How To Get Random Girls To Come Along With You [Insta-Walk to Same-Day Sex]

Last post of 2013. Fuck yea!!!

Talk about going out with a bang; this post is all about “the bang”. 😉

I get asked a lot, “How am I supposed to hook up with a girl the same day I meet her”?

As a follow up to my last 3 articles, this will actually be the applicable guide per say, in how to spot the girl whom you should try to sleep with the same day you’ve met her.

This isn’t only applicable to new girls. But if there’s a girl who you’ve been wanting to get with, perhaps she’s a former classmate or whatever, then the same concept of SNL (Same Night Lay) is applicable.

From my estimation (+ years worth of experience), the peak hour in which you can sleep with a random girl the same day (or night), on a weekday, is between 6 PM and 9:30 PM. But this is no hard and fast rule.

The reason as to why 6-9 PM is the peak time is because most of us who have day jobs, would’ve been off by 6 PM. And for a girl to be roaming the town between 6 and 9:30 (on a weeknight), usually indicates time to burn, boredom or clearing her head.

Your mindset should be, “as long as she’s in public after 6 PM and isn’t working, she is DTF”, and you approach her accordingly.

Doesn’t matter if she’s just running to the store to pick up some items real quick. Doesn’t mean she cannot be sidetracked or distracted.

As back story, I’ll share with you guys a recent field report of such an encounter.

Walking the town 1 night, actually not in the mood to pick up girls (and frankly not dressed the part), but I came across a chick who caught my attention walking in my direction.

Guys, if you have tons of experience with attracting women, you should know “the look”.

“The Look” happens when you encounter a girl for the very first time and you can instantaneously FEEL that she’s open to fuck.

It’s really impossible to put into words. It’s just something you can see, know and sense.

As she approached, I seen “the look”, so I planted (stopped), pointed (at her) and threw 1 of my favorite openers (ice-breaker):

Me: “Hey, do we know each other”!?

With a real curious face (mines) as if it were genuine, it made her stop to actually take a good look at me to see if we know each other [this routine of mines works 99% of the time for me].

This obviously was bullshit in that I didn’t recognize her from Adam, but I played the part perfectly:

Me: “Take a good look at me. 9th grade, lunchroom, high school…”?

Girl: “I’m…not…suuuuuuuure…”

Me: “Alright whatever, doesn’t matter! Her name was Maggie, 9th. grade, Morris High school.

Girl: “Nah I’m not Maggie. And never went to Morris”.

Take note: the purpose of this was to get her to stop, yet fuck with her a bit.

This always works for me, which is why it’s my favorite opener to break the ice whenever I’m meeting random women on the streets or at the supermarket, etc.

With this girl, I rapidly transitioned (due to “the look”) to a sexual tone.

Me: “You got some real sexy lips. Why are you looking at me like that by the way”?

Girl: “Like what”!? 🙂 🙂

Me: “Undressing me with your eyes”.

Girl: “LOL” 😆 😆

Me: “What are you up to right now”?

Girl: “Just taking a walk, listening to some music”.

[Sure sign of boredom]

Funny thing happened, 2 girls walked by us and said to me: “Hey mister, she has a boyfriend. Don’t mess with her”.

They obviously knew one another and they all laughed about it.

Ok, she has a boyfriend. No problem with me, especially since she was oozing “the DTF look”.

She obviously wasn’t up to much so I said to her:

“Let’s take a walk”.

Note: just saying to a girl “Let’s take a walk”, isn’t enough to convince her.

You have to mean it, take her hand or convince her verbally by making it safe.

When I told her “let’s take a walk”, I expected hesitancy or indecision, and she was iffy about walking with me so I said to her:

“I’m only going to the nearest pier to catch some breeze. Plus you have a boyfriend and my girlfriend lives in this area and I wouldn’t want either to pop up on us right here, so It’d be safer to walk to a cool spot”.

That was enough to nudge her. In all reality, she wanted to come. Girls will want to come with you, but they just need a verbal nudge or physical lead into doing what they wanted to do in the first place.

Anyway, we got to the pier, chatted, she’s into me, I’m into her (sexually), which led us to making out while overlooking the waters on a stary night.

Moments later, it got heavier. My intentions were to take her to my place. If that fails or I meet too much resistance, I would bang her right there on the boardwalk. 😈

Before either could happen, she gets a call from someone in which the dialogue made me believe it was a boyfriend.

Seemed like he asked about her whereabouts. She told him she was taking a walk, an argument ensues, accusations of her being with another guy, etc.

The long and short of the story is, I wasn’t able to bang her due to the looming distractions and a pissed off boyfriend who was throwing threats and out in search of her. 😯

Technically, this isn’t a problem for me, but she was really distraught about it, which completely changed the mood of me trying to fuck her.

I’ve had numerous close calls like these over the course of 2013 where I whisk away a total stranger for a night of romance but wasn’t able to seal the deal due to external interruptions (boyfriends, parents, etc).

Being able to make this happen on a daily to weekly basis isn’t difficult.

Prerequisites are a combination of verbal + physical leads, flirting and persuasion…and also spotting girls who aren’t doing much.

No matter if she appears to have her plate full or busy, merely trying to get her to come with you won’t hurt.

Although the peak hours for Same Night Sex is between 7 and 9:30 pm (on weekdays), you can still try to pull at any time of the day.

Your failure would depend on how much the girl has going on for her at that moment. If it’s 10 AM and this girl works at the bank and is in a hurry to get back; then that might be a loss cause, but still worth trying to derail her path and sleep with her.

On the brighter side, not every girl who’s out and about during the AM is actually working.

The idle or window-shopper is a great candidate for Same Day Sex.

Tourists: great candidates.

Girls on their lunch breaks: great candidates.

The Insta-Walk:

The instant date is a great suggestion when trying to sleep with random women. But I find the instant walk (insta-walk) to be a more viable suggestion which the girl won’t object to as much.

In a recent in-field video of mines, I’d picked up a teacher and took her on an instant walk.

