Using The Deep Barry White Voice To Get Her Thinking Sex [+ infield video]

Barry White

Barry White

Barry White, Isaac Hayes and Kenny Rogers should be poster-boys for the seduction community!!! Not for their singing prowess and seductive lyrics, but their deep intonations and naturally deepened and subdued voices.

Barry White however, is recognized by the seduction gurus as 1 of those guys in whom you should mimic and pattern your vocal tonality whenever you’re getting sexual with a girl.

For those who aren’t familiar with Barry White’s voice [the Disco and R&B pioneer], check out this short TV commercial for Vanilla Coke, just to get a realistic idea of his tone of voice, which is what you should aim to mimic whenever you’re transitioning into a sexual state [in the seduction phase of pickup].

If you haven’t noticed already [as a guy], whenever you’re in a sexual state, whether flirting or making out hot and heavy, your vocal tonality (voice) naturally deepens, slows down and your volume drops substantially.

Have you noticed ❓ ?

Probably negative since you’re not an analytical nut like I am ;).

Ok, the lowering, slowing of your verbal pace and deepening of your voice and tone, naturally happen whenever you’re thinking of sex [as a guy].

This 99% of the time occurs on a sub-conscious level; meaning that you [the guy] will not have been aware of this occurrence [vocal change].

It’s not something you have to consciously factor in and think about- it just is- it just happens!

This state can definitely be manufactured and faked (when trying to turn the target on)…which is why I’m here :evil:.

Not all of us are blessed with a naturally deep, strong, heavy masculine voice.

Those lucky bastards who were fortunate enough to inherit this [I happen to be 1 of them πŸ˜‰ ], 99% of those fellaz don’t even know what they have: A Natural-Attraction Magnet!!!

Now, if you’re a guy toting 1 of those light-monotone voices; worry no more, I’ll give you 2 simple exercises to work on (of which I experimented with years ago).

Get A Sexy Deep Voice With 2 Exercises

Ok, this is where you have to whip out your experimentation cap in order to make this work for you.

First Exercise:

This is what I want you to do for starters:

β€’ Get a voice recorder (cellphone, mp3 player, iPod…).

β€’ Record your natural voice and how you would naturally sound.

[Reason for this is that most guys do NOT have a clue as to how they sound since they aren’t recording themselves in the first place]

β€’ Listen to the audio of your voice recording and the way you sound.

β€’ Assuming it isn’t a deep-masculine voice, now I want you to start recording again, but this time, with an exaggerated deepened voice.

β€’ Listen to your deepened tone.

This may seem and sound crazy unnatural to listen to yourself speaking differently, but it’s ok for now.

Now what I want you to do is:

β€’ Pretend as though you’re having a dialogue with a girl.

β€’ Grab your recorder to record this makeshift dialogue of your deepened voice.

β€’ With your finished product, listen to it over and over.

Second Exercise:

Vocal tonality and body tonality goes hand in hand, which make us congruent or incongruent.

With that being said, your next exercise will entail looking at yourself.

β€’Grab a mirror (figuratively), preferably 1 with a big scope.

β€’ Look yourself in the mirror.

β€’ Start dialoguing with yourself in the same deep-lower toned voice which you had recorded yourself in earlier.

β€’ Feel it and be in-tuned!

β€’ Speak slowly, deeper and with less volume.

β€’ Practice this few minutes per day just to get a feel for it.

The mirror dialogue can be done in the bathroom @ work [I’d done this], the restroom @ a restaurant, bar, @ home, etc.

Transitioning To Sex (with the deep slow voice)

Now is time to put your newly honed voice to good use :)!

If possible, it’d be great for your pickup skills if you can use this deepened voice all of the time, irrespective of the venue or time of day.

Nevertheless, we’ll focus on sexual transition.

Let’s say that you’re chatting up a girl at your place, the bar, club’s lounge, wherever…

You’re at a stage in the interaction where sex is looming, pending or already on the table of discussion.

Coupled with the simple routines you will have learned from reading this article: 5 Magical words to get her instantly wett , you are now equipped with the proper arsenal to do battle.

As you’re getting sexual with the target, flirting and such, closing the proximity gap: This is when and where you activate the Barry White voice!

As I said in the previous subsection, it’d be advantageous if you were using this deepened voice from the get-go.

Anyway, as the flirting gets heavier, your voice (tone) should get heavier, deeper and lower and slower.

This isn’t the time to shout or get loud, which in some cases will throw the girl out of state and kill the sexual tension.

So keep your voice low as possible, even if it means she having to lean into you further to hear what you’re saying.

The lower, slower and deeper your tone- the better (especially while in a sexual state)!!!!

The irony is, as I stated at the top, we as men, naturally lower our voices and tone whenever we’re flirting heavy and transitioning into a sexual state. However, we aren’t conscious of this happening.

By way of this article, I’m forcing you guys to become consciously aware of this state.

What’s The Point, And What’s The Purpose Of A Deeper Voice

Knowing how to basically shoot a basketball through a hoop is a fine achievement. But imagine being able to dunk the ball too!

That’s even more fine, right?

Well learning to consciously deepen, slower and lower your tone (when in a sexual state) will be your Vince Carter slam dunk compared to a guy who cannot dunk at all…although he can still get the ball through the hoop.

Remember: practice the previous 2 exercises I gave you, and you’ll be a walking-talking sexy man.

Just to give you a prime example of how this is done (deep, slow and lower voice), I recorded an in-field video just days ago where I was chatting up an 18 year old Latina while in the waiting-room area of *********.

