When She Tests You With “The Look”

“The Look”

Whenever you escalate on a girl (KINO or verbally), 70% of the time, she will give you an intimidating look which says, “You must be crazy”!

Check out the photo below just to get a great idea of “the look”.

Now what usually takes place in the guy’s mind as he escalates and the target gives him the intimidating-congruence test look is:

“Oh shit, I shouldn’t have said that”!

“Oh shit, I shouldn’t have done it”!

Not knowing that this [the intimidating look] was just an instinctive-congruence test reaction to see how manly are you…or not.

She really doesn’t want you to back off, but she has to put up some sort of token resistance to save face and to discern whether you’re a man deserving of touching her, or a little boy who gets intimidated by token resistance.

Unfortunately, most men get intimidated by “The Look”, which subsequently causes them [the men] to relent and back off…which then proves to the girl that you lack Social Intelligence, social skills, and aren’t worthy of her time or pussy.

As with every other aspect of pickup and dating; I struggled with this also, just as every guy has.

To be honest, to this day, I still get slightly intimidated whenever the target gives me “The Look”.

However, my Pickup instincts kick in right away, which enable me to continue to plow as if nothing had happened [“The Look”].

“The Look”

Credits to Lovedrop’s Violation Theory, which every budding PUA should read right now!

Reading that post some years ago, had radically changed my Game (for the better) and altered my perception on plowing, token resistance and “The Look”.

I was then able to understand why girls would give me “The Look” [70% of the time] whenever I would escalate KINO or say something sexual and forward.

It isn’t that I’d offended the girl (although her facial expression would appear so). But it was mere token resistance in response to my shockingly dominant behavior…which girls crave!

Therefore, keep in mind that there’s a 70% chance that the girl will look at you like, “WTF are you doing/saying”, whenever you’re face to face with her and escalating KINO (or verbally escalating).

Prime example, days ago while visiting a friend at his workplace, I noticed a very young-looking HB sitting in the waiting area alone, so I decided to have some fun with her .

In the video [which I’d spliced up], the Latina kept giving me “The Look”, then she’d laugh, smile, frown, give “the look”, blush…

I began by sitting on the desk (sort of like the picture below) while she was seated lower, which gives me a dominant look as I’m towering over her instead of her over me (which would put me in a subordinate position).

Photo courtsey of www.colorbox.com

Photo courtsey of http://www.colorbox.com

After warming her up a bit via charm, flirting and sexual innuendos [Turn her on with 5 words], I feigned uncomfortable sitting on the desk, so I grabbed a nearby chair and sat right in front of her with our knees virtually touching [KINO anchoring technique].

Pretending as if my back hurts was a plausible excuse for me to grab a chair to sit in front of her.

Doing so eliminates the “Why is this guy sitting next to me” internal questioning by the girl.

So, I was now sitting like this to the target (as the photo below illustrates).

As the tension skyrocketed and the sexual vibe escalated a notch, we were now seated like this [check the below photo].

While all of this was going on (seating repositioning), every minute or so, she would flash me “The Look” whenever I’d say something sexual [sexual spike].

“The Look”

Back in my AFC days, I would’ve backed off completely, intimidated by “The Look”, and felt as though I’d offended her.

Nowadays, as an MPUA (master seducer), I embrace “The Look”, and continue gaming the target as if she never gave me “The Look”.

Back to the story!

While innocently chatting about energy drinks [Monster] and how they give her a boost [while I took the contrary viewpoint], I said to her:

“So when it comes to sexual performance, a Monster is sure to give you the right kick in the ass whereby you can go all night without stopping”?

As the sexual tension spiked from what I’d asked, again (as expected), she flashed me “The Look”, hoping to intimidate me (tokenly).

Instead of backing off and showing her signs of intimidation; I remained solid and held my frame by maintaining my composure, posture and kept looking at her.

The “I wanna punch you in the face” look, quickly turned into this [check photo below]

This is the thing, as you pass a girl’s congruence and shit tests, she will immediately become more attracted to you, thus going back to the fun, happy, flirty, blushed look…for the moment.

So her facial expressions will go from:










Smiley…the cycle continues…

It just requires you to hold your ground and stay non-reactive.

Check out the in-field (hidden-camera) clip of the actual interaction with the actual girl whom I’m speaking of right now.

As this girl realized that my game wasn’t flustered nor thrown off by “The Look”, she immediately blushes and shields her face within her palms as the photo illustrates below (including the video).

This then led to she talking about how she likes to ride a guy for long periods of time without her getting tired.

I mean, the flirt-ometer was on full fucking throttle!

The sexual tension was so intense that she wasn’t able to look at me with a straight face without blushing, laughing, smiling and giving me “The Look”.

To put a time stamp on it, this all took place within a matter of 4 minutes!

A random stranger [HB9] at an office complex being escalated on by a guy who was able to stay steady in the face of token opposition.

Your Call To Action

All in all, when faced with such quasi opposition from the girl being escalated on, taking it at face value will be your loss.

A woman has to resist (or pretend to) in some form- verbally or physically…or both in conjunction.

Expect her to resist your advances and moves, then embrace the inevitable resistance instead of getting discouraged by it.

Therefore, the next hot piece of ass you encounter, be prepared to:

Face resistance,

Welcome resistance,

Remain steady and firm in the face of resistance,

Continue plowing like a bulldozer!

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11 thoughts on “When She Tests You With “The Look”

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  1. Not sure I would have agreed. But my dude totally did this to me. I gave him the look and then some. Totally resistant but the fact he was so bold and not fazed actually made me give him a chance!

    How are you doing btw?


    1. The guy stood his ground and it paid off for him. This is exactly what I was talking about. Nice to have a chick confirm certain theories I put out there.

      I’m good though! Been a while. You have a new blog or something?


      1. Yes he did exactly. If he walked away then he would have proved to me that he was exactly the guy I was judging him to be. Him persevering made me think ok maybe there is more to him. Its also a form of flattery I guess because if a guy is willing to wade through your stank face and eye rolling – (it would appear) that he thinks you are worth the chase. Never thought about it like that till now good point SK!


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