thought-ville trying to come up with a rational and sound answer.

This is why boring interview-type questions have little to no positive effect on women and should be avoided like the plague.

Asking a girl if she has brothers and sisters requires no mental fishing nor thinking at all for an answer.

She already instinctively knows if she has siblings or not, so her answer would simply be:

“Yes. I have 2 brothers”.


“No. I have no siblings”.

Such a question didn’t require a deeply thought-out answer, neither did it force her to think. So such a common question won’t keep her from “thinking” and guessing as to your motives.

Bear in mind that your objective is to keep her from thinking about what she wants to think about.

You want her to think about what you- the guy- want her to think about.

Hence the innate-paradoxical contradiction here.

However, you should be asking her things which are thought-provoking instead of boring-interview questions.

Get the difference?

This is essentially why in old-school Pickup, the Pick-Up Artist (PUA) would pose such a question as the following to the girl whom he’s chatting up:

“There are 7 billion people on this planet according to ****** estimates. If you had to get rid of a continent in order that the world could sustain itself and control population, which continent would have to go? Think about it real carefully”.

Notice how such a question is thought-provoking yet distracting to what the girl might have been thinking about otherwise on the surface?

Such an uncommon statement-question will require the girl to dig fucking deep!

It isn’t a question which she can simply answer nonchalantly without a grain of thought.

She has to fucking put some brain cells to use here. 😉 😉

Moreover, with such a question, you’re distracting her logical-thought process.

You’re forcing her to think deeply while simultaneously not allowing her to think about what she would’ve been thinking of otherwise such as:

“This guy is boring. He asks these boring-ass lame questions…can’t wait for the date to finish”.

Hence you want her to think! But then again- you don’t want her to think…unless she’s forced to think about a weird or controversial matter which you’d raised.

Get it?

In addition to that and as a template, you could ask her:

“Would you call a girl trashy for kissing a total stranger for 5,000 bucks? Be honest…I won’t judge you”!

Such a question will definitely disrupt her pre-programmed thought pattern for the simple fact that this would’ve been the 1st. time she was ever posed such a question.

To answer such a question, she will have to take into consideration her moral code, judgment, societal backlash, repercussions, etc.

A thought-provoking question.

It’s weird yet interesting and original.

The Power Of “The Distraction Factor”

Just as a magician distracts his subjects through either nonsensical babbling or deep theoretical statements, your aim is to likewise distract the girl but with a different goal than that of the illusionist: to sleep with the girl.

If you haven’t noticed at this juncture in your dating life, I’ll share with you a piece of radical information that most aren’t aware of:

A woman will not sleep with you [for the 1st. time that is] if she’s consumed by logical thoughts.

“Logic” is the brakes on sex!

When a girl says, “I don’t sleep with men on the 1st date…nor the 5th.”, such a declaration originates from her logical and rational-thought processor.

She uses “logical thinking” to decide that she won’t have sex with this new guy, i.e. you.

Therefore, “Logical Thinking” is her built-in mechanism to cock-block you from taking her panties off.

As long as you’re asking her logical questions and bombarding her with questions which she’s already pre-accustomed to answering, she will utilize her “Logical-Thinking Faculty” for assessment [this is what you don’t want as the guy].

Your job is to disengage her thinking faculties and to distract her from thinking the way she normally does with majority of the men she’s been in contact with.

You should allow her no time to think!

Tangentially, this is why talking to women over the phone (whom you haven’t slept with yet) is a HUGE waste of time…likewise with texting.

If you ask a girl something through text, she has all the fucking time in the world to analyze the question, read into it, dissect it, twist it, misinterpret it, question it and ignore it.

For example, if you say to a new girl over text while trying to plan a get-together:

“Do you drink beer”?

Such innocuous yet relevant question can and will be taken into all sorts of contexts, twisted and misconstrued.

The girl now says to herself while pondering a response:

“Why does he even want to know if I drink? So he’s planning to get me drunk huh? Why else would he ask if I drink beers? He thinks he’s cunning? He thinks he’s getting some if I do meet up with him”?

Hence, even though she might be a stoner, because she was allowed ample time “to think” and think of possible ulterior motives on your part, she will reply with either:

“Nope. Don’t drink beers at all. No alcohol”.

“Just occasionally. Not a fan of it”.

This very well could’ve been a blatant lie. But the fact that she was allotted time “to think” being that the question was posed indirectly (via text or phone call), her logical and skeptical brain decided to mash the brakes pedal to thwart your possible motive of sex.

That is how the female mind operates when given the psychological and physical space to process information rationally.

Hence, her brains, mind and thoughts will work in concert to try to cockblock you to death!

However in person, you can simply counter this with the strategies I’d laid out in the previous passage.

Moreover, you can only counteract a woman’s logical-thought process while in person.

You cannot convince a new girl via text message or Facebook chat, to fuck you, unless she’d already decided that she wants to fuck you (which is the rare exception and not the rule).

There are too many gray areas, physical and mental space, for her to think of what could possibly go wrong, consequence, repercussions, backlash and so forth, of hooking up with you for the first time.

In such a case, her mind will almost always talk her out of hooking up with you and also talk her out of meeting up with you [hence why women flake, reschedule and change their minds so often in relation to dating].

If she does decide to meet up with you anyway, her guards would’ve been erected so fucking high, that you’ll need a crane to get across that shit.

What is the counter to this [trying to hook up over the phone and text]?

In-person communication!

And that is exactly what most men are afraid of…which is why we hide ourselves behind mobile devices and the internet [think excessive porn for instance].

Hand-To-Hand Combat + The Same-Day Sex Connection

It is 10 times easier to get laid regularly through meeting random women for One-Night Stands, than it is through traditional dating means and trying to hook up with a girl whom you’re already acquainted with.

Guys typically freak out whenever I make such bold declarations.

It’s just impossible for most men to fathom how easy sex can be gotten.

What makes One Night Stands much more easier to get than setting up something through the phone, goes back to the theme of the article: “Not allowing the girl time to think”!

Less thinking =’s more fucking!

When you randomly meet a new girl on the streets and proceed to chat her up, she has no lifeline essentially.

She can’t put you on hold to phone a girlfriend to get her take on something you’d said or asked. Nor can she phone her girlfriend to ask her opinion of you: the random stranger.

Conversely, she’s at liberty to do this while not in person, i.e. over the phone, text, Facebook chat, etc.

When in person conversing, you rob the girl of her otherwise lifelines and potential cock-blocking girlfriends who can and will very easily talk her out of having sex with you, or talk her out of meeting up with you altogether.

In person, she doesn’t have a cock-blocking girlfriend feeding her with:

“Hey Jenny, you don’t know this guy from Adam! WTF are you thinking! He could be a rapist! Don’t go with him! Are you fucking crazy!? You don’t even know him”!

In person (granted she’s alone), there’s no girl there in which to girl-code over your shoulders and ruin your chances of sex.

While over the phone chatting with you, there’s a real probability that she’s there with her bestie and probably listening in on the conversation sending girl-codes while trying to stay as quiet as possible as to not alert you.

I have a younger sister, so I can personally attest to this, that girls are notorious for having their girlfriends listen in on phone calls, if for no other reason, to give their girlfriends a general sense of the vibe and chemistry…if any.

In person; this sort of shenanigans is eliminated!

Check mate! 😉

Are you yet seeing the advantages of meeting and getting to know random women in the streets or anywhere opposed to online or through the phone medium?

She’s unable to effectively strategize bullshit while standing face to face with you.