Pay attention to how the volume of my voice dropped, and how subdued and slow I’m speaking opposed to louder and faster.

This video clip represents a great and real example of a deep-sexy voice.

If you’re good at reading body language, you’ll notice that what the girl is doing is symbolic of a woman who is sexually aroused.

I also doubled down by using some strong-sexual innuendos (which I’ll write about in the near future).

Check out a bonus clip from my previous article (if you’d missed it)!

On a parting note, scientific studies have shown that a deeper and more masculine voice is deemed more sexy and attractive by women, in comparison to a light, effeminate monotone voice.

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When She Tests You With “The Look”

“The Look”

Whenever you escalate on a girl (KINO or verbally), 70% of the time, she will give you an intimidating look which says, “You must be crazy”!

Check out the photo below just to get a great idea of “the look”.

Now what usually takes place in the guy’s mind as he escalates and the target gives him the intimidating-congruence test look is:

“Oh shit, I shouldn’t have said that”!

“Oh shit, I shouldn’t have done it”!

Not knowing that this [the intimidating look] was just an instinctive-congruence test reaction to see how manly are you…or not.

She really doesn’t want you to back off, but she has to put up some sort of token resistance to save face and to discern whether you’re a man deserving of touching her, or a little boy who gets intimidated by token resistance.

Unfortunately, most men get intimidated by “The Look”, which subsequently causes them [the men] to relent and back off…which then proves to the girl that you lack Social Intelligence, social skills, and aren’t worthy of her time or pussy.

As with every other aspect of pickup and dating; I struggled with this also, just as every guy has.

To be honest, to this day, I still get slightly intimidated whenever the target gives me “The Look”.

However, my Pickup instincts kick in right away, which enable me to continue to plow as if nothing had happened [“The Look”].

“The Look”

Credits to Lovedrop’s Violation Theory, which every budding PUA should read right now!

Reading that post some years ago, had radically changed my Game (for the better) and altered my perception on plowing, token resistance and “The Look”.

I was then able to understand why girls would give me “The Look” [70% of the time] whenever I would escalate KINO or say something sexual and forward.

It isn’t that I’d offended the girl (although her facial expression would appear so). But it was mere token resistance in response to my shockingly dominant behavior…which girls crave!

Therefore, keep in mind that there’s a 70% chance that the girl will look at you like, “WTF are you doing/saying”, whenever you’re face to face with her and escalating KINO (or verbally escalating).

Prime example, days ago while visiting a friend at his workplace, I noticed a very young-looking HB sitting in the waiting area alone, so I decided to have some fun with her .

In the video [which I’d spliced up], the Latina kept giving me “The Look”, then she’d laugh, smile, frown, give “the look”, blush…

I began by sitting on the desk (sort of like the picture below) while she was seated lower, which gives me a dominant look as I’m towering over her instead of her over me (which would put me in a subordinate position).

Photo courtsey of

Photo courtsey of

After warming her up a bit via charm, flirting and sexual innuendos [Turn her on with 5 words], I feigned uncomfortable sitting on the desk, so I grabbed a nearby chair and sat right in front of her with our knees virtually touching [KINO anchoring technique].

Pretending as if my back hurts was a plausible excuse for me to grab a chair to sit in front of her.

Doing so eliminates the “Why is this guy sitting next to me” internal questioning by the girl.

So, I was now sitting like this to the target (as the photo below illustrates).

As the tension skyrocketed and the sexual vibe escalated a notch, we were now seated like this [check the below photo].

While all of this was going on (seating repositioning), every minute or so, she would flash me “The Look” whenever I’d say something sexual [sexual spike].

“The Look”

Back in my AFC days, I would’ve backed off completely, intimidated by “The Look”, and felt as though I’d offended her.

Nowadays, as an MPUA (master seducer), I embrace “The Look”, and continue gaming the target as if she never gave me “The Look”.

Back to the story!

While innocently chatting about energy drinks [Monster] and how they give her a boost [while I took the contrary viewpoint], I said to her:

“So when it comes to sexual performance, a Monster is sure to give you the right kick in the ass whereby you can go all night without stopping”?

As the sexual tension spiked from what I’d asked, again (as expected), she flashed me “The Look”, hoping to intimidate me (tokenly).

Instead of backing off and showing her signs of intimidation; I remained solid and held my frame by maintaining my composure, posture and kept looking at her.

The “I wanna punch you in the face” look, quickly turned into this [check photo below]

This is the thing, as you pass a girl’s congruence and shit tests, she will immediately become more attracted to you, thus going back to the fun, happy, flirty, blushed look…for the moment.

So her facial expressions will go from:










Smiley…the cycle continues…

It just requires you to hold your ground and stay non-reactive.

Check out the in-field (hidden-camera) clip of the actual interaction with the actual girl whom I’m speaking of right now.

As this girl realized that my game wasn’t flustered nor thrown off by “The Look”, she immediately blushes and shields her face within her palms as the photo illustrates below (including the video).

This then led to she talking about how she likes to ride a guy for long periods of time without her getting tired.

I mean, the flirt-ometer was on full fucking throttle!

The sexual tension was so intense that she wasn’t able to look at me with a straight face without blushing, laughing, smiling and giving me “The Look”.

To put a time stamp on it, this all took place within a matter of 4 minutes!

A random stranger [HB9] at an office complex being escalated on by a guy who was able to stay steady in the face of token opposition.

Your Call To Action

All in all, when faced with such quasi opposition from the girl being escalated on, taking it at face value will be your loss.

