How To Sleep With Married Women [A Slow Courtship]


There’s 1 intricate thing to keep in mind concerning the seduction of married women and the pace:

As long as she knows that you are well aware of her marital status (that she’s married); you’ll have to take a slower-methodical approach as the title suggests.

For example, if you have the hots for a female coworker who’s married, and she knows that you know that she’s married, it’s almost impossible to approach this situation with a flash-game mindset or One-Night Stand frame.

However, the married chicks whom you can pull fair amounts of One-Night Stands (SNL’s) with, are those whose marital status is pretty much discreet and unknown to you the guy.

For instance, if you pick up a girl at the bar who happens to be married, but she’s a complete stranger: then it’s highly possible to sleep with her that same night from the club…or in the club.

The fact that her marital status isn’t mutually known, it creates a sense of singledom for her, which means you can seduce her as if she was just any other girl without obligations to any man.

A married coworker, a married woman at church, etc. those types require a slow-pace seduction in order to sleep with them.

Don’t mean to sound redundant but I must hammer it home before I begin my deliberation: as long as she knows that you know that she has a husband, your sole recourse to sleeping with her will have to be a slow approach.

Think of the movies for a second.

As much as Hollywood is skewed with bullshit Beta-Males plot lines and fictitious advice of what not to do when seducing women, there’s a film or 2 which seem to reveal some true jewels pertaining to courtship.

One such film is “Unfaithful”, where a married cougar was lured into a steamy affair with a young-foreign hunk who swept her off her feet with his sheer bad boy laissez-fare approach to life and sex.

This of course wasn’t a One-Night Stand romp but a protracted affair.

Had he met her at the nightclub, overseas on vacation or randomly on the streets, he could’ve escalated rapidly towards sex being that her marital status wasn’t a well-known piece of information, unlike that of a married-female coworker.

“Unfaithful”: starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane

What Makes Married Women Cheat

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of married poon, and I’m currently seducing 2 in a methodical fashion as I’ll be outlining in this article later on.

The common theme I’ve noticed with these affair-seeking girls is that 90% of them fall between the 3-5 year bracket of the time they’ve been married.

Why the significance? I’ll explain later.

It’s somewhat difficult to seduce a girl who has just gotten married for the simple fact that she’s still reeling off that newly-wed high which haven’t worn off as yet.

After 3 years however, the euphoric newly-web high seems to wear off where monotony and routine of married life sets in.

Between that 3rd. And 5th. year, I consider those milestones as the dissatisfied years.

I didn’t make the rule, but from my experience, the 3-5 year range seem to be the peak time which married women are most susceptible to covertly seeking extramarital sex.

Why is this?

Young marriages do not work, or rarely do. Young-married women often reflect on their lives and realize what they’ve been missing out on, who she could’ve been with, where else she could’ve been, whom else she could’ve been married to, her girlfriends are still young and bubbly out having fun…

Those factors fuck with a girl’s psyche which induce a sense of void.

She’s home getting fat, having kids, lackluster-social life, feeling undesirable, her husband being bogged down into marriage life or work, is also committed elsewhere or pretty much a boring-dissatisfied dude himself.

The stage is set for the wife to rebel!

It is during those times of inward reflection where a housewife or married woman in general, becomes open to rebel.

Rebelling may come in various forms:

* Online dating (virtual relationships)

* Porn

* Going out (more)

* Drinking

* Meeting new guys

* Talking to new guys over the phone

* Affair

A woman’s greatest fear and vanity is to feel old.

Her greatest aspiration is to stay young, look young and feel young, hence the cosmetic industry, makeup, mascara, etc.

My maternal grandmother is her in late 70’s and she’s still dabbing her face in powder, eye shadow and youth-rejuvenation creams.

Marriages rob lots of women of their youthfulness, youthful aspirations and youthful beauty. This is also the case with married men but to a lesser extent…which leads to cheating solely to get their Mojo back.

Therefore, the reason married women have extramarital affairs is numerous, but mostly in part to recapture their youth and to feel young, sexy and desirable again.


Your Initial Attack: Contact Details Secured

Ok, now that the groundwork has been established, you know the type of married women who cheat, you know the reason they cheat and you know the perfect and ideal window to facilitate her cheating [3rd.-5th. year in the marriage]…

It’s time to get to work!

Before I proceed, there is 1 key factor which will indicate to you [the guy] that you’re sailing smoothly ahead: and that is the securing of her phone number.

Once a married women has coughed up her digits; it’s essentially an affair in progress.

She has already violated her man.

Don’t fall for the bullshit adage neither that she should have male friends whom she can talk to and call up in which to sing Kumbayah on into the sunset…[well that would be advice for husbands].

If your wife gives out her phone # to a guy who likes her and has possible romantic interest in her- then what the fuck will prevent her from taking it further!?

Let me take some deep breathes before I explode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….

