Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

One of the most commonly used idioms in the English-speaking world:

“Never judge a book by its cover”.

Now, we know what that means and entails in social settings and gatherings: you judge a person wrongly based on the exterior, then come to find out that the individual kicks ass and fits neatly into your social circle.

With stranger approaches though, that is approaching total strangers (women), men tend to get derailed and have second thoughts about approaching women who have cold and icy exteriors (faces to be exact).

A guy would prefer to approach, introduce himself to and chat up a chick who has a cheery smile on her face opposed to one who isn’t smiley and looks rather stern and uninviting.

This is quite customary irrespective of the sex or situation; no one wants to approach someone who looks uninviting, whether this be while grabbing something to eat, asking for directions, etc. we’d elect to approach the perceived easier targets i.e. the warm and cheery folks.

Well I’m here to tell you that you’ve been blunting your own fucking progress in the social department! 😯

You’ve been a discriminatory prick who judges women (the book) by the cover!

You didn’t approach that sexy girl with the stern-facial expression simply because you thought she would come off as an attitudish-little bitch. 😯

Lemme clue you in on something: the girls who appear to be uninviting are almost always the friendliest, most open, genuine and cheery…just as long as you take the initiative and man up to break the ice.

I know this from year’s worth of personal experience in seduction and cold-approach Pickup [that is approaching tons of random strangers on the streets]. So this isn’t just theorizing and bullshit guesstimation based on futile research as such from some social psychologist or someone who doesn’t have real-world experience in the field.

Electing to not approach a girl because she doesn’t look inviting, just might be a missed opportunity on a girl who could’ve been your next girlfriend, wife or something a little less committed: fuck-buddy. 😉 😉

Another thing that you should grasp: women who aren’t inviting and cheery on the outside, have been told this during their entire lives:

“Why don’t you smile”?


“You always look angry”!

“Change your facial expression for once”!

We all have friends who fall into this category. Perhaps you’re one of them (ice-faced). ❓

With this being the case, these girls grow up to be self-conscious in social settings and generally construct a wall of psychological protection for their self-esteem.

Most of them begin to think that they’re fucked-up in some chronic way and no matter what, just cannot attract guys (or people in general) into their sphere.

Therefore when you approach a girl who has a frigid exterior, her socially conditioned impulse is shut down (further) and congruence test the shit out of the guy who’d approached her.

Within a split second after the initial bump in the road, don’t be flabbergasted when the cheerful spirit pops out to greet you.

I see this happen all the time.

She just wants to be certain within the first 2 seconds, that you won’t judge her on the uninviting exterior, then she can let her inner glee come to surface.

This is no different than a chick who shit tests you and is frosty at the onset, then becomes a fuzzy ball of warmth as you decisively pass the shit test.

Never judge a woman from the first impression.

Her first impression is usually to test you, whether it’s a pleasant or rude 1.

Therefore, never alienate, marginalize or pass up on a girl who doesn’t appear as though she’s advertising toothpaste.

These girls (bitchy ones), even though they’re the hottest generally, are almost always passed up on by men while out with the girls mingling and partying.

They may feel socially awkward, left out and alienated, which is your chance to break the ice and get to know (or bang) a cool-ass chick.

This hearkens back to a night of clubbing I had in 2007 where I took home the hottest girl in the venue…well took her to my hotel actually. 😉

Hot girls are usually bitchy on the exterior, so 99.9% of the guys in the club that night, all elected to NOT approach her out of fear of being scolded, shot down, ignored and rejected in front of hundreds of club-goers. So they chose the perceived easier sets of girls to chat up…which usually doesn’t go anywhere. 😦

I on the other hand, being a budding Pick-Up Artist at that time, I was addicted to tackling the perceived-harder girls who seemed more difficult, hence I approached, isolated, finger-banged, seduced and took home this girl whom every other guy was scared shit to approach because they judged the book by its cover and misjudged poorly because this chick turned out to be one of the coolest girls I ever met in my lifetime…so much so that I even remember her name from a One-Night Stand which occurred years ago…she was also the first and only squirter I ever met to date- so that was a plus for the memory bank. 😉 😉

This is another reason why learning Pickup is great; you get the girls that other guys wouldn’t dare approach even with a pistol to their heads!