An insta-walk could then transition into an insta-date quite naturally.

If you find yourself chatting up a girl and happen to ask her:

“So, what are you up to right now”.

Girl: “Nothing much. Just trying to do some last minute shopping”.

This is a great time to suggest an insta-walk!

Me: “Ok cool. Why don’t you take me shopping with you and show me what girls like. Then we can take a little stroll afterwards or perhaps right now. Your shopping can always wait until tomorrow”.

It’s at this point you lead or nudge her by slightly walking off with perhaps saying to her:

“You were headed this direction right? I know a nice place that sells cute girlie stuff”.

You’re already assuming that she’s down and coming.

If you do this correctly, 8 in 10 times, she will come with you.

Her disposition will be that of:

“Well what the heck! Might as well”!

The beauty is, you don’t have to actually take her to any stores whatsoever. On the insta-walk, you can slip into a cafe, snack joint, art gallery, museum, etc, and within a twinkling of an eye: you 2 are on a date which wasn’t fucking pre-planned.

No flaking to be wary of. She cannot stand you up. 🙂

I mean, I’ve done this consistently on a weekly basis over the years. Just convince girls to drop whatever they’re doing and take a walk with me which usually leads to either:

* Instant Date

* Making out

* Sex (One-Night Stand, Same Day Lay)

The simple keys here are:




I’ve also had cases where I approach a girl on the street (headed the same direction), we walk and chat, get near a park, and simply take her arm and lead her into the park:

Me: “Let’s sit in the park for a bit”.

To further develop that killer instinct for hooking up with girls the same day, you must realize that women are suckers for spontaneity.

Also realize that people often get sidetracked and change their minds every day. So if you approach a girl and her current situation is that she’s grabbing something from the pharmacy or is busy, it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t scrap that plan to go with you.

You should also be smart about it. You’re not approaching random girls by first saying to them: “Hey let’s take a walk”.

That’s pretty tactless.

What you will do is suggest the walk after a certain point in the conversation.

Me: “Hey Jessica, I kinda have to run. It was fun chatting with you although you are a bit too crazy for my blood. By the way, I’m headed to *********, would be fun if you tag along”.

Jessica: “Aah, I don’t know”.

Me: “You are so lame and I thought you were cool”! 🙂 🙂

At this point, you can sense that she’s willing to come but doesn’t want to appear too willing and eager. So you do either of the 4 things (or combination):

* Throw your arm around her and take her.

* Take her hand and lead her.

* Slightly walk off and motion to her “let’s go”.

* Say something like: “Don’t make me get on my knees right here right now and beg in front of everybody. I would totally embarrass you”.

Either of the 4 works very well in order to gain compliance.

Keep in mind: she wants to come along but needs reassurance that you’re safe and aren’t some serial-killer, you’re dominant (which means she can trust you) and that you’re fun.

Earlier in the week, a great friend of mines [Satori PUA] had sent me a video from his personal archives where he pulled a Same-Day Lay by fucking an Asian MILF on top of a Manhattan roof top whom he’d met in the subway not long earlier.

By the way, had he gone for the phone # and vanished, this would not have happened. Just saying. 🙂

Sleeping with random strangers isn’t impossible and doesn’t only happen in the nightclub setting where chicks are inebriated or pissy drunk.

You can fuck a girl the same day in which you met her while she’s sober as a bat!

You can also have One-Night Stands every day of the week as long as you get the fundamentals right.

Your biggest hindrance will be a failure to gain compliance, in other words, an inability to get the target to comply.

After re-reading this post, you will have realized how easy it is to make a woman comply with your leads and suggestions.

Test her willingness to comply

Bear in mind that she isn’t doing shit anyways.

People live boring fucking lives! The average chick (or guy) does practically the same shit she’s been doing for the past 5-10 years: work to home, shopping, meet with girls friends, boring boyfriend- same routine!

This is why it’s easy to drag them off of their routine and into doing something risky and unconventional; like going with a random stranger to eventually have sex! 🙂 🙂

The 4 additional-key strategic mindset for pulling One-Night Stand, Same Day Sex and getting a girl back to your place are:

* Spotting the right girls who are DTF.

* Willingness to stay in set and not get a phone # and leave.

* Confidence and ability to be carefree, ballsy, lead and persuade.

* Get sexual early in order to gauge her reaction.

I found this video guide of RSD Julien to be very pertinent and instructional in convincing girls to go with you.

In the video below, Todd Valentine shares some basic to advanced tips on how to get girls to go home with you the same night. It’s more based on a nightclub setting but still applicable to any setting.

Lastly, Alexander Attitude shares some tips and insights on getting girls to comply with you in order to come along for the ride (sex).

Getting Phsycial And Sexual With Women [video guides included for seduction beginners]

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

As promised, the “how-to” of physical escalation with newly met women, or girls with whom you’re already acquainted.

Now, if this’ a girl who you’re likely to see on a weekly basis (perhaps a co-worker), or a girl who takes the same general direction as you do to go to work, the gym, etc. perhaps she’s in your class at school; physical escalation theory is applicable.

For starters, I want to make it crystal clear that I am NOT telling guys to discontinue getting phone numbers [sounds contradicting if you’ve read my last 4 articles].

What I am telling you is that investing into phone numbers will result in minimal returns on your investment.

In other words, for every 5 phone numbers that you secure, 3 to 4 of those would’ve amounted to naught, zilch, zip, zero, nada!

To be more realistic, 4 in 5 will turn out to be incompatible, flaky, crazy or just not into you at all.

Likewise, for every 10 phone #’s you get, you only have the realistic chance to convert 2 into anything meaningful.

It’s just the dating game. I didn’t make the rules. 😦

With that said, if you’re okay with such numbers and stats, then I implore you to continue pursuing phone #’s for that sake.

As for myself, I personally know, from analyzing my stats over the last 4 years, that the more phone numbers I collected, the more my lay count dropped off by the dozens.