A woman has to resist (or pretend to) in some form- verbally or physically…or both in conjunction.

Expect her to resist your advances and moves, then embrace the inevitable resistance instead of getting discouraged by it.

Therefore, the next hot piece of ass you encounter, be prepared to:

Face resistance,

Welcome resistance,

Remain steady and firm in the face of resistance,

Continue plowing like a bulldozer!

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Attract Women With Your Online-Dating Profile Photo [Online-Game Tips & DHV Photos]

This post was inspired by a reader of mines who goes by the pseudonym Italian Greg.

He had e-mailed me in reference to online dating and online game on a whole.

I figured it’d make more sense to write an article on this topic where all my readers would benefit (including Greg).

I also wanted to give some pointers when it comes to profile photos, especially for guys who are having a bumpy ride traversing the online-dating world.

I don’t think I need to tell you that photos are massively important to people who will view your profile.

It’s the first thing we see (your pictures), hence the first impression.

With that being said, you want to strike a good-first impression on the little lasses who are viewing your stuff.

Now, 90% of these profile-photo tips will be so counter-intuitive, that you may feel to stone me to death at how ridiculously backwards they seem!

However, once you understand pre-selection and how attraction works on a micro and macro level, you’ll begin to see the light in the matrix.

Ok, let’s skip all the introductory hoopla to get right into it!

I’m gonna post 20 random photos of some PUA friends of mines [with their consent], just to illustrate the type of photos which will attract women [due to the automatic built-in attraction switches from the photos].

Here we go!

Firstly, a serious-faced photo is usually the kiss of death when it comes to attracting women online. But it depends on how you pull it off: are you coming off as a night-stalking serial killer, or a dominant-cool Alpha who just doesn’t smile much?

The latter is what you want to aim for if you plan on not showing teeth in your photos.

Alberto’s photo says: “Dominant-cool Alpha with a serious face”, opposed to “stalkerish-serial killer”.

Alberto PUA

Alberto PUA

The setting also adds to or subtract from the dominant-Alpha aura.

If you’re a black guy who digs attracting and banging white chicks, then a photo like this 1 of Ace (of Casanova Crew) will do you great justice.

Ace (of Cassanova Crew)

Ace (of Cassanova Crew)

Interracial-daters must have photos in their online-dating profiles where they’re hanging out with women of other races and ethnicities.

Baltimore Alex’s photo is very powerful in many ways in that it communicates 4 key thing:

Baltimore Alex

Baltimore Alex

1.) He has a social circle (a +).

2.) He’s pro-interracial dating [as a white guy who’s into banging black girls, such a photo will attract more black girls online].

3.) He flips the pre-selection switch by having girls around him.

4.) Social Proof

Ali Natural’s photo is huge for attraction in that it communicates playfulness and humor.

Ali Natural

Ali Natural

Plus he flips the pre-selection switch by having a girl in his photo.

Benjamin’s photo shows how fun he is, and a date with him would sure be 1 of interest opposed to a boring-dinner date.



He also flips the pre-selection switch by having a girl in the photo.

*Chris’ photo doesn’t seem to exhibit anything that would attract a woman.



What is key though is how different it is.

Who takes such cool shots!?

Hardly any guy on any online-dating site.

*Danny PUA is peacocking with the pink thingy around his neck and the matching shades.

Danny PUA

Danny PUA

Plus he has a hot chick planting 1 on his cheek [pre-selection].

Such a photo would be great as your profile pic!

*Daymus PUA (of Mexico) has been my friend for a while.

Daymus PUA (of Mexico)

Daymus PUA (of Mexico)

This photo of his is powerful in that is indicates to women that you’re “Socially Safe”.

The biggest thing for women in such a volatile world is safety, especially in the Americas.

One of the attraction switches a guy can flip is being the “Protector/Safe”.

Women want to be comforted in knowing that the guy they’re possibly hooking up with won’t turn out to be some mass-rapist or serial killer.

A great way to make girls online perceive you as “Safe” is to take photos of you in the presence of girls (preferably more than 1).

Such photos show that you’re safe, normal and social, opposed to seeming unsafe, abnormal and anti-social [as guys who take mirror shots in their basements].

So Daymus PUA (of Mexico) solidifies this perception in women who are viewing his profile that he is safe, has social proof and is socially accepted.

Believe it or not, but the average guy doesn’t smile when taking photos.

It’s sort of spurred on by the stupid notion that smiling is weak and non-dominant, so “I must pretend” to be a hard muthafucka in my profile pictures by not smiling.

Eddy however, he has an attractive smile. And because smiling is so underused in online-dating photos, such photo will take you a long way.



Smiling also communicates light-heartedness [an obvious +].

Giovani’s photo seems innocuous and lacking anything of pizazz, but the sprinkling waters in the background add a cool effect, opposed to the guy in his mother’s basement taking self-shot photos in the mirror (so fucking cliche).



It’s a great move to take photos with something interesting going on around you.

The average-black male on online-dating sights between the ages of 18-35, is a perpetual denim-wearer.

Guys like my DC buddy Superman PU aka the Black Hugh Hefner, breaks the urban trend by being a stylish-corporate guy who has enough splash to attract lots of women.

Superman PUA

Superman PUA

Such photos deviates from the stereotype of black guys in urban gear.

*Kino5000’s photo says a lot!



The advantage of being a PUA instructor, or any instructor for that matter, is that is signals higher value and hints to someone’s sense of importance.