She has no lifeline, she can’t phone a friend, cannot phone her mother for advice, cannot put you on hold while she ponders your motives…all of which she could’ve and would’ve done over the phone, text and the internet. 😈

In essence, while in person with you, she has less mental space to think.

She has less time to second-guess, less time to worry and less time to think.

Are women aware of this “less time to think in person” theory which I’m exposing here?


Perhaps not consciously. But women do instinctively react differently when in person than over the phone or through the internet.

Women instinctive know that they’re easy to be fucked.

All women are aware of this.

This is why they ardently cock-block for each other.

This is also why with most girls whom you will have approached and stopped on the streets, their primary intention is to FLEE!

They’d fabricate any excuse possible to make you believe that they must go NOW.

Essentially, she’s looking to flee from sex [not that she doesn’t want sex but she must put up a quasi fight].

She’s looking to flee from a guy who can possibly fuck the shit out of her like an easy slut.

She’s instinctively aware that in person, she doesn’t have her customary lifelines in which to rely upon for guidance and aid…as to talk her out of quick sex…which she’s down for anyway.

With this being the case, the greater percentage of girls whom you will have stopped in person to chat with, will look to flee via some sort of rational or irrational excuse…sometimes no excuse at all.

At that juncture, your job would be to keep her there long enough to distract her mind from wanting to flee, then structure the pull for an insta-date or same-day sex.

After the conversation will have reached a certain minute mark, fleeing from possible sex won’t be at the top of her to-do-list. So an enjoined aim of yours is to get to this proverbial hook point where she doesn’t even think about leaving anymore.

Over the net or the phone however, the equivalence of fleeing from possible sex is to just not respond at all to your texts, chat messages and phone calls.

Basically, this is where the problem comes in whenever trying to set up something through the telephone: the girl simply flees and there’s nothing you can do or say to keep her from fleeing [meaning- not replying to your texts]!

In person, she cannot just flee mid-sentence, so you have a much greater chance of keeping her there in order to seduce her.

Plus if she tries to flee, you can always do the manly Alpha thing to grab her hand and yank her back [playfully and not like a weirdo].

Socialkenny yanks a girl back

Socialkenny yanks a girl back

As you would’ve guessed; you cannot grab a chick’s hand through the phone. DUH! 😉

Nevertheless, the hidden beauty in disrupting a woman’s routine while out and about is something that I’ve recently come to realize:

Women don’t have shit to do!

A chick saying to you, “I’m busy”, is the biggest crock-of-shit excuse ever!

She’s never too busy to stop and chat and grab a pizza briefly.

What does the average Jane do on an average day?

The same shit she’s been doing for the past 10 years: NOTHING…except going to work…and hanging with friends.

This epiphany is also the reason why I’ve been able to get random women on instant-dates like magic [over 25 since January]. I now realize that the average chick has nothing going for her, she’s bored out of her mind and is subsequently a slave to routine as is the average male [both sexes are deprived of things to do].

Therefore, when I run into a hot girl while out and about and she hurls the oft-repeated excuse at me that she’s busy so she can’t tag along with me, I immediately laugh on the inside from the recognition that this is a pure bullshit psych-you-out technique that she’s been running on every guy since attaining adulthood.

Often times, what usually happens is that the girl, in spite of telling me that she’s busy and can’t, ends up coming with me anyway.

How is that for being “busy”?

Word of advice: if a girl tells you that she’s busy or doesn’t have the time for whatever it is you suggest, immediate note that it’s a lie!

Even if she’s being truthful, whatever she has to do isn’t a matter of life and death and she can always put it off.

She’s never too busy…especially if you’d met her while she’s out window-shopping or loitering at the goddamn mall!

Note that It’s in her gender role to hurl excuses at you like a football [remember- she has to flee from sex at all cost in order to preserve her social value].

Likewise, it’s your role to deflect these excuses like a staunch goal-keeper.

Thus far, what I hope you’d learned from this passage is that communicating with women face to face is a million times advantageous to playing cat and mouse over the phone and cyberspace like a giant wuss-bag.

Getting One-Night Stands and Same Day Sex is super easy in comparison to getting the girl’s phone # then trying to set something up that way.

From here on forth, if you do decide to utilize this model/method of mines, it’ll be the biggest game-changer you never knew about.

While meeting women on the streets, the bars, nightclubs, anywhere as long as they aren’t confined to their homes, your sole mission should be easy sex and not to get a lousy-pity phone number then part ways!

The Action Steps + Investment Theory

Now, it’s quite expected that you’ll ask: “What next? How do I put it all together”?

Firstly, realize that it isn’t prudent to be stuck in your head trying to piece everything together perfectly.

Just as with everything else in life, you are bound to fail doing this until you get a handle on it.

I don’t expect that overnight you’ll morph into a One-Night Stand king or master the art of taking total strangers on hangouts, getting sex from dates, instant dates, etc.

It’ll cannibalize together naturally over time.

For myself however, as a master PUA, it DID happen overnight…but that’s expected right? Which is why I’m a master at this. ❓

Now, remember what we’d dabbled in at the top of the post: distracting her logical-thinking mind with bullshit, fluff-talk, weird and or super-deep statement-questions.

This is key to easy and fast sex.

Presuming you’d managed to get a girl out on a date (aka D2 or D3..), your aim is to have sex with her that night- during or after the date…right?


It’s virtually impossible to achieve this without the art of distraction. You must distract and disrupt the girl’s natural-thought pattern.

Guys who disagree with that statement and still get laid, aren’t aware of what’s happening, but they definitely employ the same technique unknowingly and naturally.

Furthermore as for distractions, you should even visually distract her if you can.

This is why women are easily put into trances at nightclubs which have flashing lights of different colors, all serving to entrance them.

Colors, lights and music intrigue, attract, enthrall and distract women.

This’ partially why taking a girl home from the bar and club is highly possible…the alcohol factor doesn’t hurt neither.

The music, clashing colors, lights and alcohol, serve to distract and overpower the woman’s thinking process. Thus what she would normally find as reprehensible and nasty, such as sex with a total stranger, would look enticing now through the atmospheric stimuli.

Interior decorators under the guidance of nightclub owners, being aware of this, would set up their establishments in such a way as to virtually trap women inside the venue through artificial stimulation. Not forgetting colorful cocktails which women go bonkers over.

For now though, presuming that your date isn’t taking place in a nightclub: clashing colors, lights and loud music are ruled out. So the only thought-distracting agent you have on your side will be your mouth and physicality.

While on this date/meet-up/random encounter, you want to always keep the girl’s mind occupied on something.

Either her mind or lips should be occupied at all times.

She cannot talk and think at the same time…at least not coherently.

Thus, if she’s not listening, ensure that she’s talking.

By all fucking means, please ensure that she’s doing something and not just sitting there in silence with you not saying anything and she’s not saying anything neither!

That would be a fucking recipe for disaster via awkward silence and pregnant pauses!

It’s during awkward silences and pregnant pauses that the girl will instinctively get into her head “to think” the worst.

If silence does ensue, you want to ensure that it’s strategically planned by you whereas you can embrace the silence while caressing her hands or something of that nature.

Silence should only be allowed if you’re compensating with physical distractions and physical stimulation in the form of:






If seated across a table; this cannot be achieved. So what you must do is that if you sense an awkward moment of silence entering the door: get up and get closer to the girl!

Now, there are specific times when strategic silence is warranted and effective, but that’s for another article and seduction method. This however isn’t the time.

Now, I spoke to you earlier about distracting her thought pattern with specific questions.

What sorta questions work?