The fewer #’s I collect and the more I employ physical game (+ One Night Stand frame), my lay count increased.

In 2013, I’ve collected the most phone #’s on record, yet had my worst year in Pickup on record as far as the number of women I slept with [no coincidence].

In 2014, I am not about to cater to 10 flaky bitches every other week just to extract 2 who is sane enough to meet up or go out.

I think I’ve gotten 1 too many gray hairs in 2013 from deleting girl after girl, adding new girls, deleting an old set, adding a newer set to deleting another set…perhaps as a 31 year old dude; I’m fucking getting too old for the bullshit. 🙂 🙂

Physical Escalation:

If you’re familiar with the concepts of Pickup, then this will be pretty fucking boring. But in the interest of the reader who isn’t, I’ll have to give a breakdown.

The theory of physically escalating with women is the staple of the seduction community.

The applicable concept is pretty straight-forward: a guy should get physical within the 1st. second of his initial encounter with the girl.

Why so?

The earlier (and more often) you get physical, the greater it communicates these 4 essentials:

1.) That you’re a sexual being

2.) You like her

3.) It sets you apart from 95% of other men who are afraid to get physical

4.) Highly unlikely to be friendzoned

There is zero downside to getting physical with women whom you like.

On the contrary, not getting physical or sexual, you run the risk of coming off as too friendly and too risk-adverse, which are 2 turnoffs.

If you seen the previous article, you would’ve read the mini-field report about the girl who refuses to give me her phone # after 7 months of trying.

Even with such obstacles and objections coming from a girl who obviously likes me, I am “ALWAYS” physical, touchy-feely and flirty with her (mutual reciprocation).

Now, how and when should you get physical?

Right away!

Time To Act!!!

Ok, enough textual masturbation and time to get you maggots to play ball with no further bush-beating! 🙂

You spot a girl that you like and is physically attracted to her. But now you need to say something to her [duh].

Whichever way you go about breaking the ice: you manage to break it.

If you need an opener, read this: Kenny’s pickup opener.

Within the introduction, you should already be physical with her.

You’re probably saying to yourself: “How the fuck am I gonna get physical that early”!?

Well, shake her hand dummy!

That’s getting physical! And it’s normal and socially accepted and you probably do it all the time when being introduced to women and men on a regular basis. So it isn’t something that you haven’t done.

Easy, right?


I’m not a fan of hand-shaking due to its non-sexual nature, but you can always put a twist to it by doing what Justin Wayne terms “Hand Caressing”. He doesn’t merely shake and let go but he caresses the girl’s palm slightly to heighten the sexual tension.

If you like, you can do as other Pickup coaches recommend, which is to continue shaking hands beyond the point of awkwardness [but in a humorous way]. So instead of releasing right away, continue to shake or hold as long as you can, which at that point, you can say to the girl:

“Aren’t you gonna stop shaking hands now”? 😉

In which she will laugh and smile to indicate that she gets the humor.

This is physicality or physical escalation (KINO) right off the bat by simply putting a spin on shaking-hands.

Now you don’t have to go the traditional route of shaking hands [I rarely ever shake hands].

In the video below, the Pickup guru, Mehow, gives a demonstration of shaking and holding hands with a twist.


Another aspect to physically escalating is touching and grabbing.

Guys who are risk-adverse would find this to be very offensive to women and something they can never bring themselves to doing.

For clarification, when I say touching, I don’t mean groping nor touching the girl in sexual areas (boobs and ass).

I can get away with this after years worth of experience, trial and error, but you should crawl before walking here.

As I stated at the top, these physical techniques can be used on strange women whom you’re meeting for the first time, or ones who you’re already acquainted with.

Ok, “what constitutes touching, and what are some examples”?

You’re talking to this girl, and to emphasize a point, you touch her on the shoulder or arm. People are usually unaware of this being done because it’s so automated and most of us do it with our friends.

A great routine which will enable you to touch her without eliciting any negative reaction, is 1 that I currently use which I originated.

If I’m chatting up a new girl and want to close the proximity gap in order to establish touch, I would run the “Phone Photo Routine”:

Me: “Hey check this out, I got this crazy picture I wanna show you. Gimme your take”.

I would then pull out my phone, get closer to her, then either rest my hand (palm) on her shoulder standing side to side, or I would throw my arm around her shoulders (or her waist) in a hug type of manner while use the free hand to rummage through the photos.

Remember- it doesn’t have to be real. Meaning, you don’t have to have any crazy photos in the first place. It could be a lame-ass photo of a tree. You’re just looking to get closer and establish KINO (touch).

In the video below, Love Drop demonstrates how to physically escalate with touching and arm holding without seeming unnatural, etc.

By the way, you’re not doing anything socially unacceptable. People do this all the time but just not with intent to get sexual.

These are just some personal tips I’m sharing with you guys, but absolutely anything you can do which enables you to touch, is quite fine.

Another great and sneaky way to establish “touch” is to comment on a ring, earring, chain or accessory she has on.

Me: “By the way I was gonna buy the same frikkin’ earring for my sister the other day. You are such a copycat”!

Simultaneously, I would reach out and touch the earring with physical contact to her ear or face, perhaps slightly and briefly stroking her earlobe.

As for a necklace (or chain), I would do something as the following:

Me: “Cool necklace. You have taste”!

At the same time, I would reach out to touch the necklace while making the observational comment but my hand or fingers would naturally make contact with her neck (throat region) or shoulder.

In seduction/pickup jargon, this is all done with “Calibration”, meaning that it all flows naturally, which doesn’t arise suspicions nor creep her out.

The same routine can also be done with a bracelet on the wrist.

Same can be done for a tattoo!

If she has 1 on her shoulder, upper back, neck, calf, wherever, you can comment on it while simultaneously touching it.

“Wow, is this tattoo real or 1 of those sticker things that come in candies”!?

If the tattoo is on her ankle, stoop down and touch it while making your observational comment!

You’re only admiring the work of art!

