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Your Hidden Sexual Confidence

I’d written about this twice in the past but the subject is so crucial that it’s worth an encore + some ;).

What is sexual confidence?

It’s a subconscious state which is projected (subconsciously) by the guy who gets laid regularly.

It’s the antithesis of the state projected by a virgin or a guy who doesn’t get laid at all or often enough.

Sexual Confidence cannot be faked.

Just as a loosing sports team cannot project a winner’s vibe if they aren’t actually winning…no matter how much the team’s players try putting up a smiling front.

General Confidence however can totally be faked. But that’s another story in and of itself.

Sexual Confidence is the energy, vibe and aura in which a guy exudes whenever he’d just conquered new and uncharted territories (i.e. a new girl).

This aura cannot be faked nor controlled if you aren’t actually having sexual encounters with women.

This also coincides with what we’ve always preached in the community, that women can spot a man who gets laid from a man who doesn’t get laid.

She has the inherent ability to read this on a subconscious and primal fucking level!

Ironically enough, these guys who are brimming with Sexual Confidence, are the ones chicks gravitate to while repelling the guys who lack this Sexual Confidence.

Days ago, I had pulled a semi-random make-out and gotten a blowjob from an ex-flame of mines.

When I got back to work about an hour later, my female co-workers were able to see that my aura was brimming with Sexual Confidence out the ass!

It was so apparent to them that they had even commented on it: “Kenny did you have sex for lunch”?

However, they weren’t able to articulate it precisely (no chick really can), but they can spot it, sense it and hint at it.

I totally wasn’t smelling of sex since I didn’t even have sex with the old-flame, but just got a decent blowjob.

Sexual confidence doesn’t have to come from sexual intercourse itself.

Getting a half-ass blowjob (as I did) will activate your Sexual Confidence.

Pulling a make-out will do it also.

Check out the flushed smile on Steve Jabba’s face and his exuded aura after he pulled the infamous-street make-out with the random Colombian girl:

That is what Sexual Confidence looks like…and the residual high from such a feat.

That look, aura and vibe cannot be faked!

Any sort of sexual advancement and small wins are potent enough to activate Sexual Confidence from within a guy:

A make-out

A mere kiss-close

Sexual intercourse

Getting a blowjob

Eating a girl out

Fingering a girl

Slapping a girl on the ass

All the above-mentioned wins, have the potential to cause a guy to glow with Sexual Confidence.

As I mentioned in an article (which will be linked at the bottom of this post), one cannot activate his inner-sexual confidence from merely fucking his girlfriend or wife.

They don’t count!

Your psyche does NOT register banging your girlfriend as a win for the ego and esteem, since your girlfriend or wife has already been conquered, therefore there’s no sense of achievement, “I won something”.

Sexual Confidence can only be activated by sexual encounters with strangers, random girls or women whom you know but haven’t fucked yet.

A guy’s ego does not get a psychological boost nor gratification from rolling over in bed to screwing his wife of 5 years.

There is nothing confident about sleeping with someone you’ve been sleeping with for years.

“Why Is Sexual Confidence Relevant And Important To My Pickup Skill-set”

A woman can sense it!

Sensing this [your Sexual Confidence] will flip the pre-selection switch inside of her head so fucking fast and hard, that her mental circuitry will have fried within a nanosecond!

Read: Why women are subconsciously attracted to men who are taken, by Socialkenny.

You’ve heard it a zillion times and I’ll say it again: Women are drawn (subconsciously) to men who get laid!!!

They themselves [women] aren’t consciously aware of this, and it isn’t something they can control or contain since it’s permanently etched within their biological fabric.

This also explains why a woman will almost always seek to upgrade her boyfriend from a perceived OK one to a perceived better one.

It’s not that she desires to play ping pong with her vagina from 1 dude to the next. She has an innate calling linked to her biological framework, to always want a more sexual, more dominant (Alpha) man.

She doesn’t always have to act on this quasi impulse, but if the guy pursues her, then it’ll only facilitate her decision to dump the Beta for an Alpha (a guy who has Sexual Confidence and sexual charisma).

I’ve slept with tons of girls who had boyfriends (some having husbands), who were willing and ready to ditch their faithful men for a guy (me) who surely wasn’t going to be stable nor faithful.

Which also goes to show that a woman doesn’t select the man she commits to based on his propensity to be faithful or not.

She’s more likely to date a guy whom she knows will be unfaithful than a guy whom she knows will lean more towards fidelity…until she gets too old and undesirable and have to settle for a monogamous Beta who doesn’t make her feel alive!

That’s just how women operate as backwards as it seems to rational-thinkers.

“What Will Sexual Confidence Do For Me Personally”

Sexual Confidence will attract women to you like flies on shit.

As cited above, it doesn’t exclusively require sexual intercourse to create an aura of Sexual Confidence.

Simply dancing with a hot girl at the nightclub has the potential to create Sexual Confidence…if dancing with a hot girl is perceived as a win for you.

The greatest benefit of having Sexual Confidence is that you can carry it around with you and ping off of it like a game of pinball.

I talk about this concept in the following video [secrets to creating constant-killer wins].

I’d pulled a street make-out which enabled me to use this sexually confident state and project it onto my following sets…to positive effect.

Just as how women can sense your sexual confidence (but cannot put it into words), you can also sense it and use it to attract, open and escalate on other women.

For instance, you get a nice blowjob from a fuck-buddy, came down the hatch, so you’re all pumped now and feeling like a real-fucking man as you exit her apartment.

With this same glow from the sexual-confidence spike, it’ll empower you with such a feeling that you can do whatever the fuck you please to with whichever girl you want to- and she will love the shit out of you!

Women sense this, they love it and will submit to it.

With sexual confidence, you can go from getting a blowjob by 1 girl to kissing another 15 minutes later at Starbucks, to caressing another’s ass somewhere on the subway!

You get the picture!

If you’re not used to getting action, then you won’t know the feeling of being sexually confident. Everything I’d said in this article will strike you as total BS and foreign.

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  1. Good stuff Kenny. That Jabba vid is legendary even if you’re not into PUA. Game denialist’s wept as she wasn’t a drunk slore/ fat/ ugly, and they have to face the fact that any man can do that.


    1. Lol yea I could imagine. I heard massive amounts of excuse from it was an actress, immigrant looking to be accepted…nevertheless, that was solid as fuck! Game denialists got a slap in the face.


  2. Damn it! I read this article yesterday on my way to college and I forgot to leave a comment (._.”)…

    Hehe! Yeah this a good one man, its like a snowball, you collect small amounts here and there, and before you know it, its a big ass snowball of swagger and confidence.

    I’ve always wondered why it was easier to get women when you already had 1 or 2 in the kitty. Nice article brother!


    1. Too busy seducing those college chicks huh ;)?

      Before I got into pickup, I used to always wreck my brains trying to figure that out too: why the F do chicks go with guys who already have someone.

      I forgot where I first heard this saying, but it’s that it’s easier to get a girl once you already have girls. So true. I think I heard that from an AFC, but he still cannot get a GF.


  3. Having a girlfriend helps when you wing your friends. You already have a girl so you’re not looking to do anything with another girl. You have no problem taking the cock block or not so attractive girl away so the team can score.


  4. Women canlearn from this too. A woman who gives off confidence in general are a magnet. Those of us who give off sexual confidence are even more so. Sexually awkard women can be a challenge but also lame until you crack the code.

    When the sexual confidence is in effect i am on overdrive in every aspects of my life.


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