Ok I’m good.


Get her telephone # or perhaps any other form of communication: Facebook, BBM pin, etc., then you’re 60% nearer to the prize.

Will it be an easy road after the contact-info swap?

Not necessarily.

If she’s a coworker, then getting her phone # isn’t all that relevant since you’re bound to see her often enough.

Your Second Attack: Compliments…

Flattery, Flattery, Flatter!

Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!

As a PUA who’s ardently against complimenting women on their superficial appearances, this is the 1 true exceptional case [for me at least] where complimenting a woman on her beauty will score points opposed to dropping them.

Whether this is done over the phone or in person, it doesn’t really matter to be honest, although in persona has a greater-positive impact.

Most women appreciate a unique compliment but more so the married ones.

Look at it this way, married women are HIGHLY undesirable in society.

They usually have kids, are older, considered off-limits, old-fashion, not cool, professional, and a whole slew of negative stigmas.

Single men just aren’t interested in shagging married women when there are tons of teenage hotties around who are free and disengaged from all the marital drama.

With that being the case, married women are often glossed over in the compliment department.

She is given the customary, “Hey Mary, nice hairdo”, from her male coworkers. But it’s usually welcomed with a sense of skepticism and flies over her shoulder.

The sort of compliments which work wonders are the ones with edge and may get you in some hot-fucking water…that’s if she’s some bitchy coworker who sees compliments as sexual harassment!

If she isn’t a coworker; then play ball without caution!

Templated Compliments To Use:

* “I really love the way you look today”.

* “Your fashion sense is awesome”

* “Does your husband compliment you every morning? He should”!

* “How do you stay so fit after 3 kids”?

Those are just template examples which you can use or make up your own.

Stroke her ego and flatter her indirectly.

She doesn’t get this from her husband nor other men, so you’ll be seen as unique in this sense.

The Third Wave: Feign The Counselor

Time to put her phone # or contact detail to good use.

Casual conversation in person or over the phone is a must!

What usually happens during these conversations are the grand revelations about her husband and the marriage:

* He has a girlfriend, which makes her justified in getting a boyfriend of own.

* He’s always out with the boys.

* She kinda regrets getting married so young.

* She felt pressured into marriage.

* She doesn’t have any free time for herself

* The kid(s) are stressful.

Such declarations are commonplace.

Her dissatisfaction will be amplified.

The most you have to do is listen and give your feedback in agreement.

In essence, you will become her quasi-marriage counselor. However, your job isn’t solely to listen and give advice but to supplant yourself as her savior; her temporary fix.

How do you do this? Read on!

The Fourth Wave: Become Her Savior

The knight in shining armor is often misinterpreted by the men’s lifestyle movement such as the Manosphere.

By no means whatsoever am I advocating “white knighting” and presenting yourself as the good guy whisking her away from the villain. In fact, you are the villain leading her on a brief escapade and a moment of relief from her humdrum marriage.

This isn’t “white knighting”, but the essence of what a true “knight” represents.

Ok, as an addition to the above section, you will transition from listening, empathizing to rescuing.

Just as you would chat up and seduce any other girl in the earlier stages; same applies here.

There is no special line or magic pill for this stage of the game. She’s just an ordinary chick and you approach it along those lines.

You’re trying to communicate that she isn’t just some married chick but she’s still desirable as any other girl out there.

Women who are dissatisfied within their marriages have a tendency to view marital life as a curse or some misfortune which has befallen them.

“Why me”!?

Therefore, you job is to disassociate her from marriage as much as possible.

No talk of “where did you honeymoon”, “who proposed”, etc.

Don’t fucking remind her of marriage!

Talk of her passions prior to marriage and what she wanted to become but didn’t get the chance to be.

Talk of how much you fantasize about being with her.

Ask of fantasies she have.

This can be done over the phone, text or in person.

Seeing Her (Logistics)

This stage will present your greatest challenge.

Married women aren’t (always) afforded the liberty to roam as spinsters can.

They have responsibilities such as tending to home, kids, husband, etc, so getting her to meet up with you might be challenging.

She can’t just say to her husband, “Hey hun, I’m headed to the bar to chat with Jenny for a bit”.

If it’s possible; then cool…winning!!!

Presuming it’s unlikely, you’ll have to brainstorm another recourse.

From my experience, I find that most married women commit adultery during the day-light hours while they’re free to roam, doing business, running errands, grocery shopping, at work, etc.

If she works [during the day], you can always set up a lunch-break rendez-vous of some sort…especially if you live in a big town or metropolis where she can easily blend in cloaked with anonymity.

If it’s a small town where everyone knows each other, she might not take the risk to meet up with you at a cafe or restaurant.

Don’t be surprise though if she makes the logistics work by suggesting something else.

Sweeping Her Off Her Feet [More Logistics]

Whenever a woman is very dissatisfied within her marriage, she will take more risk than you would think.