“Why is it that whenever a woman dresses up sexy and men compliment her on it, she takes it the wrong way as if she’s being objectified as a sex object? Break that down for me from a female’s perspective”.

Such a question is abstract enough to disrupt her normal-thought process.

It requires her to actually think for once [note the contradiction]. But “to think” in a way which bogs her down into your reality, your frame and your movie.

Most men are socially programmed to follow the girl’s script and act a role in her movie rather than having the girl audition for a role in their movie (the men’s).

By posing such a brain-teasing and hot-button question, you force her to psychologically invest into the conversation.

When a woman invests, she doesn’t want to let go.

If you were to invest in a billion-dollar venture company, would you just allow it to tank without a fight?

Of course not! You invested too much time, effort and capital.

Likewise with a woman, the more you get her to invest into your company [you], the more she’d latch onto it [you] in hopes of preserving it.

On the contrary, if she didn’t invest in the company [you]: there’s no reason for her to latch onto it [you]. The least a woman invests into a guy [conversation, money, etc], the more likely she is to let the guy walk.

That is the secret of why some women fall madly in love with certain men and not others.

They’ve invested so much emotionally into a guy, that it’s almost impossible and unthinkable to ponder letting him go.

Saying all that to say, you want your date to invest in the date via contributing to the dialogue, “thinking”, adding her input [not advice], talking, etc.

If you can get her to invest money; even better [this usually comes in the form of buying drinks, paying for food, etc]!

You want her auditioning for you and not the other way around.

Asking her, “Where did you grow up”, isn’t an abstract question, therefore it will not provoke investment/thinking [she doesn’t have to “think” to say where she grew up].

If you find yourself unable to refrain from asking such common-boring questions, ensure that you structure them in such a way that will require follow-up commentaries on the same topic.

To illustrate:

Me: “So where did you grow up”?

Girl: “Small town in Ohio”.

Me: “I might be wrong, but there’s a small town in Ohio where the people don’t grow over 5’5. The tallest chick there is 4’8. Guess correctly which town is that in Ohio and I’ll propose marriage to you right now”! 🙂

Though the initial question was lame and generic, the follow-up statement-question on little people in Ohio, negates the lameness of the original question.

Ok, so what I want you to do from now on, for future dates, is to have a pre-canned list or mental note of at least 4 thought-provoking questions or statement-questions to ensure that you at least have something to fall back on in the event that your brain goes numb.

This works great if you aren’t someone who thinks fast on his feet.

When I first started out in Pickup/Seduction many years ago, as the case with most newbies, I toted a literal list in my pocket of routines and verbal techniques in which to choose from if I happen to forget or run out of things to say while with a girl.

Therefore, what I’m asking you to do here, isn’t something that I never had to do myself.

I took no fucking shortcuts in getting good with women.

In fact; there are no shortcuts.

You either get good or you give up on getting good and resign yourself to remaining mediocre and mad at the world like the guys over at PUA-Hater Forum.

Ok, so jot down at least 4 abstract questions in which to ask your would-be-date.

I don’t expect you to have a physical list stuffed into your back pocket (although I did when I started out). So a way in which to work around this is through technology: a note-taking app on your mobile device.

Every mobile phone, irrespective of the model and year, has at least some form of built-in text-inputting application where you can type and save notes/texts.

Save your canned questions there in case you forget, you can gingerly pull out your cellphone while on the so-called date as if to check a text or the time, then quickly browse your constructed questions in which to ask her.

If you’ve been blessed with a half-decent good memory (unlike myself) and or good at improvising, then the previous step of note-taking can be skipped.

When this is all said and done and put into action, you will have successfully managed to disable her from thinking about what she wants to think about as customarily so, while simultaneously getting her to think about what you want her to think about.

In effect, you’re de-activating her logical brain while activating and engaging her reptilian brain aka the hind brain which governs desires, lust and so forth.

You’re granting her a starring role in your hit movie.

Is this enough thus far to get to sleep with your date?

Likely so. But it never hurts to double down on the “distractions”.

There’s a nifty-little trick we teach in the Pickup community that will improve the chances of fucking your date: MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!


“Kenny what the fuck does that mean”!? 😯

To Move is to move your date around from setting to setting.

Seems innocuous and trivial but it’s super power and key!

You want to move the girl as much as possible.

The more she gets used to 1 spot, 1 restaurant, 1 locale, the more she’ll be able to think and think while physically at ease in 1 environment.

Moving her around will further serve to distract her thought process as she cannot adjust to the changes [not to mention the positive-compliance factor this will have created].

Remember- your goal up to this point is to “DISTRACT” the girl!

To distract her physically, mentally and psychologically.

By moving her from place to place, seat to seat, venue to venue, site to site, store to store, she will have been too distracted and confused (in a good sense) to think rationally [too much subtle stimulation].

This is the main reason in moving girls as we teach in Pickup.

Being on a 2 hour long date at Luigi’s, seated in the same seat, same position, same setting, facing the same couples, will lessen your chances of fucking this girl that same night of the date.

You don’t want the girl’s mind focused on constant things in the surrounding.

This is why nightclubs are great settings from which to pull easy sex.

The girl’s brain and thoughts aren’t given the chance to focus on constant things.

Everything is moving in a nightclub: the lights flashing and blaring, music and people dancing, coming and going…!

Nothing is fixed.

In such an atmosphere, the woman is rendered susceptible to all sorts of things such as randomly making out with complete strangers.

This is why it’s super easy to make out with complete strangers at the club. It has very little to do with alcohol and inebriated women.

Now, since I’m definitely not advising that you take your date to a bar or nightclub, the next best thing is to just move her around and not stay in 1 location.

Therefore, during the dinner date (which I don’t advise neither), you want to change her seating position if possible.

This may seem weird to you, but believe me- the girl will not think anything of it.

If she’s seated facing the entrance, exchange seats with her with some sorta fabricated excuse on your part.

If possible, request to change table all together.

If your projection says that the date will last 2 hours, or 2 hours had been mutually established prior to the date, then ensure that within the first hour, she and you would’ve been to at least 2 locations already…at least.

Although I never do traditional-dinner dates [they are non-conducive to after-date sex], hypothetically speaking, let’s say that I were to go on such a date.

The On-Date Structure Towards Intimacy And Sex

Pay close attention to what this would look like, which is how you should structure your dates:

Kenny’s Hypothetical Dinner Date:

I meet my date at a designated spot near the restaurant.

I say to her: “Hey Keisha, there’s a trinket shop just around the corner. I wanna show you something to get your take…and to test your taste”.

I would take her to the trinket shop, burn some time there, if for no other reason than to distract her logical brain with movement and different environments…which is the sole purpose here.

We’d look around then bounce!

As if caught up in a whirlwind of change, I would say to her:

“What you think about art”?

Keisha: “Art is fine…I guess”.

Me: “Cool”!

I’d grab her hand and take her off to a nearby art gallery.

I ensure that everything is nearby to the restaurant as to not tired her out physically.

We get to the art gallery, fuck around a bit, flirt and the usual shit.

Now, we’ve only been together 30 minutes, and already hit up 3 different spots before the date officially begins.

I’d then take her to the restaurant (the true destination), do the eating thing, move her seating once or twice, pull her atop my lap in a flirty manner…permitted the venue allows for this sorta behavior.

With a page out of Paul Janka‘s book [he’s a seduction guru], I would ensure that she eats a light meal and not over stuff herself to the point of niggeritis (fatigue) where she can’t even fathom sex due to fatigue. So never allow your date to pig out and eat too much. She won’t have sex on a full stomach!

