1 Thing Crazy People And Guys Who Are Good With Women Have In Common…

I know some nut-jobs out there!

Perhaps a bit of their nuttery has rubbed off on me in the right way. But for some unknown reason, crazy men seem to be attracted to my aura or presence where I’m always being befriended by them. 😦

When I say “crazy”, I’m not referring to a guy who lives outside the box and is into some new-age religious movement of sorts which requires him to cut his dick off in order to make it to perpetual bliss [that would seem crazy also].

I’m actually talking about normal-seeming guys who have been sent to the asylum on various occasions and have been deemed mentally unstable by the experts.

Yep- those fuckers are always weeding their way into my tight-knit social circle [isn’t much I can do].

Observing their movements and mannerisms, 1 characteristic really stood out like a sore thumb: Social!

Those crazy fuckers were social people…at least when they needed to be!

They also have zero to little inhibitions and self-doubt when it comes to approaching and chatting up strangers.

I guess mental instability blocks out one’s sense of fear?

Makes sense to me. :confused:

It’s for this reason I always drew the correlative similarities between crazy and Pick-Up Artist (a good one at least).

In order to become good or great at picking up and seducing hot women; you will have to toe the line between sanity and insanity…almost.

Guys who bang lots of girls often do very erratic shit or lead risky lifestyles living on the edge!

The badboy for instance.

He gets laid more in comparison to any other guy of average-social status you can think of.

Why is this?

His erratic, dangerous, spontaneous, balls-to-the wall persona!

Guys who play it safe, usually fall on the opposite end of the spectrum where they don’t get laid due to social inhibitions…which crazy people lack…which is why they can do and say whatever the fuck they wish!!!

How about Rockstars and entertainers?

They get laid a ton also.

Do they live crazy lives and are known for crazy shit?


Drugs, partying everyday, road trips, adventures, living in alternate realities (which are what movies are for actors), etc.

Every guy within society who gets laid often and is good at attracting women, is a bit crazy in that sense!

In order to become good with women, you’ll have to do and say shit which make you seem a bit crazy, “out there” and make people go: “WTF, OMG”!

Let’s examine the seductionist aka Pick-Up Artist for reference sake.

Taking a total stranger-chick home within 2 hours of meeting her in order to fuck, is a bit crazy don’t you think? 😯

How about cold making out with a girl whom you’d just met 2 minutes ago?

That’s wacky…according to the mainstream script!

How about willfully hitting the streets solely in search of One-Night Stands [which I do quite often…5 days a week honestly]?

That’s pretty crazy too! 😉

What separates a guy who’s really crazy from a guy who’s good with women, is that the crazy guy is really fucking crazy and delusional.

The guy who’s a master of seduction, he’s liable of doing/saying crazy shit but at least have the mental fortitude to recognize when to turn it off, tone it down and transition to sleeping with the girl.

What actually spurred me on to writing this article was a pickup in progress that I’d witnessed earlier in the week…from a crazy guy [not fake crazy but real crazy].

Alright, maybe “Crazy” is an overstatement. Perhaps I should’ve said someone with mental issues.

There’s a young kid (around 22 years of age) who usually circumvent my work area. Everyone in the department knows of him as someone who’s mentally unstable and has been admitted to an asylum on numerous occasions recently [what a bogeyman huh].

Be as it may, while catching a breather 1 morning, I actually seen him picked up 2 British girls (got 2 phone numbers) as I was observing from a distance yet close enough to overhear the dialogue.

Now, I’m not even putting my focus on the phone # pulls [good for him].

What I wanted to highlight was his apparent fucking disregard for anxiety, fear and social norms!!!

This is what the average guy who’s SANE lacks!

The average-mentally stable man lacks balls and is a social coward!

After the interaction with the Brits, I called the mentally-challenged young man aside and said to him:

“Were you scared stepping to those strangers”?

Replied: “No”!

I believed him!

I watched the entire sequence from intent to approach, to the approach, to the opening, to small talk then to phone # exchange [old-school style with a pen actually].

Throughout the entire interaction, I spotted not 1 ounce of fear, inhibition, doubt neither hesitancy.

Thinking about it; when you’re deemed crazy by societal standards, including the experts, what the fuck do you have to lose…technically!


What do you have to prove?


Who are you trying to impress?


Who will you be afraid of?


Likewise with the men in society who attract the most women and sleep with the most women: they lack fear [or at least they don’t allow it to cripple their chances]!

They don’t mine being judged, labeled (as whores and players), neither ostracized by society and its status quo.