In fact, there’s a part of her that wishes she was caught in an illicit affair just to facilitate a divorce.

This is more so the case if the marriage has already crumbled and she’s separated from her husband but still legally married and living with her husband.

Nevertheless, I find that the best way to approach such a situation is to give her the impression that you’re her knight in shining armor.

This is where the bad boy risk-taker persona comes in as you see portrayed in the movies.

What I’m suggesting is, if she’s a working woman, suggest that you meet her at her workplace, presuming she has privacy or works alone.

It doesn’t hurt to ask in order to find out.

One such married girl I used to bang, we would meet up at her workplace where she worked alone and had privacy in confines of her office space.

Also, if either she or you drives and or on a lunch break or running errands, you can always suggest going for a drive where you park and chat…then escalate kissing and possibly fuck right there in the automobile.

Unsure of how to make this happen? Read this: Getting romantic and sexual with a girl.

Now this may sound far fetched to the risk-adverse guy, but for dominant males like I am who are adventurers at heart: this shit happens!

Keep in mind: Perfect fucking logistics do NOT exist! You take it when you can!

Banging this chick at her place in a cozy king-sized bed which she shares with her husband isn’t fucking happening…but in rare cases where she totally has zero respect for him!

But that is the far-fetched angle!

Fucking her in a parked car, restroom or motel are highly possible and a risk she will take!

Also take note: the greater portion of affairs happen during the day-time hours at motels, hotels and within the workplace itself.

Affairs rarely ever happen within the home of either party. It’s just too risky.

Sweeping a married woman off her feet sexually is just that as the word sweeping suggests; it’s fast, brisk and swift.

Not much room for a romantic-candlelight dinner setting but a ravishing quickie in a public restroom…if you get the picture :twisted:!

Once again- think of the movies and how affairs tend to happen:

* Bachelor and girl meets

* Bachelor flirts with married damsel

* Bachelor frequents her workplace or vice versa

* Bachelor advances

* She confides in bachelor

* Bachelor fucks her in a bathroom stall on her job

Doesn’t sound pretty nor romantic, but there’s no space for such a courtship.

Courting a married woman should be slow and verbally romantic (with an edge) but a physical romance (dinner, star-gazing) isn’t necessary.

Having Affairs With Married Women At Work

If you’re against hooking up with coworkers- then read no more.

Sleeping with a female coworker who’s married is actually the easiest avenue since all the logistics are already well in place:

* She’s accessible

* You can chat in person

* You can flirt in person

* You know the ins and outs of the terrain so to speak

* A place to screw is always available: office, bathroom, closet, basement, car lot, parked car after work…

It makes things 10 times easier than if you had to plan or set up a meet-up.

The Moral Argument

My view on sleeping with married women is that the it isn’t the single guy’s responsibility nor should he bear the brunt of the ethical and moral responsibility.

He’s just doing what he was programmed to do: to pursue sexually eligible women irrespective of her social and economical status.

As for the married woman, it’s on her to be resolute within her vows and respect of her marriage and husband.

If she violates this; then she should be the sole proprietor of responsibility and blame.

She should know better!

But as the case with majority of women who marry young [under the age of 35]; they were either pressure into doing so under the guidance of a girlfriend, “Girl, if I were you, I would marry Tim before some other girl snatches him up”.

Or, she felt inadequate as all of her girlfriends were being led down the aisle in grandeur fashion while the boat seemed to have left her behind.

I mean, those are the silly-emotional justifications nowadays as to why the average western girl decides to jump the broom.

It’s rarely ever based on screening for a qualified quality man, or an assessed look at his background and tendencies whether he’d make a good husband or a slacking one.

Therefore, the marriage is destined to fail from the inception.

She didn’t marry for the right reasons but to allay her fears of losing her boyfriend, although knowing ahead of time that he will be a terrible husband. So her mentality becomes: “I can fix him”.

When she realizes she cannot fix him: thoughts of rebelling and infidelity surface.

Therefore, I have no moral hang-ups in shagging married women.

If I were to ever marry and my wife cheats on me; I’d take it as a blessing in disguise.

She was exposed as a cheater, which means I should move on and find a more quality woman who is less prone to cheating.

Here is Mark Manson’s [Entropy PUA] take: Is it ever ok to bang married women?

Summarized Recap For Men Who Want To Sleep With Married Women

* Chat her up.

* Compliment her.

* Get her # or contact info.

* Call her up (or text).

* Avoid talk of marriage.

* Flirt

* Suggest meeting: cafe, motel or a drive.

If she’s a coworker:

* Chat her up.

* Compliment her.

* [Optional] Get her # or contact info.

* [Optional] Call her up (or text).

* Avoid talk of marriage.

* Flirt

* [Optional] Suggest meeting.

* Flirt heavy at work.

* Go KINO (touch her and make physical contact).

