What I’ve Learnt Over The Past 2 Weeks [New Internalization And Realization On Kissing Girls Randomly]

Been busy as hell over the past week seducing women like a God, plus my internet service provider has been acting like a dick so I haven’t been able to post recently.


In this come-back article, I’ll expound on a new “Internalization/Realization” of mines in relation to seducing women.


In pickup, there’s a process dubbed “Internalization”.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to “Internalize” means:

*To incorporate within oneself.

*To make something a part of yourself (as a conscious or subconscious guideline).

*For example: The child has internalized his parents’ values.

As for meeting women and learning the art of seduction, “Internalization” (of a specific area of pickup) happens when you can now say to yourself, “I get this shit”!

You have “Internalized” a specific trick, tip, tactic, strategy, method or functionality of seduction, thus making that specific area of seduction a part of you, where you instinctively “get it”.

That is “Internalization” in a nutshell.

“I’ve “Internalized” the concept of talking to random strangers on the streets”.

The above quote would basically translate to mean, “I’ve mastered the art of talking to random people on the streets”.

To Internalize something, suggests mastery and that you’d mastered that thing, idea or procedure.

Social dynamic is a learning process.

One can never really know everything of the sexes, and we are always learning as life progresses.

Just over the past 2 weeks, I’ve learnt, discovered and confirmed massive amounts of theories on dating- such as:

A.) Getting girls on dates is super super easy!

B.) It’s almost next to impossible for me to not get a girl’s phone number whenever I go for it!

C.) Social proof is REAL as fuck!

D.) All women cheat, or at least have the propensity to cheat, once the right guy (or wrong guy) can beguile her into doing so [women are gullible to a fault]!

A while ago, I’d dealt with point D (cheating), which you can read here.

Kissing Girls From Scratch

This isn’t a tutorial on how to kiss girls, nor the art of making out (I’ll write about that in a future post).

It’s a revelation on how I’d internalized shamelessly kissing random girls.

Years ago at the beginning of my journey into the world of Pickup, I remember toiling night after night reading seduction articles on kiss-close routines and gambits about how to kiss the girl the right way, etc.

Those routines were great by the way!

I encourage all newbies to start out just the way I did, by reading and learning classic kiss-close routines which are congruent to your style.

It took me years to actually become somewhat adept and comfortable with the idea of leaning in to kiss a girl whom I’d only been talking to for less than a week- let alone 5 minutes!

In hindsight, without those classic k-close routines (as training wheels), I can imagine how far back I would’ve been when it comes to kissing girls.

So by all means; learn some kiss close routines if you’re new to pickup.

Here’s a great-classic post which had helped me years ago: 3 particular situations for kiss close.

Understanding The Internalization Process And Getting Good

Now, to internalize something means to truly understand and grasp it to the point that it becomes second nature.

You understand the process, you get how it works, why it works and how to make it work and work even better!

Internalizing something does NOT happen over night!

Get that newbies!!!?

It took me years just to grasp the concept of sexual-eye contact…and I’m only 25% there in executing it efficiently.

Likewise with internalizing any other aspect of Pickup/Seduction; it will take fucking time…years to be honest!

The guys who fail in getting great with girls, then turn around to bash the PUA community, are the ones who were looking for quick fixes and shortcuts into cheating the system and cheating their way into getting good with women.

When in reality; you cannot cheat your way into getting poon…unless date-rape is a viable option for you!

The only way to achieve mastery and to internalize aspects of pickup is by going through the gauntlet, which entails: many nights of sobbing, banging your head against the wall, contemplating suicide, money wasted, constant rejection by girls, being laughed at, going without sex for 4-8 months on end, resorting to banging hookers…!!!

Being a Playboy ain’t easy I guess ;).

So there’s no shortcuts!

Some of us learn and excel faster than others.

A specific concept of seduction which may have taken me a year to grasp, some other dude might be able to finesse it within 3 months.

The Kung-Fu Analogy

“I fucking get it finally after all these years”!

Ever watched those old kung-fu karate flicks where the master-teacher teaches the awkward newbie the art of kung-fu (or an aspect of it)?

