Weekend Trip To Remote Island With NYC “Natural” Buddy & Hot-Italian Chick [video post]

PUA lifestyle model is what it’s all about.

Met up with a lawyer buddy whom I grew up with in New York City and we hit up a remote island in the Caribbean for 3 days of fun [along with an Italian girl from Connecticut].

This particular friend and I have been going on road trips and globe trotting since 2003, practically every year. So this year was just another day of adventure around the globe for us.

On this tour, we met up with an American girl [Italian-American] and decided to have her tag along with us as our unofficial driver and tour manager. 😉

Our driver (Italian-American from Connecticut, USA)

Our driver (Italian-American from Connecticut, USA)

While on the remote island, we obviously met other women but the trip was more so for relaxation and adventure than for banging girls (at least for myself).

As for my lawyer buddy from New York City; he merely wanted a break from the treacherous Winter in the Tri-State NY area. Nevertheless, we put our heads and funds together and had another blast in the Caribbean to an island which I’d never been before.

Overall, I wanna encourage you guys who aren’t keen on traveling, to start to travel globally!

Not only will you meet and fuck more women than if you stay home, but you’ll get to see neat and interested shit that the world has to offer.

For instance, we stumbled upon an abandoned cotton field which the African slaves used to harvest, stumbled upon a beach filled with pink sand [not black or white but pink fucking sand], hit up a beach where Princess Diana of Whales used to frequent when she was alive, etc.

Making an overseas trip materialize isn’t costly, nor does it require a lifetime worth of saving. Just a brief period of putting funds aside and managing your work schedule and you’ll be able to travel abroad to explore the world.

So get the fuck off your lazy ass and start traveling and meeting exotic women!

This is exactly what we mean in the Pickup Community about lifestyle model, developments, enhancements and changes.

You’ll become an overall attractive man by doing things with yourself instead of staying home playing video games 24/7 and relegating yourself to. Just 1 thing and just 1 place.

You want to become a well-rounded guy in many aspects.

Peace out!

Check out the video!

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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