After the light meal, I would kill the restaurant then and there!

What I mean by that is, I would concluded that portion of the date unlike most guys (stupidly so), who would stay indefinitely and bore the girl to death through monotony of being constant…then the girl will say, “I think I have to leave just now”. Even though she doesn’t have to leave, she’s forced to conclude the date due to boredom.

Before that could ever happen:

Me: “Let’s go”!

Girl: “Already”?

Me: “Yep! I’m getting a bit tired and bored just sitting here”.

We would then enter the 2nd. phase or 2nd hour of the date.

We’d exit the restaurant for a short walk and talk.

An additional reason why you don’t want to remain at the restaurant is simply bad logistics.

1.) No privacy

2.) Seated apart

Chances of getting intimate in a restaurant are very slim, especially if you aren’t an adventurous guy who would shag a girl stealthily around others. 😯

So leave!

Anyway, so I would take her for a short walk while at intervals, strategically holding hands and hugging.

That is the true motive of the walk: to build intimacy.

I demonstrated this (periodic hand holds and hugging) in an insta-date video I posted recently.

Now, since we can’t keep walking forever, plus I wouldn’t want to tire her out whereas she can’t have sex later on, I would then stop off at park or bus stop or anywhere we can grab a quick seat.

While on the park bench, the date resumes with periodic statement-questions structured to further confuse her:

Me: “Something about you that I can’t quite put my hands on…you’re intriguing but in a weird way but not so weird as to turn me off. What is this all about? Make sense of this for me”?


Very abstract observation!

Very vague and complex question as I would’ve wanted it to be.

You always want to be vague and hard to read when dealing with new girls.

Vagueness and ambiguity further enthrall and confuse her…which is what you want.

Read this article written by my co-author, Chelios PUA, of London, England: “Cat String Theory”.

No one likes an open book. So at some point during the date or interaction (preferably at the onset), you want to go vague and mystical on her.

Hence on my hypothetical dinner date which has blossomed into my type of date (park-bench situation), I would pose a super-vague statement-question:

“Something about you that I can’t quite put my hands on…you’re intriguing but in a weird way but not so weird as to turn me off. What is this all about? Make sense of this for me”?

Additionally, the purpose of being seated outside of the restaurant setting (as in a park), is to get intimate and sexual.

My date would be seated on my lap at this point while I massage her shoulders and neck, strategically placing a light kiss upon her neck and shoulders (if exposed).

The rest is academic…presuming you know how to pull a girl’s panties aside. 😉

Do I have to teach you that shit too!? 😆

Ok, to take this a step further, let’s say that you’re not the type to shag a girl in the park or anywhere outdoors for that matter.

That leaves 2 options: su casa or tu casa [her house or your house].

Chances are, she won’t allow you to take her to her pad simply because that would’ve been too random and unexpected since women aren’t used to meeting men who diligently go after sex in this manner.

For all you know, her sleeping-quarter is in shambles with Domino pizza boxes littered all over the place, so taking you to her casa is likely out of the question for now.

That leaves your place as the sole-viable option.

Easier said than done but the groundwork has already been laid and you’re 60% there towards sex, with the remaining 40% being attributed to a combination of further logistics, leading, LMR (Last Minute Resistance), and likely external interruptions (phone calls, etc).

To get her to your place, provided that you’d followed the script as much as possible up to this point, it requires a doubling down on thought-distraction techniques and leading capabilities.

If you don’t know to physically and psychologically lead a woman, then there’s no chance in hell of getting her back to your place.

She’s not gonna suggest in a million years, going back to your place!

You will have to take her there.

This is easy stuff…but I guess that’s easy for me to say.

To further illustrate, I’ll draw a scenario of exactly how I would accomplish this.

In continuation…so I’m on the park bench with my date, things are hot and heavy as they should be, I decide that I won’t try to sleep with her there in the elements, her place is out of the question so I must take her to mines instead.

What do I do?

Me: “Come on. Let’s go”!

I lead as I’ve been doing all throughout the date!

Read: How to subtly make her comply.

You should NOT be specific as to where you’re taking her!

I repeat: You should NOT be specific about where you’re headed!

Simply say to her: “Let’s go”!

Seven in ten times, she will ask: “To where”?

To which you shut up or use some fluff talk to further distract her.

Either fluff or you proclaim your love for her in a semi humorous, semi serious sorta way, then you lead!

Read: How to subtly make her comply.

Push comes to shove, you can say to her:

“We’re going to this chill spot just right around the corner. We have 20 minutes to burn”.

Whatever you say, just please, I beg you, do NOT frikkin’ make the rookie mistake of saying to her: “We’re going back to my place”.

Guys who are advanced usually finesse this and get away with it frequently. But if you’re not advanced in seduction, female psychology and leading; then stick to basics for now and keep your true destination (your home) vague.

Now the trick is this, as you lead her from wherever you are (for example the park), your destination should be your place…although you’re withholding that piece of information from her.

You’re not kidnapping her. She’s coming along on her own volition but with a little nudging and coercion from you [there’s no literal gun to her head here].

If I were you at this juncture, I would’ve ensured that the date setting was not too far from my apartment so there’s no need for transportation [this is called managing logistics ahead of time].

If you do live far and are driving, you will have to get her to go with you in the car (which requires a greater level of trust and compliance…but surely not impossible).

Presuming that I live in walking distance, my chances of getting her back to my pad will have increased tremendously.

At this point while walking a bit (or even driving), I would stop and say something to her like:

“Shit! I gotta pee real bad! I live just right around the corner. Come with me”!

I now have a plausible reason to invite her to my place without appearing as though I just want to get her there to fuck her brains out…which is the case. 😈

If she objects to going (as is the case often times). To that I would say, “You expect me to pee on the street and get arrested? You’re such a carefree girl”! 🙂

She’ll likely say “no” to you peeing on the streets, in which you take her hand and say “Ok come on then! Don’t wanna piss all over myself”! 🙂

A little side note of importance here: in spite of the girl’s token objections, realize that she really wants to go back to your place but she has to pretend as though she doesn’t.

She has her reputation and value to worry about.

A woman’s reputation means everything to her. Being perceived as an easy slut is her biggest fear. So as much as she wants to go back to your pad where privacy prevails, it’s customary that she resists and objects in some form or fashion…and she will.

Most men at this point in the date will have become frazzled and thrown off their game due to the unexpected curve ball of objections.

Pickup/dating is a dirty sport, so don’t expect a smooth ride on a paved tarmac towards sex.

Think African safari (for better illustration)!

Video Illustrations:

Getting laid on the first date (traditional dates), instant dates and cold-approach pickup, all require the same set of guidelines which I’d laid out throughout the entire article.

Some steps may deviate and vary depended on the teacher.

This sure isn’t the only method in which to get fast and easy sex. But I guarantee you it’s the easiest method and probably the most commonly used yet unexplained.

The following videos from around the seduction community will illustrate and provide you a real sense of how to put this all together.

I usually get bombarded with e-mails from readers who seem to doubt the process, its effectiveness and practicality- somewhat insinuating that getting girls on dates easily or same night sex, are somewhat shrouded in mythicism and fantasy.

In the following in-field/hidden-cam video, I’d approached a random stranger from behind [a big-boob teen] while traversing through a Soccer field, chatted her up then convinced her [in less than 3 minutes] to come with me to a grab a snack in which I took her to my place afterwards for same-day sex. The key secret here was the art of “Leading” and “Insinuation”- all done via subtle-body positioning without me having to say a word.