Women are attracted to men of (perceived) higher value.

Kino5000’s photo where he’s coaching a bootcamp, will almost automatically appeal to girl’s sense of, “I wanna get to know this guy. He must be someone”.

*Mr. Larc PUA’s photo has a touch of affectionately romantic built into it (with pre-selection).

Larc PUA

Larc PUA

Such photos where you’re intimately close with a hot girl (in a cozy setting), will create a sense of, “I wish I was that lucky girl”, in women’s minds.

Coupled with the fact that girls online are lonely as shit, which is why they’re on online-dating sites to begin with.

Now the average guy, because he’s so stupid when it comes to courtship and dating, he actually thinks that having such photo as his dating profile would be a huge turnoff for women.

Think again Bob!

The Anthony Weiner style self-shot-mirror pictures should totally be avoided like the fucking plague!

Not only are they lame and generic, but they come across as vain and narcissistic, and make you look like that guy who has nothing but abs going for himself…nothing else.

On top of that, such photos are so commonplace that there’s no appeal of originality associated with half-naked-mirror shot photos.

As all PUA’s would advise you: avoid using shirt-less mirror photos as your main-online-dating profile picture.

*PUA Mac Rey’s photo is a clear DHV and hints at a girl’s sense of adventure.

Mac Rey

Mac Rey

Adventurous chicks dig guys with motorcycles since those guys are generally perceived as bad boys who live on the edge.

Such photo is a huge plus!

Very few guys have photos of themselves taken while on the streets interacting with people.

This photo from Nair Seduction is very unique in the context (setting).

Nair Seduction

Nair SeducciΓ³n

Nair’s body language and posture are super confident and dominant which is a major plus compared to the guys who are standing stiff as nails in their photos.

*Redman’s photo is the total opposite of what guys would see as manly and attractive. But that’s because the average guy doesn’t know how to appeal to a woman’s senses.



Having a cute-little puppy in your lap is ultra attractive to women. This is where you get the, “Oh that’s so cute” comment from women.

The average guy, who’s an idiot when it comes to what attracts women, would have a giant pitbull or labrador on a leash thinking that that would make him appear more manly, and chicks will start to flock to his profile like flies on shit.

The smaller the dog, the cuter it is (to women), and the more attractive powers that photo will carry.

*Speer’s photo is that of the bad-boy Alpha, very rebellious and doesn’t give a shit about social norms and conformity.

Speer (the Israeli PUA guru)

Speer (the Israeli PUA guru)

This photo sort of reminds me of John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

Women are definitely attracted to this sort of look with the cigarette or cigar in the mouth nonchalantly puffing away.

Even if a girl doesn’t do smokers. It isn’t the act of smoking which is focused upon, but the rebellious and risky nature of the act of smoking which hints to a girl’s sense of “love for the badboy”.

Who doesn’t like the beach?

*Slayer PUA’s photo on a Philippines beach is a very attractive setting for girls.

Slayer PUA

Slayer PUA

It also communicates that you’re a guy who enjoys the outdoors and doing fun shit [huge DHV].

It’s a far cry from the bedroom and bathroom shots that most guys take.

This is a great shot of Ulises as he displays his skills in making all sorts of exotic-looking Martinis.



He actually has a personal bar @ home where he mixes it up like a mixologist.

Girls are super attracted to guys who know their drinks…and how to mix them.

This is also a huge factor as to why bartenders get laid way more than the guy who has the corporate job making a hefty change. So take a few photos of yourself mixing a cocktail and use it as your online-dating profile picture.

Just sipping a cocktail @ a bar is was too common to spike you in the radar of women.

*Wayne J’s photo is says 2 powerful things (as far as attraction goes):

1.) He’s athletic (former high-school wrestler)

2.) He’s social-proofed (has a social group)

Two things in which women find very attractive.

Wayne J (black guy in yellow)

Wayne J (black guy in yellow)

Being athletic is totally different from being a gym-rat!

Gym photos are NOT attractive to women. However, photos which displays your athletic abilities (football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, etc) are deemed attractive.

Pumping iron in the gym and taking photos of yourself in the gym to post on your online-dating profile will serve no purpose to attract women.

You have to get off your ass and actually do something athletic (as Wayne J’s photo displays).

My mentor, VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin needs no introduction.

VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin

VK Hollywood Vince Kelvin

What makes Vince’s photo so powerful is the obvious make-out with a hot girl and the peacocking hair!

Girls love the exotic, wild and unorthodox!

Vince’s hair is sure to grab the attention of party girls between the ages of 18-25 since Vince’s aura is that of the party-animal…which makes sense since VK is notorious for picking up young lasses!

Kissing a girl in your photos is the ultimate-attraction switch-flipper, which will serve to attract more girls to you [online].

Now the perfect cover for such photo (of you making out with a girl) is to say, “She’s my ex. I liked that photo so much that I decided to keep it”.

The thing is, girls whom you will have messaged online, will inquire as to the girl being kissed in the photo. That doesn’t mean they’re turned off. They’re intrigued and attracted, but they’ll still inquire just to test your congruence or lack thereof.

Guys need to understand that any photo which has you in it with a girl (or plural), will be your biggest fucking card to play.

My advice to you is, if you’re not as fortunate to get your pic taken with a random-hot girl, then beg your little sister to take a group photo of you and her hot friends!

Women online who are viewing your photos won’t have a clue that those girls were coerced to take the photo.

For record sake, the following 2 types of photos, you should totally avoid putting as your online-dating profile’s main photo.