It won’t creep her out…unless you’re all nervous and hesitant about it.

A great way to make this happen (tattoo touching) is when talking to her, pretend as though you don’t see her tattoo (if it’s visible). Somewhere during the chat, bring up the subject of tattoos:

Me: “Hey, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo but it must hurt! Do you have any”?

When she says “yea”, she should say something like: “Yea I have a butterfly on my wrist”.

At that point, you will take her wrist and touch her tattoo.

The list goes on and on as to what you can potentially do in order to get to touch a girl.

The thing that you must realize is: You can’t fuck a girl by being hands off.

At some point, you have to get physical in order to sleep with her. The sooner the better in getting her used to your touch.

Hugs and high 5’s are also great ways to establish KINO (touch) with newly met girls as AFC Adam demonstrates in the video below.


Just as touching, grabbing and being grabby is just as important.

Sex often entails tugging, grabbing and pulling [no shit]!

You want to replicate this on a daily basis during normal conversation.

Firstly, picking up girls isn’t about finesse. Grabbing isn’t finesse and isn’t meant to be. When you attempt to grab the girl, most often, it will accompany friction, resistance and fumbling.

The video below is from Alexander Attitude (Alex) where he demonstrates this on a random girl who was just passing by. It also shows how messy it can be.

As you become adroit and used to this art (seduction), your attempts to grab women will become smoother and with less token resistance. But for now, it won’t look like the movies.

Ok, “so when do I grab”?

You can use grabbing with touching interchangeably.

much of my physical game with women I’m meeting for the first time consist of grabbing opposed to touching.

As you advance, you can get away with lots more. This reminds me of recent video from the Canadian funny-man, Sasha Daygame, where he grabs a girl’s ass during conversation (however nicely set up).

Very ballsy and sexual, especially the way he starts off the conversation on a sexual note!

An example of when to use grabbing (just as I do). You’re in a nightclub or bar and the girl passes, grab her hand and pull her towards you:

Me: “Hey, do you speak English”!?

In a setting outside of the nightclub, grabbing can be done after some minutes in the conversation, preferably on a humorous note.

For instance, a hand grab can be done in the following context (on a playful note):

Me: “You are such a bad fucking girl for [insert a reason]. Come on, I’m gonna report you to your parents [or cops]”.

At this point, you would grab her hand or arm and pretend as though you’re taking her to the cops or her parents.

It’s done in jest and humor.

Another note on which to grab her is after some minutes in the conversation, on a light note once again, you could say something to her like:

“Take me with you. I want to see your world”!

At this point, you latch onto her arm like a little kid trailing behind her.

Once again: with humor!

Just to reiterate, touching, grabbing, holding and physical escalation are what would set you apart from the average guy.


As an additive to hand shaking, hand/finger holding is also a huge part of physical escalation.

This is possibly the easiest move to get away with on strangers and girls whom you already know.

This is a very flirty gesture when done correctly.

Now, while interacting with a girl face to face, it’s incumbent upon you to interject flirting and statements loaded with sexual undertones. If you’re interested in the girl, this is naturally done, or at least should be done.

Just verbalizing it isn’t enough. But take both of her hands (or by the fingers) and hold them romantically. Doing so will heighten the sexual tension.

For instance:

Me: “You ever heard the saying that a person’s feelings originate in their fingers, and that you can tell what someone’s thinking by holding their fingers”?

At that point, the girl will usually react by saying (in amazement):

“Really! Or you’re kidding”!?

At this point, I feign to demonstrate by putting out both of my hands to meet hers in order to hold them for some seconds.

This is hand/finger holding.

In the video below, J-Dog demonstrates sexy hand holding.

It will almost always work unless you half-ass it via hesitation.

Getting physical with a girl is an art, but it doesn’t always look pretty.

You will encounter resistance. But understand that resistance doesn’t mean rejection.

Now everything thus far mentioned in the article is the beginner’s guide to KINO and physical escalation.

You will not get laid solely by following these tips. You will have learned how to get physical, how to get away with touching, but not necessarily how to lead the girl to sex.

This in-field video from Alexander Attitude really encapsulates everything about the concept of physical escalation which was the basis of this article, with demonstrations of touching, hugging, grabbing, kissing and other aspects of physicality.

The following article will address sleeping with women on the 1st. encounter (Same Day Lays), and also how to lead towards sex, in conjunction with physical escalation (taught in this article) being the foundation.

Whenever A Girl Doesn’t Respond To Your Texts And Phone Calls, Take It That She’s Telling You To Man The Fuck Up In Person- Face To Face

“Kenny, WTF bro’, we get it already: texting and calling should be banned”! 🙂

As of late, my mantra has been “no texting”, less phone conversation but more male-female, face-to-face interaction.

Recently, I touched on a not well-known concept which is that Women will punish you for mistakes and blunders you make.

For each move you make that lowers your value as a real man, she will punish you accordingly with a bout of head-game, lies or round-about story.

Lately, I’ve realized how overrated texting is and how much it devalues you as an Alpha-Male. This is a huge fucking admission coming from a guy who LOVES texting (moi)!

By the way, the idea of texting being overrated isn’t a new 1. Most schools of Pickup will tell you that texting should be kept at a minimum and used predominantly for logistical issues but not to get acquainted with a girl.

Women seem to get this while we men constantly try to built genuine connections with them through text.

Sure chicks LOVE to text, but they’re sane enough to recognize that it isn’t possible to build and feel a man-to-woman connection through electronic characters via the internet or mobile device.

This is primarily the reason why a girl will rarely ever meet up or hook up with a guy who texts her all days.

She has essentially put him in the text zone which kills her willingness to want to take it beyond that- texting.

Therefore, the more time you spend texting away with a particular girl, the more you’re rapidly sinking your own ship and becoming her text-buddy where she won’t see the practicality in meeting up with you or going on a date.

Why would she want to hook up with a guy who appears to be content with sending txt messages all day?

