Top 10 Shit Girls Say Before Sex Is About To Go Down [Video]

While browsing Gambler’s site, I came across a super-interesting post which talks about LMR: Last Minute Resistance, and the (illogical) things chicks will say at the moment of sex.

Read it here: Last Minute Objections by Gambler of PUA Training.

3 Common Last Minute Resistance Lines You Might Be Familiar With:

• I can’t believe I’m about to do this [SMH]

• I’m on my period

• I don’t even know you like that

Sounds familiar!?

Check out the video and let me know which 1 of the 10 LMR objections you’re familiar with!

Feel free to add yours which aren’t on my top-10 list (in the comment section or on the Youtube video).

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Krauser PUA Is Doing His Readers A Huge Injustice (?)

Download this article in pdf format

Download this article in pdf format

Krauser, PUA coach and practitioner from London

Krauser, PUA coach and practitioner from London

This post may seem a bit untimely and out of left field, but it’s without an ounce of malice towards Krauser since I respect his game.

As much as I detest the seduction-blogger RooshV (due to prior circumstances), I totally get the practicality of his writing style.

For instance, Roosh doesn’t just post about wins in the field nor lays after lays.

In fact, I’ve never seen him publish a bonafide-lay report yet!

He puts his balls and reputation on the line by disclosing his failed attempts, flakes and instances where his time in the field wasn’t great at all and bad logistics had the last laugh [a the case with my sets most times].

I totally respect that about Rooshie, which is why in spite of the love-hate relationship; I can relate to his writings totally.

Roosh V, Turkish-American seduction-game blogger out of Washington, DC

Roosh V, Turkish-American seduction-game blogger out of Washington, DC

Not discrediting Krauser PUA, but when was the last time he posted a field report about not getting laid?

How often!?

How about postings on failed sets, etc?

I honestly don’t recall Kraus ever writing about his shortcomings in Pickup. It’s all wins, wins and more fucking wins!!!

If you are laying 9 out of 10 girls whom you’d picked up: then congrats on the 90% fuck ratio!

However, we all who subscribe to Game/Pickup, know that a 90% lay rate is highly unrealistic.

Krauser PUA on the other hand, gives the impression that he’s sleeping with every girl whom he picks up.

From reading his stuff, it’s hard to tell that he even have bad days at game when every article he publishes is about conquering a new flag and fucking some exotic girl [I bang my first 29 year old Lithuanian office girl].

Sounds like I’m hating but I’m really not!

“Why Is Krauser Doing A Big Injustice To His Readers”?

Kraus is a very savvy and perceptive guy, which is why he’d recently insinuated that he may relent from posting about girls he’d laid.

He knows very well that he’s doing us a disservice by lauding over his wins and conquests of women.

I have a deeply held belief that one learns more from his failures than he does from his victories; primarily at the novice stage of the game [a newbie for instance].

With that being commonly agreed upon [that we learn more from failures], why is Krauser not publicizing his failed attempts in the game then!?

Speaking directly to him, your virtual students and those who follow your blog, are not being exposed to game in its truest form since you’re neglecting to inform them of the realities of seduction, which is that (so-called failure) will be the norm!

However, you’re giving those guys the impression that it’s all wins after wins in rapid succession!

Sure that is the mentality to have in pickup! But the truth should be told at the expense of your reputation.

Reading too much of Kraus’ blog will have you believing that game is easy breezy as taking a piss.

But how about sharing with your audience the times that you really had to dig deep for a meager lay and still didn’t come up with anything?

The virtual dick-measuring contest in the community needs to stop, where coaches and PUA practitioners are more concerned with telling about stunning lays instead of a well-balanced approach to teaching game, which is that failure comes with the territory.

We can’t keep selling dreams and giving newbies the impression that they’ll be sleeping with a new girl each day of the week…for the next 3 years.

This is where RooshV deviates (for the better) from 99% of the guys in this genre: he tells it like it really is, and he doesn’t sell dreams of grandeur as far as dating is concerned.

With that being said, Krauser should take a page out of Roosh’s book and start to give his audience a realistic viewpoint of what game is.

Posting lay reports after lay reports gets fucking tired!

Not only for the readers, but Kraus himself is actually jaded and tired of trying to keep up with the demand, which really isn’t there, since no one is crying to hear more lay reports.

Therefore, Kraus really doesn’t have to try to keep up with the Joneses by bombarding his blog followers with lay reports after lay reports.

After a while, writing about pussy conquests comes off as braggadocios and self-absorbed (which is fine by the way).

Adversely, you’ll actually loose credibility from posting flag conquests after conquests since guys are gonna start calling you out on your claims.

Just as I have, Roosh has also been smart enough to recognize this little tangent, which is 1 of the reasons you’ll never see him write about a girl he’d fucked, then write about another conquest the following week.

Even if I or Roosh was to lay a new girl each day of the week, we are conscious enough as to not enter the over-kill zone by unleashing a lay report for every girl we would’ve laid.

Krauser of London should’ve been privy to this already!

He isn’t the only game blogger who’s guilty of this. The Boy Toy, a PUA coach and practitioner out of Copenhagen, Denmark, takes it to another fucking level when it comes to lay reports!!!

A simple fix is to put yourself in the targeted audience’s shoes before pumping out another lay report in rapid succession.

Ask yourself, “Would my readers see this post as valuable and learn-worthy? Or Would they surmise that I’m just a braggadocios prick who isn’t concerned about bettering guys’ lives, but about personal accolades and bragging rights?

Getting laid doesn’t deserve a trophy, and Krauser needs to realize that.

Being a humble guy in the genre of seduction will win you more fans than being a condescending asshole who’s unable to smell the coffee [this comment is more so directed at the PUA Boy Toy than Krauser PUA].

Thomas aka The PUA Boy Toy from Copenhagen, Denmark

Thomas aka The PUA Boy Toy from Copenhagen, Denmark

So Kraus should take a page out of Kenny’s playbook and learn to be more versatile and blog-savvy.

You can’t keep drowning your readers with article after article of little to no value.

If you do post lay reports, ensure that there’s a something practical from which the reader can deduce and put into action himself.

You cannot teach a guy pickup by posting lay reports after lay reports and expect him to take away something tangible and learn-worthy from them.

I get the impression that guys who read Krauser’s blog are only cheerleading the next man’s victories, while they themselves remain stagnated in the field of dating and pickup since they’re rarely learning anything skills wise.

There should be zero shame in posting about failed attempts just as I’d written in my previous-field report D2: Sexy Canadian MILF @ her place.

My core readers would have learned so much intricacies from that post alone, than they’d ever learn from reading 1 of his lay reports.

All in all Kraus’; you’re still my man! But continuing to toot your horn over lays isn’t what Alpha’s do.

We don’t wanna hear anymore lay reports.

We want to read about your failures therefore which will equip us with the know how of what to do, and what not to do…and what to expect, and how to overcome unforeseen aspects of pickup like LMR, bitch shields and ASD.

Field Report: Sexy Canadian MILF @ Her Place [05-27-2013]

A photo of the MILF which I'd intentionally distorted

A photo of the MILF which I’d intentionally distorted

I’m currently writing this post (via mobile) as I leave from the MILF’s abode while trying to maneuver my way towards the bus stop in order to get home.

Ok, let’s get to the details of the field report.

Confusion, Flaky, Anxiety, Stalkerish…?

She’s currently here in the islands on vacation, I picked her up about a week ago, forgot that I even had her # until yesterday morning so I gave her a call and we set up a meeting for 7:30 PM @ her hotel suite (which she gave me directions to).

5:00 PM, sent her a reminder text and she confirmed that we were still on.

7:45 PM, called her, no answer, flake bells start to go off!

I said to myself “fuck it, she gave me the directions and address to her hotel room, I don’t need a confirmation call to let her know that I’m on my way”. So I headed over to the hotel suite.

Checked in, submitted pertinent details @ front desk, then made my way toward her suite… then overheard 2 voices coming from her abode; a male’s and hers.

Fuck; she has company!!!

Decided to call her phone but my fucking prepaid minutes were DONE- and I couldn’t even text her!

Double Fuck!

She happened to look out the suite and seen me there waving then invited me in.

The dude whom she was talking to was her brother, she introduced us, and she said that he was staying the night to keep her company being that she’s here alone.

He excuses himself to another room.

The Dialogue:

Chat started off with the most mundane of things: iPod, music and Facebook!

Then I playfully busted on her for not having any red wine for her guest (me) and being a horrible caterer.