I have countless videos where I approach girls who weren’t inviting in their dispositions yet as I open them, you would’ve never imagined that those charmingly social girls were the same chicks who before I approached, looked as though they were prepping to kill someone.


All in all guys:

*Don’t pass up on a girl due to her perceived coldness and frosty exterior.

*Approach the girls who would otherwise be seen as off limits by you.

*When in nightclubs and bars, approach and chat up the perceived “bitchy” girls.

On a final note, and this’ probably the most crucial piece of advice: please do NOT fucking listen to your friends!

Guy friends have a tendency to do 2 things:

1.) Talk you into talking to a girl who isn’t worth it.

2.) Talk you out of talking to a girl who’s worth it.

For instance:

You: “That girl is sexy as hell. I might go talk to her”!

Friend: “Are you crazy dude! That chick looks mean and stuck-up like she has an attitude! I wouldn’t talk to her ass”!

This is why I don’t do wingmen and I go out solo EVERYTIME.

I don’t want a Beta-Male mentality friend cramping my style with every girl I plan to approach while out. So if you have one of those guy friends who always try to talk you out of the approach or talk you out of taking chances in general: then ditch him until he starts to think differently!

This is 1 such video of mines which hammers home the concept of not being socially stifled, and also an infield clip where I approached a serious-faced chick sitting on a balcony of the bar/club.

No guys were approaching her so I took the initiative instead of being frozen by her uninviting and cold exterior…which quickly melted away as I approached and opened.


10 Undeniably Great Things That The Pick-Up Community Teaches Men About Dating

Some days ago, I got into a heated discussion over Facebook with Liam Mcrae, a coach for “The Natural Lifestyles, which is a Pickup outfit based in Australia.

Liam’s position on the subject matter was that of PUA-bashing although 99 % of what he teaches in his so-called Natural Game model, is that of the old-school PUA curriculum and school of thought.

This is no difference than a musical artist who steals the sounds and lyrics of another, re-brand and repackage them as his own, then turn around to bash and defame the original source from which he stole the material.

That is how I view those so-called “Natural Game” guys and their doctrinal diatribe: they steal what was taught by the PUA gurus then peddle that information as their own.

Therefore, when I got into the heated debate with Liam Mcrae, he was forced to indirectly capitulate and concede that his anti-PUA stance was nothing more than hypocrisy, opportunism and subtle “hating”. But this is nothing new for the “Natural Game” crowd.

The Natural Lifestyles featuring Liam Mcrae

The Natural Lifestyles featuring Liam Mcrae

Their core argument seems to be that the Pickup Community has made men worse off than before, and how it was better off not existing in the first place…notwithstanding that Liam and every other so-called Natural Game guys all started out as Pick-Up Artists or students of Pickup…but that’s how hypocrites roll so no surprise there.

Ten Undeniably Great Concepts That Pickup Teaches, that even the pickup flunkies (“Natural Game”) still abide by to this day:

1.) You don’t have to buy women drinks in order for them to like you.

2.) You don’t have to buy women, nor wine and dine women, in order to get women.

3.) Actively trying to impress women is the wrong way to go and the quickest way to lose women.

4.) You can actually date multiple women at the same time…OPENLY.

5.) Getting off the couch and getting a social life.

6.) Becoming a social person.

7.) Approach the women you want instead of fearing the approach.

8.) Learning female and human psychology.

9.) Building an overall attractive lifestyle.

10.) Getting your fashion and style in order.

I find those 10 advocacy points of pickup to be liberating for the average guy who lacks success in the dating world.

When I hear guys who had their start in Pickup, such as Liam Mcrae, talk major shit, and on the other hand, advocates every 10 points mentioned, it’s really laughable to say the least.


Guys Asking Other Men For Drinks @ The Bar

Friday night @ the bar

Friday night @ the bar

A funny observation I noticed last night while @ the bar: Guys are the ones who ask other guys to buy them drinks.

I’ve always noticed this whenever I go out but last night was the most noticeable.

In the Caribbean, there’s a weird trend with men @ bars and nightclubs, and that is they’d hit up other men (strangers also) for drinks.

This might be unheard of in other regions of the world but it’s actually very fucking prevalent in the Caribbean islands.