Why not just keep the relationship a texting 1 [this is what occurs to her subconsciously]?

This is why it’s much more expedient to call instead of text! But it’s just as easy to fall into the same trap and becoming her telephone-buddy who spends 5 hours straight conversing with her.

Best to keep both texting and calling to a bare minimum!

However, if you had a choice of the 2 means in which to get to know a (new) girl; then you should call instead.

One problem you’ll be presented with in trying to phone girls is that in these times, chicks often prefer to text than talk over the phone.

Texting is so much easier and impersonal. But that is where the problem comes in [“Impersonal”] if trying to get her on a date or hook up.

This is often times why around these parts we consider women to be crazy-fucking creatures! They may like you and want to hook up but will unknowingly set up barriers and put mountains in the way which make it almost impossible for guys to traverse.

Such is the case with texting.

A girl inherently knows that once she begins to text away with a new guy who she’s into, the mere act of perpetual texting will become a roadblock in which hinders her from wanting to meet up with this guy who she’s into.

What will eventually happen once the guy begins to push for a date or to meet up, she will avoid his texts, read them but won’t reply. She will accept the date offer then flake. Or she will cancel at the last second, 65% of the times without even telling you that she had to cancel.

This is when she punishes you, although in essence, she was a willing participant in the crime (proverbially).

She will punish you for now wanting to hook up or go out after lulling her into a text-buddy situation.

This happens every day to most guys, in fact all of us on numerous occasions, yet we wonder why this is, and how can a girl who is seemingly so into us, turn out to be so wishy-washy when it comes to meeting in person.

She is punishing you for not stepping up as a man, instead you hide behind a mobile device sending electronic texts back and forth, thinking that doing so is equivalent to actually connecting in person.

Text is text. And women hardly take them seriously! This mode of communication cannot compete with looking a girl in the eye and saying to her:

“I want to fucking ravage you like a wild animal does its prey”!

Saying such a bad-ass line to her over text may elicit a chuckle, LOL or smiley face 🙂 🙂 . But saying it to her in person will get her vaginal juices flowing as she sees you as a dominant carefree dude who doesn’t give a shit!

Hence she’ll respect you TOTALLY for manning up to her face, but show ZERO respect towards you for hiding behind a device (whether computer or cellphone).

Classic example time!!!

There’s this sexy-ass girl [an HB9.2 on a bad day] who works in the general vicinity where I do.

I see her practically every day. Twice a day in fact as she heads to work and to lunch.

Each time that I see her pass my workplace, I make it my business to banter with her, flirt, play around by tossing crumbled pieces of paper at her, she banters back, we laugh, joke and pretend to have cat-fights on the side walk, etc.

The chemistry of interest is there [also sexual]!

Seems all good!

However, the part that will blow your mind is this: She refuses to give me her phone number!

For 7 months now, she will not give me her phone number even when I try tactic after tactic, gambit after gambit, #-close routine after routine…she still won’t fucking budge an inch!

I’m never desperate about it never [meaning I don’t ask nor beg for the #]. 😡

Basically, for the past 7 months, once a week, I would try something to get her phone number.

She will say either 1 of the following things to me [smilingly]:

“I’m not giving you my #”

“Why would I give you my #”?

“I don’t want you to call me”

“I don’t want to talk to you over the phone”

Saying to myself: “If you don’t want to talk over the phone, are you saying we should continue to talk in person…which is more intimate than over the phone”?

Ding Ding Ding!!! 😆

On 1 recent occasion, I went for the Facebook instead, and this’ what she said to me verbatim:

“Why would I add you on Facebook? We are not friends so you can’t get my Facebook. And if you do find my profile somehow: I will block you”.

Now guys, all these things are said with an animated smile and humor. So she isn’t being a bitch about it whatsoever [although she means it…and I’m glad that she does].

This girl is into me by far! But she knows something that I myself previously wasn’t aware of. I will make that known in just a minute.

Playing hard to get is a no-brainer. Most girls employ hard-to-get tactics. But after 7 months, I would think that the statue of limitation on “playing hard to get” has ran the fuck out, wouldn’t you think? Of course! So this isn’t a case of customarily “playing hard to get”.

Then why isn’t she giving me her phone #…after 7 months?

Because she likes me and she knows that if she gives me her phone number, it’ll ruin everything.

Makes sense guys?


Rarely do you ever come across a girl who likes you so much yet refuses to give her contact information.


Notwithstanding the fact that chicks give out their phone #’s all the time to guys whom they don’t even find attractive in the least [just to get rid of them]. So thinking that a phone # is an SOI [Sign Of Interest] isn’t always so.

It’s often not!

Nevertheless, 99.9% of women “WILL” immediately give their phone #’s to guys whom they’re interested in: Oblivious that doing so will actually adjoin to it an 80% chance of killing the interest and everything else!

Ponder that for a second!

Now with this girl’s refusal over the course of 7 months to give me her phone # or Facebook, she knows something that 99.9.9% of other girls DON’T, or at least, do not care to take into consideration, and that is Texting and Calling come with an 80% chance of ruining a good thing!!

This is a huge part of the reason why women nowadays prefer to text than call. With phone conversation, there’s a greater risk of fucking up, while over text, she can simply ignore a boring question you’d asked her. Over the phone, she cannot just dismiss a question, so it puts more pressure on her to entertain a dying conversation.

On the flip side, in-person, face to face interaction, there is little you can do or say to turn a girl off who’s already into you. So the risk of ruining a good thing is minimal in comparison with phone calls and texts.

Therefore, this girl instinctively is aware of this, that if she coughs up her phone #, that great in-person vibe in which we share over the past 7 months (in-person) will be in jeopardy.

She doesn’t want to risk this.

Just as a girl will not sleep with a guy-friend of hers or a guy whom she’d friendzoned.

She knows what’s at stake and she doesn’t want to risk the friendship by having a (sexual) relationship with a friend, which 95% of the times, will kill the friendship eventually as the sexual relationship crumbles.