Those photos are great for sexting- but bad for attracting.

Such photos should be your secondary shots on the back burner.

Sure chicks dig a sexy-male body, but you’re only competing with the Jones’ as there are 500 other guys who have such photos. Which is why a photo with a splash of originality will get you way further than a dick pic’ or shirt-less photo.

All in all, the biggest piece of advice you should take away from this article is this: No matter how attractive your profile photos are; women still won’t flock to you nor message you!!!

Say what!!!!???? 😯

Right now you must be saying to yourself, “WTF, then what was all this for! Why should I tweak my photos like those PUA guys if women won’t flock to me in droves”!!!?

The thing is, it’s the man’s role to approach and open women! You can have the most iconic portraits since picasso: they don’t mean shit! You still have to get off your proverbial ass and pursue the women you desire.

In online dating, this entails messaging women.

So what you want to do is this:

1.) Take some photos which mimic the ones which I’d posted of my PUA community buddies.

2.) Post them to your POF, or any other online-dating site profile.

3.) Just as you normally would; inbox the girls you find attractive.

That’s it!

Upon seeing your message, she will obviously see your main photo, browse your entire profile (out of sheer curiosity), view a few more pictures of you, all the while simultaneously replying to your message(s).

Your photo which will accompany your inbox message will be the 1st. impression she receives of you.

So it’s not that you change your profile pic from a lame 1 to an attractive 1, and chicks will start to insanely chase you.

Women and attraction do NOT work that way!

As the man [the natural hunter, pursuer and aggressor], it’s your gender role to first chase the woman then court the woman, then have her chase after you in return [this is the essence of Pickup].

You can make this process easier by having the right photo(s) as your online-dating profile picture.

If you’re not sure as to how online dating works (for quick and easily obtained sex), check out the related content link below!

Please also get acquainted with 2 of the most-used concepts in seduction: “Pre-selection” and “Social Proof”.


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Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Your Hidden Sexual Confidence

I’d written about this twice in the past but the subject is so crucial that it’s worth an encore + some ;).

What is sexual confidence?

It’s a subconscious state which is projected (subconsciously) by the guy who gets laid regularly.

It’s the antithesis of the state projected by a virgin or a guy who doesn’t get laid at all or often enough.

Sexual Confidence cannot be faked.

Just as a loosing sports team cannot project a winner’s vibe if they aren’t actually winning…no matter how much the team’s players try putting up a smiling front.

General Confidence however can totally be faked. But that’s another story in and of itself.

Sexual Confidence is the energy, vibe and aura in which a guy exudes whenever he’d just conquered new and uncharted territories (i.e. a new girl).

This aura cannot be faked nor controlled if you aren’t actually having sexual encounters with women.

This also coincides with what we’ve always preached in the community, that women can spot a man who gets laid from a man who doesn’t get laid.

She has the inherent ability to read this on a subconscious and primal fucking level!

Ironically enough, these guys who are brimming with Sexual Confidence, are the ones chicks gravitate to while repelling the guys who lack this Sexual Confidence.

Days ago, I had pulled a semi-random make-out and gotten a blowjob from an ex-flame of mines.

When I got back to work about an hour later, my female co-workers were able to see that my aura was brimming with Sexual Confidence out the ass!

It was so apparent to them that they had even commented on it: “Kenny did you have sex for lunch”?

However, they weren’t able to articulate it precisely (no chick really can), but they can spot it, sense it and hint at it.

I totally wasn’t smelling of sex since I didn’t even have sex with the old-flame, but just got a decent blowjob.

Sexual confidence doesn’t have to come from sexual intercourse itself.

Getting a half-ass blowjob (as I did) will activate your Sexual Confidence.

Pulling a make-out will do it also.

Check out the flushed smile on Steve Jabba’s face and his exuded aura after he pulled the infamous-street make-out with the random Colombian girl:

That is what Sexual Confidence looks like…and the residual high from such a feat.

That look, aura and vibe cannot be faked!

Any sort of sexual advancement and small wins are potent enough to activate Sexual Confidence from within a guy:

A make-out

A mere kiss-close

Sexual intercourse

Getting a blowjob

Eating a girl out

Fingering a girl

Slapping a girl on the ass

All the above-mentioned wins, have the potential to cause a guy to glow with Sexual Confidence.

As I mentioned in an article (which will be linked at the bottom of this post), one cannot activate his inner-sexual confidence from merely fucking his girlfriend or wife.

They don’t count!

Your psyche does NOT register banging your girlfriend as a win for the ego and esteem, since your girlfriend or wife has already been conquered, therefore there’s no sense of achievement, “I won something”.

Sexual Confidence can only be activated by sexual encounters with strangers, random girls or women whom you know but haven’t fucked yet.

A guy’s ego does not get a psychological boost nor gratification from rolling over in bed to screwing his wife of 5 years.

There is nothing confident about sleeping with someone you’ve been sleeping with for years.

“Why Is Sexual Confidence Relevant And Important To My Pickup Skill-set”

A woman can sense it!

Sensing this [your Sexual Confidence] will flip the pre-selection switch inside of her head so fucking fast and hard, that her mental circuitry will have fried within a nanosecond!

Read: Why women are subconsciously attracted to men who are taken, by Socialkenny.

You’ve heard it a zillion times and I’ll say it again: Women are drawn (subconsciously) to men who get laid!!!

They themselves [women] aren’t consciously aware of this, and it isn’t something they can control or contain since it’s permanently etched within their biological fabric.