The student beats himself up after training rigorously weeks after weeks, months after months; yet he cannot seems to perfect the deadly-scorpion technique.

He wants to throw in the towel and walk away out of sheer frustration of learning kung-fu. But he persists and persists…

Finally; he joyously scrambles in search of his master-teacher to share the great news that he has mastered the deadly-scorpion technique, which enabled him to penetrate a sturdy-ceramic drinking vessel with his finger tips.

He got it!!!

He gets it!!!

He has now internalized that technique of kung-fu: the deadly-scorpion technique.

Hooking up with chicks work the exact same way, whether you’d learned to be a player on your own, or learn from guys like us!

Shamelessly Kissing Girls (The Internalization Factor)

In a recent video of mines, I talked about how I’d managed to kiss a string of (random) girls within a few days.

Since that video, I’d managed to pull off triple the amount of kiss closes; a combination of random girls during night-game pickup, and few girls whom I’d already been acquainted with but never attempted to make out with.

Just as the awkward kung-fu student; I finally get it!

I get how easy it is to just go up to girls and full-blown make out with them and leaving them speechless!!!

Sure I’ve been able to do this over the past 2 years, but it was with great reservation and hesitation.

Over the past 2 months however (particularly the last 4 weeks), hesitation and self-doubt have not been factors.

I’m so comfortable and confident with it (kissing girls), that I sometimes feels as though I’m playing a video game with cheat-sheets in hand, and I’m just taking advantage of the other players.

Quite a mercenary way to look at it!


Over the past 2 months, I can recall kissing about 25 girls…and those are just the ones I remember by face and name.

Majority of those 25 kiss closes came within the last 2 weeks.

Over the past 4 days, I’d made out with about 8 of those girls (out of the 25).

So I’ve been on a virtual killing-spree over the past 2 weeks- even with a head cold (stuffy, runny nose).

I pulled off a SNL (One Night Stand) few nights ago with a girl from California who’s here in the islands.

Within 9 minutes of the initial-street pickup and conversation, I full-blown made out with her after telling her that I have a cold and she might catch it.

So it’s to the point where I’m so ON and brimming with internalized confidence, that I even warn women that I have a cold, so kissing would be a bad idea…yet the kiss still happens!

At the end of the day, lots of women enjoy the spontaneous thrill of being kissed by a guy who has the balls to attempt it in the first place.

It’s a sudden act which jolts their reality for a second.

Just to test the waters, I might say to the target:

“Your lips are fucking teasing me! Make me wanna kiss them”!

If she giggles, laughs or smiles; this is usually my green light that she’s cool with it (although I don’t usually look for that green light).

“When does Internalization happen”?

You cannot put a time line on this; nor should you even think about it.

When you become super good at something: it usually just happens suddenly!

You wake up 1 day and realize you kick ass at a certain thing.

“Is There A Green Light To Going In For The Kiss”?

Sort of!

The only green light you need should depend on whether she stops to talk with you or not.

For instance, if running day game (picking up women on the streets) and she stops to talk with you; assume she is kissable!!!

If she keeps it moving and isn’t engaging; then assume she isn’t kissable since she isn’t stopping to even talk to you.

So if she stops to talk: it’s ON!

If you’re more on the timid side, you can verbalize it by telling her you want to kiss her or something like that.

If she reacts positively (smiles, laugh, giggles, hits you playfully); then it’s ON!

Final Word On Kissing Strangers

Try not to make it a big deal.

Make it as natural as possible as if this is what you do with every girl.

The worst that could happen is that she shuns the kiss by turning her head away or giving you her cheek to kiss instead.

That’s it!

The ultimate worst that could happen is she walking away.

This has not happened to me yet over the past 2 weeks.

None of the 25 girls I kissed had attempted to walk away.

Thirty percent of them however rejected my first attempt at kissing them. But they never left, which means I just needed to warm them up to the idea a bit more.

Basically, you will get rejected on your first attempts just as I’d gotten rejected.

Internalizing a theory of seduction doesn’t mean that girls will just fall into your lap.

It merely means that you’re ON, brimming with confidence out of this fucking world, and women are able to sense this and will be more in tuned to being down.