* Have some balls and escalate on her whenever possible in the workplace.

I’m leaving you with a clip from the 2002 film “Unfaithful”, just to give you an idea of how dominant Alpha-Males seduce married women.

Although it’s fictional, sleeping with married women however, usually starts and culminates this way: chance encounter, romantically rough, thrilling, dominant and spontaneous.

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  1. I agree with A LOT of what you say about marriage! Which is why I’m not a fan. 3-5 years is probably around the time when the reality of that commitment sinks in and not the idealistic BS they thought it would be. Marriage is work, I’m sure it can be fulfilling and all that too, but it’s not as magical and amazing as people make it out to be. Especially if you marry too young or for the wrong reasons. And I think women’s fear isn’t about getting old, it’s about being undesirable (and we’re told that only youth is desirable hence the billion dollar cosmetic and surgery industry).
    Your advice is basically to make them feel desirable again, and alive (by asking what their passions and hobbies pre-marriage were). Smart. I don’t completely agree with your morality stance, I think you are trying to let yourself off the hook. In general, I think women have more responsibility in dating, single or not, because we have more at stake. But that doesn’t excuse the temporary knight in shining armor-lol- as innocent. He is complicit and acting selfish. Both parties are. I don’t think him initiating it should place all the blame on him either. I get that it’s not his responsibility to make the marriage work (that’s hers!). It takes two to tango.


    1. I like your profile picture, why don’t we hook up ? As I’m in Australia we could start with a chat, get to know each other, then who knows? I’m a traveler so meeting up is seriously not out of the question, you got my attention straight away, what do you think ?


  2. I luv luv luv young female primates. (All things being equal a 24 year old female cant compare to a 20 year old female.)


    1. I agree. I have fucked 3 women on their 18th birthday when I was 26-28. So I was much older, but started flirting with them about a month before, so I could be the first to legally bang them. Nothing beats fucking an 18-year old bareback on her birthday!


      1. Just to add to my comment above, I am friends with all 3 on FB today, but unfortunately one of them died last year. One of the other 2, I was engaged to briefly, but she turned out to be a serial cheater (which reminds me, I should try and bang her again). She’s been married 5 times now, and her last husband died on her recently, so probably time to tap that again.


  3. It’s so weird how guys have it all figured out. I just wonder if you know that we know exactly what you are doing? We know you’re just trying to have sex with us, not be our friend or come in to save the day…but somehow the process still has to be played out for us to go along and actually do it. I’m sharing from experience. I knew the whole time his game and what he was doing but I still had to let this process go on with us…one thing I can say is if you’re trying to have sex with a married chick is don’t ever talk bad about her husband. One thing that will turn her around quicker than anything you could do. I in no way think it’s ok to cheat but it happens and I just think it’s so weird you guys all know exactly how to get a girl to do it


    1. I agree Kayla. I advise guys of the same thing too which is to never talk bad about the husband or the boyfriend if it’s just a relationship. As for women knowing what we’re up to. That isn’t a big deal. I personally expect women to know


    2. It’s true. Absolutely DO NOT badmouth her husband. And do not make jokes about him either. Women have no sense of humor in this area whatsoever. It ended a great time I was having so fast it put me in a sort of shock. At first I thought her reaction was a joke, or maybe she was just testing me. It took me a long time to realize that I had killed the affair stone dead. She never spoke to me again.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Hey, you gals have figured out how to have a man attach to you and give you his hard – earned money for life. Why WOULDN’T we master how to make it bearable and/or worth less tragic, when the old sucker finally becomes us truly?


  4. In my life I have had sex with 8 married women. 2 of the 8 hit on me. To me if you look at their situation, married women are the easiest to sleep with. The most recent one has been married over 10 years. I met her at the gas station. She actually pm’d me on facebook, I had to work her from there. It took about 3 weeks.


    1. Can you tell me what you said to her at the gas station to get her number? I’ve asked several married women I’ve met at gas stations for their numbers, and haven’t gotten one.


  5. Your comment about not fucking in her marital bed is not true for me. In my experience, if a married woman wants to fuck you she will do it anywhere you want, and if you want it in her bed she will let you have her there.
    I have found that there is a point where a married woman will give you a good hard stare right in your face – after which it is either plain sailing following her cues leading to her bed, or you are rejected as her potential lover and either dumped completely or used by her for some purpose other than sex.
    When I was a lot younger I went along with a married woman’s requests to perform little favors for her because I believed she liked me and would eventually fuck me. After months I found out from one of her friends that the object of my desire thought of me as a useful fool with whom she had no intention of ever having sex, and that she was just using me as an alibi to meet her actual lover.


  6. SocialKenny – I have a question for you.
    There is the married woman that I used to work with and always wanted to sleep with, but was afraid to push it too far and get a sexual harassment claim. She has since left the company. I ran into her a gas station, and she gave me her cell phone number. Since then she has also given me her personal email which she claims NO ONE but her has access to.

