A Sleazy Kenny Hits On Girl With Baby + Lesson In How To Spark Great-Random Chitchat And Sexual Tension To Kiss [Infield Video]

[Hitting on random girl with baby].

Kenny’s back creeping the rural areas for anything he can get his filthy little hands on. 😈

Ok, that might have been the worst description possible to sum up my overall game- but I can explain. 😉

If you’ve been following my blog since the year’s inception, you should have come across an article in which I detailed my affinity for seducing suburban, country and rural area girls [same shit…I guess].

In this hidden-camera video, it was just another day at the office as I ventured to the rural parts of the island in order to possibly pull some bang-worthy chick(s) back to my lair/rental car for a bit of fun. 😈

While walking by a set of ladies, I decided that I wanted to mess with the one who was holding a baby.

Why did I do it?

Because I fucking can!

On a further note however, this is what I consider a warm-up set.

In other words, I’d just made it to that town and wasn’t in tip-top game shape that morning, so quite naturally, one will have sought to warm up his seduction engines by hitting on any girl available.

I spoke about this a while back where I’d encouraged guys [my readers/followers at least] to chat up every girl they possibly can, irrespective of her disposition (current state of mind), race, creed or physical appearance (size, looks, etc).

If not to actually pick the girl up, then solely for practice purposes or to warm up.

This also hammers home another point that I’ve been preaching lately which is that you shouldn’t be (too) selective of the women in whom you chat up.

Not every girl you chat up you have to fuck! You can simply chat up girls for the reference experience or to field test a particular routine or technique or simply for good conversation and to build your social skills.

To be super kick-ass with women: you have to kick a lot of your pre-existing inhibitions to the fucking curb like a bad habit!

If you’re not comfortable with chatting up fat girls because of what other men would think: then learn to be comfortable doing it and fuck what any other dude thinks!

If you presently hold the view that it’s immoral and unethical to (try to) seduce a girl with a baby in her hand: then tell your mind to STFU and game that girl to whatever extent you can! 😯

Anyway, what else can you learn from this latest hidden-cam video of mines (besides how to be sleazy)?

How to be sleazy in a chilled and fun sorta way. 🙂

Seriously, it’s all about escalation and being that guy. The guy who isn’t afraid to be flirty and sexual with random strangers.

Toward the end of our interaction, I had my hand around her neck, turned her face slightly and kissed her on the lip [couldn’t get the full-blow makeout from that vantage point] after building some sexual tension and sexual intent with a statement of dominance as I like to call it.

Check out the video with the sub-text breakdown and the notes at the end of the video.

Persist Until She F$#*ing Gives In [In-Field Video Taking British Girl With Me]

Kenny teaches you a solid lesson in how to be persistent and subtly break down resistance to get women to come along with you.

Three things in Game that get my blood boiling:

1.) Seeing guys settle for measly phone #’s and promises from women.

2.) Seeing guys allow women to outsmart them.

3.) Seeing guys give up way too easily.

At this super-advanced stage in my game, I tend to have zero patience for guys who are satisfied with settling for small wins in Pickup.

For instance; getting a girl’s phone # in my eyes is now seen as 5 steps backwards when you should be progressing by any means towards sex…the ultimate goal.

Anyway, in this latest Pickup, I happened to be passing by a business establishment (which I frequent for day game) and spotted a chick who was virtually scantily clad, which led me to approach and open her right away! 🙂

Instantly I knew she was British from the accent.


I have a high-percentage bang rate in U.K. girls, which hearkens back to a controversial article of mines where I rated women from England as the world’s easiest to sleep with irrespective of race, ethnicity or age [from experience and history].

Therefore, whenever I come across a Brit’, I’m like a shark in blood-filled water. 😉

Nevertheless, irrespective of the girl, being persistent should be protocol.

As you’ll see in the video, she tries to throw shit loads of objections and rejections @ me in order to wiggle her way out of coming with me but I executed the best routine possible to handle such objections: LAUGH…then plow forward like a fucking bulldozer!

Strongest frame wins as we teach in Pickup/Seduction.

Don’t know what that means or entails [frames]? I’ll teach you right now.

As you’ll see in the video, If a girl says to you: “I have a boyfriend”.

That is her frame/position/reality.

Whatever you chose to rebut with- is your frame/position/reality.

The person [male or female] who has the stronger or strongest frame/reality/position/belief wins!


She said she has a boyfriend.

I rebut with: “I don’t respect your boyfriend”.

Now there are 2 frames on the table: mines and hers.

Her position/frame is: she cannot come with me because her boyfriend back in England won’t approve and she’d promised him not to talk to any guys while here in the island on her “business” trip.

My position/frame is: I don’t care about her boyfriend neither what he thinks. He doesn’t count as long as she’s here. Plus he wouldn’t know. 😉

You might want to read this article afterwards as to why women on vacation are easy targets for sex: Girls on vacation: easiest to bang.

Anyway, in the end: my frame won!

My reality and position were stronger than hers.

Is it because I’m smarter?


She’s probably smarter than I am! 🙂 🙂

Frame battles all come down to which person of the 2 can remain more steady and has more conviction in their position.

This all intertwines with “Persistence”.

