Get Girls To Send You Naked Pictures [Video Tips]

Who would’ve thought that getting a girl to send a guy some nude pics was actually an art form?

Well it is, an art which often boils down to persuasion tactics.

Apart from trying to persuade her to send some tits and ass shots, there are other key factors just as important:

* Timing

* Time of day

* Feel-out process

* Reciprocation

So it’s not just sporadically asking her to send you some nude photos on the fly. That’s the quickest way to get rejected.

In the video below, I quickly run down my top 8 tips for getting girls to send me nude pictures without an ounce of trepidation.

Not to blow my own horn, but I have a 9 in 10 success rate of getting chicks to actually send me explicit photos…

#Just saying ;)!

36 thoughts on “Get Girls To Send You Naked Pictures [Video Tips]

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  1. lol Kenny! Guys have tried most of these techniques on me. I don’t even care if they want to masterbate to them (duh I mean why else do they want them) but I always think of those celebs whose photos end up online and so I NEVER do it.
    But I think telling her how much you appreciate her body AND personality to get her to send a pic. And how much you appreciate her body and looks and find it so attractive and interesting (plays to her ego) lol, lol


    1. That’s why 1 of my tips was for the guy to make it crystal clear that he doesn’t expect her to include her face in the shot. Seems like a no brainer, but in my experience, lots of women are under the impression that the guy is expecting tits, face and all in those shots. And their concern is obviously being put on the net. So guys need to make it clear, “no head shot”. It might not work to persuade you, but it does a lot of other girls.

      Oh, a little flatter goes far too.


      1. If they do, it’s because they took them to send to some other guy before they met you, or because they are really vain and proud of their bodies, ahem. But it’s usually because they took them for some other dude.


  2. NEVER thought I would say this but I heard three good tips for the fellas: 1) start slow with asking for pics of nails. that’s one i’ve never heard. 2) start the conversation during evening hours, which is the wind-down period. I would add that personally i prefer talking to guys at night to de-stress from my day if he’s a good conversationalist. The commuting part, I don’t know. Seems off to me. 3) Make a game out of it. Receiving unsolicited explicit pics is never really welcomed. in fact, I don’t ask for pics of guys at all. I don’t know about having nudes in reserve. LOL. I would like to know how many women actually do that. I don’t send any photos that I don’t want to come back to haunt me. And as I said in my post yesterday, I absolutely hate when guys ask – because it puts them in a category with all the rest of the thirsty guys. Good response time Kenny as far as posting this.


    1. Asking for nail shots and stuff is a good way to start. I started doing that after genuinely being attracted to a girl’s nails in 1 of her FB pics. Then it went from there.

      Wind-down period I a no-brainer for the best time.

      Making it into a little playful fun game is 1 of my favorite tips.

      As for response time, it took me all night to compile the video lol! I really didn’t get an ounce of sleep. Started working on the video from 6 pm down until 5 AM. The pc kept crashing because of the load work I was doing hard. I went to work tired as shit this morning lol! It’s all your fault Isis :(!


        1. Me ambitious? Nah. Just whenever I get an idea, I like to jump on it right away before the thought dies. This happens a lot with me. If I don’t do something right now and finish it, I lose interest. I guess it happens to all of us


          1. Yup. It does. I tend to write a bunch of posts in my notebook and take my time getting around to posting them because I write at work and in the mornings during my commute. Today I wrote a post about dating convicted felons. I should type it up now. LOL


          2. Yea you better get on it now before it gets away from you. I have so many unfinished draft posts it’s not even funny. If I don’t complete an article in 1 shot, I honest will never get to finish it because I would’ve lost the thought, idea…


          3. Oh, lately I’ve been going back and finishing the drafts when I get inspired. The post is written. I just need to type it up. I’ll let you know! Women have mixed feelings on dating felons.


          4. In the days of Google, it’s very easy to find out. Many women do a background search on a man before the second date. I tend not to, but I have another post about a guy I met who just walked and talked like he had done hard time. Come to find out… And don’t you think a man or woman should put something like that on the table and let their potential partner decide if they want to deal with it, or accept it?


          5. And what about not giving your real name? For instance, I tell girls my name is Kenny or Socialkenny but my name is Kennyata but I prefer girls call me Kenny. With that, would a girl pry to find out my full or real name or would that be too obvious and seen as violation


          6. oh not a full background check per se. i know a guy with a history and he told me girls do find out. so naturally if you don’t tell, you’re on pins and needles wondering if they will find out.


          7. I hear you but it just goes to show that the sexes are different in every aspect. A guy really doesn’t care about a girl’s background nor her full name unless it’s beyond the point of casual dating or sex. But women have safety issues.


          8. True. And that’s why I don’t advocate sweet talking nor complimenting. They usually raise red flags unless it’s genuine and unique. I compliment girls on the most craziest of things, her nails, hairdo, eye shadow, earrings, bag…never on her looks, lips, ass, breasts, face…I want to keep the red flags and questions of motives at rest.


  3. These are some good ideas. I like the idea of having her send more tame pictures before the more sexual ones, gets her in the habit of sending you stuff. You could call it “photo escalation.” πŸ™‚

    I’m assuming this only works on girls you’ve already slept with?


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