    We have gone out for lunch probably a dozen times (in a small town) and sometimes she asks me out to lunch.
    I need some advice on how to finally get in her pants as I feel I am getting close.

    I think I definitely missed an opportunity to escalate it at our last lunch.
    I casually mentioned, that if I were ever to have an affair, it would be with her.
    She said she was flattered, but wasn’t sure if she could do that. I didn’t have a reply (which I should of!), so I changed the subject and let the issue drop.
    Now, today she emails me asking me out to lunch next week (so apparently she is still interested).

    How do I close the deal and get into her pants?
    How do you respond to a woman that says she is not sure she can have an affair (when she seems to want one, and is looking for some sort of justification to proceed)?

    Please let me know your thoughts on how best to sample this mighty fine poontang.



    1. All that lunching is her asking the one big question: does he find me desirable?
      You must answer that question in the most direct way you can – then keep repeating how desirable she is until her insecurity is overcome.
      After that, it just becomes a question of opportunity to have sex – with the most excitement for her. You may need to suggest some dangerous things to her (to get her stimulated), but one way or another you will know if she will do it or if you are wasting your time.
      By “dangerous” I mean stuff that is risky which she has possibly wondered about but never tried – such as having sex with a lover while her husband is taking a bath. It is up to you to find her limits and push her beyond them. Talk hypothetically or as part of a story and she will respond with an obvious (to you) invitation or counter-suggestion. It is all part of her sexual bargaining which, for a skilled seducer, can be conducted right in front of her husband without him even realizing what is happening.


  7. To dudes who want to keep your wife from cheating with one of these bottom feeding douchebags who think it’s cool to drag their useless asses out of the shallow end of the gene pool and target your wife:

    – Compliment your wife EVERY DAY. Tell her she is smokin’ hot, that she has an epic ass, and everything else you love about her. Pay attention to her and LISTEN to her. Take a genuine interest in what she’s saying to you. Don’t be a self absorbed douche.

    -keep yourself in shape (get your fat ass in the gym)

    -be ambitious, make lots of money (if you’re a weed smoking, unmotivated sloth that sits on the couch and plays xbox all the time, your wife is probably already banging some other dude). Women are naturally hypergamous and will try to trade up if you aren’t getting it done. This is not always because she is a gold digging bitch, but because it is genetically insinctual for women to want to make babies with the best genetics and best provider she
    can find.

    -fuck her often and well. You’re lucky to have a good woman, but they like to fuck as much as we do. You better be taking care of business. Go down on her with enthusiasm. Get her off 5 or 6 or more times until she can’t take it anymore, then fuck her. Change it up, surprise her, and keep her well satisfied.

    -have fun with her as much as you can. Take her away for the weekend, take her out for drinks, or dinner. Take her out dancing, and go dance with her. The fag that wrote this article is right about one thing, boredom and monotony will definitely make her more open to affairs.

    -always have her back and protect her. There are always going to be shit heads sniffing around your woman. It hasn’t happened very often in the 20+ years I’ve been married (because we’re usually talking, dancing and having fun), but the last scum bag that hit on my wife in my presence, regained consciousness in the emergency room getting his broken arm and dislocated shoulder casted up, jaw wired shut and lots of stitches in his face.

    At the end of the day, these PUA types are always half retarded pussies, that aren’t man enough to put some time and effort into finding a good woman and keeping her happy. If you are a real man and do your due dilligence in being a man, a good provider, and a good mate for your woman, you won’t have to worry about any of these genetically inferior PUA fags.


    1. “…the last scum bag that hit on my wife in my presence, regained consciousness in the emergency room getting his broken arm and dislocated shoulder casted up, jaw wired shut and lots of stitches in his face. ” …being married to an insecure, jealous violent nutcase is so attractive for a woman…and by the way, how is life in prison?

      “…you won’t have to worry about any of these genetically inferior PUA fags.” …because you know all about being genetically inferior, don’t you?


      1. Funny I knew a lady who had a jealous boyfriend who belted anyone up who looked twice at his girlfriend Those types run and cry straight to the cops when they pick someone who can dish it back to them ie broken nose cracked ribs two black eyes etc !!