She says she doesn’t drink, so it never dawned on her to order any alcohol.

Lights were dimmed while we flipped through some of her Facebook photo albums (on my phone).

She told me how her skin was semi irritated from mosquito bites, so I took it as an initiative and green light to start caressing her skin [you must think wise guys].

She allowed the KINO (touching) to take place as I was caressing her shoulders and forearm while pretending to inspect her mosquito bites [call me slick Rick for this one].

This sort of physical contact went on for about 45 minutes: from me sitting behind her kissing her all over her shoulders, neck and back while I ran my hands down her waist and hips.

On 3 occasions, she stops me by playfully pulling away and jumping from the sofa then say to me:

“It’s getting late and I’m really tired”.

I immediately knew that it was ASD in action (her Anti-Slut Defense).

Long story short, I told her to walk me to the door, I pinned her up against the wall and kissed her few times.

Sort of like this, but with more gusto and dominance with 1 of her hands pinned up against the door

Sort of like this, but with more gusto and dominance with 1 of her hands pinned up against the door

What Went Wrong [Logistics]:

Nothing went wrong actually!

Everything was done according to the book on my part.

Perhaps I took too long to get physical (over an hour and a half in), but everything else was quintessential seduction.

However, logistics weren’t in my favor at fucking all!!!

Try having sex with a girl whom you’d met days ago, meeting for the 1st. time since the initial pickup, with her brother 20 yards away in the next room.

To top it off; this MILF has a kid who was in her room sleeping, so we were literally relegated to the sofa in the living room area of the suite…which I was totally fine with [Kenny fucks anywhere!]

I tried pulling her to the room, and that’s when she told me that her kid was in there sleeping so that would be a bad idea.

I’m like WTF; didn’t even know she had a kid!

This is 1 major obstacle of banging mommies; kids will inadvertently get in the way of the bang attempt.

So the sofa it was!

Two major-logistical challenges:

1: A sleeping kid in her room.

2: A sleeping sibling (her brother) in the other room.

Last Minute Resistance Factor

There’s an old concept in seduction dubbed the LMR, which speaks to a woman’s inherent tendency to resist a guy’s sexual advances before sex actually happens [a virtual mating ritual of cat and mouse].

Though I don’t necessarily consider this to be a case of true LMR- it was however.

Whenever my hands ventured up her sun dress (which she allowed), at a certain point, she would say:

“We can’t do this and you know why”.

Beats the hell out of me as to why we can’t do this!

At other junctures while I stood behind her stroking her waist line and buttocks while kissing her on the exposed parts of the shoulders, she would jump up suddenly:

“Did you hear that”!?

Just like this actually

Just like this actually

Then she’d get up from the sofa to see if her brother was eavesdropping on us.

It’s pure-illogical bullshit! But that is how LRM (Last Minute Resistance) plays out.

It’s a last-ditch attempt by the girl to repel sex, although her vagina might have been burning in anticipation of your cock.

She has to pretend as though she doesn’t want it…or doesn’t want it that bad [granted if you hadn’t slept with her yet]!

Learning From Failed Attempts:

First off; there’s no such thing as failure in pickup.

Every situation should be looked at as a learning experience for the next time.

Reality is, certain factors might be out of your hands:

•She’s on her period,

•She hasn’t shaved her crotch area in 2 months,

•Her room is in a mess and she doesn’t want you to see and judge her as a slob,

•She secretly has a boyfriend or husband and is having second thoughts about screwing you, etc.

Read: 6 reasons women flake on dates by Tenmagnet.

Therefore, whenever you do come up short guys (just as I did last night), don’t look @ it as something you might have done wrong and didn’t do correctly.

50/50 Chance is; it was out of your hands, and you actually did everything right!

My only bad play was that I took too fucking long to escalate and get sexual with her.

We were there @ her place (the suite) for about 3 hours, and it took me about an hour and a half to get sexual (physically), though I did KINO (touching) from about 20 minutes in.

The old adage of “nothing beats a try but a failure”, applies here FULLY in my case.

Sure I went home with a minute case of blue balls [just kidding], but on a psychological level: I was pumped @ the effort and the fact that I tried and tried and tried until it was apparent that something beyond my control was hindering sex that night [for instance: her menstrual cycle, etc.].

A psychological boost sure feels better than heading home not knowing what could’ve happened.

Had I just sat there the entire 3 hours and got crippled with anxiety and not escalate at all; I would’ve gone home beating myself the fuck up for being a pussy and not even trying.

Though I never really suffer from failure to act in such a case, but it serves as a guideline for guys who aren’t that confident in pulling the trigger.

At 1 point during the night while I was caressing her feet, she said:

Just like this Bieber foor caress on Selena Gomez but more sensual

Just like this Bieber foor caress on Selena Gomez but more sensual

“Most men are scared and intimidated and don’t go after what they want”.


She damn sure wasn’t talking about me!

She said she had a guy over nights before (through mutual friends), but he never made the slightest move on her during the entire night [go figure].

You definitely don’t wanna be that guy.

Chicks will respect your attempts to get into their panties, and loathe you as a Beta-Male pussy for not trying to.

Anywho, we have another meet-up set up for tonight [Tuesday], so hopefully she would’ve rectified what wasn’t done last night [perhaps give her brother the boot and get a sitter for her kid].

What will I do differently tonight?


Well actually, I would work more @ getting her turned on verbally first [taking a page out of Paul Janka’s book].

Last night, I went physical without the verbal. Tonight, I’ll verbally turn her on then get physical [the old switcheroo].

I’m a pro at phone sex, so I should’ve used my verbal tactics to drive her crazy since KINO (touching) alone didn’t suffice.

Wish me luck tonight guys!

Pareto’s Law [The 80/20 Rule] Applied To Life And Pickup


Pareto's Law chart

Pareto’s Law chart

Pareto’s Law (The 20/80 Law)

20% Of Your Customers Will Account For 80% Of The

20% Of Your Components Will
Account For 80% Of The Cost,

…And So Forth.

The Pareto’s Law (20/80 Law) has its foundation in business economics; a principle named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed that 80% of Italy’s income was received by 20% of its population.

Vilfredo Pareto

Vilfredo Pareto

The concept is that most results in any situation are determined by a small number of causes.

I discovered this concept a year ago while googling for some money-saving advice and stumbled upon a financial blogger’s website who wrote:

“…I sometimes accused myself of being lazy for not “working hard” but I realized what I was doing was living an 80/20 lifestyle and in fact probably being a lot more productive than those working harder than myself”.

It took me a while to actually digest and grasp this logics…until I applied it to pickup and getting women.

Most of your (good) results in life will have come from the least amount of work you’d put into life.

The Higher-Education Guy

Classic case is the higher-education guy. He isn’t satisfied with an associates degree, so he strives for a 4 year degree, masters, then…

He puts massive amounts of time, money and effort into higher learning [80% worth]…which is great by the way, but he rarely ever sees returns in accordance with the amount of time and energy he’d put in.

Which had he only applied himself 20% minimum effort towards higher learning, he would’ve achieved 80% (in) return from his 20% meager effort.

This may sound totally radical to most, but I’m of the opinion that going to college is a waste of time scam set up by the system in order to keep us in debt for life via student loans, financial aid and other such grants- or better yet, grants with a catch.

So this is the system feeding off of human’s tendency to be irresponsible and lazy; especially those of us under the age of 21.

This novel radical take on higher education isn’t just “Kenny’s take”, but tons of studies by reputable sources have shown that over the past 15 years especially, those who graduated college aren’t any more successful in the job market nor in life, than those who only had high school diplomas. But the mainstream media will never circulate these findings (for obvious reasons).

[29 shocking facts that shows a college education in America is just a giant money-making scam]

[Student debt and the great college scam from the Business Insider]


The Ass-Kissing Employee & Mr. Nice Guy

Another classic analogy that of the employee who willingly kisses ass to his bosses, volunteers for the extra work load (although he truly doesn’t want to), works the hardest and longest hours, does his job proficiently and some [giving 80% + effort]; yet he’s the least paid and the first to unfortunately get severed in a down economy while his co-workers who had only put 20% into their work details, held onto their jobs and got pay raises in the process.

Life is pretty fucked-up!!!

I’ve been that employee putting in 80% effort at work as I documented in this article over a year ago: “How I learned that being a nice guy doesn’t get you anywhere in life…”.

