5 Ways To Prevent Your Girlfriend From Cheating

Photo courtesy of http://girlschase.com/

Photo courtesy of http://girlschase.com/

It’s in every guy’s interest to read this, whether you currently have a girlfriend or will have 1 sometime in the future.

I admit that the topic is very misleading in that on the previous episode of my podcast show, I declared that it is impossible to stop a girl from cheating.

That is true!

There’s absolutely nothing a guy can do to prevent his girlfriend or spouse from cheating on him.

However, there are things a guy can do to minimize the chances of this happening.

1.) Always keep her on her toes!

I’m not exactly saying to keep her guessing…well I am…but more so to shroud yourself in a bit of mystery instead of being an open book. Women get tired of routine pretty easily. Most guys when they finally land that sought-after girlfriend, they become lazy and complacent thus becoming a flaming ball of predictability. You want to always keep her guessing as to the type of person you are. This will keep her intrigued, interested and invested.

2.) Reinvent yourself!

In correlation to point #1, every now and then in your relationship, you want to revert back to the guy who’d seduced her to begin with. You’ll be giving her the psychological impression of being courted all over again as if the relationship has started afresh. Once again; women get bored pretty easily, so sweet her off her feet every 5 months or so or whenever you sense that things are getting too monotonous and boring.

3.) Compromise…at times!

Never spoil a woman in any shape or form! However, when it comes to her sexual desires and wants, it’s always good to compromise even if what she desires goes against your sexual code. For instance, I’ve slept with many girls with the promise that I would eat their pussy to a boiling orgasm…which their boyfriends weren’t doing because of some hang-up about going down on women. So give her what she desires sexually and vice versa (compromise).

You don’t want her to be fantasizing about another guy doing something with her (sexually) that you as her boyfriend refuses to partake in (granted it’s a deep-rooted sexual fantasy of hers).

4.) Orchestrated fights!

There’s a great misconception in the world that a woman will often cheat because of some conflict or fight she might have had with her boyfriend which led her to bang another guy out of spite, anger or frustration.

This isn’t true at all! A girl will not cheat on her boyfriend because of a fight she had with him. Conflicts don’t drive a woman into the arms of another man contrary to popular belief. A girl will more likely cheat on a guy when there exists no (obvious) reasons to cheat (no conflicts and everything is rosy).

I’ve never met a girl whom I’d laid under the guise that she was upset because of a fight with her boyfriend. She may seek to be consoled (verbally), but it rarely leads to sex.

Therefore, you should always allocate intervals where you instigate a fight with her…perhaps she started the argument. A classic reason why women cheat on their “nice-guy boyfriends is that they’re too fucking adverse to conflict nor do they [nice guys] stand up for themselves. Nice guys are too willing to give her the win- meaning her way. Women don’t particularly want their way. They crave the psychological drama which comes with a bout of conflict. Not being willing to engage in a fight with your woman (verbally), will sub-communicate to her that you’re a giant pussy who cannot defend himself nor his point of view.

Sure, we in the PUA community preach being “non-reactive” and not letting ourselves being dragged into a verbal battle with women. That’s good advice! But for relationships, it’s terrible advice. Women crave drama [soap operas are testimonies of this]! Refusing to give her a bit of drama (her fix) every now and then, they will seek it somewhere else.

5.) Don’t get too familiar!

In relation to points 1 and 2, this is also a viable-preventative measure.

Familiarity kills attraction which kills affection which kills a relationship…and or facilitates the grounds for cheating. Crowding your girlfriend is the quickest way to chase her away. Not just physically, but crowding consists of calling her too much, texting too often, seeing her too often (granted you live separately), etc. If you’re used to seeing her or sleeping with her 5 nights a week; cut it back to 2-3. Or simply vary the pace by the week. For instance, if you’d seen her 5 days this week, the following week, cut it back to 2, then the following week, back to 5, etc. Always keep her on her toes this way by varying the pace.

Those who may say that Kenny talks a good 1 and he doesn’t have any experience in relationship management; note that I’ve been in an LTR (relationship) for the past 4 consecutive year…a horrible relationship at that (for the most part)!

However, I’d managed to stabilize the boat and regain my manhood through most of the tips which I’m giving you guys in this article and in previous ones.

So I’m not just talking the talk like most guys in the dating-advice world who have zero experience in troubleshooting relationship issues yet they can fabricate wonderful theories…without experience. I’m speaking from my experience past and present of what works and what doesn’t.

The Skinny On Cheating

Ok, just a tidbit in relation to the overall theme.

