How Kenny Out-frames A Girl Over Text Even Though He Has A Girlfriend [Video Breakdown]

I made this video some weeks ago before I had my new haircut which is pretty much a baldy. Watching this makes me miss my hair so fucking much 😦 !


Now in this video, I read an actual-text session I had with a hot chick [the 1 you will see @ the beginning of the video].

What was most interesting were 2 crazy dynamics at play:

1.) She knows of my girlfriend [they actually live in the same neighborhood].

2.) She still wants me knowing that I have a girlfriend…whom she knows nevertheless.

As far as “Out Framing” women goes, it simply comes down to your reality that you project on her or others.

For instance; I have a girlfriend.

Do I make that a big deal?


Therefore she WON’T neither!

The more you make it an issue, the more she will.

The lesson to take away from this video breakdown of the text session is:

1.) Lots of women will bang girls who have boyfriends.

2.) Lots of women really don’t give a shit if you have a girlfriend.

3.) Lots of women feed off of rivalry and competition with other women (wanting to steal another girl’s man).

Check it out and learn a bit of texting tips for the next time you’re planning on hooking up with a new girl.

Stop Being Her Emotional Tampon And Her Shoulder To Cry On!

Apart from PUA-message boards, my second-most favorite forum in which to offer unadulterated advice on courtship is Yahoo Answers.

Over the past 4 months, I’d say that I have answered more than 1,000 questions from both males and females who are having dating issues.

A recent question which really had me worked up, hence creating a blog post about it, was an all-too-common inquiry which came from a guy named Ralph:

Ralph: “A girl i like came to me stressed and crying, what does it mean”?

Ralph’s entire post/question entailed the situation [a crying girl], what he’d done [allowed her to cry on his shoulders], and the question at the end [what does it mean].

My slap-in-Ralph’s-face advice was pretty much that: a back-to-reality slap 😯 !

Why Men Allow Women To Cry On Their Shoulders

First off ladies- I must present the hard truth. And the truth is: He really doesn’t give a fuck about your situation!

Let that marinate and sink in!

He’s thinking of himself and his sole-ulterior motive, which is:

“If I let her cry on my shoulders and be that guy she runs to whenever she’s hurt, she will eventually sleep with me”.

That’s it!

That is his motive and only motive for being there for you as your emotional tampon.

He can care a rat’s ass if your boyfriend had beaten you to a messy pulp. If you were to dare spread your legs to him while nursing a bloody face, you can bet a gazillion dollars that he would penetrate your vagina as quick as you can say “Go”!

The only guys who will ever give you a genuine-comforting shoulder to cry on whenever you need it, is a father, a male relative, or a guy who just isn’t into you at all, nor have any feelings for you.

Other than that, if the guy just remotely harbors an ounce of liking for you, then you should NEVER trust him as someone whom you can run to whenever you’re hurt and in need of a shoulder to cry on.

That’s what your father is there for…or mother…or brother…or counselor…you get the point.

Sure he will be comforting and consoling. But at the front, back and center of his mind, he’s salivating for that moment of penetration when you’re most vulnerable.

Bad boys, Assholes, Cheating Boyfriends…What They All Have In Common

Those guys are assertive in not having the bullshit.

If situations arise where the girl does try to seek an emotional tampon because of something another guy had said or done to her, those guys simply do what I will advise you at the bottom of the article.

Being there for a woman whenever her boyfriend had cheated or dumped her, will not win you any favors.

If you’re really just a nice guy who really thinks of himself as the king of comforting who genuinely wants to comfort women without any strings attached: then by all means- be that guy!

Become him to the fullest!

Just be prepared to make yourself a life-long subscriber to internet porn as you’ll be spanking the monkey from now until your cock falls off.

You’ll just be used like a bitch while she runs back to the same guy who had made her cry in the first place.

No matter how much you advise her and prove to her that her boyfriend is nothing but an asshole prick who doesn’t give a shit about her; she still won’t take heed, and you as the guy will be plucking your hair out wondering why she keeps fucking this guy after all the terrible things she told you about him!

Your efforts will have been in vain, which is why you should never try to convince a girl that she should stop seeing a certain guy on the premises that he’s an asshole, cheater and a no good bad boy.

This is effectively why in the pickup community, we have a covert tactic dubbed “The Boyfriend Destroyer, which is based on lowering her boyfriend’s value in her eyes by instead of bashing him, you covertly talk about the boyfriend as if he’s a cute and sweet specimen of a man.

This is reverse psychology at its best…or worst.