I was way more persistent in my frame and goal than she was in hers.

This’ what we call frame battle: the girl objects, you rebut, she resists, you persist (however wisely).

All throughout the video, frame battling was taking place BLATANTLY.

As for being persistent without being needy; that is neither here nor there in my eyes.

My advice on that is that it’s better to be needy than to throw in the towel and not persist at all. So you should not be preoccupied with thoughts of “I don’t wanna keep trying or else I’ll come off as needy”.

If you have to risk coming off as needy in order to get the girl to leave with you, then that’s what you should do.

You don’t owe this girl shit, and she doesn’t owe you shit, so if you do come across as needy while persisting: you have nothing to fucking lose with a random stranger!

Apart from that, the problem with most guys is that they give up at the 1st. sight of objection and resistance.

You should push and insist in what you want even to the point of annoyance or pissing the girl off.

You should rather err on the side of being needy than to settle for a virtual non-financial promissory note or rain check aka phone number.

If a girl doesn’t come with me now, I do NOT take her phone # as a backup plan for another day or day 2.

It’s either now or never!

That is my novel frame.

That is the mindset in which I come from.

My 2014 unofficial resolution was to NOT get any girl’s phone # by any means at all (but to plow for the instant pull), and I’ve stuck to that position religiously thus far.

No matter how hot the girl is, if she doesn’t come with me now; I say sayonara [goodbye], extract lessons from the interaction and on to another chick.

When you adopt that all-or-nothing frame, you’ll naturally persist since everything is riding on that 1 interaction where phone # isn’t an option.

Hypothetically, what if a girl were to hold a gun to your head and say to you: “Persist until you make me comply. If you don’t succeed; I’ll blow your fucking brains out you maggot”!

Settling for her phone # isn’t an option. You have to persist or get your cranium matter splattered all across the sidewalk.

What the fuck would you do in that case!?

Therefore, learn to persist as if a gun were held to your head and your only option is 1 option: to get the girl to roll with you irrespective of her relationship situation and so forth.

Check out the video and learn what persistence is and how to get to change a girl’s mind by beating her frame down to the ground.

Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel for lots more interactive-Pickup videos…the most informative videos on the web by far: Socialkenny’s channel

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

Best Way To Apply Pickup 2.0 [Reloaded Edition]

Consider this the anti-mental masturbation post redux in which I first wrote about in this article: Don’t be a passive learner.

When learning Pickup or certain aspects of it, you should aim to strike a balance between info and action.

Come across a new concept?

Then immediately apply it in field.

It isn’t expedient just to soak up information by reading and watching videos for 3 months, then try to apply what you’ve learned.

This usually will attribute to information overload where you’d studied so much that you’re then rendered disabled when the time comes for you to utilize your new skill set.

Therefore the best way in which to apply anything in life, or in pickup, is to immediately apply that concept, routine or technique…IMMEDIATELY!

For instance, let’s say that you’d discovered a new text-game gambit [as much as I hold the belief that texting should be abolished], it’d be wise to utilize that gambit at once.

Guys are in the habit of watching Youtube videos of practitioners illustrating aspects of pickup and seduction, yet they [the viewers] are solely content with watching, making a mental note [if that] then off to the next video…then complain 6 months down the line about dating and picking up women is so fucking hard!

As for myself personally, though I’ve been in the Game for years as a student and learner, however I’ve since elevated myself to a coaching status where I can now share these tips with you guys out there.

I had to get off my black ass, power down the computer and hit the streets in order to field test what I’d been learning [although it took a while needless to say].

Actually, in those years when I was a newbies, there wasn’t any in-field Pickup videos on the net with actual pickup in progress from which to learn.

We only had books and blog articles in those years yet a fraction of us RAFC were still able to grasp the message, note it, then apply it in field without any visual guidance or reference as far as videos go. So you have it easier nowadays with plethora of pickup-seduction videos on the internet for the sake of live demonstration if that’s what it takes to get you to act.

Even as an advanced guy, I still learn to this day, still take notes (physically), still read pickup-seduction blogs for cutting-edge info that I might have missed and so forth.

The only difference between a guy like myself and some who mental-masturbater is that I get out there to put to use new concepts, new ideas and new routines.

For instance, if I were to come across an article on how to have better conversation with people, I would totally dive head first into the article, dissect it, extract the pertinent details and strategic aspects, incorporate it into my game then within an hour or the next day, I’d apply it to my conversational repertoire.

This hearkens back to a short video I’d published last years where I attempted to pick up a Dominican girl (in Spanish) while her boyfriend was right around the corner in a parked car…honking his horn, pissed as he waits on her.

I’m not the type to run such balls-to-the wall game. If a girl is with her man; I usually won’t fuck with the situation. But at that time, I decided that I wanted to push the limits and see how far I could go.

A great example of applying new concepts and new ideas instantly!

By all means; strike a balance between study time and practice time.

You’ll only get good with women (or anything for that matter) once you put to use what you’ve learned instead of pontificating like an expert throughout cyberspace but has no actual experience in the game.

I like this video from RSD Owen/Tyler in that it encapsulates everything I’d touched on in this short article included the right way in which to apply Pickup.


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