Crashing A Black-Bar Mitzvah To Then Go Home With 2 Hot British Chicks

Last night while walking pass a community center in the downtown area on the island [was actually headed to watch a local-basketball game], I heard music and laughter emanating from the center, so I decided to take a peek inside ;).

No one stopped me from entering, so I went right in and acted as though I was an invited guest :evil:.

In the video clip, you’ll see me chatting up 1 chick, leave her to then chat up a 4 set (mixed set of 3 girls 1 guy).

I picked them up and eventually we left together (to their place :smile:).

The chicks were British actually!

Anyway, there was a buffet-like area so I started serving myself, which is where the plastic cup of kosher-grape juice comes from (which I had in my hand throughout the video).

Crashed the Bar Mitzah and had the audacity to munch away at the buffet and pick up 2 of the girls that were there…and then went to their place over an hour afterwards :shock:!

While we all headed to their place, the dialogue was intriguing in that I told them I was a Pick-Up Artist.

As expected, this became an intrigue to them which hooked the set that much more!

Never lie to the women whom you’re trying to seduce about being a Pick-Up Artist or doing pickup.

Sounds counter intuitive as fuck; but I’ve advocated this for a very long time, that it’s a plus whenever girls find out you have a system to getting laid!

At the walk-home mark of the video, I had to intentionally darken that part of the video to conceal where these girls were actually staying since the signs were very visibly captured by my recorder.

This is a way of keeping the stalkers away ;)! But the dialogue was pretty clear though.

The video starts out with me “working the room” as we’d say in pickup, by fluff talking with some Harvard grad lawyer guy from Boston.

This is the hallmark of cold approaching @ parties and gaming sets!

What you will learn after you’ve completed watching the 13 minute video:

1.) How to fit in at any venue to where you weren’t invite [crash game].

2.) You should chat up men also in communicating that you’re just a well-rounded social dude.

3.) How to build social proof and social value by chatting to many ppl [yes- social proof is real].

4.) How to AMOG guys who are coming into the set (possibly to pull robberies).

5.) AFC’s (or nice guys by extension) will always fuck their chances by not being bold like I am.

6.) Chicks dig players!

7.) You can go from meeting girls tonight to taking them home within 45 minutes!

Now check out the video to see the debauchery all go down [added annotations to guide you through].

This was actually recorded last night [Thursday, August 15, 2013]. Goes to show how fast I am when it comes to shooting, editing and posting in-field content!

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