This also explains why a woman will almost always seek to upgrade her boyfriend from a perceived OK one to a perceived better one.

It’s not that she desires to play ping pong with her vagina from 1 dude to the next. She has an innate calling linked to her biological framework, to always want a more sexual, more dominant (Alpha) man.

She doesn’t always have to act on this quasi impulse, but if the guy pursues her, then it’ll only facilitate her decision to dump the Beta for an Alpha (a guy who has Sexual Confidence and sexual charisma).

I’ve slept with tons of girls who had boyfriends (some having husbands), who were willing and ready to ditch their faithful men for a guy (me) who surely wasn’t going to be stable nor faithful.

Which also goes to show that a woman doesn’t select the man she commits to based on his propensity to be faithful or not.

She’s more likely to date a guy whom she knows will be unfaithful than a guy whom she knows will lean more towards fidelity…until she gets too old and undesirable and have to settle for a monogamous Beta who doesn’t make her feel alive!

That’s just how women operate as backwards as it seems to rational-thinkers.

“What Will Sexual Confidence Do For Me Personally”

Sexual Confidence will attract women to you like flies on shit.

As cited above, it doesn’t exclusively require sexual intercourse to create an aura of Sexual Confidence.

Simply dancing with a hot girl at the nightclub has the potential to create Sexual Confidence…if dancing with a hot girl is perceived as a win for you.

The greatest benefit of having Sexual Confidence is that you can carry it around with you and ping off of it like a game of pinball.

I talk about this concept in the following video [secrets to creating constant-killer wins].

I’d pulled a street make-out which enabled me to use this sexually confident state and project it onto my following sets…to positive effect.

Just as how women can sense your sexual confidence (but cannot put it into words), you can also sense it and use it to attract, open and escalate on other women.

For instance, you get a nice blowjob from a fuck-buddy, came down the hatch, so you’re all pumped now and feeling like a real-fucking man as you exit her apartment.

With this same glow from the sexual-confidence spike, it’ll empower you with such a feeling that you can do whatever the fuck you please to with whichever girl you want to- and she will love the shit out of you!

Women sense this, they love it and will submit to it.

With sexual confidence, you can go from getting a blowjob by 1 girl to kissing another 15 minutes later at Starbucks, to caressing another’s ass somewhere on the subway!

You get the picture!

If you’re not used to getting action, then you won’t know the feeling of being sexually confident. Everything I’d said in this article will strike you as total BS and foreign.

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How To Make Sexual-Eye Contact With A Girl [Bedroom-Eyes Video Demonstration]

I made this post due to the lack of content in the seduction-sphere on the art of sexual-eye contact.

A huge-sticking point of mines has always been EC (Eye Contact); how to use it and hold it the proper way to cause the sort of reaction I wanted from the girl.

Looking someone directly in the eyes isn’t an easy feat as most in the community make it out to be.

It comes off as intrusive and aggressive to stare someone in the eyes.

Once you can get pass the hurdle of not feeling too intrusive to look someone in the eyes, you’re 80% there to mastering proper-eye contact.

Now, the good news with this technique is that you won’t have to look the girl directly in the eyes in order to create the bedroom eyes/ “I wanna fuck you so bad” look.

As a lot of seduction coaches will tell you, you don’t necessarily have to look into the target’s eyes…if you feel that it would be somewhat intrusive.

What you do instead is to focus your eyes in between her eyes or the top of her nose bridge. Your eyes can be focused there, and not necessarily looking into her eyes…at least not at this point in the game.

Check out the photo below of pop-singer Rihanna. Within the blue circle is where you want to look when in conversation face-to-face with the target.

Focus your eyes within the blue circle of Rihanna's face

Focus your eyes within the blue circle of Rihanna’s face

Not that it’s a bad idea to look directly into her eyes, but it’s best to start indirect until you get the nuances and vibe down pat.

Your sexual-eye contact injections should be subtle and in moderation to appear as natural as possible.

The more you convey naturalness with your bedroom eyes: the stronger the impact and realness of the sexualized state you’re trying to create.

See the following set of photos of how you should do this and how to actually position your eyes the right way.

Sexual-Bedroom Eye Contact

Sexual bedroom eyes #1

Sexual bedroom eyes #1

Sexual bedroom eyes #2

Sexual bedroom eyes #2

Sexual bedroom eyes #3

Sexual bedroom eyes #3

Sexual bedroom eyes #4

Sexual bedroom eyes #4

Notice how my eyes are slanted, lids lowered and head tilted to the side a bit (in some of the photos)?

The lowered effect of the eyes gives the impression of sleepy, which is symbolic of the bedroom.

The girl will obviously know that you’re not sleepy or tired since you’re engaged in the dialogue. So you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong signal.

Non-Sexual-Bedroom Eye Contact

The photos below exhibit how not to make bedroom eyes. In other words, the following photos do not create an “I want to fuck you” look. They are neutral-eye contact gestures when NOT trying to create a sexual vibe.

Non-sexual eye contact

Non-sexual eye contact

Non-sexual eye contact

Non-sexual eye contact

Non-sexual eye contact

Non-sexual eye contact

Non-sexual eye contact

Non-sexual eye contact

The wider opened your eyes are, the less sexual effect they communicate.

Conversely, the dimmer they are (within reason of course), the more they communicate sex.

Call To Action

The next time you’re conversing with a girl, be it on a date (across the table), @ the bar, nightclub, on your sofa, etc. and you’re looking to create a sexual vibe, remember to focus on your eyes and how you position them.