The following video of mines (recently published) depicts how easy it is to convince a girl (a total stranger) to come with you.

I’d chatted up this British girl (who has a boyfriend nevertheless) with the intentions of getting her to a nearby pier [insta-date] to then take her home at some point. In spite of her objections, I was able to convince her to drop whatever she was doing to tag along with me.

This hearkens back to a crucial point I made earlier in the post that women are never busy. Saying that they’re busy is just an excuse 9 in 10 times. So from this video, you will learn the art of persistence also.

Another video of mines which illustrates romantic connection and romantic dominance.

This is key for the stage of your date when you’ll be required to get physical/intimate.

Although this wasn’t a date setting; the message is still the same, which is that in order to sleep with a girl- you must get physical. After all; sex is a physical act. So after approaching and chatting with this stranger, in order to demonstrate “Touch” and romantic gesture (and how easy it is), I held her hand in the face of token resistance while walking.

Remember the key component in distracting a girl’s mind and thinking process is to ask her difficult, original and uncommon questions which require her to actually think.

In the following hidden-cam video from the godfather of Pickup [Mystery], he demonstrated this art to perfection with a random girl at the bar which he’d seduced. This video is a great-visual template on exactly how to get a girl to not think by having her think (distracted).

The following video comes via RSD Julien, the most buzz-worthy PUA coach in the industry right now (made the top 15 PUA list of 2012 by my buddy Alpha Wolf of PUA-Lingo).

Julien breaks down the concept which I’d touched on: “Moving the girl”. He dubs it baby-stepping the interaction from meet to sex. He illustrates how important it is to confuse the girl’s mind with “move”.

The following video which I’d posted on my website recently, comes by way of Big Willie Style aka Will Beck, a German PUA coach out of Toronto, Canada.

This video illustrates the exact process of “Pulling” for a One-Night Stand. The process is totally applicable to a traditional-date setting especially since Big Willie had first taken the Asian girl to grab a drink then on to her place.

Getting a girl back to “her” place is a task and a half. This isn’t an easy thing to pull off. But the concept is still the same for getting the girl back to your place. So check out the video and pay close attention to subtle “Leading” and how Will was able to get her off her original path by realizing that girls are never busy.

The longer you’re able to keep her there chatting, the better your chances of whisking her away.

The following video is from Todd Valentine, Pickup-dating coach. Pretty straightforward: “How to get laid on the first date”. Much of what I’d written is explored here.

In the last video, “T” from the seduce in seconds website, illustrates on hidden-cam how easy it is to get women and instant dates, hence the reason why setting up dates through the phone in super unnecessary when you already have the hot item there..

As an outsider; sounds like pretty advanced stuff. But in reality, the process is pretty simple and standardized.

Don’t kill yourself trying to memorize every little detail of my method for easy sex.

Remember as much or little as you can, then you’ll gradually see it all come together like magic. So don’t get bogged down in perfecting these steps.

Must Read:

*Make her invest by Socialkenny

*How to seduce a girl + the reptilian brain by Socialkenny

*Cat String Theory by Chelios PUA

*Dress for easy sex by Socialkenny

*3 techniques to make her ask for sex by Justin Wayne Dating

Working Sex Logistics + The Psychology Of Why Women Flake And Fuck + How To Get Laid With Gun To Her Head (Various Ways To Get Laid)

Getting sex is 90% logistics and 10% social smart.

You should read that again before proceeding.

Ninety percent of what it takes to sleep with women on a fairly regular basis comes down to logistics and 10% social smarts. Not looks, not dick sizes, not money, not status but LOGISTICS in conjunction with social smarts and balls.

To give you a proper illustration and to simplify what I mean, check out the following scenario.

Let’s say that a girl finds you super attractive, she’s head over heels for you, you’re wealthy, successful and has all the status in the world.

Is that enough to get laid?

Of course not.

Girls won’t mysteriously materialize into your bedroom with bathrobes on saying “fuck me Kenny”…just because you fit her so-called quota of “ideal guy”!

Guys expect girls to just hop on their dicks.

You have to get her to your bedroom first. And that is the hard part which boils down to logistics and social acuity/smarts.

In the previous post, I promised you guys that I will breakdown a novel routine of mines which will skyrocket your lay count like nobody’s business.

Well take notes!

If a girl is willing to give you her home address or work address; she’s willing to fuck you.

Notice how this isn’t true at all for phone numbers exchanges?

If a girl gives you her phone #, it isn’t indicative at all of her fondness for you, nor of her sexual receptiveness.

Hence, if you want to gauge whether a girl is up for hooking up with you, always fish for her work information and address and not necessarily her home address at the beginning.

After all, even if a girl does want to hook up with you, she’ll be reluctant to share with you personal details of where she lives.

Such reluctance is understood due to legitimate-safety issues. For crying out loud- you could be Jeffrey Dahmer 2.0 [he was a notorious American serial-killer for those who aren’t inclined to American history].

Therefore, girls are expected to be hesitant in giving out their home addresses.

Her work address though, since it’s most likely in a public domain, she’ll be much more willing to cough that up to a guy whom she deems fuck-worthy.

Related excerpts from my previous-video post:

If a girl is willing to give you her work information, details, department, working hours, etc. then there’s a 90% chance that she’s interested where she would expect that you would seek her out there. Not in a stalker-type fashion but with the realization that you’re the type of man who goes after what he wants without shame.

Whenever a girl gives me her work address, it’s equivalent to giving me the address to her apartment. She’s essentially telling me to come by. She wouldn’t do this with a guy whom she didn’t find attractive, dominant and fuckable. Hence she wasn’t gonna cough up her work information to a bum or a guy whom she wouldn’t fuck.

Simply get her work address, find out the logistics and meet her there (either during or afterwards).

The objective is to connect with her another time (soon) without the possibility of she flaking on you.

Women are fucking notorious for flaking and standing guys up! For men; this isn’t news flash.

If you allow the girl a (psychological) chance to flake: she will fucking flake!

You eliminate the chances of flakes by meeting her at her workplace.

She cannot flake on you at work or while she’s at work since she’s obviously confined to a specific location i.e. her workplace.

Get the difference?

She can only flake on you through a phone number, text or any other indirect and impersonal mean. But she cannot stand you up while there in your face…at her job. 😈

Now this may sound pretty crazy to most readers:

“Oh shit: Kenny is actually condoning stalker game”! 😯

In reality, you must realize that women think differently than men do.

What you as a guy may see as stalking or weirdness, a girl is likely to see it different, perhaps as persistence and the result of male-female-attraction: “He likes me so much that he’s willing to persist to the point of meeting me at work”. Such a move- women find it dominant and not desperate.

Therefore, never judge women through the eyes of a man and from a male’s perspective or you’ll always miss the boat by a mile!

If during the initial conversation with a new girl, she names drop her workplace or merely mentions it for whatever reason, then a fucking light bulb should immediately flick on inside of your head [Flick]!

She’s essentially (perhaps unconsciously) giving you a clue as to where to meet her if you really want to see her.

A little secret you must also get clued in on, is that a girl will almost always give you hints and clues as to when and how to hook up with her (perhaps this is done outside of her consciousness).

For instance, if during conversation the girl says something like, “I live too far” or “I work nearby”, this most times is an indication for you (the guy) to read into and maneuver yourself accordingly.

Most men however, myself included, would totally miss these subtle clues where the girl drops something into the conversation of logistical matters in order to facilitate sex.

It doesn’t necessarily mean she wants you to meet her at work in order to fuck. However, it does indicate that she’s open to personal communication be it mere face-to-face chatting.