If you want to predict whether a girl will cheat or not, or whether she is likely to cheat, you should analyze her overall decision making and choices in general.

Ask yourself this, “How does my girlfriend (or wife) handle herself when it comes to making decisions on a day to day basis”?

“Is she sure”?

“Is she capable”?

“Is she flip-floppy and vacillates”?

“Does she become discombobulated when faced with simple choices”?

Ask yourself those questions and do some homework in order to derive a sound answer from those questions.

Women who cheat (perpetually) are often terrible when it comes to decision making and making right choices in life from the most simplistic of tasks to the complex ones.

I don’t need a human psychologist to confirm this neither.

I’ve been with and been around enough women to study the pattern of girls who cheat in relation to her choices in life on a daily basis.

Cheating usually boils down to bad-decision making by the girl.

“She made a mistake”!

That is the most classic line in defense of a cheating-woman you’ll hear from her social-circle of girlfriends.

And it is correct to a great degree. The 1st. instance of cheating often occurs by chance or mistake for a lack of a better word.

What accounts for this so-called mistake is bad-decision making (and judgment call) by the girl.

The perpetual cheating-girl is incapable of making good-sound choices in life.

Her priorities are fucked-up where she elects to go on an unwarranted shoe-shopping spree knowing that her rent is due and her landlord is on her back (figuratively speaking 😉 ).

She gets her hair done or spends her last on a manicure which wasn’t needed that week, instead of purchasing that new uniform for work which she had really needed badly!

Or she often maxes out her credit/debit card on unnecessary purchases.

Hence, a woman who is prone to cheating often makes horrible and irrational decisions in her life.

On the other hand, a girl who is more assertive, and even stubborn in her ideals (granted they’re positive ones), is less likely to cheat than a girl who jumps from position to position.

It’s quite common sense!

Oh by the way: let me make this crystal-fucking clear: This does NOT apply to men!

Women have the tendency of lumping men into the same boat as themselves, believing that both sexes (should) operate under the same guidelines.

Men cheat for totally different reasons.

A sound-decision making guy will still cheat even against his best interest, solely because it’s in a man’s nature to seek variety and quantity in women. But that’s for another post.

Basically, when it comes to selecting a girlfriend or becoming exclusive, your best bet as a man is to chose a girl who is stable in her decision making and not just a girl who has a fine ass, pretty face and nice boobs.

Once you screen this girl and assess her overall choices, you will have been in a much better position to determine whether you’re getting with a potential cheater or a girl who’s more inclined to monogamy.

However, most of us men think with our dicks and what we see, so we select a girlfriend based on her physical attributes opposed to her propensity to make good choices and become a stable girlfriend.

Now the scary thing is, even if you do select the so-called “perfect girl” with the greatest ethics code known to man, this still may not prevent her from becoming a cheater down the line for whatever reason. So it’s still a gamble pretty much whenever you commit to 1 person. We can only minimize the chances of cheating- but not prevent.

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22 thoughts on “5 Ways To Prevent Your Girlfriend From Cheating

Add yours

  1. I agree with every thing you said,I made it priority to always improve my self physical,mentally and spiritually.

    And I think being lazy is really the pinnacle,but then again in this day and age that women want to be like men is really hard for them not to cheat,because they are now setting gold to fulfill fantasies.

    I was going through a forum the other day,I think the topic is ”how many men do you slept with before you got married?”

    The numbers those women in that forum kept writing got me scared bro!
    There’s this girl who already laid 21men at age 19!
    Any ways this is a great article,a must read for every man.thanks for sharing.


    1. Yea I hear you. When it comes to the point of goal setting for their fantasies and things of their bucket list, that can be a fucking recipe for disaster. And the attitudes too nowadays as you said where girls wanna be men and have selectivity.

      I wrote about that the other day where I met a 17 year old girl who had fucked about 22 guys at that age. That forum would scared the shit out of me too lol :).

      Finding a woman who wouldn’t cheat is puzzling.


      1. Hahaha,is nice you point out keys to avoiding it though or should I say slowing it down lol

        On yahoo answers there’s this dude seeking advice on how to deal with with the fact that his wife slept with 30 men before they got married but that’s not his real issue,what bug him the most is the fact that she once had threesome lol
        What’s your take on that?


        1. Lol yea it’s about slowing it down and possibly reducing the chances.

          As I said on the podcast show the other day about why girls cheat, a lot of it comes down to her friends. Girls are notorious for listening to their girlfriends. I know too many cases where a girl would say to her friend, “Hey Jenny, your boyfriend doesn’t like. He always acts stuck up”. I know a guy who likes you. Y’all would make a good couple. I’m gonna introduce you to him”.