Therefore, it’s best to stay friends.

With the girl in question here, we obviously are NOT friends by me being in the friendzone.

She feels the mutual-sexual chemistry and connection with me, which underscores the fact that 95% of our face-to-face interactions and encounters are flirty, sexual and intimate.

We don’t talk about the weather nor what she’s having for lunch. Instead, we talk about why I would like to rip her g-string off and fuck the shit out of her right here on the sidewalk. 😉 😉 😉

Our on-the-fly, face-to-face encounters are like that 95% of the time. The remaining 5% accounts for me trying to get her phone #. 😆 😆

Saying that bit to say, she does NOT see me as a “friend” or guy whom she’d put in the friendzone. But she sees me as a sexual item and a highly sexual guy who isn’t bashful about getting sexual.

Once again however, she knows that if she gives up her phone #; this amazingly sexual chemistry that we share will crumble fast (within days). Not because of my doing, but due to the female’s psychological hard-wiring; she will lose interest [8 in 10 times].

However, this chick is rare and special in the sense that she’s aware of this [sounds cheesy I know]. 😉

Most girls would’ve given me the # within the first 2 minutes of our initial meeting, not knowing that by doing so, will have incurred an 80% chance (or higher) of ruining what was there.

This is largely why it’s easy for me or any seasoned PUA to get phone numbers. Girls aren’t aware of the huge risk in doing so. Had women gotten the memo, that giving guys their phone #’s will most likely lead to nowhere-land [80% of the time], I would be willing to put my head on the fucking chopping-block to say that it would be impossible for guys to get phone numbers.

Now, how does all this relate to the theme of the article itself and to the girl who refuses to give her #?

Women [subconsciously] want men to man up…in person!

This has always been the case in our evolution as humanoids, however technology, pop-culture and modernization (cellphone, computers and social media) have managed to kill the Alpha-Male (the dominant man).

Prior to the invention of the modern telephone and the internet, I can imagine how fucking manly the men were in those days!

If a guy wanted a girl: he had to pitch his sale in-person or perhaps via poetry [in the Victorian era], yet still in person.

The original Don Juans (Lord Byron) & Casanovas, the seductionists from the 1800’s, would seduce women “IN PERSON” as real men should!

Lord Byron (Don Juan)

Lord Byron (Don Juan)

This was expected of them by women and men.

You wanted a girl, you seized the moment when you finally encounter her. And you will have put forward your strongest game since there were no guarantees to seeing her again.

However in this age, the newly accepted protocol is to spot a girl whom you like, get her phone number, then convince her to like you over the phone.

Isn’t that fucking backwards!!!? 😆 😆

Guys, this is the underlying reason as to why women flake and stand men up on dates!

They are trying to force us to be real men again [Alpha-Males]!

I also include myself in this since I’ve been making the same mistake over the past 3 years, where I opted for the phone # instead of seducing the girl right there on the spot.

On a deeper note, it has been encoded in every single female’s genes, over 1.8 million years of evolution from homo-erectus to homo-sapien, to be attracted to the dominant men of the tribe [the Alpha-Males].

That was the case 2 million years ago and still is the case in 2014.

Now which is more manlier, trying to get physical and sexual with a girl face-to-face, or getting her phone # to call and text her later on to get sexual over text?

Now, do you realize how stupid texting and calling women is opposed to trying to hook up with them right away?

Lemme rephrase that: texting and calling isn’t only stupid, backwards and non-human, but it’s PUSSY! 😯

For being a giant pussy, women will punish you regularly by playing head-games, lying, flaking and so forth!

There is very little head-game she can play while right there with you in person where you’d be able to read her body language, look into her eyes and size her up one-on-one. So she won’t try to play much head and mind games in person as over technology.

Now to put this all into perspective with the situation between the girl and I whom I touched on in relation to the evolutionary Alpha-Male and women wanting men to man up: I’m being called out!

My skills to seduce are being put to test!

Whenever you ask a girl for her phone #, the biological and evolutionary part of her are screaming:

“You have me here right now in person! Show me what you’re made of and stop being a Beta-Male PUSSY! Take me, take me! Flirt with me dammit! Kiss me! Grab my hand and pull me closer! Tell me how much you’re turned on by my voluptuous breasts!!! Just please don’t ask for my phone # and ruin your chance to be a dominant man right now in the moment”!!!

Whether you as a man is aware of it, or whether she as a woman is consciously aware of it, her inner core, her core-instinctive pattern which remains the same after millions of years, is well aware and is screaming for you to man up now!

On a conscious level even, lots of women are aware of this.

It reminds me of a commercial I seen once, or maybe it was a scene in a romantic comedy, where the guy is chatting up a girl about everything under the sun and not getting physical at all, and the girl is saying to herself:

“Kiss me kiss me already dammit! Stop frikkin’ talking and kiss me already”!

When a woman is attracted to a guy and all the guy does is talk, talk, talk about banal-boring shit, she quickly loses interest and scans for more stimulating things- like someone who isn’t afraid to be sexual and physical.

I can imagine guys going: “But how do I put all this into action by manning up in conjunction with eliminating phone communication”?

The aspects and pointers of getting physical will be addressed in my next article!

With that, I leave you with 3 interesting videos on the topic at hand:

Below video: RSD Julien drills the point of physical escalation.

Video below: Brad Branson talks about being passive and dominant with women and life in general.

Video below: Todd Valentine talks about manning up and escalation.


“I Dont Have A Phone”: Getting Her # Is A Waste Of Time [Part 2]

The title is my motto for 2014!

In addition to my previous article, I decided to take things a step further, not only as advice for myself but for those reading who are expecting a better success rate with women in the upcoming year.

The greater part of this routine is psychological but would appear very impractical to the ordinary mind.

In my previous post, I advised you guys to “not get phone numbers”…if you’re looking to hook up.

In conjunction to not asking girls for their numbers or any contact information, is if the question comes up as to your phone number (perhaps she asks), tell her that you don’t have a phone.