This sure beats the hell out of chatting through text or over the phone!

By the way, this should come about through an unannounced visit.

This is why a phone # isn’t necessary especially in such a case.

You can’t exactly phone a new girl and say:

“Hey Jill, it’s Tommy. I wanted to see you so I’ll be swinging by your workplace”.

She will fabricate an excuse for you to not come:

Jill: “I’m pretty busy at work…we can always set something up for the weekend…perhaps a date”.

Bam! You’re dead! 😡

Therefore: no phone calls!

Just fucking show up!

Remember, your objective is to take away her ability to screw you over psychologically.

If a girl sees an outlet/option in which she can wiggle her way out of meeting up with a new guy (even though she likes this guy), she will chose that option, merely due to the fact that modern humans are prone to laziness and inclined to do the least amount of work and put in minimal effort.

What this spells out is that it’s MUCH easier for a girl to decline and flake than it is for her to say “yes” then have to deal with the likelihood of anxiety, fear, emotions, jitters, self-doubt, etc.

It’s much easier on her (emotionally, psychologically and physically) to say to you over the phone: “Let’s schedule for another time”, essentially giving you the runaround, than it is for her to confirm then have to deal with the emotional fears of meeting this new guy.

Hence, by you (the guy) showing up unannounced to her place of work, you rob her of that “excuse card” in which to play.

Check mate! 😉

Often times, hooking up with a new girl comes down to who can check-mate who.

This is essentially the animal-mating ritual of push-pull, chase and retreat, cat and mouse.

Moreover, most times, sex with a new girl happens when the girl feels as though she has no other options and recourse but to fuck this guy because he simply won’t relent.

Think about that for a minute and what it actually means!

A new girl will sleep with you just to get you off her back.

This is essentially Persistence-Game in its rawest form.

Would you like to know the secret of guys who get the most poontang consistently?


Guys who get laid the most, often psychologically corner women into feeling as though they have to have sex with them. 😯

That’s the secret of guys who get laid often.

Sounds cruel and unethical but effective.

This is conversely why getting phone numbers is NOT an effective mode or tool in which to try to hook up [it’s the worst way possible actually].

Over a phone call or text messaging, a woman has all the tools of excuse-making at her disposal…and she will fucking use them.

She can haphazardly toss her Samsung Galaxy aside or simply ignore your texts and phone calls as if you don’t exist…then days later pretend as though she never noticed your communication attempts.

Should I take this phone call? Nope!

Should I take this phone call? Nope!

With this being the reality; she won’t fuck you!

She won’t hook up with you!

She won’t meet up with you!

She doesn’t feel a need to!

Hence, you need to put a proverbial gun to her head in order to get her to meet up. And this cannot be achieved through the telephone, in the same way one cannot stick up a bank through the phone or via e-mail.

Note: I said “PROVERBIAL” gun to the head and not a real 1!

For clarity sake: this sort of mercenary approach isn’t necessary with all women in all cases. But it is applicable in majority cases as with girls who will have slipped through your hands via flakes. Such gun-to-the-head approach would’ve been the most expedient game in which to employ in order to get sex with least hassle.

Girls who flake perpetually and stand guys up, on an intricate level, this is the product of the girl having the psychological option and mental space to decide, decline and bow out at any moment.

As I eluded to previously, humans are lazy-fucks, therefore we will chose the easiest path to remain lazy, safe, stagnant, insulated and in-the-box.

Hence, whenever a new girl is faced with a decision of whether to meet up with you (the new guy) at a lavish restaurant or just to stay the fuck home and watch Netflix “ALONE” [her psychological comfort zone]; 8 in 10 times, she will chose the decision which requires the least amount of effort and work: which is to stay home and not give a shit about the guy who’s been trying to set up a date with her.

I can do this all night: every day of the week

I can do this all night: every day of the week

This is the root of why women flake, stand guys up and become indifferent towards text messages and phone calls.

It’s much easier on her (physically and physiologically) to just not go through with a date.

This is why most women [males too] must have a PROVERBIAL gun to their heads in order to be spurred into action.

This proverbial gun comes in the form of zero-option frame as simply showing up at her workplace to see her (without calling her seeking permission).

She has no option nor decision in such a case!

She cannot tell you to not enter her workplace (presuming she doesn’t work at home).

If she works the aisles at Walmart or a department store; you simply show up as if by chance or shopping and try to structure the pull from there…meaning a meet-up or date.

The least option she has to shut you down, the more she’ll be psychologically pressured into sleeping with you just to get rid of you [that’s if she sees you as a bother].

This is also the underlying theme of One-Night Stands.

In order to fuck a girl the same night of meeting her, the girl must feel as though if she doesn’t sleep with you NOW- tonight- she will lose you for good.

If you played your cards right and created the right vibe: she will fuck you that same night.

This is essentially “gun-to-the-head” approach.

However, the moment she senses that you wouldn’t mine texting and calling, she will remove One-Night Stand sex from the table, thus putting you into the “he can wait” basket…which entails being jerked around, flaked on, screened calls, etc.

This is precisely why in my One-Night Stand video from February, the girl whom I’d taken home tried to offer me her phone #, essentially trying to shove me into the “Wait” basket, but I countered this by telling her: “I don’t do numbers”, hence I declined to take her phone number, thereby leaving Same-Night Sex as the only option if she really wants to see me again.

Girls don’t make men of perceived-high value wait for sex.

Hence if a new girl senses that you’ll wait; she’ll gladly fucking make you wait. 🙂

Taking her phone number is virtually and literally saying to her: “I’ll wait on sex”.

If you’re a guy like myself; you don’t wanna wait!

This is why I don’t do phone numbers anymore. I’ve totally eliminated text game and phone game from my seduction arsenal.

Swapping #’s with a girl indirectly sends a peculiar message to her psyche, that you aren’t DTF or else you’d try to sleep with her then and there, or provide her little to no option in which she can wiggle her way out of meeting up…like showing up to her job.

Now, the hidden beauty in this (showing up at her workplace) is pretty simple:

If the girl already likes you and is attracted to your vibe, showing up at her place of work would only serve to solidify her feelings and attraction for you.

It’s only if the girl isn’t into you, that she would find it weird and stalkerish that you would show up unannounced to her workplace.

It’s common sense and intelligible in any other aspect of game or dating.

This is no different than if trying to chat up a hot girl in person and she gives you signals that she doesn’t want to be bothered with. For you to then show up unannounced at her workplace, it may very well land you in the creep-zone or even worse: the slammer…depended on the laws of the land. 😯

Hence social smarts is a prerequisite.

If a girl likes you, you can almost get away with murder…you can do no wrong, like meeting her at work in order to whisk her away to an insta-date afterwards.

Now, this begs the question?

“How do I know if she likes me and if I’m at liberty to meet her at work”?

As I mentioned earlier, a girl isn’t going to divulge personal-work information (such as address) to a guy whom she isn’t at least remotely interested in.

Unlike phone numbers, a girl will definitely swap #’s with a guy whom she sees as a grotesque fetus and doesn’t stand a chance in hell with her [as backwards as this sounds to the normal mind]!

She will simply screen and not answer his calls whenever he does call.

However, she isn’t going to say to Joe, The Creepy Fetus Look-alike Beta-Male Stranger:

“I work at so and so company and it’s on so and so street in the black and blue building on the corner, on the 3rd. floor, 6th. door on the left, etc, etc, etc.

Joe the Beta-Male Loser whom she isn’t interested in; won’t get such information. So we can effectively assume that she isn’t digging Joe.