On an average night at the bar, you’ll have like 5 different guys [strangers might I add] approach you asking if you can buy them a drink. 😯

While at the bar last night, I noticed this happening like crazy with other men!

Personally, I got hit up by 3 dudes asking if I can buy them a drink.

Not surprising.

In other parts of the world, you may be inclined to wonder if these guys are gay therefore hitting up men for drinks but these men are actually straight men and it’s totally customary to hit up other dudes for drinks @ bars and clubs.

How do I know they’re heterosexual men?

Most of my friends in the island hit up other men (strangers) for drinks also…and my buddies are heterosexuals.

Although generally we’re under the impression that women ask men to buy drinks, in reality, chicks do NOT ask men @ bars and clubs to buy them drinks.


Ponder that for a second!

It is guys, Beta-Males and nice guys, who “SUGGEST” and “INSIST” on buying drinks for women.

Women do not ask!

Therefore the notion that women beg guys to buy them drinks, that’s actually a false notion.

Men are the ones who approach women and offer to buy them drinks as a way to look cool, look like big shots and ballers and hopefully get the girls to like them.

Anyway, so 3 guys hit me up for drinks last night.

I ignored 2 of them but 1 was super persistent in a charmingly weird way:

“Come on man I know you’re a big baller…you can afford to buy a brother a beer…I’ll buy the other round…promise…let’s hang out and get some bitches…”

It was laughable and annoying at the same time so I ordered the beer just to get rid of him.

This reminds me of seduction and a neat trick and that is if you’re annoyingly persistent with women, some will just fuck you in order to get you off their backs…even though they have no attraction for you and hate your guts. It’s no different than the annoying guy who bugged me for a drink and I ended up buying him 1 just to get him off my back proverbially.

I generally don’t take light to guys hitting me up for drinks so I took some preemptive measures and hit up 2 other guys for drinks before they can ask me. 😉

I notice this to be a trick some guys use while @ the bar here: they would ask you before you can ask them. So I tried this for the first time last night and I didn’t get a drink but I merely did it just to avoid being asked anymore for 1 night.

Just 1 of those strange things you’ll encounter in the islands.

Hence if this does happen to you, know that it isn’t men trying to hit on you but merely an annoying custom.

Cup of red wine

Cup of red wine

Getting Over Your fears Through Challenges And Public Events…Kenny Participates In The Queen’s Baton Relay 2014

Get rid of your social anxieties and fears by participating in public events and challenges.

In this video from the previous Sunday, I spoke about my lucky role in participating in the Queen’s Baton Relay which takes place every 4 years.

It’s part of the XX Commonwealth Games for former commonwealth countries of Britain, so this 1 baton of the Queen of England was passed around 70 nations around the globe (excluding the U.S.).

Being that the island of Antigua was a former commonwealth nation of England, the baton was passed through here.

I happened to “lucked up” in getting my hands on the baton as a bearer.

This isn’t a little deal in being a baton-bearer. This baton has gone through the hands of heads of states, presidents, prime ministers, Noble Peace Prize winners, pop stars, etc. from around the globe. 🙂

Check out the video for the juicy details and the implications and applications to dating, hooking up and getting rid of anxiety in general.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

Mastery Of Seducing Women

Only 2 types of men have the stuff it takes to become masters of seducing women:

1.) Those who observe and analyze every little detail.

2.) Those who experiment and take risks.

Those are 2 prerequisites of the master seducer.

On the contrary, the guys who will never grace the halls of Pick-Up Mastery, or constantly come up short, are the ones who are adverse to those 2 prerequisites.

When talking to a girl, a stranger particularly, every step I take, “every move I make”, is strategic and with a purpose…as much as I can control it.

I’m not saying that I map out every interaction ahead of time. Instead, everything action is spontaneous but with foresight and instincts garnered through thousands of interactions over the years on a daily basis with random women.

Every touch is with a purpose.

Every look and glance is to gauge the girl’s reaction, receptivity and energy.

I look at her lips to see whether they quiver and shutter ever so slightly in my presence and to gauge how kissable they might be against mines.

Every movement is calculated within a split second: either before or right after the movement has been made (on my part or hers).