  8. Please I needed some help from U guys, though it started with a chat @ night me and the married woman she is my closed neighbor we share the same plot together but her husband is not close to her, he works far east so he hardly come around often, so it all started like this, she said I should accompany her to buy a cell phone which I did and I was good @ handling cell phone and making the right choice for so after everything I worked on the phone for her and Registered her on every apps she wanted to use, after that I taught her how to chat I was keeping her busy all true. the other day she wrote on chat room that she wanted Me to download something for her when she back from her busy place then coming back after 3hours she called my name and I answered she said I should come and help download the stuff for which I was thinking it was normal things like music, comedy e.t.c so I took the phone from her to my room because am still leaving with my parent later she accompanied me to my room and said I should put a hardcore sex movie for her, I was speechless!! I did asked her any question, she went inside her room and watch it and I have been developing feeling for her before this Act. How are my going to bang her please help Me give a clue thanks am waiting on responses


    1. This is the original desperate housewife. She wants to know if you like her and will keep her company. She craves attention and affection but their are dangers in living close to her if she starts an affair with you. For a start, she may become obsessed with you and this can lead to all sorts of craziness from her. Another problem is from anyone nearby who may work out what is going on and, for one reason or another, decide to ruin both your lives. This situation is more unstable and potentially dangerous than you might realize. It is important to figure out what exactly she is looking for. In all likelihood, she wants you to take charge of the situation and tell her how this is going to be. Lay down the boundaries when you start an affair (as a matter of self-defense), and most married women will love it.


  9. This is interesting, I actually only looked this up because a fellow new coworker of mine who is the bosses cute assistant (whos married), flirted with me in a non verbal way, I studied that if a girl gives you at least 3 Points of Interests (POIs) then they like you and depending on which type they are depends on what type of like it is, in my case, its an (she’s attracted to me like), If I wasn’t so sure of this I probably would have never read this, I have only worked at this job 4 for 4 days now and she called me by name on the first day, touched me at least twice (and I say that lightly), laughed at my non funny jokes and gives me her full undivided attention and makes eye contact with me with the look in her eyes that she wants me every time we talk, after reading this it gave me some ideas on how to get her number, it’s so sneaky and indirect, I have a strong feeling it will work and knowing what to talk about if/when I get her number will help my resolve, so thanks for the info


    1. Thanks for sharing that story Gbaby. POI’s? Very interesting concept. And I’m encouraged by your situation as far as seeing it as a win for you. Always remember to act fast though while the chemistry is there and before she settles to seeing you too much. So, strike fast


  10. I gave my number to a married co-worker after we talked in her office for an hour. I suggested we should hang sometime and she said cool and volunteered to giving me her number. We briefly brought up her marriage after i asked how the married life is, which she said is good and married her best friend ( high school sweet heart ) I’m totally attracted to her, we always hug with a awkward feel of mutual attraction. But I’m confused on why she gave the digits on her own. I feel that I should let her contact me first just in case I’m reading it wrong, plus respecting her situation, but its killing me. Why hasn’t she reached out and why give me the number when I clearly flirt and everyone knows I’m single.


    1. Why are you respecting her situation? She already showed you that she doesn’t respect her own situation by even giving you the #. Also, never rely on her to make the move. Don’t wait for her to call or text first because she won’t…no matter how much she likes you


      1. Respecting her situation by not just calling or texting at anytime cause she could be with her husband when I hit her up. Also trying to not be around her so much at work cause everyone knows she just got married. It could make her look bad. So I don’t persue as much as I normally would.

        Why do you say she will never hit me up no matter what?


        1. Send a text! At never text/call at any inappropriate time as in after 9 or 10 pm. The more caution you show, the more she will box you into the fearful zone. So take chances and don’t get caught up too much with her situation and respecting it.
          And dude: women are NOT hunters by nature. Men are! Leave it up the girl and you will starve. It is not within a woman’s gender role to make a first move in a man (a blatant 1 at that). More so with this girl because she’s married. If she initiates the call or texting she will feel slutty. So that’s why you will have to make the first and all of the moves so she won’t feel as though she’s willfully trying to hook up behind her husband’s back. Get it?


          1. Yeah I get it, lol…. Makes sense. I already know the whole woman not chasing and men being the hunter thing. I’m usually numb to any hesitation and go hard for any woman I want. Its never been a problem til now. For the first time in my life I’m thinking what if she’s just being super friendly, and if I’m wrong it could backfire on me and cause awkwardness at work ( corporate job ) sexual harassment etc.

            But I think I will take ur advice and just shoot her a text and feel her out. Maybe say something slick like ” so what’s my chance of having lunch/dinner with you this weekend ” . her response should tell me a lot.

            Thanks for your input brother.


          2. Look at it this way: if it was just about being super friendly, then why exchange numbers? And if you’re having doubts, then don’t call or text yet. Continue the in-person vibe until you get a better read on the situation. Did you watch my recent video where I talked about women preening, primping and showing signs of being attracted to a guy through their body language? If not; watch the video.


          3. True True!

            I haven’t seen the vids, but dude… She kept braiding, twisting and untwisting her hair the whole time we were talking. Thats the only thing I noticed and staring at me like she was looking through me and not at me. It kinda made me nervous which I never ever feel with chicks and it made me like her more. She stole my power dude lol.