Therefore, when picking up women, you have to disengage or power down the rational/logical side of your brain just as crazy people do.

A bum or street-urchin isn’t hesitant about begging 100 passerby for spare change.

In a nutshell, what prevents you from getting good with women is your fucking pride!

Once you disengage “Pride” while trying to meet women, you’ll begin to see so much opportunities to sleep with tons of women open up, that you won’t know what the heck to do with them!

The more you can kid around with chicks instead of putting on this “Mr. Serious” front, the more women you will have attracted.

Just as depicted in a recent video of mines. I approach a super-hot girl on the street and motioned for her to hang up the phone…while she was conversing with someone.

Now that’s crazy [which was the point basically]! That’s something a crazy person would do…but it works. 😉

The Newbie Mission is a video project I came up with as a guideline to getting you to do and say crazy shit to random women in order to get out of your head where you’ll be able to kill fear, anxiety and pride with 1 stone [your 3 stumbling-blocks in getting laid].

Just as the crazy guy rarely filters what he’s saying and doing: likewise the lady’s man.

Just as the crazy guy has no bones about getting social and talkative: likewise the pussy-slayer.

Overall, what I would like for you to deduce from this article is 4 things:

1.) Crazy guys and homeless people are showing you the fuck up [they have no fear of people]. That should make you somewhat self-conscious as a same individual.

2.) In order to get laid (more), you’ll have to think and act outside of the mainstream box.

3.) When interacting with women; lock off the logical side of your brain and tap into the illogical side which is the side she mainly activates while interacting with guys.

4.) Your own pride repels women. Therefore, be less proud to do things which may make you uncomfortable.

With that, I leave you with these videos (including mines) from around the pickup/seduction world which hit on the same points I brought forth here.

[Video below: Kenny tells you to tell your mind to STFU]!

[Video below: RSD Julien on being out there].

What I like mostly about the video below from Johnny Berba (PUA coach out of London) is the concept of being self amusement and not caring.

Making Romantic Gestures With Random Women In Public + Handling Congruence Tests

As promised, my recent dedication to physical game continues, therefore I’ll be posting much more videos on physical escalation, physical romance (+ PDA) and KINO on a whole [the art of touching].

The purpose is to get you guys in touch with your masculine and romantic side, which make you a more fuckable guy overall.

This infield video which I’d put together days ago, displays a blueprint of PDA (Public Display of Affection) with total strangers included certain nuances and ways to handle shit tests/congruence tests which you will have to deal with when getting physical or making romantic passes especially in public.

While taking a 5 minute break 1 morning from capturing some amateur footage for the Newbie-Mission video project, I spotted a girl walking by just as I was prepping my video-recording app. The moment was right so I approached her in order to make this video for you guys.

Now if you’re asking what is the benefit or reason to even doing these things (being physical and romantically dominant), the simple answer is that the sooner you get physical with a girl, the sooner you’ll be communicating “I want to fuck you”!

The sooner you communicate “I want to fuck you”, the sooner you’ll get to fuck her.

So simple that a baby can grasp the concept. 😉 😉

Also a great lesson in being congruent for when the girl says something like: “Why are you holding me”?

Check it out!

Practice Building Your Sexual State, Sexual Projection And Sexualization To Get Women Thinking “Sex”

“Why is this important for me to learn or be aware of”?

This is the most general question I get thrown at me (via e-mail and social media) whenever I talk about getting sexual with women.

The obvious answer to this question is that you (the guy) will have to transition to a sexual state in order to sub-communicate to the woman that you’re feeling randy about her and would love to fuck her brains out!

Verbalizing this intention will not get you far…at least not when you’re coming from the male’s logical standpoint.

The thing that most men fail to realize is that women operate on suggestive, implied and insunuative levels.

In other words, or for example, if you were to say to a girl:

“I like you”.

It wouldn’t be as powerful as if this wasn’t said at all, rather sub-communicated and implied.

Women more react to what is NOT said that what is said.

Saying to a girl: “I wanna fuck you”, won’t have a greater psychological impact as if you made this know through implications and insinuations.

All in all, in order to sleep with a woman, you [the guy] must convey a sexual state which will in turn get her into a sexual state.

If you’ve never done this before, or have no clue of what the fuck I’m talking about, I’m here to tell you that as long as you’re NOT a virgin and have had sex at least on 1 prior occasion [prostitutes don’t count]: you will have done this before.

Alright, we’ve already dealt with why it’s massively important and a must that you project a sexualized state.