The Generic “Mr. Nice Guy” Dater:

He puts 80% max effort into courting a specific girl whom he likes: buying flowers, wines and dines her, spends on lavish meals, gifts for her birthday and Valentine’s, talks to her on the phone for 5 hours straight…daily…

Even if he does get to sleep with the girl after relinquishing 80% output/effort, he could’ve still slept with her had he only given 20% effort! So that’s money, time, effort and phone minutes saved.

Most cases however, the nice guy almost always fails despite putting 80% effort into a specific girl.

I’ve fucking been that nice guy!

A bad boy on the other hand who doesn’t give a shit, will have only given 20% effort (nothing tangible), yet gets the girl, while the guy who had given 80% is left to go home to choke the chicken for the next 6 months.

The nice guy, the college-educated chump and the kiss-ass employee all have 3 things in common:

They all played the game of life wrong by giving max effort and expecting to receive HUGE dividends and returns on their investments [which sounds logical but isn’t workable]!

People who are successful in this dog-eat-dog world, really haven’t done shit to attain success!

The classic cliche of, “Work hard and you’ll get far in life”, is utter bullshit, and just an ego-boosting cliche- nada más!

Just as in music and the entertainment business, most guys who make it big were discovered by chance; being at the right place, right time, and spotting the right individuals.

They struck luck!

It wasn’t that they were so talented and had the most melodic voices on the planet (as much as they’d love to believe so). They were merely at the right place, right time and were heard and seen by the right person (producer, director, etc.).

On the other hand, the aspiring/struggling actor who’s been putting 80% effort into his acting career, a million acting classes under his belt, showing up at every audition, toting a portfolio with his degrees and accolades from acting school…he will never make it in Hollywood!

The aspiring singer who believes he’s the next Michael Jackson, has a bachelor’s degree in a pertinent music field from Juilliard, he starves himself by spending the little financial resources he has on studio time to record demos, shops around NYC at every major-record label looking to get signed…he will never make it in music!

Why not?

He’s expended too much resources, too much money, effort, time and work in pursuing that goal!

His max input/effort was 80% instead of a mere 20, which would’ve ceded him a much better chance.

50 Cent sucks at rapping (we all agree), Jay Z’s lyrics have been spent, recycled and played out since 2001, yet these guys are making it and have only put a meager bullshit 20% work into their craft since debuting.

50 Cent

50 Cent

50 Cent was selling drugs and didn’t give a shit about becoming a professional rapper (until he was cajoled). Jay Z likewise was selling drugs and rapping as a mere pastime.

Those guys weren’t striving to become artists, nor were they putting in 80% effort into music, nor were they hiring vocal coaches, neither were they enrolling into the top music school in the country…

Their 20% bullshit effort was sufficient enough (freestyling on the bloc or in the clubs) until someone recommended them to someone else, to someone who knew someone, who knew someone else [the art of networking].

In relation to picking up chicks, it’s the girl whom you’re least chasing, and least thinking about, will be the 1 you’ll get to bang.

More Economical Statistical Trends And Sayings:

20% of employees are responsible for 80% of a company’s output, gains and revenues.

20% of customers are responsible for 80% of revenue.

Repeat customers account for 80% of your business income (they present 80% of your money).

The ratios can even be 10/90 or 1/99 in some businesses.

A minority creates a majority.

Case in point: Sloppily written articles which I’d only put 20% work and forethought into, always turn out to be the most riveted, viewed and commented posts, while the ones I’d toiled 3 days over trying to perfect, receive less views and comments.

This is the Pareto’s Law [80/20 rule] at work.

On a related note- I’m fond of learning new languages. But over the last 13 years of studying countless languages (some I’ve mastered), I noticed a worrying trend, that the harder I study; the least I retain. The least time spent studying; the more I remember, retain and progress.

This is again the Pareto’s Law [80/20 rule] in motion. You give 80; you’ll receive 20. You give 20; you’ll receive 80.

Now I’m not advocating for guys to get lazy and become loafers and slackers in life…because I’m not!

I’m merely stating that according to the Pareto’s principle of economics, you do not have to expend yourself nor your resources and efforts in order to reap massive benefits in life!

Giving your all often times results in failure in any genre of life: work, business, dating, sex…

Doing 15 to 20% will suffice!

Buying the girl the most expensive gift in order to impress her is more liable to produce a disagreeable effect than if you’d bought her something inexpensive from the heart.

80/20 rule again.

As a former poet [yes, Kenny did stand-up poetry between 2003-2005], my best pieces of work (written or freestyle) were composed whenever I’d given little next to no effort.

The pieces which I’d spent 3 days composing, brainstorming and trying to perfect by expending 80% max effort, were awful!

Likewise, if you want more successes in sex and dating; apply the 80/20 rule of Pareto’s Law.

Harness just 20% of your overall Game and skills with women and you’ll witness a massive shift towards more positive results.

Instead of wrecking your brains trying to memorize the perfect ice-breaker (opener); work with what you have at the moment (simple-situational openers)!

Instead of sending her 10-long-romantic text messages in response to something she said or asked; just send a crappy-concise text which only took minimal effort to compose.

You guys should get the drift by now.

Pareto’s Law kicks major ass!

Do less; get more!

Do more; get less!

Your Weekend Challenge: “Are Your Boobs Real”?

Grow Some Balls Over The Weekend!!!

Last Friday night, I met up with my girlfriend @ an annual festival called Caribana on the island of Barbuda, which usually hosts a few thousand people packed into an open field like sardines [Woodstock style].

An actual photo of the festival grounds

An actual photo of the festival grounds

Before my girlfriend showed up, I was waiting around on the outside of the outdoor venue for her so we can enter as a couple [chick logics].

I spotted a lone wolf coming my way with boobs bouncing like 2 miniature basketballs beneath her pinkish blouse!

Time was working against me as Ms. Bouncy Boobs draweth nigh, so I dove right in with the greatest-fucking on-the-fly opener EVER:

“Hey, are they real”!?

Bouncy Boobs: “What’s that”?

Me: “Your boobs; are they real or implants”?

At this juncture of the game, guys must be saying “WTF; she’s gonna slap the shit out of you Kenny! What a prick”!!!

I remained calm and unshakable like a pyramid [just another day @ the office].

This had actually caught her off guard since I can guarantee that no other guy has ever stopped her to say such a forward thing- EVER!

She was visibly taken-aback, stopped in her tracks then she replied smilingly:

“Of course they’re real! All natural”!!!

I honestly can’t remember what else was said, but the brief chat ended with me making her a shallow promise that I’ll meet up with her on the inside of the festival grounds [we were standing by the entrance gate depicted in the photo below].

Outside of the festival grounds in my wing's mini SUV: same spot I met Ms. Bouncy Boobs

Outside of the festival grounds in my wing’s mini SUV: same spot I met Ms. Bouncy Boobs


First off, her tits weren’t that impressive in that she showed no cleavage whatsoever, so I wasn’t able to really size up the dimensions. But they were bouncy as hell though LOL!

The point of such openers with built-in negs [a sly statement or question with negative undertones] is to merely set the dynamics of “I like what I see. I’ll comment on it whether you like it or not. It’s a free world girl!”.

The purpose is to push your limits with hot women even if it means towing the line of being offensive and rude.

You’ll be surprised at how much shit you’re allowed to get away with.

As part of your weekend challenge; see how far you can go!

Stop a girl on the streets and say something very sexual or rude to her!

The objective isn’t to pick her up. If you do manage to, then Winning; more power to you!

It is to get yourself accustomed to being a forward guy who lives on the edge.

With this mind set, you’ll soon be able to walk up to a hottie in a nightclub and say to her:

“I want to take you home and fuck the living daylights out of you”!

Instead of getting a, “Fuck you asshole”, in return, you’ll be surprised when she replies with:

“LOL, you’re very straight up. Do you say this to every girl you meet”?

Now, how many of you guys out there have such humongous balls and free-world mentality to do and say such a thing…to a random stranger…a hot-random stranger at that?

With Ms. Bouncy Boobs’ consent, I took her photo and decided to post it for the sake of…well she was hot and wearing a killer outfit, so that’s reason enough to want to share the love.

Wish I’d captured this on film though but it was so random, I had no time to whip out the iPhone to record the in-field video.

Bouncy-Boobs Girl

Bouncy-Boobs Girl

Grow Some Balls Over The Weekend And Be Shamelessly Forward!!!

[Credits to my fellow New Yorker and Seduction coach, Glenn P, from whom I stole this weekend challenge concept. But mines is more kick-ass. Sorry Glenn!]