1.) Focus your eyes in between both of hers

2.) Dim the eyes (lower your lids)

3.) Tilt your head sideways as you listen to her talk and while you talk

4.) Vary and alternate the gestures: head tilted to the left, then the right, then straight ahead…

5.) Introduce a bit of lip-biting and lip-licking to heighten the sexual vibe

Watch the video of me illustrating this (sexual-eye contact) and how to create it (sexual-eye contact).

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The Ekman Nursing Student Study

A very powerful article from the guys over @ the Art of Persuasion. This really opened my eyes to how scammers, liars and cheaters will always get further in this world. Beauty about it (Ekman model): you can use the info from this article to incorporate into your PU repertoire.

Maintaining A Hard Erection While Wearing A Condom [+ video breakdown]

What better way to start a fresh week than on a sex-driven note ;)!

Ok, women have a vested interest in ensuring that the men they lie with can actually get or keep a hard cock while having the junk wrapped in rubber [you get the analogy].

If you’re a guy who’s inclined to banging raw, and desire to continue banging raw; then totally disregard this post!

On a relative note, I was never accustomed to using condoms…until I met my current GF (3 years ago). Having the liberty to still sleep around with random chicks [a quasi-open relationship], I decided to then attempt the once unfathomable (to my displeasure)- to wear condom.

Having been NOT accustomed to wearing condoms at all, maintaining an erection while wearing 1 would prove mighty fucking challenging!

If you’re accustomed to using condoms from the time your sexual journey began, then you generally won’t experience any dysfunction or issues with getting it up and keeping it up.

For rebellious man-whoring bastards like I am, who got broken into the world of sex by banging exclusively without condoms, situational-erectile dysfunction will be expected :(.

It’s 60% psychological [you’re against condom use]: 40% physiological [the pleasure decreases with condom].

My first few attempts at wrapping up the junk was utter-fucking embarrassment :shock:!

On 1 occasion, my boys had hauled me off into the underworld to a Spanish brothel (whore-house) on the island of Barbuda. I welcomed the challenge of trying to bang prostitutes without the exchange of funds for pussy.

Sex-workers outside of a brothel in the underworld

Sex-workers outside of a brothel in the underworld

With the use of some heavy-frikkin’ Game and advance-pickup tactics, I was able to seduced 1 of the Dominican hookers back to her crutty lair [usually, you’d have to flash cash before getting access to the rooms yet I was flat broke but had enough game to get by] :evil:.

My intentions were to:

1.) Bang her without bartering money for sex.

2.) Try to see if I can maintain an erection while wearing a condom.

My finesse and persuasion game were so on point, that she consented to giving me a free fuck [which rarely ever happens: plus most guys are content with dishing out cash for sex] :smile:!

Dominican sex-worker

Dominican sex-worker

My cock was hard as a warhead set to engage the target for full onslaught as I caressed her perky tits and caramel ass which was specific to my liking!

As I rolled the condom on, the moment of sheer disappointment was upon us as the iron-like organ slumped into a limped position of defeat.

Fuck!!! 😑 😦

I made it all the way to the steps of paradise but was denied entry due to some unforeseen circumstance!

Basically, the cock went south, I beat myself up, the sex-worker empathizes yet patiently awaits, I felt her up in hopes of regaining a hard-on…to no avail :(!

An acute case of Blue balls was to befall me.

Now, am I the only guy who encounters such embarrassing conundrum?

Of course not!

This is typical for guys who aren’t used to wearing condoms to begin with.

I fought and struggled with this for years, as far as getting an erection and keeping an erection throughout sexual intercourse.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve been troubleshooting this problem until I discovered a fix, which I’m now sharing with you folks.

Inability to get it up altogether is 1 thing [severe case of erectile dysfunction]. Getting it up to then have it go down as the condom slips on is a different story which is easily fixable.

Now, this trick/tip of mines might not work for all you guys, but it sure did solve my inability to get an erection, and I was able to maintain it from the start of sex to ejaculation :).

Now, the anti-fapping guys, like my international-sex-tourist seduction buddy, the Naughty Nomad, will totally be appalled as to my recommendation of how to kill situational-erectile dysfunction due to having a condom on.

Check out the video for my fix!

It worked for me, and should work for you!

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Also check out this controversial article of mines: Women are against using condoms, by Socialkenny

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Most Important Thing To Remember When Going For The Girl’s Phone Number

Most important # close tip to remember (which most unskilled guys neglect)…Always go for her # on a high note!!!

Click on the phat-booty black girl to get a 2 minute breakdown of exactly what I mean. Neglecting to get the girl’s # on a high note will result in she giving you a fake # or no at all :(.

In the following video, Pickup guru, Mehow, talks about this as he narrates an in-field video of what I explained in my video above.

Now go enjoy the damn weekend and get more #’s in the bank!!!

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Quick Phone-Game Tip To Avoid Being Put Into The Dreaded Friend Zone

Alright, you’ve heard it a million times and read it a trillion times over!!!

This topic has been milked to fucking death!!!

“Avoid the friend zone”!!!

“Don’t get friendzoned!!!”

The million dollar question is… “How to”!? ❓

Being told what one should do, must do and can do, are all great sounbites to the ear! But the pending dilemma becomes: “How do I actually do this”?

This post was inspired by a non-commenting reader of this blog, Armin from Denmark, as he’s been having major friend-zoning issues over the years (as we all have).

Three days ago, I’d picked up an 18 year old day-care worker while on my way to work. She insisted on not giving me her #, but I out-framed her opposition and got the # anyway ;).