That is how you can gauge whether the girl is into you or not.

If she gives up work details including the address; then meet her there! She likes you!

Moreover, if she coughs up such details whether by request from you or on her own volition, it signals that she’s interested, attracted and subconsciously open to you stopping by her workplace (in order to set something up or to simply get acquainted).

Alright, so you might also be asking yourself: “Why should I meet up with her at work anyway”?

Once again, the reason for this is because she’s more likely to give you her work address than her home address during the initial convo as total strangers.

Your ultimate objective is to meet up with the girl instead of grabbing a phone # and playing the waiting and scheduling game, right?

Also, by not taking a girl’s phone number, you psychological force yourself into the right action, knowing that you don’t have a number in which to rely on and procrastinate.

Think: if you were on a rapidly sinking ship and the girl were your only life-raft, would you waste time jumping on?

Of course not!

With no options; humans are forced to act!

With options such as having a girl’s phone #, you’re naturally inclined to dilly dally and become non-proactive towards this girl.

Having no phone #, no options in which to communicate and to see her besides showing up at her workplace, you’d be more inclined to be proactive and go after the girl with persistence and vigor.

Grabbing her phone # will lull you into a false sense of time, giving you a false impression that you have ample time to get the ball rolling.

Ok, lemme relay a brief-field report example just to put things into perspective.

Earlier in the year, I met a girl, as usual, through cold-approach pickup on the streets.

Instead of getting her phone # before we parted ways, we chatted briefly about work and work logistics.

She told me that she’s a security guard and works at *******.

I fished for further details in which she shared with me her work schedule for the next night and that her shifts finishes at 11 PM.

I then said to her, “I will visit you tomorrow night being that I usually commute through that area”.

Whatever her answer would’ve been- did not matter.

I at least wanted to give her heads up to expect me (without seeking permission). BTW, giving advanced notice is optional.

After learning the logistics (from her) that she manned a booth at the entrance of a mall, the following night, I showed up as promised (probably to her surprise).

I made sure to show up shortly before her shift finishes where I could’ve structured an instant-pull by going for a walk.

We were able to hook up that same night directly from her work site as we went for a walk…which subsequently led to sex in the bushes. 😈

In essence; I forced her into a psychological corner by doing something so uncharacteristic, that she had to fuck me that night in order that I not show up on her job site again…which could’ve realistically gotten her fired. 👿

Such a bold and unconventional move on my part also embodied a quality which all sexually-active women are addicted to like drugs: RISK-TAKING and DANGER!

Now, had I gone the traditional route of call and text; would I had gotten to sleep with her the following night after we met?

Of course not!

There would have been zero psychological pressure upon her in which to propel her towards sleeping with me so fast or at all.

Majority of new girls [80%], won’t sleep with you unless they feel that they’re at a point of no return. But as long as a girl sees an avenue in which to wiggle her way out of fucking you; she will take that avenue towards no sex…even if her pussy was leaking in anticipation of new cock.

She won’t give in unless she feels it’s imperative or the option of sex is the only option.

Now, I’m not advocating the following sort of game [try at your own peril], but here on island, I have a former work-buddy [a Natural with women] who often meets new women by casually offering to give them a lift here and there instead of walking.

He would cruise the streets at sunset in his vehicle, he would spot a hot girl on foot, chat her up, offer to give her a ride to her destination, she would hop in but he would then detour to the farthest part of the island under the guise that he’d left some important-travel documents at the beach and needed to retrieve them in a hurry.

The girls would often times be un-bias to this and not think anything shady, so they would tag along for the drive.

He would then arrive at a remote beach, hours away from any signs of modernity and human civilization: no cars, no traffic, no lights, no cellphone reception, sand roads…just the sounds of waves crashing against jagged reefs. And the only lights in sight came from his SUV. 😯

See where I’m going here [Fear, Danger, Risk, Adventure, No Options…]?

A pretty scary setting if you ask me.

Bear in mind, his intention is to fuck these girls by allowing them no options, no recourse to back out [proverbial gun to her head].

As he gets to the remote beach to fetch his fictitious documents which don’t exist, he would feign as though the SUV battery died and it just won’t start.

He would then reassure the girl that if his vehicle doesn’t start shortly, he would find a way to get a taxi to take her home.

The thing is though: there’s only about a 5% chance of this happening since there’s no guarantee that he’d even have cellphone signal in such a remote area…but this is what he wanted, to provide the girl a little glimmer of hope, enough so that she won’t freak out, but so little so to ensure that she feels a bit stranded alone with a stranger- him-…her only way of getting back home.

With this being the current situation: the girl will have sex with him out of fear.

With a mixture of slight fear and attraction [the girls were obviously attracted to his vibe], she will have felt that to get home safely or at all, she will have to comply with his request for sex [although my buddy says he generally never asks for sex].

She’s essentially left with no options; gun to the head.

Refusing to have sex may very well mean a long walk home alone, in pitch darkness, in the middle of nowhere, an hour away from civilization. 😯

Not to mention that women in the Caribbean are ULTRA superstitious where tales of chupacabra sitings and Loch Ness-like Monsters lurking in the woods at night, are as prevalent and real as kids who hold fast to the Santa fable.

The feared and legendary chupacabra of Puerto Rico and the wider Caribbean

The feared and legendary chupacabra of Puerto Rico and the wider Caribbean

In that case for the girl, sex will have seemed the easier and safest option.

My former work-buddy has been running this sort of game for quite some years now and has met and slept with countless amounts of women from doing this.

Only twice he said he actually had to kick a girl out his vehicle for refusing to have sex with him.

Technically in the Caribbean, this isn’t a criminal offense [kidnapping, etc] since no laws are being broken. So my buddy has zero ethical qualms with running this sorta mercenary frame in order to get laid.

From his estimate which he’d shared with me, he’s about 50 in 52 with only 2 girls having refused to have sex with him after he’d duped them with this sorta game. So that’s an almost flawless success-to-failure ratio on One-Night Stands alone.

Sure beats the hell out of an 80% failure rate you will have accrued through trying to hookup with girls the traditional way.

I personally don’t have the heart or cojones to push it this far as my former work-mate. But the psychological effect of his frame/game, leaves women with almost no choice but to have sex as the sole, easier and safer option.

This is akin to raping a girl without actually physically raping her…I guess. ❓

On a related note, I’ve met guys who unknowingly pester women into fucking them.

I’d actually written an article on this sort of game but never got around to publishing it.

When it comes to Pester-Game as I dub it, this can only be done in person.

You cannot (effectively) pester a girl via text or over the phone. She can and will simply lock her phone off if you keep ringing her too much. So pester game can only work in person.

Before I’d backwards-engineered this, I actually utilized pester-game to get laid once.

What pester-game entails is that you bug the girl into submission (in person), so much so that she has to have sex with you in hopes that you’d leave her alone.

Either that or she’ll call the cops [the latter option is rarely used].

Even backwards ass Hollywood is privy to Pester-Game.

There are countless Hollywood films which depict Pester-Game, where the male protagonist meets a strange woman [the female protagonist], fancies her, bugs her to death, she hates his guts, tries to persuade him to leave her alone through threats and flattery, but to no avail- he persists with pester-game until the girl eventually sleeps with him and they both live happily ever after. 🙂 🙂

With Pester-Game, just as the game in which my former work-buddy runs, you’re not asking the girl for sex. However, a woman is so socially conditioned into thinking that men only want sex, she will use sex as a way in which to placate men, i.e. the pest.

Years ago, I’d met a girl at a fast-food joint. Since I frequented that spot, I was always in reach of this specific girl whom I wanted to fuck.