Best Region In The World To Run Pickup-Style Game

According to the seduction-dating guru advisor, Tenmagnet’s road map of “best countries to game in” [from a Love System’s angle], cities like Stockholm, Montreal, Austin and Chi-Town are game-worthy!

Cultural, religious and geographical differences do play a part in how much play your cock will get in certain countries. Naughty Nomad, the globe-trotting gamer can attest to that.

He’s been throughout the Islamic world gaming hotties from Somalia to Oman, Jordan. And due to cultural rearing in those nations; you’ll really have to double down on your game and sharpen your logistical skills in order to meet women!

After all, in regions like the Middle East, many women are sometimes restricted by curfews (for their safety), whereas they aren’t allowed to roam after sunset without male escorts (relatives). So precision game and the ability to strike early and fast will be invaluable.

The Caribbean, And Why It’s 1 Of The Best Regions On Earth To Game Chicks

Caribbean pageant girls

Caribbean pageant girls

Apart from the juicy-black asses, afrocentricities and the fact that the legal age of sexual consent is between 14-16 [in the entire Caribbean except Dominican Republic], there are other factors which make this region game-worthy [nothing beats the low-sexual consent factor though].

Now, let me make this clear right off the bat: no matter to where you venture on the globe, guys who are native to those countries do still have game.


What the average guy may lack however is Seduction skills.

The Caribbean is overflowing with players, respectively known as “Gyalists” in the local-English dialect.

These “Gyalists” (players) run your typical-player style game, but they lack the killer instincts to seal the deal fast.

I mean, it’s the same as “Naturals” as we in the Pickup community would call them.

They are natural players in that they’d “naturally” learned how to get girls, opposed to Pick-Up Artists who had learned Game by studying Game (then applying what they’d learned).

Saying all that to say, the Caribbean does have loads of players and naturals (“Gyalists”), but just as your average lady’s man in any other country, his liability is the fact that he doesn’t have a system nor method to what he does, nor can he logically break down what he does to get women.

Not that you need a system, but it would be of help for back-checking purposes.

With this liability of the natural player, the PUA gamer has an advantage (although he has liabilities too).

The Missing Neg:

Men in the islands aren’t keen on negging. Whenever they do neg, it’s tantamount to an Atom bomb blowing everything the fuck up…including the conversation.

Now, negs aren’t necessary in every interaction with every girl (especially the ones who hover around the HB7 mark).

In the Caribbean however, Negging is almost a prerequisite to getting into her panties.

The PUA has an advantage over the local “Gyalist”, in that the PUA knows how to defuse a potential neg gone wrong from detonating in set.

He also knows how to calibrate his negging skills according to the girl or situation (whether to land a soft neg or hard neg).

Fucking Shitty Logistics!

The 1 advantage of the local “Gyalist” is logistics.

Irony is, no matter how much skills you have in the Game, with poor logistics, all of your stunning work will have been in vain [read: Poor logistics are the enemy]!

The most simplistic example of the “Gyalist” having great logistical advantages to his favor:

• He knows where to take the target,

• He knows the hot spots,

• He knows the town,

• He knows the quickest routes to get to the girl’s place (or his),

• He knows the layout of the land if he has to take the girl to a nearby motel, whereas the visiting PUA would waste valuable time trying to figure out to where he shall take her.

So it’s like home court advantage favoring the local player as for logistics!

The PUA Must Work On Logistics:

An intricate part of your pre-gaming activities should include working out logistics.

As a visiting PUA practitioner, before you do go out (for instance: Night Game), familiarize yourself with the geographical points of the town or city.

There’s nothing worse than trying to take a random club-girl home @ 5 AM, but you’re left to flap around like a fish out of water, not knowing where is South from North, up from down, this hotel from that hotel…

To avoid this happening, take the following preemptive measures as you touch down in the islands:

• Get a literal map [Google map may not function depended on wi-fi availability]

• Walk around the town to familiarize yourself with the town

• Locate where the hot spots are (map it or take a mental note)

• Make note of where you are (your temporary dwelling place), in contrast to where the night spots are

• Get to know a cool-local guy who can possibly be your quasi tour-guide to show you where you can get weed, speed and where the hottest girls are

Your logistical challenges are now handled…ahead of time!

Your quasi tour-guide can be your designated-logistics guy.

Just promise to buy him a beer or 2 and he’ll be willing to hang with you the entire night in case you need him.

For instance, you’re @ a bar spitting game at this HB10, the vibe is right, she’s falling for you, she’s wanting it, you’re wanting it, but the logistical question of “Where” surfaces at the crucial juncture.

Me: “I got these cool photos I want to show you that I brought with me from England”.

You’re trying to bait her back to your dwelling place in how many such ways- but she won’t bite.

Since she won’t come back to your place, you must have a plan b.

Not having a plan b means it’s Game fucking over; bad logistics have won…unless you’re ballsy enough to fuck her right there on the bar stool or in the restroom.

Assuming you’re not as crazy as I am, then your only recourse is to turn to your quasi tour-guide [this is where he comes in handy]

Me: “Hey bro, I got this chick ready to fuck but don’t know where to take her and she won’t come back to my spot. You know any nearby spots we can go”?

Quasi Tour-Guide: “There’s this cozy park right down Tanner street. Take her there since she doesn’t want to go to your place”.

Now, most girls will be willing to take that pressure-free walk.

Simply take her hand or use whatever routine you normally do, and let her know, “Let’s walk”.

Then you’ll take her to this “Cozy Park” that’s right around the corner.

The objective is to be in isolation and have some level of privacy to get busy.

A Key Note On Women And Logistics:

A girl (whom you’ve never lain) will NOT help you out on logistics!

She will not say to you:

“We can go to Bryan street on the 4 bus”

“Grab the strongest rum from Jimmy’s liquor store”

“Pick up some condoms from the pharmacy on Dick street”

“Then go back to my place and fuck all night”!

Those logistical issues are the man’s job!

You as the man, are supposed to have all those things hammered out prior, because she will NOT do them for you…unless you trick her into doing this (which is another post in itself).

So if you find it time-consuming to work out those locational logistics for yourself, then befriending a local guy as your quasi tour-guide will come in handy.

Why It’s Easier To Run Pickup Game In The Caribbean

Caribbean carnival festival which takes place in every island

Caribbean carnival festival which takes place in every island

Game is Game basically!

However, knowing some basic PUA concepts will give you an edge over the local “Gyalist”.

#1, the local-player guy surprisingly isn’t thinking One-Night Stand, so he’ll be inadvertently rejecting all those girls who would’ve been DTF for the SNL (Same-Night Lay).

He’s in his hometown, he probably has a girlfriend already, so his primary goal isn’t to take chicks home that night.

A Seduction-game guy on the other hand (whether local or traveling), he’s conditioned to think One-Night Stand, ONS, ONS, ONS!!!

He has limited time in his favor in this new country (the Caribbean for instance), so it’s in his best interest to move rapidly and only think One Night Stand opposed to something long term since he doesn’t live there.

Thus having ONS as your primary goal while out in the Caribbean nightlife (as a visitor), will yield you way more results than taking it slow [common sense approach].

If you’re new to Pickup, do yourself a huge favor and learn some PUA Same-Night Lay frames as in this article by John Rendon :“The fundamentals of getting same night lays”.

Having the right mindset/frame from the onset is the best approach to gaming in the islands.

Your Accent And Tourist Appeal Will Be Your Greatest Advantages (super DHV)

Women in the Caribbean are suckers for accents…women in general are!

It isn’t much the actual accent per say, but the fact that you, the visiting PUA-gamer, is a visitor and would quite naturally have an accent!

Just being a visitor/tourist alone will get you 50% nearer to your destination: Poon-Town.

The local player (“Gyalist”) cannot play the tourist card since he’s a local, which slightly works against him.

The local Jamaican “Gyalist” [photo courtesy of]

Guys who are visiting have an out-of-country charm which appeals to local women in the islands.

Local chicks have even dubbed a term for it: Fresh Meat!

Your fresh-foreign meat will be choice meat compared to the local beef.

Use Cold Readings [ESP Routines]:

Though not obligatory, a mediocre mini-cold read routine will work wonders with the local birds!

I don’t think I have to tell you that women are fascinated by the Zodiac and Astrology.

In the Caribbean; that’s on another fucking level!

For an ultra-conservative Christian society and region, women here go bat-shit crazy over horoscopes readings like there’s no fucking tomorrow!