Most of us (male and females) aren’t aware of this, hence we are unable to detail just what sexualization is, how it looks and its existential attributes.

Therefore, telling you that you should practice this sounds like a mute point.

Firstly, when do we (as men) get into a sexual state?

When your cock gets hard at the mere sight of a hot girl strutting down the bloc with enough cleavage showing that you could drown in there. 😯

It’s the physiological feeling and sensation you get once turned on by a woman, porn or whatever gets you sexually excited.

This feeling induces a sexualized state aka sexualization.

It’s an admixture of horniness, lust with a dash of desperation on the side [had to throw that 1 in for good measures]. 😉

If you generally want to have sex with a girl and are sexually excited by her; this will show!

It’s next to impossible to conceal this state (sexualized) since the subjects are almost never aware of it [can’t change what you can’t see].

On a further note, it’s really difficult for one to conscious manufacture this state or mimic it, which is why you’re here with Kenny as your proverbial guide in bringing this to fruition. 😉 😉

Just as it’s difficult to mimic a confident state since confidence isn’t a tangible entity but a state of being, with sexualization however, since it’s part verbal and physical (body-language cues), it’s easy to execute [I know I just contradicted the shit out of the previous paragraph].

Practicing A Sexual State

As I mentioned earlier: everything should be implied and suggested.

Nothing overt (sexually).

This isn’t a rule but more of a guideline for now until you become fluent in the art of sexualization.

In order to practice, you’ll need a female subject at some point but for now, we’ll deal with you and you only.

If you have a mirror at home (which you should); stand or sit in front of it.

You’ll be staring at yourself or at least at your face for this exercise.

For guidance, I made a video a while back illustrating “bedroom eyes” and sexualization.

Watch it and learn!

In addition to that, you want to mimic those facial gestures (the eyes particularly) as to mines in the video above.

When you’re looking at the girl and interacting with her through normal conversation, you want to summon the bedroom eyes.

Remember- you don’t have to wait for the right moment to do this.

It doesn’t have to be a flirty or sexual conversation.

She could be blabbing away about a bitchy coworker or the latest action movie she wants a chode to take her to see; you still want to build a sexual state while interacting.

If you haven’t known, a woman doesn’t have to talk about sex in order to think sex.

If she senses your sexually induced state (subconsciously); she will begin to feel sexual or think sex, in spite of the conversational topic being asexual.

Practice: Phase 2

For this 1; you’ll need to be in the presence of a female opposed to the mirror routines which you’d done previously.

You might be asking yourself: “Where the heck am I supposed to find a girl as a willing-test subject”?

The answer is: everywhere!

This is practice, which means you won’t have to actually be in the presence of a girl whom you’re trying to get with.

You don’t have to be out on a date neither.

Simply interacting with a female coworker will suffice.

Any situation which allows you 5 or more minutes worth of conversation time will work just fine!

Even if this’ a girl who had friendzoned you.


Just find a fucking female who’s willing to have a brief, innocent chitchat with you!

Now you’re gonna utilize the bedroom eyes which you’d learned (and practiced) in the previous passage.

In conjunction, you’ll be altering your tone of voice and pitch.

Remember- through normal and non-sexual conversation you’ll be doing these things.

The key here is “Lower and Deeper”.

Check out this small scene of Leonardo DiCaprio [Howard] in the Aviator when he’s addressing the cigarette girl [at the 1 minute mark of the video].

This illustrates a great example of lower and deeper vocal tonality (+ dominant eye contact).

Also take note of his head being slightly tilted as he addresses her.

In a nutshell [from the 1 scene], 4 powerful components of a sexualized state were present:

1.) Head tilt

2.) Dominant-eye contact

3.) Dimmed eyes [as my video above illustrated]

4.) Lowered and Deepen voice

Notice how Leonardo’s eyes squinted and head cocked to 1 side in exaggeration?

How about his lower and deeper voice?

You want to aim to strike that medium!

Now, we have the tendency to get in our heads trying to prefect things.

Perfection isn’t a prerequisite!

Your voice doesn’t have to be the perfect pitch or volume on cue.

Just ensure that you stick to the deep and low script whenever projecting a sexual state.

Your voice will have gotten deeper, more subdued, heavier and slower.

Let’s visualize a bedroom scenario where you’re lying in bed with your girlfriend or just any-old girl for reference sake.

When raising the temperature to have sex, one doesn’t (normally) yell, scream and get loud.

This is anti-sexual and stupid to be honest.

When in heat or state of sexual arousal, you tend to speak lower, slower and deeper.