Feel free to add a bit of back story to the reason as to why you don’t have a phone:

“My son smashed it by mistake”.

“The dog ate it” 😉

“I lost it at the club”

“I dropped it and some thief ran away with it”

“I loaned it to my sister”

“I’m just not the phone type”

If you do decide to follow my strategy/routine for getting more lays, then a big part of bringing that to fruition is to say to the girl: “I don’t have a phone number right now”.

Feel free to use 1 of the reasons I’d cited or come up with your own.

In spite of the fact that chicks want sex, often times (most times), they will do things (subconsciously) that make sex more difficult to come by or impossible.

What I mean is, for example, you meet a girl for the first time, she’s totally into you, she wants to get laid but she calls a cab to go home.

In essence, she’s making sex impossible although she really wants to rip your clothes off and get it on!

To apply this to the topic at hand, whenever a girl asks you for your #, or she suggests that y’all swap, she is making sex harder to come by [whether she’s truly aware of it or not is up for discussion].

Since women are women, you simply have to give them a break on such equivocation [pun intended]. 😉

Ok, so women love sex and want sex but they’ll do and say things which appear otherwise.

One such example, although it doesn’t appear that way on the surface, is exchanging phone numbers.

It’s at that point in the Game of the interaction, you should think to yourself:

“We can continue possibly to sex. Giving her my phone number would mean a possible continuation later in the week”?

“Now or later”?

Well, the best answer to that is “NOW”!

Just as she’s open for sex “NOW”, but needs to be nudged into that direction.

Also, limiting beliefs in men would have you thinking that sleeping with a woman the same day/night you met her is impossible and unlikely.

Such belief is endeared by losers!

Allow me to recount a field report from years ago which illustrates how easy it can be to fuck a girl the same day/night.

Kenny Fucks A Member Of An Opposition-Political Party

I have 3 passions in life: Pickup, Religion [debunking it] and Politics. Since the age of 10, while my siblings were out playing in the park, I was at home watching the history channel learning about the Kennedy assassination or tuned in to C-Span to consume what was going on in Washington politics.

As an adult, I’ve been an officially registered member/supported/contributor of the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP) since 2003 [in the Caribbean that is].

The ABLP political party in party colors

The ABLP political party in party colors

Politics all year around is huge in the Caribbean. It rivals that of professional sports as far as enthusiasm and participation from young people.

Anyway, some years ago, the opposition party [UPP] held a major public rally in conjunction with their convention. Since it was a public event housed outdoors, non members were expected to be among the supporters.

As a staunch member of the opposing party (ABLP), I was last to be expected to show up. But as an ardent Pick-Up Artist at that time, as long as there was a congregation of hotties (irrespective of differences); I had to be there! 😉

So I showed up! Being in enemy camp can be a real fucking tense situation might I add! 😯

Alright, details of the interaction are very sketchy (after all, this was over 6 years ago). To be honest, I don’t recall an iota of the dialogue, but what took place and how it all culminated are still etched into the memory bank.

Anyway, spotted the girl at the outdoor convention. She was with 2 other girls, but I somehow found a way to woo her away from her circle of friends.

We chatted for a while [no recollection of the dialogue], no phone # swap!

I repeat, No phone numbers were exchanged!

At that point in my game, I was the Same-Day Lay king! Every girl I interacted with, my sole intention was to sleep with her that same day or night! This girl was no exception!

Somehow, I got her to leave the convention grounds with me to take a walk.

This was in the evening, possibly before 9 PM but later than 7 PM.

Our verbal interaction lasted no more than 90 minutes. Due to various-existential occurrences on that day, I’m able to assess that we had only been talking for about 90 minutes.

I can recall using the classic PUA line in order to get her to my abode:

“Why don’t we stop by my place real quick to check out some photos before we go back to your party’s convention”.

I didn’t wait to hear a yes or no. I led her to my apartment.

Now that I think about it in retrospect; I wasn’t big on phones. This was a huge reason as to why I never got her # or gave her mines. I actually didn’t have a working mobile phone or sim card, so it was pointless to swap #’s but it was a blessing in disguise because it pushed me to pursue sex on the spot. Since I was constantly traveling between NYC and the islands, my service wasn’t active on island.

Also during that time, I’d dubbed myself “One-Night Stand Kenny” since that was my modus operandi.

Ok, back to the field report. So I got her to the apartment and we fucked (she rode me the entire time until I came). In those years, I never wore condoms so I fucked her raw as possible.

I took her back to the convention of her party and called it a night. I frankly didn’t remember her name then or now.

Once again: no #’s exchanged!

The Mystery Method Model Of Pickup Is King

A great part of my success in being able to pull girls for Same-Night Sex, was the model of Pickup in which I had religiously subscribed to (and still do): The Mystery Method Model.

Mystery, founder of the Mystery Method Model (MM) Of Pickup

Mystery, founder of the Mystery Method Model (MM) Of Pickup

In retrospect, the MM model was based on One-Night Stands and NOT getting phone numbers and setting up dates.

Hence MM’s 7 hour theory of meet to bang.

None of Mystery’s classic stuff was based on dates, phone numbers and text game! It was all about fucking the girl now!

[Videos below: Mystery teaching The Mystery Method]

With that being the case, In those days, I never seen a flake!

I didn’t know what the fuck a flake was!

I never got flaked on since I didn’t take girl’s phone numbers!!! 🙂

You cannot get flaked or stood up when your game is all about sleeping with girls the same day.

As the Pickup community started to shift with the times [Facebook, texting, online dating, etc], most of its material began catering to phone game and every company and Pickup coach started to advise “how to get her phone number”.

That shift inevitable enjoined with it the reality of girls flaking. When prior to this shift, a PUA didn’t have to worry about flaky bitches.

Now as for the girl and the field report which I’d written in the previous passage, was that an exceptional case?

Fuck no!

It was the norm for me!