          4. Or simply as you said: shoot a feel out text. You’re not being advised her to just jump right in from the fist text and tell her you want to smash. That’s not what you should do. So if you do text her, it would be something light anyway


          5. K social I really need your help. I am 34 year old married man and there is a couple we have known together with my wife for more than 3 years the couple Husband is a GP a medical doctor and she is an Adminstrator. Her hubby used to work with my wife who is a nurse bless the hubby he has been unwell for about 6months now and stopped working (brain tumour) this led the wife to start asking my wife for help with the school run and one day wife gave her my number since I was taking the kids to school that day. I could tell we were both excited to talk on the phone as if we both saying finally an oportunity then I decided to test what I was thinking and I sent her a text to my suprise she replied thought the text were so general I did this for a week and she would reply I even traveled to Africa and I would text her and she would reply. She never told my wife we were communicating and she never reported me to hubby. But I sent her one where I said thinking of you and put a few winks and she dint particularly reply to that one but after I came I started again and she replied and one day I asked her when she’s alone to call me surprisingly she called and I said I got something to tell her in person and she said it will be hard to ever meet she wasn’t even angry at me even though this woman is 37 and a muslim woman who wear the full gear. Next day I sent a message to say call me I have a saucy dream I had that I want to fill you in and she dint reply. MY BIG QUESTION WOULD THIS WOMAN KEEP ALL THIS A SECRET if she wasn’t interested. She’s not stopping me or reporting to her hubby or my wife. This has been going for a month now.


          6. Hey Frank, I must say that I like your challenging nature in that you go after what drives you when it comes to seduction. I’ve been in similar situations albeit I’ve never been married. I did have situations though where the other girl told my girlfriend that I was sending her inappropriate messages on Facebook. And this reporting was done within 2 days. So for you to be going on a full month without reporting, it’s a good sign of mutual interest. What I suspect is happening is that the other guy’s wife is interested in some sort of secretive fling with you hut she’s playing it cautious. Why? She doesn’t know if you are playing some sort of game and you may report her if she commits too much. So that is why she’s hesitant to commit via text. What should you do? You tried to do the right thing which was to meet up. Since that didn’t pan out, best bet is to chat over the phone. However, you’re going about this slightly wrong in that you must bear in mind that she’s the woman, hence chasing isn’t in her gender role by nature. You as the man should be the proactive one to call her. However, I wouldn’t just cold call her (and I believe you know that also). Firstly find out if she’s available to talk (or when) then tell her you want to ring her when it is most convenient. This can all be done via text


          7. Hi Social Kenny

            Thanks for your great advise and help man. This is the development about that married woman I’m pursuing. She replied me a long text after I sent the saucy one. Her reply was two days later and she was telling me to drop the conversation stating reasons that she was a married woman and that she values her relationship with my wife and all the help and support me and my wife have given her but STILL NO REPORTING. what does this mean & how you you take this pursuit forward?


          8. Texting required too much investment on her part…at least for now. What I mean is, to write a text back (a saucy one), will have made her feel somewhat complicit and slutty. So that is why at this point she’s reluctant, coupled with the fact that she isn’t sure of your motives (whether you’d report her). What you should do from her is to build a little trust/comfort. And try to throw the pitch at her (via text) about you giving her a call just to chit chat. If she does oblige, you build some trust and comfort over the phone. By saying stuff like, “I’m a very confidential person and I like that you are too”. You can even do this via text.


  11. Well its not always so easy. Sometimes you have to manage a real bitch who just flirts for teasing and hurting but never follows you to bed. It is here that all arts fail and SHE wins. She might be impressed, interested, even in love but still never let you raise her beautiful legs. The fault may lies with the man in many cases but sometimes its always HER mysterious side that prevails.


    1. I agree Meraj. You do have cock teasers. They play the role but won’t go further. I’ve been there many times. They maybe having probs in their marriage and just wants to feel young again or flirt to make their husband jealous. But they don’t intend to ever cross that line of sex.


  12. Hey K social, Thanks a lot for your tips on how to get this thing done. I am a college student. we have homework every three weeks, and a female class mate who is married asked me to be her partner. so we meet outside of class hours to get homework done. I have also noticed prior that she likes talking to me, but nothing sexual. DO you think there is chance here?


    1. It depends Leo. You are in the position to make something happen. However, since I’m assuming that you have never made a sexual or flirty remark to her, you do have to make an effort to get a woman to man vibe started or else you risk being seen as a platonic friend. So, you want to create a lighthearted and playful vibe between you 2. Humor is key. Don’t make your homework all about work. Kid around a bit and get into some playful banter. Create a playful vibe first. Then gradually build it to playfully sexual


      1. K Social, what’s your thoughts on a married co worker I’m engaging in conversation with. She seems to be annoyed whenever I say I didn’t notice her at a previous company party, or if I forget what department she works in.
        Even tho I really did notice, I’m pretending I didn’t to see her reaction.

        I went a while without contacting her and when we finally met up, it was as if she was encouraging me to keep in touch by saying ” see, you make laugh, that’s good “.