I’ll give an on-the-fly example below of a simplistic and neat-cold read you can do with a girl @ a bar [in the islands].

Me: “So Tasheka, you’re a Gemini right”?

Tasheka: “No Aquarius. Why you figured Gemini”?

Me: “The energy I’m picking up from you is that of a Gemini”.

Tasheka: “How so”?

Me: “Since you’re an Aquarian, that means you’re very independent and love to do things your way and hate when people tell you how to live”.

Tasheka: “Lol that’s right”!

Me: “You also have what they call an Aqua energy”.

Tasheka: “What’s that”!?

Me: “Do you believe in reading people”?

Tasheka: “I guess”.

Me: “Your Aqua energy is very deep and out there, and it’s so strange that when I stepped into the bar, I felt your energy and knew instantly that we would meet. This is how your energy, your Aqua energy works”.

Guys, the key in such cold reads is to just freestyle the fuck out of it LOL!

Remember, women are NOT logical creatures, so you don’t have to make any sense whatsoever!

Nothing of what you say has to be accurate nor based on anything!

You’re just cold reading her based on her sun sign.

You don’t have to have anything written out prior; just flow as you go and make shit up!

The reasons for the cold reading is as mentioned:

#1 Women in the Caribbean are suckers for Astrology and mysticism [the Voodoo culture is strong in this region also].

#2 You’re letting her know how deep you are, and that you can read energy and people, which sets you up as an intelligent man with a mystical and spiritual air about you [which is why women go insanely nuts for the Jesus character].

So the cold reading taps into her “love of mysticism” side, just as the Biblical Jesus character would deeply impact people whom he came in contact with via his vague-spiritual parables.

Read this article: “Jesus the greatest Pickup Artist of all time.

Why Pickup Works Like Magic In The Caribbean

The island of Barbados [photo courtesy of]

The island of Barbados [photo courtesy of]

Ok, the greatest reason why Game from a Pickup standpoint would work wonders in the islands is…Pickup itself!

Sounds like a vague tangent, but I’ll explain.

Pickup is still a rare and novel concept to dating.

I’ve been traveling back and forth to this region since 2003, and I’ve yet to come across a fellow practitioner of the seduction arts- not once!

Doesn’t mean they aren’t here! But I don’t see them!

Also, the Caribbean is an ULTRA traditional and conservative region.

Want proof?

Male-on-male gay sex (buggary) is a serious felonious crime.

The Tea Party would be considered too Liberal in the Caribbean; that’s how conservative it is here when it comes to social issues!

Moreover, the average guy still gets his dating advice from his mother or through trail and error…which is good! But if you’ve been trying the wrong shit for 15 years, you’re being severely stagnated.

The church has an iron grip on the entire English and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

Dating advice typically gets trickled down from a scammy-ass priest who doesn’t know anything about getting laid nor how to traverse the nightlife scene.

So the average person in the islands knows what he or she knows about dating from his or her parents who got it from their pastors, who got it from the religious fraternity…

Therefore, Pickup and its concepts would be VERY radical (as they are in every society), but that radical appeal is very seductive!!!

Being that the Caribbean is virtually void of PUA’s, that void presents the greatest opportunity to get laid for a visiting practitioner of seduction!

It’s like finding a rainbow-colored horse among a herd of black, white and brown stallions.

The never-seen-before multicolored horse will always stand out and get the most attention!

Game from a PUA’s angle is like that rare multicolored horse: women will be fascinated by it!

You radical approach and concepts to courtship and hooking up (which goes contrary to the church and what momma taught), will be chick-crack!!!

Rarity Factor:

Guys running PUA-style game are rare; even in the bigger countries like Canada, the (un)official birthplace of Pickup.

From sheer guesstimation, I’d say that the ratio of PUA’s to non PUA’s in a major Toronto nightclub is about 2 to 40 on a normal night. So PUA practitioners aren’t the most prevalent thing since slice bread.

However, in PUA hot spots like London’s Leicester Square, it’s almost commonplace that a girl would be approached by 2 different PUA practitioners within the same hour…running the same routine.

Basically, too many Game guys in 1 town can actually burn it out, where Pickup becomes so common, that it looses its rare and almost mythical appeal.

This will almost never happen in the Caribbean; whether running street game or at a night venue.

Kenny’s Field Tested Experience With Pickup In The Caribbean

My first and earliest experience with Game and Pickup was in the Caribbean.

Instantly I knew there was something about this that will get me massive amounts of results with the ladies…and other men weren’t privy to it.

I was right! I was the lone Pick-Up Artist in a pool of women

I was hitting these girls with an approach they’d never seen before:

• Negs


• The Cube

• Deliberate Sexual Eye Contact

• Consciously Forcing IOI’s

• Qualifying Game

• Making out on the spot

• Ignoring the target

• Strategically leaving set then return

• Hitting on other girls in front of the target

• Not complimenting

• Not ass-kissing

• No drink-buying

• No supplication

• No LTR frame

• No # closings

These girls were witnessing seduction for the first time in their fucking lives!!!

They were faced with a guy who presented a challenge for the first time! A guy who wasn’t gonna sell out just to get a conversation!

During my 2009 stay in the Caribbean, I’d pulled so many ONS (One-Night Stands) from bars, that I swore my cock would have fallen off from unprotected sex with so many random strangers!!!

Did these girls know I was mechanically using a system?

I doubt it.

Would they care?

Fuck no!

Summarized Recap For Island Game:

• Work out logistics of the town,

• Befriend a cool-local guy to be your quasi tour-guide,

• Have a One-Night Stand mentality,

• Use negs when in conversation,

• Cold read her (based on her astrological sign)

• Bounce her. If she doesn’t want to go back to your place nor hers, then suggest a walk

This is your blueprint of running night game in the Caribbean islands.

It’s an uncharted territory by Game-guys, which makes it that much more easier to getting laid (as a local PUA or visiting PUA on vacation).

These steps are somewhat universally applicable, however the blueprint laid out in this article is specially tailor-made for the West Indies/Caribbean region based on the cultural and social variables which vary in every region.

Nightlife on the island of St. Maarten

Nightlife on the island of St. Maarten

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Socialkenny Experiments With Celery…Is The Results Real?

I’ve been on a massive-experimental spree over the past 2 weeks, where I dabbled in everything from not wearing deodorant over the weekend while clubbing, to eating raw celery in order to…


Anyways, eating raw celery has to rank at the top of the list of the most unappetizing shit in the world!!!

Ok, I’m exaggerating! It wasn’t actually that bad, but you get the point!

Since embarking on an extensive research into the world of Pheromones [which I wrote about in my previous article], I stumbled upon another pieces of finding which made me go: WTF!!!

Sexologists claim that celery stimulates Androstenol chemical within the mouth, which serves to attract and (sexually) arouse women who are in your presence.

As you would’ve read from the previous article, Androstenol (a pheromonal hormone produced in a man’s sweat and saliva), serves as a catalyst in attracting women on a subconscious level.

Alright, I’m a natural skeptic, so my bullshit-ometer immediately went off while I was reading this.

However, I decided to take a stab at it by field testing the celery thing. Last Friday morning before heading to work, I grabbed a stalk of celery and managed to crunch it down in spite of the sharp bitterness!

I took a piece along with me in the event that I might have to double down to strengthen the potency of the pheromone release…supposedly.

I pretty much work alone in my own department, but at any given time, other workers would constantly frequent in and out throughout the sector- but never stay.

Last Friday, something strange happened; 2 female employees from the adjacent department virtually neglected their duties to stick around in my department to chat and flirt with me!


This is very common by the way, but it’s usually on sprinting mode, where the girl passes my aisle, we flirt and chat for 5 seconds, then POOF- gone!

Last Friday though, it felt like hours!!!

Is this celery induced!!!?

It was so fucking crazy and drawn out that the supervisor of 1 of the female employees had to dispatch a courier to corral her back to her department.

This has never happened before since I’ve been doing some work here (over the past 4 months).

That day though was just out of the ordinary!

Is this just sheer coincidence?

Is this all in my big-frikkin’ head!?

Both girls were hitting buying temperature harder than Mack trucks at 1000 RPM’s!

It was like this x 10!

It was like this x 10!

I mean, sex was floating in the air like a genie! You could’ve literally cut the cloud of heavy-sexual tension with a dull knife!

They invaded my personal space closer than what’s considered normal.

On any given day, they would maintain a distance of about 10 yards while we chit chat.