The volume doesn’t go up but down!

With this as your guideline, while in normal conversation where you desire to build a sexual state, you should speak as though you’re in the bedroom: lower, slower and deeper.

You also want to tilt your head to the side or slant it a bit (to either side) as the head-shot photos of myself depict.

Slow-hand gestures with the head tilted

Slow-hand gestures with the head tilted

Exaggerated head tilt

Exaggerated head tilt

Slight tilt which is still fine

Slight tilt which is still fine

Doing so also induce the sexual state opposed to positioning your head in an upright-vertical position as the photo below.

Vertical/non-sexual head position

Vertical/non-sexual head position

Little do you know, whenever someone (male or female) gets into a subconscious-sexual state, his-her head naturally tilts to 1 side when talking with or listening to the person who’s turning him or her on (by no fault of that person).

If you’re keen on this, you will have noticed that a girl’s head almost always cocks to the side when she’s feeling randy and in heat [see below photo]:

Both person's mirroring each other's tilted-head positioning

Both person’s mirroring each other’s tilted-head positioning

It’s extremely hard to spot these physical nuances while in conversation since you won’t really have the time to zoom in on such innocuous occurrences.

Females also do this, which she will then mirror you by tilting her head to 1 side.

On a side note: if a guy were to tilt his head to the side and speak cheerfully with you, assuming you’re a heterosexual male, you will immediate feel weirded out as if a guy is coming onto you. Hence, the tilted head and cheery smile is reserved for male-female interactions (or gay couples). 2 straight males would immediately sound the gay-alarms.

Ok, back to the topic at hand!

Your gestures should be slower.

If typically when talking you’re accustomed to using hand gestures, you want to slow them down as if moving in slow motion.

As a heads up: you will not come off as robotic!

The girl will have zero clue as to what you’re doing. So fear not that she’ll be consciously analyzing your movements and call you out on them.

In fact, she won’t even notice at all, which is why it’s so powerful.

As for practice, since you’re now armed with the tools of what it takes to build a sexual state, you should willfully incorporate those steps into your everyday conversations with women.

If it’s a girl whom you’re truly sexually excited about, then you won’t have to do a thing in order to get yourself in a sexual state.

Your body language and subliminal cues will have already clicked as if flipped by an automated switch.

The purpose of this article is just to get you in-tuned with your sexual state, how to recognize it and how to summon it on demand.

The spill-off effect is that emotions and states are contagious.

What that means in non-seduction community terms is that whichever emotional state you’re in while interacting with someone; they will almost always feel it too and ping off of it (or vice versa).

Therefore, if you’re angry or sullen and having a conversation in that state with another person, they will empathize with your angry or sullen state which will infect them unconsciously.

Likewise, if you’re feeling horny and sexual and you present/project this state unto the girl to whom you’re talking; she too will feel your sexual energy and sexual state.

Emotions and states are transferable and contagious!

People don’t just become horny or sexually excited out of thin air.

They subconsciously pick up cues from their immediate environment.

Just as we don’t just become hungry out of thin air, but due to an external stimulus which we weren’t aware of: the smell of food, a TV commercial, etc.

Therefore, whenever interacting with a woman, bear in mind that she feels what you feel!

Whichever emotional state you bring to the table: sexual, horny, sad, vexed, crying, sulky, down, excited…she will feel it (unknowingly)!

Women who disagree with this aren’t in denial instead they just aren’t aware of these subconscious cues just as you weren’t aware of them prior to this article.

Guys who get laid a lot are masters at projecting and building sexual state- unbeknownst to them.

Guys who fail to get laid on a consistent basis are POOR at sexualization.

Make note of the correlation.

A great article on sexualization was written by my buddy a while ago, Steve Jabba, a Pickup coach out of England: Sexual Energy: A Huge Piece Of The Missing Puzzle

Now, this entire article begs the question: “Do I need to elicit a sexual state in order to sleep with girls or merely make out with them”?


Some men naturally walk around in a sexualized state or are able to summon and project this state unto women instantly without having to work it up as this article advises.

Perfect illustration is the infamous video of Steve Jabba (the PUA coach), where he made out with a Colombian girl within 4 minutes of meeting her on the streets on London.

From the video: nothing looks grandeur nor obvious to the naked eye, but everything is subtle as should be.

Was Steve in a sexualized state?

Of course!

Did he have to build it?


After years of practicing and fine tuning these things, you’ll naturally attain this level of awareness and acuity where you’re able to project your sexual feeling unto women without verbalizing it 1 bit.