She literally tried to hit me with a virtual-promissory note that she’ll give me her # if we meet again.

Really :lol:!!!?

Guys generally succumb to this by backing off.

I persisted, she relented and coughed up the #.

You will encounter this a great deal once you begin to approaching bunches of hot girls [frame battles]: 70% of them won’t readily cough up their # and will present some sort of challenge and token resistance. You’ll have to proverbially punch it out of their guts some times- figuratively speaking ;)!

Anyway, I waited 3 days to call her (the dreaded-first call).

This wasn’t strategic neither [my first call]. I was just too busy to be honest and caught up in other shit, that I forgot I’d even gotten this chick’s phone number. It was while browsing my phone notes I’d noticed an entry of her: “Oh shit! I forgot I even pulled this chick”! 😯

So I phoned her up today [@ noon] for the first time.

Pay attention to the interaction and how I framed my intentions almost instantly (to hook up), which will give her no reason whatsoever to dare friend zone me ;)!

Ring, Ring, Ring…

HB: “Hello”

Me: “So you dumped me for some asshole huh”?

HB: “Lol excuse me? Who is this? Who did I dump you for” ❓ ?

Me: “You’re such a player, but I’m 10 steps ahead of you” ;).

HB: “Lol I’m lost. I didn’t dump anyone…recently”.

Me: “Check your files of all the guys you’d dumped. I was the last”.

HB: “LOL I’m no player so I wouldn’t operate like that. So who’s this” πŸ˜• ?

Me: “You know what, this is really embarrassing right now. You should be ashamed of yourself that you don’t even know who this is”!

HB: “Lol you killing me. I apologize” πŸ˜• .

Me: “Anyway, this’ Kenny. The hot guy you picked up 3 days ago”?

HB: “Lol you’re so silly. I remember the voice now” :).

Me: “Come on; you know I’m sexy and that’s why you gave me your #. Be real” ;).

HB: “LOL you’re making my day today for lunch”.

Me: “Speaking of lunch, a new restaurant just opened in my part of town. We should go grab some lunch and do something adventurous and sexy afterwards”!

HB: “LOL at this late notice? You should’ve told me before”.

Me: Just kidding a bit. We’ll set something up later in the week when I’m free. Just make sure you wear the same sexy outfit you had on when I first seen you”.

HB: “that sounds cool. And you call that sexy! I was dressed down” πŸ™„ .

Me: “Alright cool. I’ll phone you later in the week and see how our schedules meet”.

The chat didn’t take 5 minutes. I don’t think it even lasted 2 minutes.

Quick key points as to what I wanted to communicate on the phone (my state):

β€’ Playful

β€’ Vague

β€’ Don’t give her closure too soon

β€’ Sexual

Being sexual obviously will be the key vibe in which the girl knows what you want [to hook up].

Let’s say that I do get her out on a meet-up or lunch date later this week: there’s no way in hell she would dare attempt to friend zone me since my interaction with her was sexually playful from the get-go.

So this negates any misconception or misunderstanding as to what I’m after.

What will land you in the friendzone is failure to communicating sex, and failure to flirt.

Assuming you’re the average guy who generally gets friendzoned, an interaction like the following would be the reason why:

Average Joe: “So how is work (at day care)”?

HB: “Ok”.

Average Joe: “Kids can be fun”.

HB: “Yep”.

Average Joe: “So what about schooling”?

HB: “Plan to go back next year”.

Average Joe: “Nice! What school, to study what”?

HB: “Lehman college. I wanna get an associates in…”

Average Joe: “That’s lovely. I went to Fordham University.

HB: “Ok. What year”?

Average Joe: “Class of 2005”.

HB: “Ok”.

Average Joe: “Sooooooooo….

HB: “I have to get back to…You have a nice day ok”.

Average Joe: “Ok bye. Take care. Tell the kids I said hello”.

Now, with such a friendly, safe, boring, monotonous, risk-adverse conversation, the girl is left with no recourse but to throw you into the friend zone- especially if this sort of dialogue continues over the course of upcoming interactions.

Too fucking nice!

No tension, no C&F lines (cocky-funny), non sexual, no flirting, no humor, no playfulness…

She definitely will NOT put you in the “I sooooo wanna fuck” basket 😯 !

To eliminate any doubts as to what you want: go over the transcript chat-log from the conversation I had with the girl I’d picked up 3 days ago.

Re read it, copy paste that shit if you need to, study it, meditate on it until you’re well in-tuned as to how to make that first phone call [your vibe and conversation].

It’s better to err on the side of “moving too fast” than “moving slow”.

It’s better to come off as aggressive, sexual, and sleazy than to be seen as too risk-adverse, reserved, nice and asexual.

Remember, if you’re moving too fast: you can always slow down and dial it back. But if you’re moving too slow, you CANNOT then decide to move fast.

Once she puts you into the slow/friendly category, it’s next to impossible to switch your Game up.

Therefore, start fast, start sexual, start sleazy, start flirty, start aggressive, start touchy-feely [KINO], start cocky, start as if you don’t give a shit whether you offend her or loose her!

Just to show how hot this chicks was, I told her to send me a photo while we texted a bit.


As for my reader, Armin of Denmark, Do not allow the perceived hotness of a girl to cause you to want to give a shit by proceeding cautiously.

Treat a hot girl as if she barely makes the grade- your grade.

With such an approach to new girls, you’ll never have to worry about being friendzoned again!

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