Become A Sexier Man: 4 + Outer Components [video included]

Want to become a guy who’s perceived as a sexy man by his peers [hot girls included]?

Who the hell wouldn’t!?

I empathize with you on the basis that I was once a very un-sexy man.

The belief that you’re a sexy man is the first step in the right direction.

Furthermore, which barometer will actually be utilized to measure and discern whether you’re a sexy man or need some work in that department?

When women jokingly say stuff to you like:

“Hey Jimmy, you think you’re God’s gift to mankind”!

“You think you’re all that”!

Have you ever heard such idioms coming your way from women?

If not; you have some work to do…continue reading!

1.) Walking-Swag Factor

Is your Swag turned on or barely making its presence known?

Honestly, I hate the term “Swag” because it has become 1 of those cliche sound bites and pretty-much misused.

Nevertheless, we can all agree that swagger in one’s mannerism and movements is a sexy tool to have in a guy’s arsenal.

Now, how do you put this into action?

Take stock of the manner in which you walk: meaning your hands, shoulders and head movements.

Are you (too) stiff and (up)tight?


Ok, so that’s something you need to tweak pronto!

A.) Get your hands moving while walking (opposed to being held stationary at your side)!

B.) While walking, slightly swing your arms and shoulders in a swaying motion [don’t over exaggerate this].

C.) While walking, instead of keeping your head straight-ahead, always look left to right while slightly and slowly turning your head simultaneously as you take a quick stock of what’s to the left and right of you.

Incorporate the A, B and C’s of walking with swag.

2.) Slow Motion

In conjunction with #1, you want to slow down your movements.

This may be difficult for you to manage at first, especially if you’re living in a congested city where you’re accustomed to “hustle and bustle”.

It took me a while to slow down, being used to the fast pace of New York City where I grew up and lived virtually my entire life.

Also, Brits have the tendency to move like speeding-bullets as they walk. I’ve never come across a set of individuals who can out-walk Brits (especially the women). 😯

This is very un-sexy and incongruent (for a man to be moving this way if he doesn’t have to).

You want to create the impression as though you’re walking in slow motion or under water.

Think astronauts in space.

Literally- walk in slow motion!

Hustling and hurrying indicate nervousness, antsiness, social awkwardness and jitters: 4 sure-fire components of anti-sexy.

3.) Standing Sexy

The way in which you position yourself as you stand.

The other day while brewing a cup of Joe at my grandma’s house, the stove area is so congested with discarded appliances, I had to contort my body in order to fit semi-comfortably through there.

Where am I going with this?

I took note of my torso positioning and immediately felt like I was standing atop Mt. Everest surrounded by hoards of hot women propping me up. πŸ™‚

When standing, your hip or torso area should be pushed outwards or to 1 side opposed to standing straight up [if you get my illustration], whereas your body would take on a sort of “S” letter shape instead of an of I.

Sorta like the image below where the guy’s entire upper body slants:

Point is, you don’t want to stand straight up as a statue (though your shoulders and back should be straight up and back and not hunched over).

Men who radiate sexy generally assume this posture while chatting with women, or simply while in the zone (if you know the feeling).

This position is great to hold whenever leaning against something (the bar counter, a wall, etc).

You never want to be standing straight as a stick [an “i”].

4.) Assume The Letter “A” Position

In conjunction with #3 [“S” shape], you also want to assume the “A” stance.

Presuming there’s no physical structure in which to prop yourself against (while talking to someone), this is when you assume the shape of the letter “A”.

Once again, you want to avoid a tight and restrictive-body posture by standing with your legs apart; not vertically but at an angle.

This stance [the A] exhibits comfort and confidence, while a straight-up stance is the antithesis (opposite): uncomfortable and non-confident.

Bonus Tip: Foot Against Structure

Assuming there’s a structure in which you can prop yourself up against: lean against it (also while talking to women).

This video from Chris (Good-Looking Loser) demonstrates how powerful it is to lean back against an available structure while chatting up a girl.

However, incorporate the “1 foot against the wall” stance as the photo of myself illustrates below.

Not only is this sexier [according to women], but it comes off as confident and comfortable in the environment and the interaction.

Examples From The American-Political Arena

Mitt Romney is the poster-child of non-sexy, un-calibrated and someone with very poor mannerisms and idiosyncrasies which turn women off.

On the other hand, Barack Obama, a younger Bill Clinton and Rick Perry (of Texas), just to name a few, are great examples of guys with swagger, sex appeal and great movement.

Rick Perry never moves too fast, turns his head slowly and also speaks slowly [speaking slowly is confident while rushed is the opposite].

A younger Bill Clinton’s the same: deliberate movements, walks with swagger and a pep.

Barack Obama, just as Clinton, has swagger and a pep in his step with the added shoulder motions.

Mimic those 3 guys’ movements while avoiding Mitt Romney’s like the fucking plague [his body movements that is].

Before I go, a quick point which I must clue you in on [if you didn’t know]: A girl already knows if she’s gonna fuck you within a nanosecond of spotting you (or you spotting her).

Even before your mouth opens to utter a pick-up line or ice-breaker, she already knows whether she’ll fuck you or not.

Most guys are pre-rejected before saying a word.

Why is this?

Poor mannerisms, poor idiosyncrasies and poor-body language which equal non-sexy.

Hence, within a split second, she has already decided that you aren’t a sex-worthy candidate, not because of what you might say while approaching her, but due to your non-sexy mannerisms and body language.

Therefore, it’ll be beneficial and life-changing to fix your posture and the mode in which you walk and move around.

When in doubt: simply ask a hot girl of her honest opinion on whether you’re sexy or not. πŸ™‚

Also bear in mind: “sexy” has nothing to do with your face (features)!

Looks [facial features] do NOT fucking matter in determining whether you’re sexy, fuck-worthy or not!

Sexiness or sex appeal, comes from within, in conjunction with one’s physiological mannerisms and body movements.

Likewise, by the way you move (physically), a girl can and will immediate judge whether you’ll suck donkey balls in bed or whether you’ll be a decent sex-partner!

Looks (the features of your face) has absolutely NOTHING to do with this split-decision making process by women.

She isn’t looking at your face to determine whether she’ll fuck you or not [face/looks has nothing to do with how masterfully you’d fuck her].

She’s sizing up [within a flash] the way you walk, move, position your hands, body, feet, torso, head, etc [subconsciously so most times].

This is why 1st. impression is key and means so much to women.

If you enter a bar in a non-sexy way [jittery, shifty, nervous…], little do you know, you will have already killed your chances with 95% of the women in the venue who might have spotted your lame entrance.

This has ZERO to do with you facial structure, how big or long your nose is, etc.

Once again, the “Looks Matter” theory has been debunked by myself: Looks don’t matter.

Lastly, this begs the question: “can I still attract women and get laid with having poor-body posture and movements”?


It only makes your job harder, whereas if you had sexier or more fluent posture and movements, your work will have been cut out for you.

In the video below, I encapsulated every aspect of a sexier man [mannerisms] as far as body and head postures and movements are concerned.

Also some examples of un-sexy.

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  1. I’m just now understanding the importance of body language and how it sends a message to the girl subconsciously.All which factors in whether or not she’s attracted to you.It ain’t just verbal.Body language is powerful stuff.Thanks Kenny


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