“New Direction” Using A Pickup Line On A Girl @ A Department Store [In-Field Video]

It’s Friday, it’s the Summer, it’s time to get your asses off the couch and go get social for the weekend!

A solid in-field video from my buddy and fellow PUA “New Direction”, as he approached a girl working @ a Maryland department store.

Now what I liked most about ND’s game in this sarge, is his ability to lead and intrigue as he’d displayed in the video with his pick-up line.

He also used some heavy-advanced NLP tactics on the girl which I found very intriguing.

The purpose of this video is to serve as an encouragement to newbies and less advanced guys of how easy it can be and will be to approach hot girls and chat the shit.

Check out the video from my buddy “New Direction” and make your weekend count!

[Video shot: August, 6th, 2013]

14 thoughts on ““New Direction” Using A Pickup Line On A Girl @ A Department Store [In-Field Video]

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  1. That sequence of patterns (shoplifter put on -> RFT -> Genuine Curiosity) is my favorite sequence to run in day game.

    although, sometimes, I’ll switch out the shoplifter and substitute in for the direct openers

    I like this sarge I did while I was in Maryland

    There’s not that many chicks in Maryland, so, I had to practice on a lot of store employees.


    1. I’m gonna have to check this 1 out. Surprised you hadn’t sent it to me via Facebook unless it’s a newer sarge.

      I like sarging day game chicks too who work in stores but I haven’t done it in a while.


  2. While he was asking the question, the girl played with her hair and this looked like an IOI. She may have been attracted to him prior to his use if RJ’s material.

    Anyway, I’ve never seen RJ’s material in the field but from my perspective, it looks like ND implemented RJ’s material well. Impressive.

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    1. @Darkmat- Without a doubt a huge IOI as you mentioned! This is 1 of the first IOI’s I ever learned about in pick up, and it’s the easiest spotted…for me at least.

      Just like you, I never seen RJ’s material in field neither until ND showcased.

      I use some RJ material myself at times, but not so hardcore.


  3. I like this fellas style I might say. KeNny as a woman, I am not familiar with pickup until I fount your blog so I don’t know who ross jeffries is but I can totally see this sort of stuff getting to me and it is very interesting the way the new direction guy speaks.


    1. Yea I was missing for about a week. I just got my shit resolved last night. I’ll be posting to NK later on today in full effect. Can’t wait to get acquainted with the new members.


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