Added beauty is that girls being kissed at random is very rare!

This will probably be the first time she had experienced such a rush in her life. Only other time would have been her first kiss 10 years ago.

To illustrate how thrilling it can be to kiss random girls, check out the following 2 videos (which I’d posted before) of RSD coaches: Natural Tim (of Australia) and RSD Julien.

[Natural Tim infield with his students making out with random girls]

[RSD Julien on a makeout rampage]

Have a nice weekend and go kiss some hot girls!!!

“New Direction” Using A Pickup Line On A Girl @ A Department Store [In-Field Video]

It’s Friday, it’s the Summer, it’s time to get your asses off the couch and go get social for the weekend!

A solid in-field video from my buddy and fellow PUA “New Direction”, as he approached a girl working @ a Maryland department store.

Now what I liked most about ND’s game in this sarge, is his ability to lead and intrigue as he’d displayed in the video with his pick-up line.

He also used some heavy-advanced NLP tactics on the girl which I found very intriguing.

The purpose of this video is to serve as an encouragement to newbies and less advanced guys of how easy it can be and will be to approach hot girls and chat the shit.

Check out the video from my buddy “New Direction” and make your weekend count!

[Video shot: August, 6th, 2013]

Watch what she says to her boyfriend [in-field video]!

Watch what she says to her boyfriend!

Nothing uncommon but it just makes me wary of relationships and treacherous girlfriends.

The chick in this video clips is actually the one I’d picked up from the Black Bar Mitzvah just days ago.

Will this short video make you dream dread relationships?

Hell yea!

But being on the receiving end of this stick can be avoided if you manage the LTR the right way.

Fuck Fear: Just Approach!

I’ve decided to milk my last in-field video to fucking death for all its worth!

There is so many variables and lessons to be learned from my latest video alone, that it’s ridiculous!

This lesson, as the title adamantly states, is about fucking fear in the ass [what a Monday morning mantra huh]!

Easier said than done I know!

One way to get it done [approaching women] is to just approach!

Few pointers:

1.) Don’t worry about rejection!

2.) Don’t focus on your ultimate goal or outcome, or it may stymie you!

Just approach the girl with a blank mind!

As you become advanced at Pickup, these rules and guidelines you will no longer have to worry about neither adhere to.

When I’d approach this set in the infield video, was I thinking of the outcome and what I wanted?


I said to myself: “I am gonna fuck this girl’s friend tonight”!

As an advanced PUA; I can afford to dwell on the outcome and not let it consume me and fuck my chances.

However, for less advanced guys, focusing on the outcome, whether that be to get her phone # or marry her, will fuck your chances up by forcing you to try too hard to reach your goal(s) instead of just letting it all manifest from within.

Question: Was I nervous or stricken with social anxiety as I approached that set?


Question: Did I have an ounce of fear?


Question: Do I ever have fear of the approach?


Question: Was I thinking of rejection or wondering what if she snubs me in front of a crowd of people?


I waited for the opportune moment to approach: and I just approached!

In Pickup: we’re all familiar with the 3-second rule, which is that a guy should approach the target within 3 seconds of spotting her…to prevent getting all stuck in his head from fear and self-doubt.

The 3-second rule is golden!

However, as you become seasoned in seduction; you no longer have to adhere to this rule.

The reason for the 3 second rule is to kill the possibility of approach anxiety before it gets a chance to arise.

However, if you don’t suffer from AA, then you have no reason to have to approach the HB within 3 seconds.

So as you will have observed in the footage: I didn’t approach the set within 3 seconds of spotting them.

I took over 20 minutes actually!

Was I wall-flowering and looking all weird in the venue?


I was chatting to numerous people: men and women.

Doing so will alleviate any possible approach anxiety you will have had.

So remember guys:

1.) Abide by the 3 second rules until you become advanced as a PUA practitioner where you can then ditch this rule.

2.) Approach the girl you want (or her group) without focusing on a goal…unless that goal is just to say hi and bye.

3.) Do not fear the approach by being all in your head!

4.) Approach with confidence just as I did!

Over time, you’ll be able to approach and chat up any woman possible without being paralyzed by fear.

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