Why Women Seek Certain Guys’ Shoulders To Cry On…

Guys whom have been friendzoned by women are the usual suspects for the role of emotional tampon.

You are there solely for that purpose.

A girl will rarely ever run to a guy who she knows would bang her guts out, whenever she’s in need of a shoulder…unless she’s black-out drunk and incoherent.

What usually happens if the guy tries to breach this unwritten rule by getting sexual with the girl who’s in need of a shoulder, is that the girl would feel totally violated that a guy she’s trusted so much as her emotional tampon would have the audacity to violate her in such a manner by trying to fuck her 😯 !

Basically, there’s no win for you as her designated shoulder to cry on.

If you ever try to take it further (sexual), it will only result in the friendship being terminated and an awkward situation materializing afterwards.

If you do manage to bang her in such a state of grievance or drunkenness, it’ll feel as though you’d raped and violated her, which also means a subsequent-awkward vibe and a terminated friendship in the days to come.

Therefore, your best bet is to decline her attempts at throwing her emotional baggages and man problems upon you.

Read on for the how-to!

“As A Guy, How Do I Avoid Being Her Emotional Sponge”?

A woman’s attempt at using you as her emotional tampon comes in various formats:

1.) She calls you up whenever she has problems in her relationship, etc.

2.) She visits you whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on.

3.) She requests that you visit her whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on.

4.) She text you about it; whether that be about a guy she’s currently dating or about some other man drama.

This isn’t just a literal and physical reaching-out.

She calling you up at 11 PM crying or bitching about what some asshole had said to her or that her BF hasn’t come home, that is a form of seeking a shoulder to cry on or someone to spill her guts out to.

What you want to do in order to avoid being her designated bitch is to simply put her straight!

“Aam, hey Jenny, it’s 11 PM, I’m sleeping and I really cannot help you with this”.

You putting her straight also comes in various forms.

If she’s on the phone with you and the subject comes up of her boyfriend cheating on her and she’s pretty upset or saddened, the worst thing you can possibly do is to entertain that topic.

Simply change the fucking topic to anything else:

“Hey Jenny, that’s sad and all but I prefer we talk about [***whatever***] instead. It won’t help the situation to cry over it, so let’s drop it”.

Nice guys might be reading this going:

“Won’t she think I’m an insensitive asshole”?

Sure she will! But who gives a shit!

She doesn’t!

She will have realized what the red lines are with you and which subjects are off limits, then she will simply conform to your line of conversation.

She seeing you as an insensitive prick won’t deter her from sleeping with you neither.

On the other hand, she seeing you as a shoulder to cry on “WILL” deter her from sleeping with you.

Now, am I advising you to become an asshole?

Yes and no.

What I am saying is for you to exhibit a fair amount of touch love which may come across as being an asshole.

Women respond to asshole behavior in men, while repelling nice-guy behaviors and gestures in men.

Isn’t that fucked up and irrational LOL 😆 !?

Welcome to the world of women where the rules are skewed and pretty much upside down.

Introducing Y’all To Mass-Cold Approach [nice-video breakdown]

It’s frikkin’ freaky Friday!!!

The weekend is here, so there’s no excuse to not GTFO of your cave to hunt down some feminine flesh; especially if you’re located in a warm climate like I am.

Alright, in this short video, I explain and simplify the concept of mass-cold approaching pickup for you guys out there.

The application is pretty simple as it boils down to a #’s game.

Just to give you guys a real-world illustration of cold approaching, I made an in-field video [night game] 3 weeks ago where I closed out a lackluster Summer with a string of bangs from mass-cold approaching strange women.

Check it out below!

Think of banging lots of chicks like playing a raffle or a round of bingo. The more cards you have to play: the greater your chances of winning the jackpot!

Simple huh!?

Mass-cold approaching also serves 2 main purposes:

1.) It eliminates your fear of women.

2.) It increases your chances.

3.) It builds your confidence with women.

Now check out the 4:20 video; especially if you’re not familiar with the concept of approaching lots of random girls [cold approaching].

I Am More About The Seduction Than The Pickup [+ mating in the animal kingdom]

According to Kenny’s Law:

Pickup: The act of meeting a girl, attracting her with the initial approach and conversation then securing a phone number, her e-mail or any such mode of communication.

Seduction: Forward progression (continuation) of the Pickup. The act of getting sexual with a girl: touching, flirting, sexual-eye contact and building an emotional connection which leads to sex.

You pretty much can’t have The Seduction without initially picking up the girl…unless she’s a co-worker or someone who’s always in your presence whereas you hadn’t picked her up.