That day however, these chicks were virtually engaging me in face to face combat to the point that I could’ve simply tilted my face an inch forward and full-blown make out with them!

It was so weird to have a girl be so close during casual conversation…during the day…at work, that I felt a rush of anxiety from sheer proximity of our bodies and faces.

This was like an aha moment!

At 1 point during the noonday-lunch break, girl # 2 came and sat right next to me, which is something that she’d never done prior to me taking the celery test.

Her shoulder and torso were pressed up against mines as we sat together.


This chick was so close, that I was able to inhale the aroma of the spearmint gum on her breath.

These are the most solid and blatant IOI’s (Indicators Of Interest) you will ever get!

A girl invading your personal space to the point that you can feel her breath on your shoulder as she talks, that’s a Sign Of Interest and sexual arousal.

Long story short, the day ended on a flirty and sexual note. For the sake of experiment, I must say that the celery test yielded stunning fucking results!

Since I’d ran out of celery, I wasn’t able to continue my experiment while clubbing over the weekend.

After all, celery isn’t high on my priority list when grocery shopping. But it might be now!

Give it a shot guys!

What is there to loose?

If munching on celery doesn’t seem to attract flirty women as it did in my case, then look at the bright side: you’ll be investing in a healthy food source which can possible lengthen your life.


Anyway, feel free to weigh in: has Kenny gone off the deep end into a sphere of lunacy, or does this celery experimentation seems plausible [according to researchers it is]?

Why Women Are Attracted To Sweaty Men. Plus Smells, Scents, Sweats, Deodorants, Pheromones, Hormones And Chemical Attraction

[Ninety percent of the information disseminated throughout this article is that of researchers, scientists, sexologists, bio-chemists and osmologists, and not that of Socialkenny…although I do endorse all the findings. However, the information found in this article was compiled by myself from many such sources as I’d cited above].

Researchers since 2007, have gone out on a limb with claims that (natural) sweat is highly attractive to women- particularly when she’s ovulating.

Androstenol is the scent produced by fresh-male sweat and is attractive to females (on a subconscious level).

This isn’t stale/oxidized sweat by the way (Androsterone), but fresh sweat (Androstenol) as when you emerge from a hot shower, or dehydrated and decide to have a quick drink of water, which causes the drinker to perspire briefly (which dissolves quickly).

The sweaty guy working out at the guy who hadn’t showered afterwards, would emit stale sweat i.e. a turn off to women, while he would’ve been emitting fresh sweat during his workout session.

Scientific experiments were carried out at a dentist’s office where 4 chairs were set out in the waiting hall, 2 of which had a sweating guy sitting there minutes prior in order to leave the Androstenol (fresh sweat) scent on the chairs.

Those 2 chairs (sweaty ones) were frequented and sat on 10 times more often than the other 2 chairs which didn’t have any sweat scent at all (since no one had sit in them).

This experimental study supports the attractive power of natural-male pheromones (fresh sweat).

The trick is though, in order to attract a woman via fresh sweat or for her to be aware of the scent (on a subconscious level), the woman will have had to been within few feet of the guy (maybe 3 or less according to studies).

She also will not be aware of the source of what is arousing her.

A man wearing synthetic-pheromone or one who is perspiring fresh sweat at a crowded party will have to compete with other Alphas present for the attention of women.

Sythetic-pheromone spray known as “Lady Killer”

Other studies show that celery actually releases Androstenol.

Whenever you chew a stalk of celery, you release both Androsterone and Androstenol odor molecules into your mouth. They then travel up the back of your throat to your nose (says Alan Hirsch, M.D., author of Scentsational Sex).

The celery boosts your arousal, turning you on and causing your body to send off scents and signals that make you more desirable to women around you.

Alan Hirsch says to try it out: “Chew on a celery stick at a bar and munch away and watch as women hover around you!

The pheromones take effect immediately, so you should notice women around you paying more attention to you right away…according to Dr. Hirsch.


We all know about chemistry…at least what it looks and feels like.

But we really don’t know what causes chemistry. We just know what it feels like.

After doing some research out of curiosity, I came to find out that chemistry is actually created from the man’s natural pheromone (fresh sweat) being inhaled by the woman he is interacting with.

So chemistry is actually an unseen energy propelled by fresh sweat which contains Androsterone and Androstenol.

It’s for the same reason why one cannot feel or have chemistry with a chick who’s seated on the opposite side of the bar or 20 feet away since fresh sweat cannot be inhaled from such a distance.

The same reason why you cannot have nor create chemistry by talking to someone over the phone.

Therefore, you can only have chemistry with a woman whom you’re interacting with face to face in close proximity where in the case that your body is emitting natural pheromones, the girl will be able to ingest it (subconsciously).

That is chemistry!

Chemistry isn’t words but the unseen pheromone floating in the air.

Likewise, physical attraction is the result of the body’s reaction to each others’ pheromones and hormones.

Women quite naturally also produce natural pheromones (hormones) of her own which serve to attract and arouse men.

Attraction, Lust, Love Broken Down [Plus Kenny’s Take On These Findings]:

“Physical attraction is biochemistry in action”!

When a chick is in heat, testosterone rules the fucking day!

Whenever she goes crazy for a guy, whether he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Way Wrong, pheromones are playing a major role in driving this full steam ahead fueled by the chemical Oxytocin.

As quoted by a sexologist, “Lust, Romance and Relationships, are the results of actual chemical reactions in the body”.

According to Rachel Herz, PhD., “When a woman finds herself uncontrollably attracted to a man, she might call it chemistry. Guess what? She’s right! She’s inhaling his Androstenol“.

A guy who’s heavy in testosterone tends to be a player and gets laid more than a guy low in testosterone.

The Piss Test

The scent in which a woman’s urine gives off is produced by estrogen which arouses and stimulates men sexually.

I’ve noticed this over the years…since a kid actually, that I would get a weird arousal sensation and even pop a mini boner, whenever I happen to come in contact with a girl who had just used the restroom: be it at work, home or even the bar.

This effect is not produced by a male’s piss [a man coming in contact with another man’s urine will not cause him to become aroused]!

I can consciously tell the difference (by smell) between a man’s urine and a chick’s.

It was then, and still is a heck weird and unexplainable until I’d done some research on the topic of pheromones.

The thing to take note of guys is that it’s NOT the actual scent of a woman’s urine which arouses a man. The actual surface scent of stale piss is yucky as we all can attest to! But it’s the scent in which we don’t actually smell with our natural surface senses which penetrates our olfactory sensors unbeknown to us.

Just as the case with fresh-male sweat (Androstenol) and its attraction on women. It isn’t the actual scent of rancid perspiration which arouses women, but it’s the undetectable Androstenol chemical within the sweat which reaches the woman’s olfactory sensors…unknown to her.

Studies also show that strippers that are ovulating (during their fertile periods) make way more money per night than strippers who are on their periods (infertile periods). This also speaks to the hormone released during fertile periods which excites men (unknowingly).

Therefore, a guy at the strip-club who thinks he’s attracted to the stripper based on her physical attributes, is actually fooling himself, and doesn’t know that he’s really attracted to that particular stripper because of biological reason and the release of the fertile woman’s hormones (through her urine) which is undetectable by the natural sense of smell.

The Science Of Smell

Osmology, the science of smell, has determined that men and women are attracted to each other via selective-chemical messengers called pheromones via sweat glands, urine and saliva, which stimulate sexual desire, sexual readiness, hormone levels and deepest emotions.

When released by the body, certain pheromones can work like magic to attract members of the opposite sex!

According to other studies, men secrete these chemicals through perspiration which is then subconsciously detected by a hybrid woman’s nose, brain and nervous system, which in turn deems the man as having sex appeal.

These men may not even look sexy, yet through pheromone release, they send out powerful signals of attraction.

Case Study Of A PUA Video

Probably the most circulated video among the seduction community over the past 9 months, is that of my buddy, Steve Jabba, a master seducer out of London, where he was able to make out with a completely random stranger within minutes of meeting her on the streets of London.

What most of us, or none of us realize, is the underlying theme which takes place in this short interaction between Steve and the Colombian chick.

Steve was able to pull this off due to his non-verbal sexual cues, body language, balls and confidence!

However, the key and most powerful ingredient in this mix which no one seems to realize (because it’s unseen), is Steve’s natural pheromones!

At the start of the video, Steve had broken a mini sweat (which activates freshly produced sweat/Androstenol) by having to run after the girl a bit.