          Bam! Before you know it, this girl gets introduced to the new guy and starts to fuck him because her friends thought bad of her boyfriend and wanted to fuck things up.


        2. How did I miss that question on Yahoo Answer lol!? I’m always on there giving some advice.

          Funny thing you mentioned that guy’s situation with his wife. I blogged about this the other day. You probably read the post about girls should keep that # to themselves (how many guys they banged). I mentioned also that 3-somes should be kept on the down low from the husband or BF. That shit led to me breaking up with a girl about 5-6 years ago after she told me she’d fucked 2 brothers at the same time in a 3-some.

          I really don’t have any advice for that guy but just to warn him for future reference to never ask his wife or GF if she had 3-somes and stuff in the past. But for his current situation, I really couldn’t advise him since the only thing would be to divorce if it’s too painful or simply live with knowing that.


          1. “Hey
            Jenny, your
            doesn’t like. He
            always acts
            stuck up”. I know
            a guy who likes
            you. Y’all would
            make a good
            couple. I’m
            gonna introduce
            you to him”.
            Bam! Before you
            know it, this girl
            gets introduced
            to the new guy
            and starts to
            fuck him”

            Lol damn!!!


          2. Peer pressure shit and social circle sex. Very common way girls cheat, that’s why I don’t trust my GF hanging with her girlfriends on girls night out and stuff. It’s very easy to convince a girl to do something she knows is wrong


          3. It was not a new post probably that’s why you missed it,and you said was on my mind at the time I was reading it,don’t fucking talk about the past!


  2. Maybe it’s petty of me, but when I’m in a relationship I always keep ‘one in the chamber’ so to speak. That way if shit goes downhill and it turns out she cheated I’m just like BAM SLEPT WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND FOUR MONTHS AGO TRICK! Then I feel better haha.


      1. LTRs used to be my thing big time. Then I started being able to point out a hot girl in the bar and go pick her up. Funny how that ability completely changed my perspective on what I really wanted (multiple non-exclusive women) vs what I used to think I wanted (just one girl, settling down). I just think it’s important for the man psychologically to have a ‘trump card’ in any relationship. In the current women I’m seeing that trump card is my ability to simply go meet more women.


        1. BTW Alex, I didn’t even notice you posted something recently. I thought I’d subscribed to your blog until I just checked. Seems like you posted on cheaters also before I did. I’ll have to check it out


  3. This is another woman bashing article and its ahamed that you men view us women as ppl who cant be trusted and are almost all cheaters. This is fucking bull but I expect no better from pigs and men


  4. @Kenny what kinda Alpha is you who gets jealous that his ltr is out with the girls? Grow up bro and don’t be a protective ass boyfriend



    1. Dude, if you read the section or comment correctly, I never said I all jealousy over my GF going out with the girls. I am wary of it but it doesn’t consume me whereas it eats me up. It’s not that I don’t trust my GF to an extent. It’s just that I don’t trust her friends. Totally different story.


  5. I liked your relationship tips. Except the fight one. Even though if I get bored, I may be the one to start some drama, lol.
    As far as a girl who wouldn’t cheat, I think you are describing girls who need instant gratification (and make poor decisions based on that need). Also girl who are not secure in themselves and don’t act based on their values. If the girl is insecure in herself, or even her desirability, and doesn’t stick to her values, she will more than likely cheat.


    1. Well that’s what I meant about the fight part. If she starts it, the guy shouldn’t back down and say, “Ok honey, you’re right”. Instead, he should engage her on it and have some passionate make-up sex afterwards ;).

      As far as girls being secure, I think that’s another hyped-up reason that isn’t true. To say that insecure girls cheat more just can’t be proven. I don’t buy it.

      The instant gratification part ties into bad decision making, so it’s all the same thing.


      1. I disagree with the insecurity thing. It’s not the main reason why girls cheat or why all of them cheat but it’s a factor. Also, people who need instant gratification are usually insecure about something else of themselves. Especially if they feel insecure about their desirability! I though you touched on this on your ‘getting married women to cheat’ post Kenny! Maybe the term ‘insecurity’ isn’t the most accurate term to describe it.


        1. But in that case, would it be safe to say that every girl is insecure? Because technically, lots of women have these impulsive behaviors when it comes to spending. Insecurity is a factor but what I gather from your argument, is that women who are secure don’t cheat. Or women who are secure and satisfied with themselves (physically), wouldn’t cheat. This sounds good but not that accurate.


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