When I first started out in Pickup and into my intermediary years, almost all of my lays came by way of One-Night Stands from bars, nightclubs or cold approaches on the streets during night and day game.

That’s some crazy stats when you think about it! But that was the culture of Pickup in those years. If you weren’t able to fuck a girl that same day, you somewhat felt ashamed and less of a man.

That feeling drove you to perform better, work harder and tweak your logistical issues (since poor logistics are your worst enemy in getting laid).

This hearkens to an article I wrote back in 2011 where I almost fucked a girl in back of a dumpster outside of a nightclub. She was an “Almost” case, but I’ve done this numerous times over the years.

Due to bad logistics, I wasn’t able to bang her then and there.

Now tell me, had I taken her phone # to try to get her on a date or to come over to my place at a later date, would she had shown up?

Hell fucking no!!!

Therefore, it would’ve been pointless to get her phone #!

Such is the case with 90% of the girls you will meet. It would’ve been pointless to get their phone numbers.

Guys, y’all need to understand that flaking isn’t the exception but the NORM by far!

As I touched on in the previous article, If you were to get 5 phone numbers today, 3 to 4 of those would result in NO results! 3-4 of those would be flaky waste-of-time girls. All 5 being flaky is a strong possibility also. But to get 5 phone #’s and expect all 5 to sleep with you is rather delusion. The reality is, only 1 of the 5, or 0 of the 5 will have slept with you.

Social Media, Smart Phones, Texting And Online Dating Have Diminished Your Chances Of Sex

I’d written about this in the past and it still stands true.

Just as the cellphone is killing your chances of getting laid, quite the same with social media and online dating.

When I first got into Pickup, Facebook and Twitter were nonexistent.

The term social media wasn’t a household name. In fact; it wasn’t even a name at all.

Texting wasn’t the main mode of communication. People was still actually using the phone to talk and have human-to-human interaction and not texting like robots.

Along came Facebook and the amount of girls I slept with had began to decrease dramatically.

It wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s fault, it was my fault for allowing myself to get away from what works (same day hookups) to getting engulfed in the female-dominated world of social media.

Just as I advise guys all the time: You cannot pick up random girls off of Facebook and into your bed!

The only how you could pick up a girl on FB is if she’s already in your social circle, already knows of you, and the 2 of you share some mutual friends.

That’s it!

However, to spot a random hottie on Facebook and think that you could pick her up and sleep with her is NOT going to happen!

There’s a 40% chance that she may reply to your 1st. message (from curiosity), but once she notices that she doesn’t know you; that is it!

Even if it does go further and you do get her phone #, 9 in 10 time, it will not go anywhere!

As with everything I write about, I’d field tested this by over 100 times by trying to pull random hot girls over Facebook.

Guys need to realize that Facebook is NOT a website in which to hook up!

It’s where girls go to chat shit, gossip and get attention.

Women do NOT sign up to Facebook in order to find guys they can bang [that’s what dating sites are for]! It’s just a medium to communicate and chat.

This is part of the reason as to why social media kills girl’s willingness to want to fuck.

When there was no Facebook, if a girl got your name of phone #, she knew automatically that it was about sex.

Nowadays, if you chat up a girl, name and number swap, she’s readily looking to Facebook you or add your phone # to Whatsapp where she can cyber text you to death but not actually want to hook up in the real world.

As a man, a smart man, it’s your job to counter the bullshit by stop trying to pick up girls online, stop adding them on Facebook (unless it’s networking and business), stop giving them your phone numbers, and stop asking for their #’s and Facebook.

The only 2 exceptions to this is if it’s a chick in another country or perhaps another city which you’ll be visiting shortly.

You can use tourist game in order to seduce and bang her.

The other exception is online dating sites where you pretty much have to get the girl’s # in order to take it off line and hook up.

Apart from those 2 exceptions; getting a girl’s # is worthless if your goal is to date or hook up.

If you’re looking a phone-pal or texting buddy: then that’s fine! 🙂 😉

In keeping with the topic at hand, when interacting with a woman, you should be looking to exhaust every possibility of hooking up before even thinking to get the phone # if you do decide to go that route.

By exhaust, I mean try to get her to go on an instant date, try making out with her, try kissing her, flirt, touch, try getting her back to your place, try fucking her in the nearest public bathroom or something!

If all fail, I would leave without giving my #. But if for some reason you think that you have another shot, then you may give your #, however I advise that you don’t since the likelihood of it going anywhere is next to zero.

Believe me, you’ll have more success in getting a girl to meet up with you by saying to her: “Meet me at this exact same spot on Thursday at 7 PM”, than you would have by swapping numbers and trying to set a date via phone.

When you refuse to give a girl your # and refrain from getting hers, a sense of loss develops in the girl’s mind…that is if she’s into you from the initial interaction.

To eliminate this sense of “I’m gonna lose this great guy”, she will be forced to hook up with you that same day. This is the underlying theme of One-Night Stands.

By swapping #’s, she would not have had this sense of loss.

This was the hidden key to me pulling One Night Stands every 2 days when I didn’t have a working mobile number.

I would meet a hot girl, we’d hit it off, she would totally be into me, but I had no way to keep in touch [Facebook wasn’t around] so we had to hook up NOW or Never!

On that note, for 2014, if a girl whom you’re chatting up vis-a-vis (face to face) asks for your phone #; do NOT give it to her!

Fabricate some crazy-ass excuse as to why you don’t have a phone currently!

Seducing women is about being smart, smooth and cunning and using the logistics in your favor.

As Todd Valentine recently said in a video of his, “What is the point of getting a girl’s phone #? Is to meet up at a later time. Well if that’s the case, you have the girl right here right now. Why wait for a later date when you’re with her now”!?

Think about that shit!

Why the fuck would you ask a girl for her # in order to meet with her some other time when you’re there with her now!?

You have your chance now!

I leave you with another awesome talk by Todd Valentine as he encapsulates everything I spoke about here including Same Night Sex, logistics and why to not go for the phone number unless you’ve already executed everything possible!

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