Make sure to implement the steps in this article and you’ll soon attain that mark!

In a future post, I’ll deal with body positioning and proximity which tie into everything you’d learned here.

31 Reasons Why You Suck With Women And Will Continue To Suck…Unless You Listen To Me

At 1 point or another: we all sucked with the opposite sex.

Before I got into this, I was the poster-boy of “Suck”: insanely shy, anti-social, overly nice, risk-adverse, nerdy, you name it.

My idea of a great date would be inviting a girl over to peruse the pages of a history book on Native American culture or General Custer’s Last Stand.

Great but sucks for attracting chicks who wanted to be penetrated by a man.

Now, why do you suck:

1.) You’re too predictable.

2.) You give a shit.

3.) You’re too nice.

4.) You listen to your parents (especially your mother) about dating.

5.) You’re too passive.

6.) You take advice from women…dating advice that is.

7.) You hold fast to the belief/misconception that women are prissy-little angels when it comes to sex.

8.) The belief that (all) women desire monogamous relationships.

9.) You’re (too) shy.

10.) Afraid to offend women and step on some toes.

11.) You fight women’s causes.

12.) You put too much emphasis on getting phone #’s and dates opposed to putting emphasis on instant sex.

13.) Your style and wardrobe suck.

14.) You respect women and their values way too much.

15.) You don’t go out (as in party, clubs, bars…)

16.) You take dating and pickup advice from other men who aren’t getting laid.

17.) You spend too much time on the internet.

18.) You’re not social enough or at all.

19.) You don’t approach random women on the streets.

20.) You think that Pick-Up Artists are sleazy, womanizing and deplorable.

21.) Your general beliefs and views are (too) mainstream.

22.) You view other men as threats and better at getting laid than you are.

23.) If someone says to you: “You’re a player”! You deny it and back-peddle like a wuss.

24.) You’re adverse to being and getting aggressive with women.

25.) You read too much.

26.) Your standards in women are too high in relation to your own social value…which is often times too low.

27.) You’re too proud to listen to other men when they give you alternative advice on dating and women.

28.) Your view of the character, Stiffler, from the movie series American Pie, is that he’s an asshole. Likewise, your view of Mike The Situation of MTV’s Jersey Shore reality show, is that he’s an asshole, chauvinist and a douche-bag.

29.) If I tell you to grab a stranger’s hand while walking down the road in order to get her attention, you’ll say to me: “That is offensive”.

30.) You cannot lead a woman nor an interaction with a woman.

31.) Your ideal date is dinner and a movie (or just dinner).

Putting all 31 pointers together, you have a mixed bag of ingredients and components as to why you won’t, can’t or don’t get laid, don’t have a girlfriend or don’t have women in your life in which to interact with on a regular basis.

Now sex and hooking up isn’t everything [although I stress it to death here]. But I’m quite sure that any sane man between the ages of 17 and 45 will have desired the warmth of being inside of a female’s body…if not for recreational purposes- just for the experience.

Of all 31 pointers, “giving a shit (#2)” will probably become your biggest setback in attracting and sleeping with lots of women.

On the contrary: not giving much of a shit of how others view you, will be your VIP pass into pussy-land.

Prime example; you’re @ the bar, spot a girl who registers high on your proverbial fuck-ometer, but you fail to approach in order to get to know her because you were too preoccupied with what or how others will think, say or feel.

As for “reading too much”; guys who tend to over-read, usually suck with women.

Men who fall into this category are: nerds, (tertiary) students, computer programmers, the social-media junkie, and so-called professionals.

Before I discovered the seduction/pickup community, I unfortunately was an honorable member of this shameful class.

Reading in essence isn’t bad. Technically, I do more reading/writing than perhaps any other guy on the planet. 😉 😉

Reading too much becomes a bad thing when the following 2 things take place:

1.) You neglect other aspects of your daily life.

2.) You harbor an alternate reality where reading becomes your reality while reality becomes your fantasy world.

The key to avoiding this conundrum is balance.

Allocate times in which you read or browse the internet, while allocating time for meeting women [not on the internet], partying or at least having a drink at a low-key bar…in which you can chat up a hot girl if you’re the nightclub scene is too hectic for you.

All in all, if you’re not getting laid currently, don’t have a girlfriend or you had to settle for a girl whom you didn’t want, then you may want to reassess your mindset and values in order to cut out whichever of the 30 pointers that may be your obstruction.

With that, I leave you a video of mines where I speak on “Permission Seeking” and other related aspects which cause you to suck with attracting women.

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