I don’t think I have to tell any of you that “The Seduction” is the most vital aspect to getting to sleep with women.

You can have 1,000 phone #’s of the hottest women on Earth [The Pickup], but if you aren’t proficient nor savvy in the seduction field; then those phone #’s were all obtained in vain.

With that said, “The Seduction” is what gets my blood churning and my adrenaline flowing like the waters of Niagara Falls.

Too many men are satisfied with the small gains:

“I got a hot girl’s number, now I can brag to my guy friends and declare victory”!

You should feel joyous over the small wins! But don’t make this the end game and leave the girl hanging.

It’s like trashing an opposing team in the first quarter of a basketball game where you’re leading 50 to 20, then decide to not play for the remaining 3 quarters (of 4)…and the game is still up for grabs.

Getting a girl’s phone # is an achievement, but it isn’t a win where you should now pop the bottle and rejoice.

The Seduction phase of Pickup is where real men are battle tested. It’s the 4th. quarter of the ball game.

There’s a shit load of videos online where guys get phone #’s from day-game approaches ,etc.

However, you rarely come across any video tutorial actually depicting seduction going down.

This void in the genre leaves the average guy at a standstill as he’s frozen as to what to do next, how to do it, when to do it, and how does it look [seduction in progress].

In the recent video of mines which was banned in certain countries, I illustrated in real time on hidden-cam in-field video what flirting and sexual escalation look like.

Eighty five percent of the time; it doesn’t fucking look pretty :lol:!

There will be times when seducing a girl looks like a play done by Rico Suave.

However more commonly, seducing a girl will feel and look like a firefight where the target resists (tokenly), flees (tokenly), frowns (tokenly), shouts (tokenly), hits (tokenly), etc.

It’s a mating game!

Have you ever watched 1 of those animal programs where during mating season the pair fights before copulation?

It’s rarely ever done with pure suave. It’s almost always an up and down progression.

Here in the Caribbean islands, it’s commonplace to spot wild horses roaming the hillsides and praries.

If you’ve ever seen those beasts in mating mode, you would swear that they’re trying to massacre each other: biting into flesh, kicking, running, wailing, prancing…then mating happens when the mere (female horse) submits to the will of the dominant Alpha-male (the stallion).

We as humans are exactly the same as hybrids in the animal kingdom.

This is the essence of female resistance (genuine or not) whenever a guy tries to seduce and fuck her; she fights, hits, denies, refuses, says no, I can’t, we shouldn’t do this, I have a boyfriend…although she’s there sitting on your couch…

It’s all a mating ritual, one chases, the other runs, push-pull, etc. just as with every other species in the animal kingdom: from the smallest of ant to the giant mammoth of the wild.

Don’t expect the woman to just roll over and die (physically and verbally) beneath the weight of your charm and finesse.

There must be tension and friction when taking a particular chick to bed for the first time; however small or grand (verbal friction or physical friction).

Now let’s revert to the original point.

The reason the average guy is satisfied with safer and smaller wins (phone numbers) is simply because it seems “SAFER”.

Just as it’s safer to stay home and wank off to the idea of Miley Cyrus on stage than to actually go out in search of a Miley Cyrus to slide your cock into.

Seducing women comes off the same way for lots of men: “Why go through the tumultuous-mating ritual where I’d have to do battle against other Alpha-Males in order to copulate, when I can just chat with her on Facebook and have a virtual-reality fling”?

Had our forefathers had such a Beta-Male mentality, none of us would be here right now as the human species would’ve gone extinct due to men who were adverse to fighting for sex.

At least our forefathers knew and understood the concept of seduction, mating and the Alpha-Beta paradigm.

How to seduce a woman – the physical touch magic

A great article from an Israeli seductionist on how touching women (the right way) releases oxytocin aka the love chemical. A must read for newbies.

how to seduce women

How to seduce a woman

physical contact brings the magic of communication between you and another level entirely. in the proses to lern how to seduce women, and Good friends always touching each other. Close physical contact and communication transmitter physical level.
How to seduce woman
Women are much more sensitive to men in physical contact. For a physical contact is very important, because it causes chemical reactions in her body strong.

how to seduce women

When you touch a woman’s body releases a chemical called oxytocin, also called the love hormone.
This material has a central role in human attraction and falling in love and can create feelings of belonging and big step to discover how to seduce women. Also the release of Oxytocin can create “addiction” to a particular man. When you release oxytocin, the level of testosterone in the female body, a hormone responsible for sexual desire.

