Therapeutic Time @ Sea: Ranting, Head Cold, Unshaven Facial Hair…[Video]

Still recovering from a serious head cold :-& , last Friday morning, I decided to get out of town in a sense, to take a voyage to the lagoon on the island of Barbuda to spend some time with myself.

The purpose was to get away from any form of modernization and technology, to just be 1 with nature for at least few hours. So I marinated in the salted sea water for a few hours away from daily amenities such as food, phones
and tech gadgets (except the camera).

The salt water was also a major plus in that it helped a lot with clearing out my nasal passage and expanding the mucus membranes like there’s no tomorrow.

Not forgetting that the salt in the water is a natural-therapeutic remedy for relieving body aches and pains almost instantaneously!

On a side note, while relaxing and bonding with myself, I went into a deliberation about my start as a Pickup Artist student and how it changed my life dramatically from a severely anti-social guy to a social rockstar who brought the life to the party :-] .

That Friday night was supposed to be 1 of partying hard and running night game later on, but the massive head cold and body aches took me out of the game and away from sarging during that weekend :x.

I ranted a bit about guys who fail in pickup and seduction who end up bad mouthing the PUA community without merit.

Also, note in the video I was looking really scruffy, unkempt and un-groomed, which is what I wanted to portray: non-conformist!

Hence, for the entire week (last week), I didn’t shave at all!

I really wanted to embody the Survivor series look as if I were stranded on a deserted island

The Survovor series

The Survovor series

13 thoughts on “Therapeutic Time @ Sea: Ranting, Head Cold, Unshaven Facial Hair…[Video]

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  1. Looking wild and jacked up Ken but that is how you want to carry across this.
    The message I get a side from what you saying in the video itself is the attitude when it come to letting your guard down and not caring how people or women think of you in that moment.
    I was experimenting with this not very long ago wheere I grew some hair on my face and let my white hair out just to rebel and was pleased to see I didnt have to be all so seof conscious


    1. Interesting dialogue between you and Gregg.

      I wanted to put across a point in the video just as you stated, that we should all have our moments of living on the wild and free side instead of being too refined all the time.

      Rebellious exactly!


  2. 😆 I had to laugh too when you blamed people for fucking up in game and being unworthy instead of blaming what we teach. I find that to be the best part of the half hour video. When we fail shit we tend to blame everybody and the methods instead of self. I find that was a marvellous point.


    1. That was a little poke and jab @ those idiots/faggits over @ PUA Hate. But it’s meant all across the board, meaning guys need to start taking personal responsibility for their failures and inaction and stop outsourcing blame on pickup.


  3. Hey man, I been reading your stuff quite a while now but never comment until now. My thing is about adventure and relaxation and traveling the globe to discover new things.

    I’m not big on meeting women just because my skills level is not that great, so I need to work on that.

    But as a traveler in the south east Asia (but I’m American), the water is salty obviously at the coastlines and very therapeutic. But I have noticed after being in the water upwards of an hour, my body tends to get wrinkled. You experienced this or maybe the water there is of different grade.


    1. Hey Gregg, I was just in south east asia over the past 6 months on and toured the outskirts of Jakarta for a bit. I was mainly in a place called tonka. I will try post a picture if kenny allows. Ever visited there?


      1. Hey Giacomo, I was in Jakarta been there many times on my excursions. I had injured my leg on a tram through that area and the therapist recommended I take a swim a day in the salt water and it would help. Within 3 days, my ankle was just as new. I think it was same tonka area.

        @Kenny Pua The Caribbean islands I never been to yet. I know you always island hop. Where would you recommend to start brotha?


          1. I can agree. With the cold I had and still have since last Thursday, it accompanied acute-joint pains which was all alleviated within 20 minutes of being in the water.


    2. Hey Gregg, we should toast to your first time posting a comment.

      Tell me about it! I always underestimated the thought of retreating to the seas to soothe my aches and stuff, but I took advantage this time.

      As for wrinkling, that’s what I hate about the salt water but it’s definitely temporary. You should know this better than I do. But I notice whenever I’m in there upwards to 2 hours, my skin starts to tighten and stuff, but that can be great also as anti-aging agent.


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