The slower you are to catch and react to these subtle movements, the more opportunities you will have missed.

Remember this video from earlier in the year where I attempted to grab a girl’s hand as she walked towards me?

I was a split nanosecond too late in executing the move.

A nanosecond and the girl is gone…your opportunity is gone.

Even masters make blunders.

Nevertheless the point is still crystal clear: every movement, action and reaction on my part has a purpose and is deliberate.

If you’re green in the field of learning about women in dating, you’re expected to be 100 times slower, awkward, un-calibrated and unable to spot nuances, gray areas and spots in which to seize your moments.

It’s with practice, dedication and constant field experience, will you be learn to cut your reaction and action time in half until you reach the point where you can almost predict the girl’s behavioral patterns, movements and interest level.

Yet every movement has a purpose on my part and hers.

It’s like a chess match or complex-Mambo dance which requires you to be in sync with the other person’s rhythm.

Thus the way I interact physically with every new girl in whom I come in contact.

I view my interactions through the proverbial scope of a mad scientist or a tactical commando trying to corner and seize his enemy on the battlefield.

If while chatting with her she moves ever so slightly to her left; I want to know why, and I want to know what caused this sudden movement on her part, and is it helpful or detrimental to my chances of picking her up.

Whenever I hold her hand or fingers, it’s to gauge whether she’s receptive and open to my touch as yet or would I have to release and re-calibrate to then come back.

What am I feeling for whenever I hold a girl’s hand?

The slightest pulse, twitch, tension, retention, recoil, jerk or give or submission.

Each reaction, negative or positive, will dictate my actions throughout the remainder of the interaction.

If I say to a girl, “I like you”, it’s merely done to see how such a declaration would be received by her: will I spot a glimmer or reciprocation in her eyes or will I instead be met with a weird-half smile?

These nuances subtle-facial gestures and movements are all factored in and annotated within my pre-frontal cortex for storage and later usage…hence experience as the greatest teacher.

I test for warm, hot and cold.

If she gives me a cold reception; I act accordingly.

Likewise with a warm or hot reception.

Every move on my part is strategic and with purpose towards a goal.

In my latest in-field video where I’d stopped a girl on a bike and immediately placed my hand on hers, it was to establish 3 things:

1.) That I love to touch

2.) Dominance and confidence

3.) What would be her reaction and the subsequent vibe from my touch

Gauging distance, am I standing too close too soon, too far, is my voice projection being projected, am I too loud, too passive, too aggressive, etc.

Everything is factored in. Not to ensure a perfectly smooth pickup [’cause Pickup is ugly], but to be 1 step ahead of the girl at all times as much as possible and to gain reference experience for future sets and trial runs.

If you want to become a master at this someday, and you aren’t one naturally (as was in my case), then you’ll have to begin to think and act through the lens of a mad-field scientist or a general in wartime situations.

Guys who fail to become good at this, lack either 1 of both of the following qualities:

1.) An analytical mindset

2.) The drive to experiment

To become a master at this, you’ll have to both become analytical and harbor a drive to experiment and field test new data, routines, techniques and so forth.

Then you’ll achieve mastery.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

Cosmopolitan Live Meets With Justin Wayne Dating To Discuss Pickup Artists And The Art Of Seduction

Justin Wayne of NYC needs no introduction here.

A very recent video interview I thought I would share.

It was non-bias, well balanced, and my buddy JW (originally of Jamaica) gave a good account of himself and represented the PUA/Seduction Community well [unlike other coaches whom I won’t mention just yet].

The Pickup gods are smiling down @ you JW. 🙂 🙂 🙂

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

Why And How You Should Record Yourself Chatting Up Women [tips from Enthalpy]

Don’t think I should actually note all the advantages of having data (audio or video) of your interactions with women. However, I will mention 1 and this has been the biggest plus for myself personally and that is eliminating fillers and redundancy.

When you record yourself, you’re able to readily see and hear the words in which you use often and too often which are very annoying to others without you even knowing.

When I recall my earlier videos from 2010-2011 compared to now, my conversational skills have improved TREMENDOUSLY just by eliminating certain words, nervous laughter and other handicaps.

So start recording yourself chatting up women.

There are many benefits!

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

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