What it means when a new girl suddenly stops talking to you or Texting you

Ever met a girl and hit it off stupendously then days or a week later she isn’t responsive anymore?

You feel the good energy evaporate and it just isn’t the same as last week?

Well there are various reasons that the girl stops talking with you or doesn’t respond anymore as before.

However, the # 1 reason for this happening is A Secret Boyfriend.

She has a boyfriend but withheld that from you, or perhaps told you that she just broke up but actually didn’t.

Also, she might have had a fight with her BF at the time she met you, but didn’t feel any responsibility towards him at that moment, so she told you that she didn’t have a boyfriend, or she neglected to inform you during the subsequent days.

Now, instead of telling you, “Hey Kenny I have a boyfriend, or my ex and I just got back together so you and I won’t be communicating as we did at first”.

She won’t say that to you.

She will just ignore your texts and calls without an explanation.

She leaves it up to you to figure it out…if you can.

This is just 1 of those twisted games women play unintentionally.

Most guys, whenever faced with this dilemma, would kill themselves (metaphorically) thinking that they had done something to turn the girl off.

If you yourself know that you hadn’t made any blunders to kill the vibe and attraction, then reason for her suddenly not talking to you more than likely is the boyfriend she never told you about, or the boyfriend she did tell you about, but told you that she will never get back with him, but put her foot in her mouth and is now fucking him again.

So check out the recent video I’d made about this subject just to clarify this matter.

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14 thoughts on “What it means when a new girl suddenly stops talking to you or Texting you

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  1. I’d say it very well could be true. I have stopped talking to a guy because of a new guy or getting back together with an ex, but the next most often reason I’d suddenly stop talking to a guy is because he said something in a previous conversation that lead me to believe he was a pervert just out for one thing.


    1. Thanks for the comment Ash. This is very common.

      I’ve known or met lots of women who stopped communicating with me for no fault of my own, then to find out that she just got back with her ex, and she’s decided to work things out on a clean slate. 9 out of 10 times, she isn’t gonna tell the new guy this, especially after trashing her ex, and to then look like a hypocrite to get back with him.

      As for the pervert aspect, well sure; that would be the guy’s doing, which gave you reason to break off communication. But I was mainly addressing the perfect situation where the new guy hadn’t done a thing wrong.


  2. Good to hear how guys think and get take take on these topics.

    As a woman I have to say that I been in this situation before where I had to discontinue talking to a guy because I got back with my ex boyfriend.

    It is not easy to have to fess up that you got back with your ex so I believe most girls just keep it to herself


  3. This shit happen to me recently man,damn this explain a lot! I thought I’d rushed her but I came to find out she’s about to get married…
    Funny thing is she’s the one that gave me ioi,and I swear it was really strong lol
    Thanks for this insightful piece K


    1. I hate when this happens. She gives all the signs of being interested (IOI’s), she gives the #, yet eventually blocks you out. It’s like it never registered to her that she was gonna get married soon or it didn’t register to her that she had a boyfriend.


      1. True that
        When I heard about it is more of a bittersweet,
        I don’t know what she was thinking,shit got me replaying each conversation we had,times we hung out looking to find fault lol


  4. Hi Kenny,

    since one girl recently told me, I would behave like having a computer chip in my head (generally, I DO have some empathy for my fellows), I realized that something goes in the wrong direction. But I couldn’t figure out what it was. After(!) reading your article, I would say, it’s pretty obvious, what I did wrong. Good job, man!



  5. Hi Kenny,

    I don’t mind sharing. Actually, I refered to another of your articles. Being too cool, esp. with her flaking, doesn’t help much to get the girl. This finding is the elephant in the room, everybody so far has denied, isn’t it? A recent RSD dogma is being cool with whatever she is confronting you with – not bad advice for inner game – but if acting this out, you may come across way too cold (robot-like as russian women like to say).


    1. Lol great example and scenario given. I agree with the RSD take and how the approach is great for inner game. But being too cool can often times be misinterpreted with too aloofness and so forth.


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