His movement was enough to break open the sweat glands even though Steve might not have visibly broken a sweat from the 2 second jog.

He did break a sweat actually (although not visible), which had emitted the natural pheromone which our male bodies produce through Androstenol via perspiration.

Standing so closely to the girl (as the master PUA Steve strategically positioned himself), his pheromone/fresh sweat/Androstenol was able to penetrate her olfactory sensors which in turn made her sexually aroused and sexually receptive for him and by him.

She then felt a super-fast jolt of arousal which rendered her sexually receptive (pheromones work instantly), therefore Steve was able to kiss and make out with this random girl on the streets within 4 minutes.

This is also the underlying reason why Pick-Up Artists of old, were able to approach random-hot girls in a nightclub and full-blown make out with then without even saying a single word!

With all the fresh sweat that a guy at the club breaks by dancing and circumventing the dance floor, the women he approaches to make out with, have already gotten a whiff of his fresh sweat (Androstenol), or perhaps the fresh sweat of some other guys (doesn’t which guy had released it matter), which renders her receptive to the random act of kissing a complete stranger.

A quoted observation on the subject of “Musk”, noted by Chase Amante, the Seduction coach:

“…I discovered the PUA community, signed up for training with several of the most talented coaches out there- I wanted to see the top guys in action, and I wanted to learn from the best to expedite my own learning”.

“And I noticed something curious: the most talented, baddest-ass instructors I had who approached tons of women and got the strongest attraction the fastest all stunk, as in they smelled like they hadn’t showered for days”.

“I watched theses guys walk around, get right up in women’s personal space- women have better senses of smell than men, and if I could smell these guys from a few feet away, the women undoubtedly could…yet these guys were successful in getting kisses, numbers dates and sex…”

Other Facts About Bodily Pheromones, Sweat, Androstenol And Androsterone:

Pheromones exist in the animal kingdom just as among humans (also a part of the animal kingdom)

Pheromones exist in the animal kingdom just as among humans (also a part of the animal kingdom)

•Pheromones are sent out from the skin and cause other people’s bodies to respond.

•They begin to stink when they get old (stale sweat).

•Men primarily release Androsterone through the skin, hair and armpits via adrenal glands.

•Perfume companies use pheromones (synthetic or animal’s) in their fragrances which is why women are so attracted to scents of perfumes.

•Men smell differently than women [our testosterone gives us our unique smell].

•Women (subconsciously) are attracted to the smell of a sweaty, un-showered man.

•Women can tell that you are aroused and interested in them by the smell of your sweat.

•Your sweat smells bad to women if you have an STD or is unhealthy (research shows)

•When a woman’s in heat, she can smell a mile away (figuratively).

Androstenol [fresh sweat from a man’s body] makes a woman more submissive and ready for action. She becomes attracted to the man who’s releasing it. It can make her heart beat faster, breath get quicker and her body temperature rise.

The opposite is absolutely not the case whereas a sweaty woman will be an appalling turnoff for men.

A woman’s sweat is not attractive to men on neither lever: consciously or subconsciously.

Would You Field Test This Theory?

If you’re skeptical about the researched information provided here on natural Pheromones and women being attracted to male sweat; then take the challenge!

Field test this scientific theory for yourself.

• The next time you’re headed to the club or bar: don’t put on any deodorant.

• If you do decide to wear deodorant (to the bar or club): make sure it’s a “musk” scented deodorant since “musk” is said to attract women just as natural sweat does.

For a guy like myself who’s addicted to smelling good and scented, the thought of leaving my home without deodorant applied to my armpits is tantamount to walking around with a bag of onion and garlic strapped to my back…it’s just unthinkable!

However, I’m willing to field test this theory later on today (Friday night) by going to the club without having to put on any deodorant, cologne or body sprays.

Are you willing to take the challenge also to see if women are more drawn to you more than usual?

If you are, then how about going to work without wearing any deodorant to see whether your female co-workers will unabashedly flirt with you?

How about leaving directly from the gym to a crowded fast-food joint (without showering) to see what kind of responses you get from women?

How about chatting up a super-hot girl on the streets while you’re smelling sweaty and haven’t showered?

I’ll be putting this scientific theory to the test over the entire weekend!

On a related note, over the years, I have noticed that sweaty-musty men were getting laid more and taking more girls home from the nightclubs than the men who were smelling fresh.

Is this correlative observation of mine just sheer coincidence, or is there something to bad-smelling men attracting more women than the finest-smelling men?

I’ll illustrate how it’s highly plausible by summing it up with a tidbit on evolutionary theory.

The existence of deodorants and other antiperspirants is only about 120 years old [the 1880’s was the introduction of commercial deodorants].

Western men in general, have only started to use them over the past 40 years.

Prior to the existence of deodorants and the act of masking our natural manly odor (sweat and musk); were men getting laid?

Hell yea they were!!!

Therefore, bathing yourself in the world’s most expensive colognes doesn’t translate to attracting women.

You’re actually turning lots of women off from a biological standpoint on a subconscious level as you’re masking and killing your natural-body odor in which women have been attracted to for millions of years of human evolution!

That’s also why the average guys at the clubs who are taking girls home are the ones that are sweaty from dancing all night, and not the guys who are propping up the bar trying to preserve their Calvin Klein scented bodies by not wanting to get sweaty.

Another caveat: men are usually the only ones to ridicule and shame other men about their natural-body odor.

I personally HATE smelling sweaty guys! But you’ll hardly hear women snickering, gossiping and bitching about some guy who smells sweaty and needs to use deodorant.

It’s always men talking about other men not smelling pleasant.

That is why I’ve always held the opinion that your biggest obstacle to getting laid will be other men who will hate on you, make fun of you, criticize you and cockblock you [AMOG tactics from the evolutionary Alpha-Male, since it’s our biological role to eliminate other male challengers].

Women don’t hate on men…at least not in this way (quite naturally).

Whenever I’m at a crowded nightclub and there are lots of sweaty men smelling as though they’d never seen a deodorant, it’s always other men (myself including) to grimace and say:

“Damn! That MOFO needs a bath or some deodorant”!

Women on the other hand, I honestly never ever heard not even 1 girl say to her friends:

“That guy stinks and he’s fucking sweaty…yuck”!

Ironically enough, the guys who are smelling sweaty and natural, are always the ones women chose to dance with!

My point is, men (consciously) perceive sweaty as being a turnoff [a DLV].

While women (subconsciously) perceive sweaty-smelling men as sexy, turn-on, Alpha and attractive [on a subconscious level primarily].

We’ve also been deceived by an emasculated, feminine-western-world dating style market, where men are taught that being manly will turn women off, so we all should become deodorized to attract women in order to replicate.

While in other parts of the world where men are still men (anywhere east of Britain), as France for instance, men (generally) don’t wear deodorant at all, and they are pretty smelly according to western-world standards.

The same goes for every part of eastern Europe, Asia, the former Soviet Union states, modern Russia, Germany, the entire Arab world, all of Africa, Latin America, etc.

Men of those regions do not adhere to masking their natural-body odors by wearing deodorants and colognes…yet they are still seen as highly attractive and favored by their female compatriots.

So there’s a concerted and covert effort to making American men effeminate [no wonder the Lesbian rate is on the rise in America, Canada and the United Kingdom, since manly men are becoming endangered]!

We can rightfully point fingers at the cosmetic industry, Lesbianism, “the system” or Hollywood, for presenting us the wrong idea of what masculinity is.

This is largely the reason why I’d started to grow some facial hair over the past 2 months, in order to appear more masculine and Alpha, which will serve to attract more hot-feminine women.

Socialkenny before and after, from clean-shaven to wearing trimmed-facial hair

Socialkenny before and after, from clean-shaven to wearing trimmed-facial hair

Strange-supporting evidence: 80% of the guys I know who get laid -including guys in my social circle, do not wear deodorant- at all!

Not only do they carry a natural-body odor which I can clearly smell, but these guys whom I personally know, have admitted to never wearing deodorants. Yet they attract women and get laid regularly!

So guys, if you’re willing to take this anti- deodorant challenge for a week at most (as I’ll be doing this weekend), it doesn’t require any sophisticated tactics.

•Just shower as usual, but do NOT put on any deodorant afterwards, neither cologne, body spray nor cool water.

You’re just going to be as natural as possible and allow your body’s natural pheremones to do its biological duty of attracting fertile women with whom to mate.

We men do NOT need any man-made enhancements to make what comes natural possible [attracting women via natural-body pheromones].

