Using The Deep Barry White Voice To Get Her Thinking Sex [+ infield video]

Barry White

Barry White

Barry White, Isaac Hayes and Kenny Rogers should be poster-boys for the seduction community!!! Not for their singing prowess and seductive lyrics, but their deep intonations and naturally deepened and subdued voices.

Barry White however, is recognized by the seduction gurus as 1 of those guys in whom you should mimic and pattern your vocal tonality whenever you’re getting sexual with a girl.

For those who aren’t familiar with Barry White’s voice [the Disco and R&B pioneer], check out this short TV commercial for Vanilla Coke, just to get a realistic idea of his tone of voice, which is what you should aim to mimic whenever you’re transitioning into a sexual state [in the seduction phase of pickup].

If you haven’t noticed already [as a guy], whenever you’re in a sexual state, whether flirting or making out hot and heavy, your vocal tonality (voice) naturally deepens, slows down and your volume drops substantially.

Have you noticed ❓ ?

Probably negative since you’re not an analytical nut like I am ;).

Ok, the lowering, slowing of your verbal pace and deepening of your voice and tone, naturally happen whenever you’re thinking of sex [as a guy].

This 99% of the time occurs on a sub-conscious level; meaning that you [the guy] will not have been aware of this occurrence [vocal change].

It’s not something you have to consciously factor in and think about- it just is- it just happens!

This state can definitely be manufactured and faked (when trying to turn the target on)…which is why I’m here :evil:.

Not all of us are blessed with a naturally deep, strong, heavy masculine voice.

Those lucky bastards who were fortunate enough to inherit this [I happen to be 1 of them 😉 ], 99% of those fellaz don’t even know what they have: A Natural-Attraction Magnet!!!

Now, if you’re a guy toting 1 of those light-monotone voices; worry no more, I’ll give you 2 simple exercises to work on (of which I experimented with years ago).

Get A Sexy Deep Voice With 2 Exercises

Ok, this is where you have to whip out your experimentation cap in order to make this work for you.

First Exercise:

This is what I want you to do for starters:

• Get a voice recorder (cellphone, mp3 player, iPod…).

• Record your natural voice and how you would naturally sound.

[Reason for this is that most guys do NOT have a clue as to how they sound since they aren’t recording themselves in the first place]

• Listen to the audio of your voice recording and the way you sound.

• Assuming it isn’t a deep-masculine voice, now I want you to start recording again, but this time, with an exaggerated deepened voice.

• Listen to your deepened tone.

This may seem and sound crazy unnatural to listen to yourself speaking differently, but it’s ok for now.

Now what I want you to do is:

• Pretend as though you’re having a dialogue with a girl.

• Grab your recorder to record this makeshift dialogue of your deepened voice.

• With your finished product, listen to it over and over.

Second Exercise:

Vocal tonality and body tonality goes hand in hand, which make us congruent or incongruent.

With that being said, your next exercise will entail looking at yourself.

•Grab a mirror (figuratively), preferably 1 with a big scope.

• Look yourself in the mirror.

• Start dialoguing with yourself in the same deep-lower toned voice which you had recorded yourself in earlier.

• Feel it and be in-tuned!

• Speak slowly, deeper and with less volume.

• Practice this few minutes per day just to get a feel for it.

The mirror dialogue can be done in the bathroom @ work [I’d done this], the restroom @ a restaurant, bar, @ home, etc.

Transitioning To Sex (with the deep slow voice)

Now is time to put your newly honed voice to good use :)!

If possible, it’d be great for your pickup skills if you can use this deepened voice all of the time, irrespective of the venue or time of day.

Nevertheless, we’ll focus on sexual transition.

Let’s say that you’re chatting up a girl at your place, the bar, club’s lounge, wherever…

You’re at a stage in the interaction where sex is looming, pending or already on the table of discussion.

Coupled with the simple routines you will have learned from reading this article: 5 Magical words to get her instantly wett , you are now equipped with the proper arsenal to do battle.

As you’re getting sexual with the target, flirting and such, closing the proximity gap: This is when and where you activate the Barry White voice!

As I said in the previous subsection, it’d be advantageous if you were using this deepened voice from the get-go.

Anyway, as the flirting gets heavier, your voice (tone) should get heavier, deeper and lower and slower.

This isn’t the time to shout or get loud, which in some cases will throw the girl out of state and kill the sexual tension.

So keep your voice low as possible, even if it means she having to lean into you further to hear what you’re saying.

The lower, slower and deeper your tone- the better (especially while in a sexual state)!!!!

The irony is, as I stated at the top, we as men, naturally lower our voices and tone whenever we’re flirting heavy and transitioning into a sexual state. However, we aren’t conscious of this happening.

By way of this article, I’m forcing you guys to become consciously aware of this state.

What’s The Point, And What’s The Purpose Of A Deeper Voice

Knowing how to basically shoot a basketball through a hoop is a fine achievement. But imagine being able to dunk the ball too!

That’s even more fine, right?

Well learning to consciously deepen, slower and lower your tone (when in a sexual state) will be your Vince Carter slam dunk compared to a guy who cannot dunk at all…although he can still get the ball through the hoop.

Remember: practice the previous 2 exercises I gave you, and you’ll be a walking-talking sexy man.

Just to give you a prime example of how this is done (deep, slow and lower voice), I recorded an in-field video just days ago where I was chatting up an 18 year old Latina while in the waiting-room area of *********.

Pay attention to how the volume of my voice dropped, and how subdued and slow I’m speaking opposed to louder and faster.

This video clip represents a great and real example of a deep-sexy voice.

If you’re good at reading body language, you’ll notice that what the girl is doing is symbolic of a woman who is sexually aroused.

I also doubled down by using some strong-sexual innuendos (which I’ll write about in the near future).

Check out a bonus clip from my previous article (if you’d missed it)!

On a parting note, scientific studies have shown that a deeper and more masculine voice is deemed more sexy and attractive by women, in comparison to a light, effeminate monotone voice.

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3 thoughts on “Using The Deep Barry White Voice To Get Her Thinking Sex [+ infield video]

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  1. Nice article, I’ve got a friend who has a naturally deep voice and whenever he speaks, people can’t help but stop doing what they are doing to listen to what he has to say.

    Even when he laughs, the whole room vibrates. I’m not blessed with a deep voice, hehe! It only comes to me in the morning or when I have a cold!

    Luckily, its not squeaky but its low. I will try out those exercises brother.


    1. I know what you mean about the guy with the deep voice that stops everyone in the room. Mines isn’t that profound though.

      Thing is though, as I mentioned in the post, it can be something where you just consciously turn on when you’re trying to get the target excited and aroused. So you don’t even have to make that transition when having casual chat that you don’t desire to take further.


  2. I wrote about the deep voice phenomenon recently on my blog as well. And the science backs you up–I remember reading a study where they analyzed men’s voices as they talked with women, and found that their voices became noticeably and measurably lower seemingly by instinct.


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