        Last… She was teasing me about possibly liking her/ stalking her, because she new I looked her name up years ago for some random non related issue. It’s always awkward with us in a good way, like the attraction is mutual, she will stare at me and stop her conversation with her supervisor when I walk by just to acknowledge me and tell me hi. All that, and she still doesn’t initiate contact via text, phone or IM. Only when she sees me.

        I think she likes me, could it be in my head??


        1. She doesn’t have to initiate contact or text. Its your job to do so…at least for starters. It’s just up to you to bring a little flirting into the equation. Lightly experiment with it and see where it goes


  13. K Social, what’s your thoughts on a married co worker I’m engaging in conversation with. She seems to be annoyed whenever I say I didn’t notice her at a previous company party, or if I forget what department she works in.
    Even tho I really did notice, I’m pretending I didn’t to see her reaction.

    I went a while without contacting her and when we finally met up, it was as if she was encouraging me to keep in touch by saying ” see, you make me laugh, that’s good “.

    Last… She was teasing me about possibly liking her/ stalking her, because she new I looked her name up years ago for some random non related issue. It’s always awkward with us in a good way, like the attraction is mutual, she will stare at me and stop her conversation with her supervisor when I walk by just to acknowledge me and tell me hi. All that, and she still doesn’t initiate contact via text, phone or IM ( yes she gave me the digits without me asking ). Only when she sees me. My plan is to just like you said to the last guy, slow approach, friendly but flirty….

    I think she likes me, could it be in my head??


  14. Hi K –

    Thanks for posting the article, great information. I wanted to run one by you… About two months ago I ran into an old acquaintance from high school. I always thought she was hot, but we never had any sort of previous relationship. I hadn’t seen her in 10 years, and when we ran into each other, We exchanged contact information .. phone/email .. but it was a quick visit. We are both now married.

    A few weeks after that, we arranged to meet up for lunch. I honestly was just going to meet an old friend and catch up with really no other intentions. All went well. After our parting hug, she gave me that long “look” .. you know the one – where in any other situation you would have kissed the girl.

    It took me back a bit, but I dug it. She sent me a message later that day and thanked me for lunch. Then …

    Just 2 weeks later she sends me a message asking me, “lunch next week?”

    I obliged an we have made plans. I had to think that her asking me to lunch again so soon indicates a bit more than just more “catching up” .. I mean, we did the catching up thing on lunch #1.

    What signs should I look for that she’s interested in more than chit chat? And what are the best ways for me to indicated that I am definitely interested in more than chit chat?

    Thanks brother!


  15. I met a drunken married woman in a bar recently, who gave me her email address only, out of caution.

    We have had some great banter by email, and I am meeting her soon near her workplace for lunch.

    Something tells me she will be a hard nut to crack, especially as she is fucking hot, like 11/10.

    I have read here that I need to flatter her and so forth, but realistically she must get this all the time.

    Is there any mileage in gaming her a little by blowing a bit hot and cold, being slow to respond, too busy to meet etc., or do I just go all out? I feel like she could string me along indefinitely if I don’t get this right.



  16. There is this lady I work. To cut a long story short we have both admitted that we have strong feelings for each other. We have kissed in the office and fooled around to in the office. We are both married. After having done all this she still says she won’t give up the cookie. She I continue to try and get her to give it up?


    1. I’d continue to try until I found something better, if she’s unfaithful at all its always a sign of more things. I’m curious about how you both admitted feelings for each other. How’d that come about? Who confessed first? I’m in a similar situation and am wondering how to get to that point.


  17. I’ve been talking to this girl at my work for a couple months now. It started when we would talk shit about other coworkers,the boss, etc… recently she’s shared some things (unprompted by me) that make me think she wants it. Here’s a few examples: that she regrets getting married, that something is missing in her life, that she was pressured into marriage and even that her husband was a virgin when they met and that she’s been doing it since she was 15. Keep in my mind that she brought these things up unprompted by me, although I reciprocated similar stories about my life afterwords. She is leaving the job for a higher paying one at the start of the new year and feel like I need to make my move or nothing will happen. I’m also worried that if I’m wrong about these signals that I perceive I’ll get hit with sexual harassment if I come out and ask if she’s down for an affair. So I have two questions:
    1. Am I crazy or does she seem to be hinting at an affair based on some of the things she’s said to me?
    2 if yes, how do I proceed from here? I’d like to straight up tell her that I have an idea for us both to feel more satisfied in life and pitch an affair, but have no idea if that will actually work and a rejection could mean losing my job.
    P.S. this just kind of happened to me, I wasn’t looking for a married chick, since I’m married too, but when she dropped these hints at me during our convos it got me thinking about an affair. It’s not like I think that every girl I talk to wants me or anything. So I’m somewhat out of my element considering this isn’t a hobby or anything just a lucky happenstance ocurance for me. Can someone please answer my questions?


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