The next time you’re at a nightclub or bar, feel free to work up a sweat and then game women while you’re sweaty!

Jersey Shore fist-pump

Jersey Shore fist-pump

Don’t be tentative about getting your fist pumping on!

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Want Quick Sex? Screen Girls Out Fast Who Aren’t DTF!

Who doesn’t want quick sex?

Come on…be honest guys! We’re all men here.

Credits to the Introverted Playboy who inspired me to write this post after reading his recent article which was based on screening out girls early [Why am I getting more brush-offs as an advanced Gamer?].

Also, I read another killer article by Ricardus over at Chase Amante’s blog which dealt with the same topic of screening girls out who aren’t looking to have sex.

Extracting a bit from both articles, I’ll be adding my own insights and techniques to screening out girls who are looking for something long-term and the ones who wanna have fun.

To add to Ricardus’ point, every women have a dirty, slutty, bad-girl side to her, in spite of the pristine exterior.

However, lots of girls have been fucked over (or fucked themselves over) in the dating market, whereby they no longer actively want something short-term and flingy but are LTR-hunting to find “The One”.

If you’re out on the prowl for quick sex; you don’t want to interact with these types.

Chicks who are looking for boyfriend material: you want to screen them out early as possible since they’re obviously singing a different tune than what you’re humming.

“How do I screen girls out”?

By screening out certain girls, it basically means that you are pre-rejecting them ahead of time.

For instance, if you’re browsing online-dating profiles and you come across some which read:

“Looking for marriage or at least a serious relationship…”

Those girl’s profiles you should bypass and screen out and not even bother to message them.

In the past (recent past actually), I had the habit of wasting weeks trying to convert these girls who weren’t DTF.

Had I done what I’m currently advising you guys [screen out early], I would’ve saved time and avoided massive headaches in the fucking process!

So avoid girls who are adamant about wanting something serious and long term.

Techniques To Know If She’s DTF And Open For Quick Sex

Ok, it’s pretty simple but requires balls of steel- for the average guy that is.

Get sexual and forward right away!!!

Whether you met her online or in person during day game or night game pickup: forward stack to something sexual or with sexual connotations.

The reason why this is very risky to run online is because a girl can just simply ignore your message(s) and it’s game fucking over!

If she does: then it’s all good anyway since she automatically screened herself out of the game!

The heart of the matter is this:

If a girl allows you to be forward and sexual with her right off the bat, then you as the guy must and should take that as a clear sign and capitulation that she’s on the same page and looking to hook up too!

If she isn’t; she’ll simply reject you.

Approaching girls and using this method:

Let’s use me for example as a sacrificial lamb to field test this routine:

I spot an HB9 walking, she isn’t dressed provocatively nor is she giving off any sign of slut-dom [this shouldn’t be a deterrent by the way]:

Me: “I notice you have ‘the walk’…”

HB9: “Excuse me”?

Me: “You never heard of ‘the walk’…?

HB: “Lol noooooooooo”.

Me: “Anyway forget about it. Too complicated to break down right now”.

HB9: “Lol Ok”.

Me: “Can I be real with you right now just for this 1 moment”?

HB9: “Sure”!!!

Me: “I am so fucking horny and haven’t had sex in 6 months…!

HB9: “LOL are you kidding me!? You look like a player. I bet you have sex more often than that”.

Note: If the target responds with such a remark; you’re golden!

If she laughs or blushes (which they often do); you’ve fount the right girl for easy sex.

She’s open for sex. it’s just for you as the guy to play your part throughout the pickup.

Now, you don’t have to be sexual SOLELY in a verbal manner as I’d illustrated in the chat log above.

Ricardus mentioned a nice technique of his which heightens the sexual tension and lets you know early which type of girl you’re dealing with [read below].

Touching Cocks:

Somewhere during the initial interaction/pickup, get her to touch your cock!

At a playful moment of the interaction where she’s laughing and apparently into you, do something like this:

Me: “Since I haven’t had sex in 6 months, I have a massive boner right now just looking at you”. Touch it!!!

In the fray of playfulness, take her hand and put it on your cock!

The objective isn’t to get her to actually touch it. If she does; well HELLO!!!

The purpose of inviting her to touch your cock is to gauge and read her reaction: Positive or Negative?

Positive Reaction:

•She blushes

•She smiles

•She laughs

•She giggles

•She gropes your dick

•She didn’t slap you and leave

Negative Reactions:


•She visibly becomes offended

•She walks off

•She sucks her teeth

In fact, by the classic PUA rules, if she’s still there and didn’t leave: she’s down!!!

That rule pretty much applies!

If a girl is truly offended by your sexual advances and forwardness: she will leave!


The fact that she’s still there is a sign that she’s still in the ball game.

So as long as she didn’t leave right away after you invited her to touch your cock: all indications say that she’s down for quick sex too.

Even if she says, “Fuck you, I’m not touching you”!

As long as she’s still there talking to you and allowing you to talk to her and the interaction progresses, then it’s still game ON!

Simply change the subject (forward stack) and pick her up as you’d normally game any other girl.

If she does give you her contact info; then she’s DTF!

All in all, you really don’t have to follow my format nor Ricardus’ [cock-touching].

Just as long as you get sexual with the target right away in whichever way you prefer.

Kenny Walking The Walk:

I’ll be posting a very interesting article on the weekend where I took “the celery test” to success.

Sounds crazy now, but I’ll explain in the actual article.

Prior to the “celery test”, I got real sexual with 1 of the 2 girls (co-workers) whom I wrote about.

Let’s name girl #1 “Tall HB” for reference sake.

“Tall HB” passes my desk on her way to the bathroom and I slapped her on her ass pretty loudly.

How did she react?

She looks back at me, smiled and stuck her tongue out (playfully)!

She was checking for congruence in my body language and facial expression: was I gonna back down and be apologetic or own what I’d done?

I owned it by looking right at her.

Congruence test passed with flying fucking colors!!!

On another occasion [days ago], I got really sexual with her (verbally):

Me: “I could just bend you over and fuck the shit out of you right on this desk”!!!

Tall HB: “[Sucks teeth playfully] Since I know your intentions now, I know to watch what I wear to work”.

Me: “Teasing me with that ass every day isn’t making things easier”.

Tall HB: “What ass!? I don’t have an ass”!!!

Me: “Being modest huh”?

Then I gave her a slap on the ass and hip.

I visibly seen her buying temperature skyrocketed right in front of my eyes…in other words, she was turned on!

I noticed her expression went from neutral to sexual within a millisecond!

This was all the product of me saying to her seconds earlier that I wanted to fuck her in the office on the desk…coupled with the fact that I physically escalated by touching her.

Did she leave?


Did she tell me to stop?


Did she say to me, “Why did you do that”!!!?


Additional Notes:

How long have I known her?

Two weeks.

She’d just been transferred to the adjacent department 2 weeks ago.

We swapped #’s.

She has a boyfriend which she talks about every minute (go figure).

She’s about 37 years old but has the body and face of a 15 year old [the slimmest girl I’ve ever been sexually attracted to].

In spite of all those facts (which I didn’t know when we first got acquainted), my approach was the same as what I’m teaching y’all here: Screening!

From the minute she entered the department, I was sexual with her (non verbally).

Sure there are other men working with her, but they are not of my caliber nor do they have the balls.

I basically screened her from day 1 to see what type of girl she is 9urrently):

•Open to fun at work/DTF

•All about work

•Neutral (already has someone and isn’t looking for fun)

With my approach and style, I was able to find out what type of girl she was (at this moment).

Why haven’t I banged her yet?

Logistics (lack there of) will be your worst enemy in seduction…Bad logistics that is.

Sure I can attempt to woo her into the bathroom and fuck the crap out of her but to reek of sex afterwards while on the job isn’t the most kosher thing [not that I care on a normal day].

I tried hooking up with her outside of the workplace (to grab a drink) but she told me that her boyfriend is super jealous and isn’t too pleased about her going out on the weekends unless with him.

She’s also been on her period the entire week last week which was another deterrent (for her that is).

With that said [shitty logistics], the only option might be to bang her on the job or to possibly take her to my apartment during our lunch break…which is possible.


•Approach her

•Get sexually forward with her within 2-3 minutes of meeting

•See if she reaction positively or negatively

•If positive (based on what I’d pointed out above), then you now know that she’s DTF.

•Close her (get her #)

•If she reactions negatively to your sexual advances and forwardness, then plow a bit more, if she persists to be negative, then screen her out and leave.

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