Physical contact, is what defines…

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Liam McRae (PUA coach of Australia) Picks Up Sexy-Black Girl on London Street While Wearing Gay Shorts

Liam McRae, PUA-dating coach out of Australia [of The Natural Lifestyles]

Liam McRae, PUA-dating coach out of Australia [of The Natural Lifestyles]

I’ve had some disagreements with Liam McRae in the recent past which stemmed from…but I sure like his style of game though.

What I love mostly about this pickup is how woman will almost always throw congruence tests at the guy chatting her up [the PUA] as to see where he stands.

One such test issued by the black chick in this video is when she says to Liam:

“…so is that why you thought you could just chat me up in the street!”?

Classic :smile:!

As for edification purposes, you’ll learn 2 key things from this video:

1.) How being comfortable in your own skin is a huge plus in spite of how you’re dressed or how you look.

2.) DHV: Demonstration of High Value. In the video, Liam tells the girl that he’s in England for a conference/seminar and that he teaches confidence to men. I don’t think I have to explain why saying this to women would be a super plus. It basically says to the woman that you’re somebody and not just a loafer who’s in town to window shop.

3.) It’s not every day that a woman gets approached by a guy in this manner (as a PUA does).

In the video, the target eludes to the fact that Liam has balls and confidence unlike anything she’s ever seen.

Guys, this is why you need to realize that once you begin to learn pickup/seduction, you will become one of a fucking kind!

Women are NOT- and I repeat- NOT, used to total strangers cold approaching them to strike up interesting conversations.

This just doesn’t happen that often to women.

I mean, women don’t even get approached period while walking down the street!

The most a guy does is to gawk, watch, steer and walk by her.

Most girls go about their daily lives without ever being approached by men in whom they don’t know from Adam.

This is the Pick-Up Artist’s advantage over the average guy who gets laid solely from his social circle or being hooked up by a relative or co-worker…which still don’t occur often [warm situations/warm approaches].

As you begin your venture into the world of pickup, your propensity to meet and sleep with new women will have increased a whopping 500%!


Socialkenny Answers Your Dating Questions On the VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin PUA Podcast Call-In Show [free download]

The long-awaited episode which has been postponed over the weeks due to conflicting schedules, has now materialized. 🙂

Last Monday night, I appeared on the renown VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin Show as a special guest of his for that week, where I’d answered some burning questions which the guys out there wanted addressed.

The Subject Matters Discussed:

* Tips on texting girls.

* How to handle questions from women about your past relationships as to why you’d broken up with an ex, etc.

* Game for guys who travel, and how to pick up and seduce women in the Caribbean (Antigua specifically).

* Race and game, and how being a foreigner to a country is a huge DHV (a plus).

* How to lead a woman’s mind and thoughts in the right direction…to bed.

* NLP patterns and verbal techniques for interesting conversation which drive women crazy.

* Kenny’s latest “Realization” about seduction.

* Kenny advises newbies on how to become a master Pick-Up Artist and a Rockstar with women: “it’s not a sprint” to mastery of pickup, but more like a marathon.

Thanks to Johnathan from San Francisco and Ricardo of Brazil, including others who’d called in to have their dating and pickup questions tackled by myself VK and Baltimore’s Alex.

Download show: 48 MB

By the way, this call-in show is recorded live every Monday @ 10 PM Eastern standard U.S. time, so you can chime in toll free @ 712-432-1100, then enter the code: 721797#.

The show usually features other PUA-dating coaches and gurus as guests from all around the PUA-seduction community from around the globe, such as: Erika Awakening, VH1’s Matador, James Marshall, U.K. Beckster, etc.

Download the latest episode of the show with Socialkenny: Download show: 48 MB

Don’t want to wait on a download?

Then listen the show from the Youtube embed below!

Kenny’s End Of Summer 2013 Documentary Video: Making It All Count In 2 Nights

This Summer [2013] was probably the worst I’ve had in the past 5 years as far as partying, game and lay counts go.

For the average guy however, my 2013 Summer results would’ve been stellar. But for a guy like I am who’s usually putting up football numbers, it could’ve been better.

To catch up on lost time, I did a video that was shot on Sunday (16th. September) which pretty much culminated with icing on the proverbial cake as I was hell-bent on redeeming myself for time lost between July-August.

My entire Summer was dedicated to street/day game while I inadvertently neglected clubbing and bar game altogether :(.

By not making the time to go out, I met less women, and by extension- slept with less girls.

Check it out!

*Check out the Pick-up Artist’s acronym list to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this site

*Remember to subscribe to my video channel for more Pick-up videos!

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