I got her phone # without a hiccup but she kept fucking flaking, screening calls and playing female head-games! 😡

At that point I said to myself: “I gotta get this bitch back. She fucks with me- I fuck with her”! 👿

Therefore, I decided to pester the living daylights out of her whenever I stopped by her workplace to grab some fast-food [she was a cashier there].

I would pester her in front of her coworkers, teasing her and getting all Hollywood dramatic, proclaiming my love for her around other customers and workers, essentially making her super uncomfortable and embarrassed in public. 😈

For the first time since we’d exchanged phone numbers 3 weeks prior, she hits me up with a phone call: “What is this all about Kenny”!?

Me: “Oh, so it took this much for me to have to act an ass for you to act like a grown fucking woman and quit the head-games”!?

After a week of running Pester-Game, she got so annoyed that she literally slept with me just to get rid of me or to get me off her back. 😯

That is Pester-Game 101.

When all fail and the girl continues to jerk you around; it’s proven very effective.

You’re virtually black-mailing her into sex: “Fuck me or I’ll continue to cause you embarrassment and ruin your public image and social value”!

I currently know guys who utilize Pester-Game by default and get laid consistently from such an approach.

By the way, this isn’t pre-planned. Those guys legitimately believe to themselves that pestering women is the only way or the easiest way to get laid since it has proven so effective for them.

My first and only wingman (a Natural) many years ago, was a notorious pest throughout his district.

We’d hit the nightclubs and he would pester bartenders into going home with him at the end of the night after few weeks of pestering specific girls.

He would cause me so much public embarrassment that I had cut him off due to his ultra-unconventional style of game (pestering) which was highly effective for him by the way.

In retrospect, this is exactly what is called “freedom from outcome” and self-amusement.

It takes a guy with little social inhibitions to pull this off consistently…not to mention that a pest can actually get booted and banned from certain establishments such as nightclubs, bars and restaurants. So it’s a very risky game to run yet effective in getting laid.

If you’re a pesky guy by nature, then this sort of game will naturally suit you with total congruence to your personality.

Ok, a pretty lengthy post I’d admit.

What I hope you’d learned from this article is how effective it is to leave girls little to no options.

Also the realization that the modern man is inclined to laziness [blame technology for this], which means that a girl will rather stay home to watch reruns of the Bad Girls Club or fuck around on Instagram, than to go out with you: the new guy.

She will 90% of the time, choose the option which requires her to think less, work less, move less and do less.

The only reason she crawls out of bed in the mornings is to go to work…and that is because she has to…or she’ll starve and die LITERALLY.

Hence she has no options there but to leave the house and go to work [gun to her head].

This is why it’s much smarter and expedient to catch her at work or just as she finishes work while she’s already out of the house [same applies to catching her out while she’s shopping or grabbing a bite to eat].

It doesn’t require any extra effort at all on her part to run into a random guy on the streets and then decide go on an instant-date with him since she’s already out of the house.

This’ why I can effectively and almost at will, magically get complete strangers on instant-dates within 20 minutes of meeting them (as I showcased in the recently posted video below).

The secret [my secret] lies in knowing that once women are already out and about doing their essentials (work and shopping), it’d be no big deal in getting them to detour to grab a cup of coffee, pizza or simply take a walk…which if handled correctly- can lead to sex.

However, the problem arises when trying to convince a girl [via telephone] whom you haven’t slept with yet, that she should drop her routine and to leave her home in order to go out with you…a fucking stranger whom she has no obligations to!

This is why majority of the time- she will flake and play head-games and not give a flying fuck about ethics, protocols, principles and karma!

You’re just a complete stranger to her.

Remember that!

She knows it- but you don’t.

She will give you more runarounds than a track and field athlete.

She effectively calls the shots while over the phone and texting. But in person where she has to look you in the eye; she would think twice about excessive games and find herself complying more instead of making excuses as she’s at liberty to do while over the phone.

Hence, getting phone numbers and calling women is a huge waste of time and will only make you age faster due to wrecking your brains trying to figure out why 4 in 5 girls you meet, are bound to play excessive head-games and not stick to the script neither their words!

As previously mentioned: humans are socially conditioned to be lazy (through technology). We now live in a world where everything is automated and instant: coffee, food, movies, elevators, cars, banking, online dating, online shopping, e-commerce, cyber sex, texting, virtual dating, etc.

Technology ruins your chances of getting sex.

Therefore, believing that most women will be ecstatic to get themselves ready for a date with you (hair, wardrobe, makeup, money…), is fooling yourself guys.

This is essentially why majority of the phone numbers you will have secured, 80% of them will result to Naught, NADA, Zilch, Zip.

This percentage of failure will only decrease, which means your turnover ratio of sex will have improved, when you desist from relying on phone numbers and by extension, not rely on traditional dating.

You want to afford women the least amount of time to think rationally.

When a new girl thinks (rationally), or is given the (ample) time to think (rationally), she will almost always decide to not have sex and not go on that date.

She has all the time in the world to “think” while not in your presence, hence she will say to herself: “What does he want? Does he think I’m some kinda easy bitch? What if he’s a rapist? I don’t know this guy at all! I should call Sharon about this. What if I look fat in that dress? My hair is in shambles”! 😯

When a girl is allowed to think; those are snippets of what run through her mind when faced with the decision of meeting a new guy as for a date.

With randomly showing up at her workplace, she doesn’t have time to think or consequences or think of anything for that matter besides what is taking place in the moment with you: the new guy.

Moreover, this is why girls drink and do drugs. The intoxicants put their rational minds, thinking-ability and inhibitions to bed.

Alcohol and drugs strip away the woman’s ability to think rationally [male and female both].

You want to, and must cause the same effect on the girl as an intoxicant and date-rape drug do.

This is a widely accepted concept in seduction whenever seducing a girl, that the less she’s allowed to think, the greater chance that she’ll have sex with you.

You want to take away her power to think by jamming her decision-making processor like a rocket-propelled grenade blowing a hole through a poorly fortified Humvee.

Again- this is why and how One-Night Stands are possible; you’re allowing the girl no time to think rationally, giving her no space to flake while simultaneously rendering her logical brain disabled.

Taking a stranger on a random insta-date, is the same psychological procedure as structuring a One-Night Stand.

Likewise with showing up unannounced to meet with a girl at her place of work (provided she’s into you).

Since she isn’t expecting you to really do this (something so unconventional), she will not have had the sufficient time to strategize an out or excuse.

With the teen mom from my latest-infield video, as you will have seen, I did not take her phone number even though the likelihood of getting it was very high.

Instead, I fished for her work details with the promise that I’ll stop by one of these days [keeping that day vague is best].

Overall guys, as I said at the top of the article: Getting laid boils down to logistics, strategies and social smarts, all in conjunction with each other.

No amount of game, skills, good looks or money will get you laid regularly if you don’t have the social smarts and shamelessness to make it happen.

If you’re of the opinion that showing up at a girl’s job will make you look and feel needy, weird and desperate, then you don’t deserve to get laid to begin with.

Guys with zero Game can and do still get laid by sheer lack of shame and inhibitions and a willingness to think out the box, do the unconventional and not be preoccupied with what the girl thinks.

How will this sort of game be received by others in seduction?

Not well.

Since the seduction genre is now saturated with teachers who are solely concerned with peddling the mainstream-dating message, the no-phone number approach and One-Night Stand approach, are now seen as crazy and radical, when in fact, this sort of game was the foundation of the seduction/pickup community.

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